How to get to Raja Ampat

How to get to Raja Ampat: The fast ferry Express Bahari 88 arrives at Waisai

What are the choices?

From Sorong:

From Waisai:

  • Meet your pickup (or see if you can hitch a ride) at the homestay boat harbour.

How to get to Raja Ampat

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1: Getting to Sorong

Flight info presented here is aimed at international travellers seeking the quickest route to Raja Ampat from outside Indonesia and so ignores flights to Sorong from airports not serviced by international flights (Ambon, Jayapura etc).

Domine Eduard Osok Airport – SOQ

Sorong’s airport is Domine Eduard Osok (IATA code: SOQ) not Jefman Airport as some sources report. Jefman is an older airport (originally built by the Japanese during World War II) on an island off Sorong.

  • There are no international flights into Sorong
  • There are no direct (non-stop) flights from Bali to Sorong

From outside Indonesia:

Via Jakarta:

  • Lots of airlines fly from Southeast Asian hubs to Jakarta.

Via Makassar:

Via Manado:

Note that these are merely the most convenient entry points for international travellers bound for Sorong. There are other international airports in Indonesia, but to the best of our knowledge, none of those offer non-stop flights to Sorong. (Correct us if we’re wrong about that!)

From inside Indonesia:

  • Use TravelokaTiket.comTiket2Indonesia or Skyscanner to check availability of flights from your departure point
  • Many international credit cards do not work on Indonesian websites. sells Indonesian domestic flights and is worth a try if you have that problem.
  • If you want to experience sea travel in the archipelago, here’s Indonesia’s Pelni ship schedules.

Direct flights to Sorong

As Raja Ampat tourism grows, so do the number of flights available to Sorong. We used to publish a table of airlines and their flight times here, but the last few years’ growth in the available options has made it impractical for us to keep those up to date.

Instead, here’s a list of links to the airlines that fly direct (no stops) to Sorong from the most convenient international airports mentioned above. This information was current in January 2017. We recommend searching Traveloka to quickly find available flight dates and times from the Indonesian airport that best that suits you.

Jakarta to Sorong (CGK-SOQ): Xpress, Sriwijaya (Nam Air), Batik Air

Makassar to Sorong (UPG-SOQ): GarudaXpressSriwijayaBatik Air

Manado to Sorong (MDC-SOQ): Lion (Wings Air)

2: Sorong airport to harbour transfers

The taxi ride from Sorong airport to the ferry harbour takes around 10-20 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs around 100,000 Rupiah (~ USD10.00)

If you don’t have a lot of luggage you can get a lift on the back of a motorbike (ojek) for about 20,000 Rupiah (~USD2.00)

If you’re trying to keep costs as low as possible you can get there for 6000 Rupiah if you’re happy to walk a few hundred metres to the main road and catch the yellow public bimos (minibuses) to the city terminal, then transfer to the bimos heading for the harbour. Each leg of the trip is 3000 Rupiah – no news yet on how long that takes…

3: How to get from Sorong to the Raja Ampat islands

There are three choices for making your own way from Sorong to the Raja Ampat islands:

3.1: Public Ferries

There are two ferry types (express and ‘slow boat’) that make the crossing between Sorong and Waisai. Waisai is on the island of Waigeo and is the capital of the Raja Ampat regency. Almost all of the accommodation options on this website provide pickup from Waisai.

The ferries leave from Sorong’s Pelabuhan Rakyat (public harbour).

Both the express ferries and the slow boat run every day. The slow boat runs once a day, usually departing Sorong at around 2.00pm. The current express ferry schedules are posted below. Departures can often be delayed, so it’s worth asking someone to call the harbour if you’re running late.

The express ferries takes around two hours to make the crossing. The slow boat takes about four hours. Naturally, most travellers prefer the express boats!

At last report, slow boat tickets cost IDR 140,000 (~USD 14.00) and can be purchased either on the pier before boarding or on the boat itself. A limited number of private cabins are available if you want one. For the best deal ask one of the crew about these.

There are two express ferry companies:

Bahari Express operates between Sorong and Waisai. Ferry tickets are IDR 130,000 for economy class, or IDR 220,000 for a VIP ticket. A VIP seat will give you an adjustable-back chair in an airconditioned room equipped with a state-of-the-art loud karaoke system that usually sees a lot of use.

Marina Express operates two routes with two different boats.

  1. Between Sorong and Misool, stopping at Misool’s 35, Foley, Yellu & Fafanlap harbours. Tickets on this route cost IDR250,000
  2. Between Waisai and Misool via Sorong. Tickets for the full journey between Misool & Waisai cost IDR350,000.

You can buy express ferry tickets on your day of travel at the ticket offices in the Waisai and Sorong port office buildings. Just ask at the port if you can’t spot those. There are often also agents selling them on the wharf itself and you can purchase them on board if you board without one. The Raja Ampat Tourism Office also sells tickets.

At Sorong harbour, the express ferries can be found by going to the very end of the L-shaped pier. The express ferry is often tied up alongside another ship at the end of dock and you have to cross that ship’s deck to board the ferry. The slow boat (normally the Fajar Mulia) is usually to be found on the right hand side of the jetty, at the corner of the “L”.

Express ferry schedule

The table below shows the express ferry schedules as published by the ferry company in July 2017. However: Schedules can – and do – change without notice. Individual departures can also be changed at random. Do not rely on the published schedule! The Sorong Tourism Office and your accommodation provider will be able to provide up to date ferry information. Ferry departures can be delayed, brought forward, and even cancelled without notice. We experienced a delay of over 90 minutes on one occasion, as the ferry waited for late VIPs to show up. The only way to absolutely guarantee that the ferry will get you back to Sorong in time for your flight is to return to Sorong the day before your flight leaves.

Times shown in the tables below are departure times. The ferry journey time to Waisai is about two hours. (Don’t know yet how long it takes to reach Misool, but it would be a lot quicker than the 8 hours the slow boat takes!)

MON 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm
TUE 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm
WED 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm
THU 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm
FRI 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm
SAT 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm
SUN 9.00am 2.00pm 9.00am 2.00pm


MON  12.00noon
TUE 8.00am
WED  12.00noon
THU 8.00am
FRI  12.00noon
SUN  8.00am


MON 12.00noon
TUE 8.00am
WED 12.00noon
THU 8.00am
FRI 12.00noon
SUN  8.00am

3.2: Sorong to Waisai flights

Lion Air subsidiary Wings Air flies daily from Sorong (SOQ) to Waisai’s Marinda Airport (RJM). This flight is the only one available into Marinda. Check departure times here.

3.3: Speedboats

If you’re in a real hurry, you can charter speedboats to take you directly to your accommodation. The speedboat harbour is about 200m west of the ferry wharf. Speedboats are far more expensive (hundreds of dollars) and a lot less comfortable than the public ferries or flying – you’d need a really compelling reason to charter one!

4: How to get from Waisai to the islands

The simplest way to get to your accommodation from Waisai is to arrange a pickup when you book your accommodation. Transfer prices vary according to distance between Waisai and the homestay. Each homestay’s transfer price is published on its web page.

The cost of transfer from Waisai to the islands is a sore point with many travellers. Boat transfer prices are in some cases more expensive than they should be and bargaining rarely yields a substantial discount on the asking prices. Be sure to let your host know if you think his transfer prices are too high. See this page for more information about boat prices.

If you’d prefer to organise your own transport, your options are via Transwisata in Waisai (ask a transport operator at the port to take you there), or by seeing if you can find space in a homestay boat going to a place near the one you want. Homestay boat pickups are from the homestay boat harbour on the western side of the port (shown on the map below).

A note about Sundays

If your intention is to always be culturally sensitive on your travels, you should do your best not to schedule a homestay arrival or departure on a Sunday. Read more about that and other important cultural considerations on our Raja Ampat local culture page.

Homestay boat harbour location map

522 thoughts on “How to get to Raja Ampat

  1. Lokesh Shetty says:

    How to get the Bahari Express ferry tickets? Do we need to buy directly in Sorong or any other way we can book in advance?

    • As above Lokesh: “…at the ticket offices in the Waisai and Sorong port office buildings.” is the easiest way to buy them.

      There are plenty of local agents who sell them as well, but to the best of our knowledge, they cannot be purchased online or before the day of travel.

  2. Hello

    We are thinking of taking the boat from Sorong to Wasai at 2pm. Would there be a problem for picking up people from the resort at that time? our first stop is going to be Baser Bay.

    Thank you

    • Sorry for the late reply on this one carlos. Hope it’s not too late!

      No problem for Beser Bay to pick up up from that ferry. Just SMS them from Sorong on the day so they know which boat you will arrive on.

  3. rudy mateeuwsen says:

    We have booked the Batik Air flight from Sorong to Jakarta on Friday 17Nov, departure time 16.45h.
    We are considering taking a flight from Waisai to Sorong, leaving at 14.40h.
    Do you recommend this, or better take the ferry in the morning?

  4. Hello,

    Can you confirm that for all week days (including Tuesday) the Express ferry will leave at 9 am from Sorong to Waisai?



  5. Hello
    I will go next year to Misool Eco Resort and I would like to know if is there a boat to go from Wasai ( marinda airport) to Misool. Thanks

  6. Hello,
    I’m considering taking the Batik air flight arriving in Sorong from Jakarta at 8am. Is it possible to make it to the 9am ferry?
    Else I will arrange the earlier Sriwijaya air.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Ida

      Well – like it says above – it takes 10 to 20 minutes to get from the airport to the harbour, so as long as you arrived on time and it didn’t take longer than about 30 minutes to disembark, claim your baggage and get a taxi then yes – you should be able to make the 0900 ferry.

      • Hi, I’m thinking about this too.
        Say that something goes wrong with the flight etc and one misses the 9am express ferry, what alternatives are there (except speedboats) ? One is to wait for the 2pm boar. Others? What time the slow boats depart?

  7. Hello,

    I am trying to book a flight ticket from Ambon to Wasai. I can see the flight on Traveloka but when I try to confirm the booking, it says it is impossible. Do you if there is a phone number to buy it ? Thank you !

    • Hi Olivia

      To the best of our knowledge there are no direct flights from Ambon to Waisai, so any flight showing would most likely include a transfer at Sorong. Suggest you try contacting the airline/s that Traveloka shows as operating the flight you want.

  8. Hi,

    I’m just checking Xpress air flights from Jakarta to Sorong for December and there is absolutely no availability Do you think it’s all already booked out or is it too far ahead to book ?? And what is an average cost of return flight ??

    Many Thanks in advance


    • We don’t know why that would be Patryk, but both Batik and NAM Air also offer direct Jakarta-Sorong flights now. Prices vary, but a quick look shows them available and priced at between 2 and 3 million rupiah in December.

    • X’press Air for route of Jakarta – Sorong isn’t available anymore. They closed the route without any reason.
      You can book Batik Air for the same route (with transit in Makassar, South Sulawesi for 40 minutes) or if you want a direct flight you can choose NAM Air.
      Price around IDR 2,5 Mio – 3,1 Mio for return flight

  9. Jonas Ladekarl says:


    We somehow (?!) managed to get booked on the 4.15 flight with Sriwijaya instead of the 3.15 we had tickets for, and will thus arrive at Sorong 7.25. Is this enough time to get to get our stuff, get to the Harbour and purchase ferry tickets before the 9am ferry take off?

  10. Can you recommend a travel agency or someone that can help us book our flight from Jakarta to Sorong, once we arrive in Jakarta? Thank you!

    • Hi Dylan –

      We always book online using one of the booking websites linked above, so can’t help with travel agents, sorry.

      Depending on your arrival time in Jakarta, buying the tickets at the airline’s airport office might also be an option.

  11. Ruth Penaluna says:


    We arrive in Sorong at 06:30. We had the same flight 2 years ago, and had a long wait at the harbour until the 2pm ferry. I see on the schedule that there is a 9am express boat, which was not an option a couple of years ago. Can you please confirm that this express boat does run every day? Just trying to save another long wait at the harbour, as if the ferry is at 2pm we may wait in a hotel for a while.


  12. Hello! Please tell if there is still SLOW ferry (Fajar Baru 8/Fajar Indah II) to/FROM Misool, that been listed here before – from Misool to Sorong on Thursday and Saturday? Or, as I understand, the only one option to leave Misool (to Sorong) by public ferry now is on Tue, Thu, Sun 8.00 am?

  13. I see that they is now a fast ferry to Misool, do you know the price? Also i do not seem to be able to find any accommodation on Misool?

    • Hi Thomas –

      Answered your first question in section 3./Marina Express above.

      We’d very much like to list Misool homestays, but unfortunately it seems that they see no value in being members of the Raja Ampat Homestay Association or in being represented on the website.

      We’ll keep trying though!

  14. How likely is it that sea snakes will be encountered while in the waters of RA? We are going to on a liveaboard in January/February. Thanks

      • Thank you!
        Is there any particular area or region that is more populated and do they get onboard the boats as well?

        • We don’t know what their population distribution is, but we’ve seen the occasional one at most places we’ve been in Raja Ampat. We’ve never heard of them getting onto boats though! They’re not something you need to be too concerned about really.

        • You seem worried about sea snakes Chrissy. Don’t be. They are really not a problem. I’ve been diving all around Indonesia for more than 20 years and encountered them very many times. The type you will come across (banded krait) are not aggressive and quite timid. They have small mouths and are unlikely to bite even when handled (which I don’t recommend doing even though an Indonesian friend has been handling them for 40 years without any incident). I’ve never known them to climb onto a boat.

  15. We plan to go to RA in late Oct/Nov to dive and surface snorkel (ear issues mean stuff has to be in shallow water because can’t free dive). I wonder how important it is to have reservations or if it is possible to island hop depending on conditions.

    • Hi elzbet –

      It’s not important to have reservations unless you want to stay at the most popular homestays, and islnd hopping is no problem at all: All homestays can arrange transport to homestays on other islands.

      Booking via the website booking form for first place you want to stay at isn’t a bad idea though, as it’ll let you easily arrange a Waisai pickup at the start of your trip.

  16. citerneschi says:

    Hey !

    We are planning to travel to Raja Ampat for two weeks (arriving at the beginning of August). We do not absolutely know this incredible place ! What are according to you the best spot to “visit” ? Is it easy to travel from island to island ? Are there good excursions organized ? Many thanks ;) Gregory

  17. Thanks for this great website!

    I am thinking to go to Kri between the 12th and 19th of August. I want to return Jakarta on the 20th, when do you think that I should left Kri to arrive that day?
    Which is your advise to book a flight from Waisai or to fly from Sorong? (Because I cannot know how much time can take by car from waisai harbour to the airport)

    Thanks very much for your work

    • Cheers Argo :)

      The quickest way to get from Raja Ampat to Jakarta would be by the Xpress Air direct flight from Sorong. You need to allow at least one hour from ferry arrival in Sorong to checkin time at Sorong airport.

    • Always nice to hear! Thanks Elisabetta :)

      By far the cheapest way to get to the Birie homestays is to take the ferry to Waisai and be picked up from there. One or two of them can arrange a Sorong pickup if you want. Prices are shown in the Transport/getting there section of each homestay’s page.

  18. Pericles Rosa says:

    Are the prices of the ferries and taxi from the harbour up to date?
    This website is really good btw ;)

    • They are Pericles. Some guests have recently reported success in negotiating a lower taxi fare from from the Sorong airport to the harbour though. Happy to hear the site’s been useful to you – thanks! :)

  19. Hello!

    I was wondering about the ferry times. I do arrive with Garuda Flight at 9:30 in the morning. I won’t make the ferry at 9am, correct? How much would be a speedboat directly ?


  20. Francisco Sedano says:

    Thank you so much for running this site! It is making a lot easier to make my dream true :)
    Me and my girlfriend have already booked flights and homestays and we are looking for more people to share the expenses of boat transfers. Our shedule is:
    Sorong–> Waisai 24th of December 17. We will stay in Yenkangkanes Homestay for 3 nights.
    Yenkangkanes–>Manta Homestay (Arborek): 27 Dec – 31 Dec.
    Manta–> Nudibranch Homestay: 31 Dec – 5 January 18.

    It will be nice if we could share transfers from Yenkangkanes to Arborek and others. In Arborek we plan to take the Piainemo Trip.

    Contact me through email or facebook: Francisco Sedano.
    See you there!

  21. Hello! Is it really recommended to go back to sorong one day before my flight?
    I have a flight back to Jakarta on 14:45, so i was wondering if ferry get cancelled frequently or not.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Rafael –

      The ferry doesn’t get cancelled very often at all, but departure delays can happen. If there’s a 0900 ferry on the day of your flight, you’ll more than likely be fine.

  22. Hi! I’m curious if you know approximately how much it will cost to fly from Jakarta to Sorong. I’ve looked at the airline websites and it quotes around 3M IDR each way. This seems expensive. Is it accurate? Thank you!

      • Thank you! It does seem reasonable by U.S. standards. When I was in Indonesia in 2010, domestic air travel was subsidized and was wildly cheaper than much of the world. I’ve heard the government has decreased the subsidies since then.

        Regardless, do you know if there is a layover between Jakarta and Sorong or are most flights direct? Thanks again

  23. Hi guys, thanks for maintaining this great site!

    I have a day to spend in Sorong (arriving at about 9am) before my LOB sails the next day. Any recommendations / suggestions on how we could spend a day in Sorong? Would be happy to consider any day tours or engage a local guide for the day if possible.



  24. Hi. I’m a woman in my mid 50s and would love to visit this part of the world. Is solo travel ok? Any suggestions?

  25. Gaby Motuloh says:

    Effective March 5, 2017, the ferry schedules had changed as follow:

    Sorong – Waisai: Sunday to Saturday at 9 am and 2 pm

    Waisai – Sorong: Sunday to Friday at 9 am and 2 pm, Saturday at 9 am and 12 am.

    I happened to be there on the day of the change.

    • Thanks for the update Gaby!

      It’s crazy how often that schedule is changed and (only being able to visit a few times a year) we rely on guest updates like yours to keep it current, so – thanks again :)

  26. Hello,
    I should have enough time to catch the morning ferry from Sorong (1,5 hours), but what if I miss it? Will homestay transfers normally wait in Waisai if you miss the first ferry? Also, do Sorong-Waisai ferries have enough space or is a reservation needed?

    I also know I should confirm my arrival but the homestay page says there is no phone signal, is SMS still the best way to make contact (or is there an alternative way via booking system?)

    Thank you!

    • Hi Katriina

      As long as your flight lands on time you shouldn’t have any problem making the ferry. If you’re not on the first ferry, then yes – homestays will check the second one too if they are expecting you. You can’t make reservations for the ferries – you can only buy tickets on the day.

      Recommend you send an SMS to the homestay when boarding the ferry. (They will more than likely be in a reception area by then.) The website booking system uses SMS to communicate with homestays anyway, so it can’t provide an alternative method.

  27. Gemma Waters says:

    We are currently staying in Sorong for the night and hope to get the ferry to Waisai tomorrow. I believe there is a ferry at 14:00 (the locals we have asked have confirmed this one), but are there always two departures from Sorong to Waisai daily? The schedule you have listed seems to indicate that there will be a ferry at midday as it is a Thursday…
    Imagine it is a bit late in the day for the information centre to be open so your guidance would be appreciated.

    • Hi Gemma –

      As far as we know, the ferry timetable shown above is still current so yes – there should be one leaving Sorong at midday on Thursdays. The best thing to do would be go down to the port office around 0830 to see. (In case it’s changed and there’s one earlier than 1200.)

  28. Joachim Luckey says:

    Hi , thank you very much for the very detailed information on your website. Itwas the “opener” for this wonderful part of indonesia.
    A short question:
    Is there a change of departing time for the express ferry on Thursday,16/3/2017 at
    9 AM from Waisai to Sorong?

  29. Aditi Parekh says:

    Thanks so much for creating such a detailed site – it has been super helpful!
    My husband and I are super confused on 1 point – We plan to take Garuda flight on Sun, 03/26 at 2:30 pm. From the schedule posted here, we see that there is a ferry departing on Sundays at 9:00 am from Waisai. According to our resort contact, he feels that no one has every missed a 2:30 pm flight because there is sufficient buffer after taking the 9 am ferry. We would absolutely love to spend Sat on the island as well, and take Sun morning ferry. Couple of Qns:

    1) Is there any website where they post the schedule, so we can confirm that there is a 9 am ferry on 03/26?
    2) If ferry is cancelled on a particular day, how early would we get to know?
    3) Worse case scenario, if ferry gets cancelled – how much does the speed boat option cost approximately for 2 persons?
    4) Is the buffer time in above schedule truly enough?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • You’re welcome Aditi – it’s always nice to hear it’s helpful :)

      1 – There’s no website we know of. Check at the Sorong port ticket office when you head over.
      2 – Ask your host to call to check on Saturday
      3 – Hundreds of dollars at last report!
      4 – As long as a ferry departs Waisai by 1100 you’ll have time to make your flight.

  30. I’m thinking of taking the new Wings Air flight from Wasai to Manado.

    How would you get transport from Wasai port to Wasai airport ? Is there taxis available ? How long is the journey and how much will it cost ?

    • Hi Anderson

      The cheapest method – if you don’t have too much baggage – would be by ojek (motorcycle taxi). The alternative is to hire a local driver and car. It takes about 15 minutes to travel by car between the harbour and airport. Not really sure what it would cost, but we do know it costs IDR 300,000 to go from the harbour to Warimpurem Homestay. The airport is about half that distance, so…

  31. Buenas noches, me gustaría saber si a parte de la empresa Pelni, hay otras compañías que ofrezcan trayectos de una isla a otra. He visto que Pelni ofrece trayectos desde Sorong a Waisai, otro desde Sorong a Piaynemo, a Wayag, a islas Arborek y dos destinos más. Mi pregunta es si hace falta siempre volver a Sorong para ir a otra isla, porque por ejemplo, mi pareja y yo queremos ir a Waisai, Piaynemo y a Wayag pero sin tener que volver a Sorong. Dentro de la página web de Pelni, no conseguimos encontrar las rutas exactas que he mencionado. Tampoco estamos encontrando mucha información sobre cómo moverse por las islas. En vuestra página web y en algún blog, hemos visto que el dueño del “homestay” organiza excursiones como salidas de pesca o buceo; nosotros queremos ir más por libre pero no podemos contactar con nadie porque todavía no hemos realizado ninguna reserva. Muchas gracias.

    • Hi Jaione

      You don’t need to go back to Sorong (or Waisai). All homestays offer transport between the islands. You don’t need to book transfers – just ask your host when you are there. Use the advanced search on the accommodation or home page to find homestays offering Wayag trips.

  32. Just returned from RA, ferries from Waisai to Sorong sail daily at 09:00 and 14:00. That is what locally published schedule on the jetty as well as local people are saying. I was there to catch a Saturday 08:00 ferry but it sailed after 09:00. Of course one needs to check and recheck.

        • Hi Libuse

          To the best of our knowledge the schedule is as published on the page above. We are trying to confirm if Def’s advice about the ferries from Waisai is a permanent change or only a temporary one. Unless there have been recent changes we’re yet to hear about, there are ferries every morning from Sorong to Waisai.

          Update Feb 19: Current ferry schedule has been confirmed and updated on the page above.

  33. Geruel Rivadeneira says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am based in Bali and I am planning to do a backpack trip to Raja Ampat between 25 March to 5 April. I would like to join any group or perhaps we can travel together if your dates fall on the same dates as as mine.



  34. Geruel Rivadeneira says:


    1. Are there Backpackers’ Hostels in Waisai if I need to stay there for a night?

    2. I am planning to go there by myself, are there Backpackers’ Hotel near the islnds?

    3. How do I go to the islands in RA where I can snorkel?



    • 1. There are, but the homestays near Waisai can be reached by road and are much nicer!

      2. No, but there are homestays.

      3. See 4 above: By requesting a Waisai pickup when you book the first homestay you want to stay at. All homestays can organise transport to other islands if you want to stay at more than one place.

  35. How would you advise to reach Raja Ampat if I was in Bali ? I am planning to go there around March-April and would like to go for a week to Raja Ampat.

    Thank You

  36. I’m planning on using the Lion/Wings air flight from Sorong to Manado (via Waisai) but have trouble finding information on excess baggage charges.

    Personnal checked luggage is limited to 10 kg per person on Wings air operated flights and we’ll have 10 kg extra (ie 20 kg) each…

    Lion air charges vary from destination to the next (basically between 5000 to 60 000 Rp per excess kg), and I’ve been trying to reach them but it’s hell.

    I figure someone must have ended up in the same situation, so maybe someone remembers what the extra charge per kg was to and from Sorong?

    • We can’t help you with that one sorry Fred. We never fly with Lion because they have the worst on-time record in the country. (Being caught 3 times and missing connecting flights is more than enough!) Anybody else know?

      Garuda’s more expensive, but we’ve never experienced a problem with them and economy class seats include 20kg checked baggage PLUS 23kg sports equipment per person!

  37. NEWS might be worth checking!

    I called lionair call center (+62) 02163798000. And they said they have a daily DIRECT flight between MANADO AND WAISAI, at 7am from Manado with wings air. It does not show yet on website but, can book trough call center.

    I just came back from raja ampat.
    Thanks for providing all information on this page!

    • I have gone to Waisai by direct flight from Manado by WIngs last month. You have to go to their office to buy ticket. The office in Manado locates opposite to Quality hotel. The cost is around 850k indo rupih for two hours and half flying with ATR72 propeller, departing at 7h20and arriving Waisai around 10h40 (Waisai is 1 hour a head Manado). There are also flight back from Waisai to Manado around 15 pm.

      The taxi from airport to habour cost 150k rapid for 3-4 km, but can be negotiable (They finally agreed I paid 100k because I went solo). Mostly, no English. Except for two men that can communicate and arrange boats from Waisai to Island, one is Wawan +6282259112072 or Anton +6282198325785. You can call a boat man, Paul Brothers + 6282198892428 to go to Kri island, but they do not understand where you want to go. You need translation from Wawan or Anton.

      Or you need to call your home stay and let’s your translator or your boat man talk to each other. Mostly boat man and even translator do not know the name of the home stay. They only know the owner name. ( I booked Nyunpun Amber and told them the name, they did not know where, until I gave them the owner names, Laurent). Many of the owner do not speak English, that is why you need to send booking by SMS 1 day in advance ( they will run somewhere to ask someone who can reply you).

  38. Hello there!

    We’ve used your website to book our whole trip – so thank you!

    We have a flight booked home from Jakarta at 12.15am on March 8.

    Do you think we would be OK to get the 8am ferry from Waisai to Sorong on March 7, then catch the 2.05pm flight from Sorong (via Makassar) landing in Jakarta at 7.20pm? Leaving us around 5 hours before our flight.

    Or do you think it is worth getting a flight to Jakarta the day before?
    The only issue then is that the Monday ferry will not make the 2.05pm flight, so we’d probably have to leave the islands the previous day!

    Just not sure if it’s a bit risky to do it all in one day? Are the internal flights reliable and on time usually?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you,

    • Hi Anya

      You’re welcome! Glad to hear the site was helpful :)

      If you’re flying with Garuda you’ll be fine. If with Lion, then… good luck! (They have a shocking on-time record.) As long as you’re not booked on Lion you shouldn’t need to change your scheduled arrival in Jakarta.

      Be sure to check the ferry departure time on the 7th to confirm it’s still 8am. Schedules – and individual departures – can change without notice. As long as there’s a ferry departing no later than 11am you’ll be able to make your 2pm flight. The only way to completely eliminate the risk of missing your flight from Sorong is to return there the day before your departure.

      • Hi!

        I’m planning to visit Raja Ampat in May and have the same question. We fly out of Sorong with Garuda at 2.35pm on Saturday 13th of May. Can we take a morning ferry and make the flight, or is this too risky in May?

        Otherwise would it help to sleep the last night in Waisai instead of the homestay, to be closer to the ferry?

        Thanks for the advice!

        • Hi Femke

          You’ll have no problem making your flight as long as the ferry timetable above remains unchanged. Be sure to check that there is a ferry departing before 11am. There’s nothing to be gained by staying in Waisai the night before ferry departure: The only way to absolutely guarantee you make your flight is to return to Sorong the night before you fly.

          • Hi!

            Thank you so much for the reply.
            Eventually we had to change our schedule a bit and we booked now the Garuda flight at 12.25pm on Sunday 14th May. I think this means we should head to Sorong the night before, also because traveling on Sundays isn’t advised?

            Thanks! Femke

  39. Hi

    we´re planing our trip to RA. We have to stay one night in Sorong.
    Any recommendation for a nice hotel/accommodation for Sorong?

    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Sebastian

      For convenience’ sake, we’ve always stayed at the old JE Meridien opposite the airport, but there are probably better choices. We’ve heard that the new Swiss-Belhotel near the harbour is quite good.

  40. Hello! I wanted to ask you a question. Our return flight sorong jakarta leaves the day 26 of February at 12:30. Do you know how we can get from wasai to sorong in time?

    • Hi Paula –

      The latest ferry schedule (posted above) shows that there’s supposed to be a 0800 ferry from Waisai on Sundays. IF that schedule is followed, that would get you there in time for a 1230 departure.

      Unfortunately, ferry departure timetables are notoriously unreliable and subject to sudden change. The only way to be absolutely certain of making a flight out of Sorong is to spend the night before your departure in Sorong.

  41. Hi

    Could you confirm if both ferries run on the 1st of January.
    I have heard two conflicting reports that they will not run on either the 31st December or the 1st of January from home stays on the island?

  42. Hello!

    I arrive in Sorong on Dec 25 at 1:35pm. Do you know if the ferries are running that day? It seems unlikely that I could make it to the 2pm ferry but not impossible.

    Otherwise I have to wait until 11 the next day it appears.


  43. Thank you for All the information, it has been really helpful. We are in sorong at the moment, we are going to raja ampat tomorrow. We are flying to Ambon next tuesday, 14.05. Do you have any News about the morning Ferry? We would rather stay another night on one of the islands instead of sorong ;).
    And the yellow public bus doesnt take Long to the Harbor! Half an hout Max for us, Just now. You indeed have to change busses, but the driver dus help us sort out the next one. Definately a good option if you are alone :)

  44. Ahmed Mohomed says:


    Absolutely wonderful website. I will be arriving during Chinese New Year and I am worried that accommodation may be an issue. Should I book in advance or just arrive and wing it. Also I would like to stay near waisai but still dive at the major dive sites everyday for 6 days and visit the dive sites in kri island. Should I rather stay in Kri.

    • Thanks Ahmed :)

      You won’t have a problem with accommodation. Booking ahead using the website booking forms makes organising transport from Waisai to your accommodation easy, but you can just wing it if you prefer. One of the Kri homestays with a dive center would be your best choice. Booking ahead at those is probably wise if you want to stay at one.

  45. christoph twerenbold says:

    I am planning to go to Raja ampat in January 2017. My flight back from Sorong to Jakarta is on Saturday 07.01.17 at 14h05. I wonder if I have enough time to get that flight leaving my homestay in Kri at the same day in the morning. I understood that I first have to go to waisai and take the ferry from Waisai to Sorong. Is it feasible to leave to homestay on Saturday morning?
    Thanks and best regards

    • Hi christoph –

      Well – assuming that the promised new services (the ones in red in the table above) start before then, and that they depart as scheduled, then yes – you’ll be able to make that flight.

      If the new services haven’t started, then you’ll need to spend Friday night in Sorong.

  46. Hi!
    According with the latest information I have got from Susiair, they will not operate anymore from sorong to waisai after dec 9th 2016. That is because the contract between susiair and the goverment has expired.

    • Hi Juan Carlos and thanks for the update! :)

      That’s good news actually: Hopefully the government has decided it’s better to invest that subsidy in providing much needed health, education and support services for island communities.

  47. Hey! Thanks for these amazing info on that website. However, little is said on Misool and I am struggling to find info about the boat from Sorong to Misool. I read contradictory info about the schedule. I have read departures from Sorong twice a week: mondays and Thursdays 23h00 but I also read mondays and Fridays 23h00…. Do you know which, from the thursdays or fridays is the real one?

  48. Jonathan Muñoz says:

    Hi!!! I’m going to Indonesia on March and I want to do one quick visit to Raja Ampat islands.
    We had think to take a flight to sorong from Bali, it takes 5 hours more or less.
    Then, I don’t know how to take a one day excursion to see raja ampat islands and come back to bali another time as soon as possible because we have short time to travel around Indonesia.
    I had seen is better take the ferry to Waisai and then sleep there and in the morning take a excursion froma waisai to see the islands and return as soon as possible.
    It can be possible??? How much time is the minimun time to do what we are thinking to see raja ampat?
    Thank you so much!!!

    • Hi Jonathan

      We think you should leave visiting Raja Ampat until you have more time available. Although flight time from Bali to Sorong is only about 4 hours, you can’t fly direct. The quickest route (via Jakarta) takes around 10 hours. It’s possible to do a day trip out of Sorong, but most of what you will see will be the view from a boat. Hardly worth it in our opinion!

      • Jonathan Muñoz Diaz says:

        Well… we have think if the time from bali – Raja Ampat – Bali is less than 2 days… 2,5 days we can think about it…but if it is imposible, how you say… we have to left see Raja Ampat to when we have enough time.

  49. I am looking for options that won’t require staying overnight in Sorong. The flight I am looking at leaves Sorong on December 16 at 11:55am. This is a Tuesday. Is there any way to get from Wasai to Sorong in time for that flight on a Tuesday?

    • Hi Hobbas –

      The only Tuesday alternative to the public ferries is to charter a private speedboat. Doing so is expensive (hundreds of dollars), and is a lot less safe and comfortable than the ferry. The best solution is to time your Sorong flights to be able to use the ferry.

  50. I am going to be heading back to Sorong on the Sunday 13th of November 2016 to catch the 10am flight to JKT. We will likely depart from Waisai at around 6:30-7am. Does anyone want to share a speed boat?

  51. Hello, we get to Sorong a Wednesday morning at 6:10 AM
    If I do not have enough Rupia I have to take money from the ATM and the pass for raja ampat.
    I can take the ferry from 9 h00 or 2 p.m.?
    If I take the ferry from 14:00, Eastern Gam stations (Mankiyus, yenros, efenli ..) have-she time to do a pickup at wasai at 16h00?
    We do not want to stay one night in Sorong or Waisai.
    Any station on meilure visibility, less current for snorkeling on Eastern Gam
    Sorry for my broken English
    Thank you

    • Hi Philippe

      As noted on our Money, Banks and ATMs page, it’s best to arrange your Indonesian Rupiah before arriving in Sorong.

      Yes, there are 2 ferries on Wednesdays and there will be no problem being picked up from the later one. Just SMS your homestay to let them know which ferry you will be on.

      Snorkelling conditions were excellent in late September, but change according to current. We can safely say you won’t be disappointed though, even if visibiliyty is not at its best.

  52. Hi!
    Unfortunately we´ll arrive in Waisai on Sunday, 16th, Oct. The homestay we booked is Yenkoranu on Kri. Because they won´t answer SMS until now: has anybody experience whether they´ll pick up guests on sundays? Or can anybody give us a tip where to stay a night in Waisai? Thanks!

  53. Hello,

    Thanks for all this useful information! I’m planning to take the 14.35 flight from Sorong to Makassar on a Friday. The schedule you posted says on Fridays there is a 9am express boat from Waisai to Sorong.
    I did read some comments which say that sometimes this boat leaves later.
    Is the 9am Friday boat fairly reliable? It isn’t ideal to stay one night earlier in Sorong so I would rather avoid it if I have to.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Phil –

      Departure times are usually fairly reliable and delays are rarely longer than half an hour or so, which still leaves plenty of time to make your flight. You should be fine.

  54. Hi, we are a group of 8 people and we’ll arrive to Sorong on 19th of August
    at 6.00 am. We don’t know now if ferry boat on that day runs at 9.00, so we ask if and where Is possible to hire a speed boat for getting to Waisai. If possible, how can we book it ? Thank you so much in advance !

  55. Hi there, A friend and I are flying to Sorong from the 17th to the 22nd of August to stay in Raja Ampat for a few days. We have noticed that the ferry from Sorong to Waisai is only once per day. It means you need to wait for hours till you get to Waigeo and other ways are just charter which are pretty expensive.

    Is there anyone to share a charter from Sorong to Waisai the morning of the 18th of August or/and the return from Waisai to Sorong the evening of the 21st of August?

    Thanks in advance!!

  56. The dive resort I planned to stay in only does Friday transfers to Waisai. On their website they state that if they come get you on a day other than Friday it is $680/person! Thus, I would like to try for the ferry myself, as I’m a pretty seasoned traveler and would like to not rearrange my trip around Friday travel restrictions. Here are my questions:

    1) Do you know how I would get from Waisai port to Raja Ampat Dive lodge? Would it have to be another boat or can a taxi take me? I’m not sure how transportation on the actual island is.
    2) Is it seriously under $20 USD to take the ferry one way? It just seems like such an extreme difference between the $680 the hotel is charging.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Hi Shorty

      1) You’d need to hire a local boat. Best approach might be to enquire at the tourism office in Sorong. Or at Transwisata in Waisai.
      2) Yes it is and (unless basic accommodation is out of the question) it beats us why anyone would pay resort prices when homestays offer accommodation and diving at the same sites at a fraction of the cost! As an example of the price difference, the homestays on the island your resort is on will pick up from Waisai at any time that suits their guests. They charge between $45 and $91 depending on the boat used – and that’s per trip – not per person!

  57. Hi, thank you this site..awsome!!
    My 3 week trip to RA starts next december.
    Due to peace of mind i’d like to ask the following ..
    Can i buy roundtrip ferry ticket from sorong?
    Is there even the possibility that the ferry is full and i can’t get in ?
    My flight departs 14:35 so I MUST to get 9:00 ferry.

    • You’re welcome jari :)

      As far as we know you need to buy your ferry ticket on the day of travel. Either from the agents on the wharf or on board the ferry. It’s extremely unlikely that you ever wouldn’t be able to get on. Be sure to check that there is a 0900 ferry from Waisai on the day you want. (Sometimes the scheduled 0900 departure gets shifted to 1100.)

  58. hi to all at stay raja ampat, do you need your passport to get on the ferry from sorong to WAIGEO? ive lost my passport and have come too far to turn back now! thanks

    • Hi Mick – ouch!

      You don’t need it to get on the ferry, but you do need to provide ID when you buy an entry permit. You’re also supposed to provide a passport when checking in to accommodation in Indonesia, but a digital or printed copy will do. Hope you have some photo ID for the flights!

  59. Had a rather negative experience dealing with a man working at the tourism office who goes by “Marten.” He strong armed me into taking this tour led by his “sister”, Julie; he showed up at my hotel during the evening and told me that he’d pick me up in the morning for the boat tour to Fam islands. The tour was fine, cost me 1M rupia. Then a few days later he calls my homestay and demands more money, claiming that I didn’t pay for the tour. This was not only an insult, but flat out swindling. Be careful dealing with people even if they work for the tourism office. This was awful and hope it gets dealt with in the future. Always ask for a receipt for payment of boat rides and tours…!

    • Hubby and I visited Raja last year and used Ranny to book our homestays, excursions, and pick ups from airport to ferry and vice versa. She did an outstanding job and the price she quoted us for excursions was the actual price paid at each homestay and for each outing. I cannot stress enough how much easier she made our trip and how delightful a person she was. You can find her here, and you can be sure we’ll be using her again for our return trip next fall.

    • Ricardo Bacas says:

      It is a disgrace, and I had similair experience in another part of Indonesia. Luckily, I had some friends that took care of the rip off. The person involved was taken straight to the police office. Always try to have a local with you when people are trying to rip you off.

  60. Hello,
    I’m Marco from Italy.
    Congratulations for the web site.
    I have a question?
    I arrive in Sorong August 17 at 06.30 am.
    I wanted to know if there are ferry for that date … because August 17 is Independence Day.
    Thank you

  61. Hi. Our resort has quoted us 95 euro per person for a first class ferry ticket from Sorong to Waisai, and then a transfer by resort boat to resort. The price for a ticket quoted on your page converts to just over 14 euro at today’s rate. That means that the transfer from Waisai to the resort is costing us 81 euro per person in the resort’s own boat. Does that sound right/normal?

    • We don’t have any idea what normal is for resorts Carmen, but that doesn’t compare favourably to the average cost of 40 Euros per boat (shared among total passengers) for transfers from Waisai to the popular homestays on Kri and Gam.

      • Can you give an example of a homestay on Southern Gam that does transfers for 40E/boat? I checked two of them…one is 1M Rp, other is 1.5M Rp…that is much more than 40E.

  62. Hi all,

    For those who have been in Raja Ampat, could you please kindly share if it is a good time to visit Raja Ampat in the month of July? Together with a friend, we are planning to visit Raja Ampat on July, 1st till 10th.
    Both of us have not been to Raja Ampat and according to the sources that we gathered so far, it is still a good time to visit Raja Ampat though during this period, it could be quite windy.
    Can everyone confirms this? It would also be good to receive some recommendations on the accommodation choices there. One of our objectives there is for diving.
    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from anyone of you.
    Best regards,
    Tim Wayne

  63. Kurt from Switzerland says:

    Hello all

    I am looking for people to share the transport from Waisai to a north shore Kri homestay on 19 March. I am open to other locations, too. I will leave Waisai on 29 March. I am a snorkeler.


  64. Is it possible to take a form of public transport from the Waisai Ferry Terminal to Yenkangkanes Homestay? There should be even a road?

  65. Hi Is anyone going to a homestay on the 3rd or 4th of February? I would like to share boat transfer costs from Waisai.


  66. A group of us will be travelling around Raja Ampat group of islands mid this year. I noticed that the Australian Smart Travellers site, have advised to ‘reconsider travel plans.’ Is this something we should be concerned about in the Raja Ampat area?

  67. FYI the Susi Air flight times are different in 2016 now. I forget the exact times, but I’m pretty certain that the flight from wasai to sorong was at 11am. Price is around 300k now as well. We spoke to Susi Air at the sorong airport about a week ago.

    • Thanks for the update Ryan :)

      We’re not sure we should promote the flights actually, because (in our opinion) the Raja Ampat government subsidies spent to provide the service would be better directed to providing community services currently lacking in the islands.

      We’ll do our best to confirm the new schedule and post it so the time poor have an alternative to the ferry though!

  68. Hi,
    My name is jignesh and i am from india.
    I want to visit birds of paradise and planning the same in end of August 2016.
    We are 2 people and are ok with homestay.
    Can you guide me with prodecure.
    Like flights, stay, any permits or visa required & guide who can help in visiting birds of paradise.

  69. …my flight from Sorong to Manado will be on May, 2nd at 12:40 pm with Garuda. The Ferry schedule for Monday from Waikai to Sorong is showing a departure time of 11 am. Is there any other – affordable – way of transport on Mondays or do you suggest to stay overnight at the Swiss-Belhotel?

    • There’s not Eric, so staying overnight in Sorong on May 1st will be necessary. There’s a number of decent hotels in Sorong to choose from. (We always use the JE Meridien as it’s conveniently located almost directly opposite the airport and provides a free airport shuttle service.)

      • Thanks for the very fast reply. I intentionally booked the Monday flight in order to respect the Sunday rest for my homestay hosts, now, I am sorry to ask them for a Waisai drop off on Sunday…well, that´s why you travel…to experience life and it´s facets :-)

  70. Hello,
    same questions about a departure from Wasai to Sorong the saturday at 8:00 am, is it possible to have the flight at 11:50 am (garuda) or is it too short ?

    • and other question, can you say me how many time to do aiport sorong/sorong shops in taxi (to buy some souvenirs at the arrival, our flight land at 6:55 am and the ferry to wasai is at 11:00 am or 14:00 pm the saturday.
      Thank you very much.

    • Catherine, in my experience the ferry leaves around that time. For us it was 30 min later.
      I think it will arrive between 10:30 and 11 in Sorong. Then add 10 mins to get off, 5 mins to get in a car and another 15 mins to the airport. So you can be there between 11 and 11:30, IF ALL GOES OK.
      You don’t have enough time to catch the plane.

      • Thank you very much for your answer, so we have to stay one night in Sorong before land off and we can do a little shopping at this time.

        • Or you can catch a later flight. We had a flight at 2:30 to Makasaar. I didn’t find Sorong that appealing. But if you need to stay overnight I recommend Swiss Belhotel.
          That’s where we stop for a few hours between the morning flight and the ferry.

          • We go to Manado after Raja Ampat, and thank you for the information about Swiss Belhotel. Do you do some shopping in Sorong (we want to buy some local souvenirs like Totem, or shield, mask, spices …

  71. Hello! How often is the 2pm express ferry from Waisai to Sorong on time? Is it likely to arrive at Sorong at 4pm or very close to 4pm?

      • Hello, I thought additional ferry times were added to this website on 22 Jan 2016. But now I’m not seeing this and the ferry time chart appears to be the same as prior to 22 Jan 2016? Please clarify.

        I remember seeing a 11am express ferry from Sorong to Waisai and an 8am express ferry that departs Waisai to Sorong. Are these ferry times still available? Thank you.

        • Hi Gina

          New ferry times were added, but our informant was unaware that those times were for December 2015 only. The times currently showing are the correct schedule – apologies for the confusion!

  72. Are there any changes in the given ferry schedules?

    We’ve taken the 9am Sorong-Waisai ferry on previous trips, but are arriving in Sorong on a Saturday morning in February, so will have to take the 2 pm one if there’s no 9 am transfer.

  73. Galia Ivanova says:

    I’ve bought a plane ticket to Sorong for Wednesday, landing at 07:15 AM with the idea to catch the early ferry at 9 AM. Unfortunately they’ve just changed the flight and now it’s landing at 8:20 AM, which makes impossible catching the morning ferry. I want to ask are there any speedboats between Sorong and Waisai and if so what will be the approximate price?
    I have also another question regarding my return to Sorong. The flight is again on Wednesday, at 13:50 PM. What is the possibility to miss it if I catch the 09:00 AM ferry from Waisai?


    • Hi Galia –

      As shown above, there’s also a 2pm ferry to Waisai on Wednesdays. Much better to catch that than to pay the huge fees required to charter a speedboat!

      The 9am ferry from Waisai arrives in Sorong at about 1100, so if it leaves on time making a 1350 flight is no problem.

  74. …just curious if the Sorong airport is open and reachable or is it still under construction/extension and no plane is landing or taking of there? Will be there in March…

  75. Timothy Brown says:

    Great website! We’re super excited to visit Raja Ampat for our honeymoon. And we could use your help. We’ve tried booking roundtrip flight from Bali to Sorong on Garuda’s site and several other travel agency sites (Skyscanner, Nusatrip, Tiket, etc.). We found tickets we want to purchase, but have been unable to buy them online or over the phone. Garuda and the other sites say they don’t accept any major US credit cards. I’m wondering how other travelers have purchased tickets on Garuda? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Thanks Timothy –

      Really? You can’t use a foreign credit card to book with Garuda? (We know it’s impossible with the low fare internal airlines, but had heard that people had successfully paid Garuda online with foreign credit cards.)

      Well, if that’s the case, then you only have two options: Either wait until you land in Indonesia and book at an airline office at the airport, or contact Mau ke Mana (see the link in the “From inside Indonesia:” section above) and have them purchase the tickets for you.

      Good luck!

      • Timothy Brown says:

        Thanks for your reply! I’m nervous to wait until we get to Bali since our diving dates are already paid. Also apparently Mau ke Mana ceased operations at the end of September and is no longer in business. I’m sure that we’re not the only people who have encountered this problem, but at this point I don’t know what else to do except to wait and hope there are still seats available for the flights. Thanks again!

        • I use my foreign Visa card (in USD) all the time with Garuda website, and never have a problem. However, some credit card companies and payment agencies are suspicious of on-line transactions based in Indonesia, which may be the problem with your credit card. Your only option may be to use an agent.

        • Timothy Brown says:

          Hi Hella: Just curious, were you using a US credit card and purchasing tickets from the US? I was explicitly told by Garuda that they do not allow purchases from outside Indonesia with a US credit card. Just interested in how you were able to make it work.

          • Sarah Fergie Santillan Osio says:

            I’ve tried booking with Garuda while in US using a US credit card, the transaction was NOT successful. But, my husband booked while in US using his card issued in France, it was ok. I tried to book some more flights using a Philippine credit card while in the Philippines, everything was fine, too. I think only US has a special ruling…

    • Hello, we just take yesterday our airplane ticket with Garuda for Manado-Sorong-Manado with a visa card and no problem

    • Hi Timothy,

      we book our internal indonesian flights via We had the same problem like you from europe, but accepted our visa-card. And: no problem with the online-tickets in indonesia then. Good luck!

      Best regards Chris

      • Timothy Brown says:

        Hey Chris,

        We were able to book with It’s really interesting how people have had different experiences with Garuda. I spoke with them by phone three times after failing to purchase tickets online and each time they said they absolutely don’t take American credit cards (Australian, yes). Tiket didn’t work twice online, and then the third try worked! Thank goodness. My last resort was going to be Expedia, but that would’ve added $300 USD! Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, we’re from uk and we used our cards credit.however you can’t do this online, you need to contact the call centre for garuda air based in indonesia, think I googled the flight contact centre for garuda in jakarta or the UK number should be able to give it to you

  76. Thanks för all the Great info on your website. We land tomorrow(Tuesday). I was wondering if there is definitely no ferry at 9am?
    Where is the last atm? (Kari, waisai or spring?)

    • Hi Anne –

      As far as we know the timetable above is still correct, so no 9.00am ferry on Tuesday. There are ATMs in both Sorong and Waisai, but there’s no guarantee that your bank’s card will be able to be used in them. There’s more choice in Sorong and the machines there are more conveniently located than the ones in Waisai.



  78. Hi, my return flight from Sorong is scheduled on Friday 12/25/2015 at 12:30pm. Should I get back to Sorong on 12/24 and stay overnight in Sorong? Or is it easy/possible for me to book the flight from Waisai to Sorong on Friday 12/25 while I’m at the Homestay?
    I see there is Express ferry departing Waisai at 9am, but it may be too risky to use this given the short time?
    Again thanks for all your excellent help!

    • Overnighting in Sorong is always the safest option Quoc. We recommend an absolute minimum of 3.5 hours between a scheduled Waisai ferry departure time and the time of your flight. You can’t book any travel from a homestay.

  79. Another question, does the tickets for the Express ferry are sold at the Sorong airport? Or it will be at some offices close your to the airport exit?

  80. Hi, How do the Homestay people typically pick us up at the Waisai island? Are they waiting for us right at the ferry landing with signs so we can find them?

  81. I’m going to Sorong this Dec 12/17 to 12/25 and looking for a stay at some of the homestay on the North Skri island. Wonder if anyone else going there during that time and want to share a room?

      • Hi Marty, I’ll be arriving Sorong 12/27, and stay at Delvin Homestay (booked thru Agoda) from 12/17 to 12/21.
        Then I will go to Yendobado to stay there till 12/25.
        If u arrive on 12/17 and head to Kri island maybe we can share the boat

  82. Erik Lundberg says:

    Leaving from Waisai by expressboat Mon Mar 7 at 11 am, is it sure to get flight to Ujung Pandang(UPG) – Palu (PLW) at 14:00? If not, I see three chances: 1) flight to Sorong bu Susi air (but schedules are not disposable). 2) by speedboat (sure? looks very expensive). 3) Leaving one day in advance (we are guests of Yenros Homestay) and passing one night in Sorong (but “one day in advance” would mean Sunday: ok?)

    • Hi Erik –

      That’s cutting it too fine in our opinion. If the ferry is on time, you’ll only have about 45mins to get to the airport and complete your checkin procedure. Doable, but a big risk. Much less stress to overnight in Sorong. Although activities requiring boat transport are are not available at homestays on Sundays, they will always arrange a ferry drop off for you if needed.

      • Erik Lundberg says:

        Thank you. Yes, I think I’ll spend one night in Sorong. Just for information, I read it is possible to reach Sorong from Waisai by “speedboat”. Is it a sort of taxi? Would it be possible to have agreement for whatever time even on Sunday? I suppose it would cost much. How much? I have also asked Susi air for a flight, but they haven’t yet the schedule for 2016.

        • The speedboats are charters and are horrendously expensive. We know they exist and yes, you could organise to go on one on a Sunday. We have been told that they cost hundreds of dollars for the trip though, so we’ve never bothered to research them any further.

  83. Hi,
    I planned to do a diving/siteseeing trip in North Sulawesi from 12/18 to 12/25. But recently read about great diving in Raja Ampat, so now I’m thinking about staying in sulawesi for 4 days and 3 days in R.A – probably taking a flight from Madano to Surong as your website instructed.
    My question is do you think a 3 days in R.A is too short taking into account all the transportations.. that may not worth it?
    Thanks in a advance for your help. And your website is GREAT!!!

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I probably plan for a longer stay then.
        I saw you list a Xperss as one of the airline from MDC to SOQ, but when i checked on their website sorong is not available as a destination?

        Also, in term of diving/snorkeling, if I already spend 4-5 days in Sulawesi, would I see much more different corals/fishes in RA? Thanks again

        • Thanks for the headsup re Xpress from MDC – it’s almost impossible to keep up with the changes Indonesia’s budget airlines make to their routes and schedules. Garuda’s really the only carrier you can count on!

          I’ve never dived Sulawesi, but looking at the photos from there I’d say you’re going to see a LOT more. Raja Ampat is one of the world’s highest fish and coral biodiversity regions.

          • Thanks again. Now I’m hooked to Raja ampat:) we will say couple days in Suwalesi and head to raja for longer stay.
            Can we make phone call from the house stays there? I’m thinking if we decide to staying longer at the island, we need to be able to make phone call to the airline (Singapore airline) to reschedule our return day

  84. Hi there,
    I have two questions regarding transport:
    1. I checked the Pelni Website and I could not find any ferries departing from either Denpasar or Makassar. Is that correct or is there a way to get to Sorong / Raja Ampat from there by boat?
    2. I checked the boat schedule from Sorong to Waisai. I there anything I should be aware of, when I am travelling around new year (30 – 6 January). Do the boats still leave twice (9am &2pm) a day during that time?
    3. If I take the Garuda flight (landing at Sorong at 6.30am, I should be able to make the 9am boat to Waisai, right?

    • Hi Anne

      1. We know you can get from either of those to Sorong by Pelni. Maybe the problem is the search you enter? Because they don’t run direct from either of those ports to Sorong. Pelni ship routes call at a lot of harbours in between. We can’t really help with using Pelni’s website!
      2. To the best of our knowledge Sorong – Waisai ferries now operate every day as shown on the website timetable.
      3. Yes – unless there are unusual delays you will be able to make the 9am ferry from that flight.

  85. We would like to have some informations about a trek for a week , 3 persons at the end of january from Manokwari .
    Please can you recommed to us a guide for the trek and how can we contacted him .
    We need also an adresss for one home stay on Manokwari , before our trek .
    Thank you , best regards .

  86. Hi! I would like to catch a flight next Friday departing a 12.40pm, after taking the 9am Ferry Waisai-Sorong, do you think I’ll most likely be able to make it or unlikely?

  87. Hi,
    Just need some feedback I’m planning of a trip to Raja Ampat soon.I’m planning to visit the Dive Centers there.How do I go about around raja ampat to all the dive centers???

    Thank you,
    Faizal Ali

  88. Hello – I am looking to visit mid-April to mid-May 2016 and my dates can be a little flexible. Am looking for fellow travellers to join the non-diving liveboards.

    Message if interested.

    • Hi Silvia –

      In a straight line it’s almost 2,000km from Bali/Lombok to Sorong. It’s much longer by the route a ship must take. It’s certainly not possible by speedboat!

      Click the “get there by ship” link at the top of this page to find Pelni ships that operate between Bali/Lombok and Sorong. You would more than likely have to change ships and the journey would take at least a week.

  89. Hello there!

    I’ll have to agree with previous travellers’ praisings for your informational site because it’s really helpful and that’s a valuable tool in travellers’ hands!
    So here is my question, I’m planning to visit RA beginning of February 2016 and so far I’ve bought my ticket to Jakarta. Is it early to book the ticket to Sorong and the accomodation from now?
    My main concern is the unpredictable change of the ferry schedule.

    Thank you!!

  90. This website is such a great idea! I wish there were sites like this for many places in the world!

    I have a question – I am travelling to Raja Ampat in December 2015. Getting in is fine, it’s the departure I have a question about. I am going from Sorong to Denpasar and would like to leave on Sat 26th December. The only problem is that the only ferry I can see leaves at 11am and the latest flight is 14.35. So I’d get to Sorong at around 1pm I think and could have enough time for that flight… but if the ferry is delayed leaving, then I miss my flight!

    Do you think this plan is too risky in your experience? Are there any other boats that leave from Wasai to Sorong earlier than 11am on a Saturday?

    Hope you can help!

    • Thanks Bob :)

      There’s no other boats, so if we were you we’d either arrange to fly on a day with a 9.00am ferry or stay a night in Sorong. The 11.00am ferry will give you at best 1 hour from arrival at port to check in closure for a 2.30pm flight. Doable, but one late VIP or traffic jam…

  91. thank you so much for this fantastic website and information. I’m planning to go there tomorrow from Sorong (October 19th). I heard that there’s a Festival Bahari there. During the festival, is there an additional ferry schedule for tomorrow? (tuesday), it is written only at 11am. But who knows they provide earlier boat during the festival.


  92. Great resource of information!! It really connects the travellers with the owners and makes sure our money go to the local people and not to resorts.
    Question on ferry: we’re making plans to travel out on December 30th and we’re planning to take a Garuda flight at 14:35 from SOQ.
    Do you think is safe to rely on the 9AM Wednesday ferry out of Waisai? I think, even if it leaves at 10-10:30 we should be able to be at the airport on time for the flight..
    So we can spend an extra night at a homestay on Kri, rather than in a hotel in Sorong.
    Thank you,

  93. Catherine Mellor says:

    Firstly what a fantastic website and resource! Thank you so much!
    My friend and I are travelling to RA on Sunday and arrive on the 8.40am flight from Makassar. The next ferry isn’t until 2pm but we were hoping we could hang out somewhere by the ferry port? Is there a cafe there? If not do you have any recommendations as to where to go to spend the time?
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Catherine –

      Thanks for the thanks – it’s always nice to hear we’re useful :)

      There are some small local warungs at the port, but no cafes. There’s a decent cafe at the western end of the airport (to the right as you emerge from arrivals) but you have a long wait, so once you’ve had enough coffee you might like to take in the nice view and cooling breezes at the Sapta Radna Buddhist pagoda. It’s quite nice there. If you’d like to try some fresh local seafood, the food stalls around the “Berlin Wall” are worth a visit too. (Any taxi driver will know those places and could take you there before heading for the port.)

      • That’s great. Thank you so much for the advice, what a lovely way to spend our waiting time!
        Keep up the good work :)

  94. Hi,

    Thanks for the website, great info.

    I have a question, I usually take the Garuda flight back from Sorong to Singapore (via. Makassar and Jakarta) at 14:35, arriving in Singapore at around midnight. Unfortunately Garuda seem to have cut their last flight of the day Jakarta- Singapore, which used to leave at 20:40 and now leaves at 19:30. This means I can’t get back all in one day unless I take the 12:20 flight which will also be impossible as my homestay boat only leaves on a Wednesday to catch the 09:00 ferry from Waisai!

    Has anyone ever taken the SusiAir plane from Waisai to Sorong? It seems very cheap and a great option as it only takes 20 mins, however I have heard it is terribly unreliable. I have also heard that unless the plane is full it won’t leave, or the people on board have to pay the rest of the remaining seats?

    Can anyone confirm this? That would be super helpful. Otherwise I will have to book two separate flights, which is annoying.

    Many Thanks!

    • Hi Elle –

      We refuse to use the Susi Air service (because it’s subsidised by Raja Ampat tax money that should be going toward building schools and health facilities instead) so we don’t know if what you’ve heard about it is true.

      Perhaps a neighbouring homestay could arrange an earlier transfer for you? Sorry we couldn’t be more help!

    • That question’s answered on the page above Serene. The most direct route is Singapore – Manado – Sorong. You can also go via Makassar (Ujung Pandang). Use the airline links provided to work out the cheapest way.

  95. Hello,

    We arrive in Sorong tomorrow afternoon(23rd of Sept.15).
    We now are a little bit afraid bcs of your statement that there is no ferry on islamic holidays. The 24th is “idul adha”, do you think we can find a ferry to waisai?

    Thanks for all your information, really helpful!

    • Hi Maria –

      Yes! The ferries now run every day. (Your query prompted us to make a few calls to find out if the “not on public holidays” info still applied. We were told they now run every day.) Enjoy your stay :)

  96. Just a question on ferries. For my two previous trips to R4 I’ve always taken the 9am ferry from Sorong to Waisai, but this time in February I am arriving in Sorong on a Saturday, at 6h30 am.
    Is there any chance there might be a morning ferry (fast or slow) to Waisai on Saturdays in February?

    It will be after a long two day trip, we’ll be very tired and jetlagged and carrying all our luggage, so I was wondering what to do from 7am to 2pm…

    thanks for the great website and info!


  97. Hi! In 2014 we had a fantastic time in Raja and we’re coming back this November. The website has grown so much and it’s wonderful – thank you for all of the info.

    Unfortunately we are short for time, if we arrive in to Sorong at 1:30pm on a Wednesday, flying from Ambon. What are the chances of catching the 2pm ferry? Is it too much of a risk? Thanks Doug (if it’s still you running the show!)

  98. Hello, we planning to go to Raja Ampat (Yenkoronu) in march 2016 from Manado (to Sorong) but I can’t find xpress air, is it too early or this line is it finish ?

  99. Hi, you know if public ferry or flight depart from waisai to Sorong on 25/12?i need to be in Sorong very soon (8:00AM) in 26/12 and private boat are very expensive

  100. HI!
    Please advise how to get to Kabarai, North of Waigeo. My friend planning to visit Kabarai in October. Is there any public acsess and hotel? Thanks and best regards.

  101. Hi!
    I am planning to go on a fishing/hiking adventure to the islands. So i am wondering about the rules.
    Is sportfishing alowed everywhere?
    Can i raise tents?
    Is there any place where you can rent smaller boats to go out in by myself?
    Best regards, Nikolas!

    • Hi Nikolas –

      Fishing isn’t allowed in the Marine Park, but is OK outside it. If you want to camp you will need to ask permission from local landowners. Asking the village head in the area you want to stay in would be the best place to start. There are no boat rental businesses in Raja Ampat, but plenty of people willing to take you out in their boats. Given the extreme tidal currents and reef hazards in the islands, going with a local person would be much safer.

  102. Hi,
    Sorry, I am confused with the ferry timetable. Do the ferries from Sorong to Waisai leave from Sorong every day at 1400 and on Mon, Wed and Fri a second early ferry runs. We arrive at 0840 on a Friday….is there a 1400 Express ferry on Friday please?
    This website is a sensational service. we visited RA 4 years ago and it’s great to see a lot more options for homestays in this time.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle –

      Yes, according to the latest information we have, as shown in the table above, there is a 1400 ferry from Sorong on Fridays: 1400 from Sorong to Waisai every day, with extra morning ferries on Mon, Wed & Fri.

      Nice to hear the site’s useful for you – thanks :)

  103. Hi guys,
    We are a family of four with two children (6 and 4), planning to visit Waigeo – not diving, but snorkling, walking, chilling – between end September and beginning of October. Two questions: 1) is the sea going to be very rough during this period? and 2) do you have any recommended child-friendly home-stay or not-too-expensive lodge on the island?
    Many thanks in advance

  104. Hi there,

    This page is fantastic, thank you!

    we’re in a bit of a pickle at the moment deciding where to go and what to see. Being non divers & wanting to experience Raja Ampat has been an interesting read, I mean, we snorkel but it seems we may be turned away or over priced at some accommodations?

    We are planning on travelling over December, possibly from Bali. Are we able to get a boat from Sorong to Waigeo during this month with the weather conditions in mind?

    Any help is appreciated

    Thank you, Nadine

    • Cheers Nadine :)

      You won’t be turned away from any homestay and yes, there’s no problem catching the express ferry from Sorong to Waisai – it runs all year ’round as shown on the above timetable.

      Check out our Step by Step Guide – following the links from that page will provide all the information you need to organise a visit.

  105. Anita nathalia says:

    Hello readers!

    I wondering how to get to wajag island from wasai ? and how much does it cost ? we are two people. the boat from our homestay offer 500usd to get there, and i have no idea if this is a fair prices for us to travelling to wajag island. And If any other people interested to go with us to wajag together between 14 of august or 17 of august 2015 – please let us know by send an email to thank you for your information and your responding !

    • Hi Anita –

      Wayag is a long way from Waisai and that price is about average when going by private boat. Note that you might not be able to go there in August due to sea conditions. You can read more about Wayag on our What’s Up at Wayag? page. (Which also suggests a much closer and cheaper alternative that’s every bit as spectacular.)

      By the way, there’s no need to publicly display your email address to get replies to comments! Selecting the “Notify me of follow up comments by email” checkbox below the blue “Post Comment” button will do that privately for you.

  106. Hi!!
    first of all thank you very much for this wonderful website. It was very difficult to find information about Raja Ampat before your job!
    I have a question about scheduling. We will stay 4 days and Manbreton Home Stay. On wednesday 26th august we have a flight at 14.00 (or 14.35) form sorong to Jakarta. Do you think we can leave the home Stay in early the morning and arrive on time to take the flight.

  107. We are a family of 4 adults and want to visit Raja Ampat in early August. I am a bit concerned about the weather. How bad is it/can it get? Will we likely have trouble traveling by boat? Are there certain locations that are more protected? What about the North coast of Kri Island? What about eh Lumba Lumba guest house location? Thanks for any suggestions!

  108. Hi,
    Congrats for your website, full of precise infos :).
    I plan to stay one month in Raja4 in July and have a question: do you think I can plan a flight back from Sorong to Makassar with Garuda leaving at 16H10 the same day that I leave Raja4 (probably pulau Mansuar Kecil, Kri)?
    Thanks for your answer

    • Hi Anne – thanks for the kind words – we do our best to keep it all up to date, so it’s nice to hear it’s helpful :)

      If you arrange to leave the islands on a day when there’s an early ferry from Waisai (currently Wednesday & Friday), you’ll have no problem making a 4pm flight. You’d be able to make it on days with 11.00am ferry departures (Mon/Sat) too – as long as there were no delays in ferry departure!

    • Hi fatasya – There might be a camping area in Waisai, but we don’t know of any in the islands. You could probably arrange to camp by asking the kepala kampung (village head) at the village you wanted to stay near, though.

  109. Hi!

    I will be heading Raja Ampat from Surabaya. What is the best way to get from Surabaya to Sorong?

    Monika | Poland

  110. MARIA GARCIA says:


  111. Hello I read all the info to how to get to Raja Ampat but if I want to go by boat (ferry) from lombok to Sorong it doesn’t Tell me wich path I should take. From wich I could leave to get to Sorong from Lombok (or even Bali) Could you inform me better on this matter please?
    Lets say I love the ocean and not so much plane.
    Thank you for taking time to awnser me.

      • Thank you, but your link does not work anymore…and when I go on Pelni website it doesn’t tell me the names of the harbours I could choose from. Is there a way to go from Labuan Bajo or Maumere to Sorong other than taking the plane?

        • Hi Gen

          The link’s working – it’s Pelni’s website that’s having problems :P

          The ship schedules are on the right hand side of the linked page. You just select the port you want to go from and the one you want to go to to see the schedule. You can go from either Maumere or Labuan Bajo to Sorong by Pelni.

  112. I only have 5D4N to stay in Rajah Ampat area. Most of the homestays or resorts require 1 week. Are you able to link me to someone who will house me for 5D4N? Thanks.

  113. Maria Lourdes Attard says:

    We are two families ( 4 adults and 2 children 10/ 13 years old) planning a holiday in Indonesia in August, starting from Jakarta to Bali to Lombok to Nusa Teggara to Maluku and Togean islands.

    We would like to drop off for a day boat tour at Raja Ampat Islands, not for diving though. We follow lonely planet but we would like to ask for some information how to get to these wonderful islands taking the shortest route. Are there any flights from Pulau Halmahera/ Kota Ambon straight to Raja Ampat Islands? any suggested sites,please?
    If not, are there any ferries connecting Raja Ampat and Kota Ambon / Pulau Ternate?

    August is the rainy season, would it be worth sailing around the islands and still enjoy the beauty of the surroundings? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Maria –

      There are no flights from anywhere straight to the Raja Ampat islands. The closest you can get to them by air is Sorong.

      There are flights from Ambon and Ternate to Sorong – use one of the flight aggregator sites linked above to find those.

      Small boat travel can be disrupted sometimes in August, but there would still be fine days where it was possible. Please see our weather page for more information.

      The only sailboat tours of Raja Ampat are those provided by liveaboard dive boats and other visiting luxury vessels. They don’t offer day trips.

      Hope that helps Maria.

  114. Hi, we are two persons coming to sorong the 21th of march with expess air and will catch the 2pm boat to waisai. From waisai we intend to go to Yenkoranu homestay, anyone else willing to share the cost of the boat ? If so mail me, thanks !
    Btw, I called the owner and did book by phone our accommodation, so I really hope he remembers it. Will call him again when I reach Indo this coming week to make sure evthing’s fine.

  115. Hello,
    We are two travellers that want to go to Pulau Wajag 2 days on July. If anybody is interested in sharing speed boat, please let me know.

  116. Hi! we´ll arrive to sorong the 3th of April, can we take a boat sorong-waisai this day?
    The 10th of April, can we take a boat waisai-sorong at 9:00 am?

    Terima Kasih for all the information and the web! a very good work!!

  117. hiii guys i am heading to raja ampat on the 3 of february , i am backpacker traveling by myself looking to join a group for eventually share boat cost .

    Thank you ;)

  118. Hi all…
    Anybody knows about the public speed boat from Sorong to Misool? It is suposse to leave on Wednesday from Sorongand return next day.Any info about this ?And , the important question what about the price ?
    Thanks in advance

  119. Hi! i’ll be off to Raja ampat by end of jan..m wondering if anyone will be from 2nd Feb onwards – looking for like-minded ppl (traveling during the same period) to share some transportation cost..i have in mind to stay either at waryawer, nudibranch, yendebabo, or warikaf homestay for 3-4 nights.. cheers..

  120. Just an update, the flight between the islands of Waisai and Sorong are Mondays, Wednesdays*** and Fridays, not Tuesday as stated

    “Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting us.
    Herewith i inform flight schedule Sorong – Waisai :
    SI 9471 Dep. 08:30 Dep. 09:00 (fly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

    So we don’t fly on Tuesday (Dec, 2nd 2014).”

    Also, just a little heads up for anyone looking for JE Meridian, once you come out of the airport grounds, turn RIGHT and it’ll be about 50m on your left, not where Google maps states turning left upon leaving. I have reported this fault but not sure if its updated yet


    • Thanks for the update Callum – it’s hard to keep up with those schedule changes! (Susi Air only flies to Waisai because the Raja Ampat government subsidises the flights, so I guess their schedules are dependent on government requirements.)

  121. I am trying to find enough people to go to Misool together on Jan 31, 2015 and returning to Sorong on Feb 7, 2015. I was told the public boat leaves on Friday night for Misool and returns to Sorong on Saturday.

    I called the Harfat Jaya home stay already and it appears the cost of diving/boat rental is quite reasonable if there are 3-4 people.

    Please let me know if you are interested!!

    • I am also open to going to Misool by speedboat on January 24, 2015 and taking the public boat back to Sorong on January 31, 2015.

    • Hello,
      I could be interested by a Misool trip together.
      I’ll arrive in Kuala Lumpur on January the 30th evening. I can manage to be in Sorong for 13:40 on january the 31th. Is this schedule OK for the boat to Misool ?
      But you said “public boat leaves on Friday night for Misool ” : so in your suggestion, we take a private boat ? Than how much ?
      And how much for diving/boat rental in Harfat Jaya home stay ?
      Let me know quickly, so I can book my flight tickets.
      see you

      • Hi! I am open to hiring a speed boat to Misool on January 31st. I need to call the home stay and ask about the price for speed boat.

        Boat rental is 2.5 million rupiah per day for diving or other sightseeing.

        Do you use whatsapp? Please add me and we can chat more? +13605108683

        • Hi Valerie –

          It’d be great if you could pass on whatever info you manage to gather about Harfat Jaya and the boats to Misool. It’s a full time job trying to keep up with developments in northern RA – we haven’t had a chance to visit Misool yet! I’m sure lots of other readers would be grateful for the update :)

          Anyway – whether you do or not, hope it all comes together and you have the best time.

          SRA Admin

          • Hello
            Do you know at what time leave the ferry boat to Misool and which day ( the one to Fanfanlap or Pelabuhan 35 to be able to stop at Harapan Jaya to go to the homestay) ? Because it was said it was friday night, so during the night of Thursday and friday or Friday and satursday ?
            Actually, I will arrive on friday in Sorong for 2 weeks in Raja Ampat, leaving on a friday morning, so to be able to go to Missol (Harapan Jaya), the only possibility would be to go the first week if the boat leave on friday evening.
            How long does it takes ? I read somewhere 15 hours, is that right ?
            Could you answer me quieckly, because I’ll be in Sorong in 10 days !
            Thanks a lot

            • The information I got when I called the homestay was ~11pm on Friday for the boat to Harapan Jaya. I have read the boat ride takes about 9 hours? So should get there in the morning.

              The boat back to Sorong should be on Saturday around 1pm.

              You can call the homestay to arrange for someone to pick you up at the ferry terminal!

              Please let me know how it goes! I think I will try to go to Misool in March!

        • I don’t have a smart phone, so no whatsapp. We can contact by email though. Is the number your phone number ? If so I’ll you my e-mail.

    • UPDATE:

      My dog just had surgery so I have to postpone my trip till later (Some time in March).

      If anyone is interested in going to Misool together in March, please let me know! We can plan ahead of time to take the public boat to Misool because the price I have been quoted for speed boat to Misool is quite high.

        • Yes. I haven’t worked out the exact dates to change my tickets yet. Need to figure something out soon though. I need to be in Taiwan on 3/28, so probably can only go to Misool 2nd or 3rd week of March. If you are interested in going please send me an email/whatsapp message and we can chat more?

      • Hello Valarie (or anyone else who reads this),
        I’m arriving in Sorong 10 March and leaving on the 22nd. I would be happy to consider any proposals to share travel costs for RA during that period. I hadn’t considered Misool until I read the above comments. Please feel free – this applies to anyone – to to contact me here or even better on WhatsApp: +77026982184 (I’m a Brit living in Kazakhstan).
        Email: ameenmuj@

  122. Hi, we are flying to Sorong using Garuda. Please could you advise as to their baggage policy with regard to sports equipment. Will dive gear be part of our 20kg checked baggage allowance, or do we get an additional free sporting equipment allowance? Their website is not clear on this, and lots of conflicting info on the internet. Would appreciate your response. Thanks!

    • Hi Kerry –

      We’re not travel agents have have never checked sports equipment on a flight in Indonesia, so can’t say for sure. Garuda’s a full service airline though, so I imagine their policy is in line with any other similar airline: As long as your gear isn’t oversize it would be counted as part of your checked baggage allowance. Pretty sure if there was a free anything it would be well promoted! Do let us know if you find out – thanks :)

  123. Hi there,

    We are planning a divetrip to Raja Ampat from November 23rd till 30th of November.
    Is it correct that a two-way ticket for two persons from Jakarta to Sorong costs about 9.500.000 – 11.100.000IDR? (Express Air & Sriwijayar Air)
    Is there a cheeper way to get from Jakarta to Sorong?
    We arrive in Jakarta at the 14th of November. Do you recommend to book the ticket to Sorong in advance or at the day we arrive at Jakarta? Or a day before departure?

    Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,

    Fleurence, Holland

    • Hi Fleurence – that sounds about right. Two people can fly Jakarta-Sorong return for about 8,500,000 by flying Lion/Wings Air via Ambon, but in our experience Lion Air is unreliable. I would book tickets in advance I think.

  124. Eddy Torremans says:

    On january 5, I’m considering to organise a speedboat transfer from Waisai to Gam around noon but I’m flexible about time. The price (operated by Nudibranch Homestay) is 1,500,000 Rph. I’m single so its a bit pricey. Anyone willing to share the boat that date please ? Please drop me a note.

    January 8, I’ll be heading back from Gam to Waisai. If anyone wish to share the speedboat, let me know please.

  125. Hello, can anyone please let me know if they know the answer! We will be in Raja Ampat and need to catch a flight from Sorong on Sunday, January 4th at 16:05. I saw the ferry leaves Waisai for Sorong at 14:00. Does anyone if two hours is cutting it way too short, should we just go to Sorong the day before not to lose the flight? Thanks for the help!

  126. Hello, me and my friend will be in Raja Ampat from 30.10. till 2.11., I would like to ask you for help with arrange of trip to Wayag. Can we join to some tour or where we can rent boat?
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Tomas. Stay Raja Ampat is not a booking or travel agent. We can’t help you organise accommodation or tours. You need to contact the service providers. Please use the Show advanced search on our accommodation page to quickly find homestays offering Wayag trips. You’ll also find information about Wayag liveaboard boat tour operators in our things to see and do section. You might also find our step by step guide useful – it answers most of the questions travellers to Raja Ampat have. The links in the guide will direct you to the appropriate website information.

  127. Hi, I’m in Indonesia next week and really keen to make a trip to Raja Ampat, is there a particular good/ bad time of year to go. Also, is there a way to do it not on a liveaboard or on a cheaper budget?

    thank you

    • Hi Callumn,

      I just back from Misool, South Raja Ampat. Yes, you can go on budget trip without liveaboard but better to go on a group like 3 or 4 people as transportation there quite expensive. I stayed in Misool for 8 days with 3 of my friends and did dive, snorkling, island hopping etc inc meals and accomodation without tickets cost around 750usd.
      Hope it will help you.


      • Thanks for the reply (sorry I have only just seen it) is it likely that if I go there by myself I will meet other single travellers looking to do the same thing?

        • I have been struggling through the logistics of going to Misool by myself as well. I called the Harfat Jaya homestay last week to ask the same question and they told me they don’t get many single travelers. Too bad you aren’t there in January/February when I am there!

          From reading the comments on this website, it appears you will have better luck finding other single travelers if you stay at one of the bigger homestays in Northern Raja Ampat.

  128. Hello,

    Suddenly, I come to sorong by myself and I attracted to visit raja ampat. Is it safe for women to go alone to raja ampat? Because some people say it is too dangerous for women to go alone to raja ampat.thanks

    • Hello welisha –

      We get asked that question a lot! Yes – as far as we know it is safe for women to go alone to Raja Ampat. We have never heard of any women having a problem. Enjoy your stay!

  129. Hello,

    We will be in Raja Ampat on a liveabord Jan 2015, we will arrive back into Waisai after it finishes on the 7th Jan around midday.

    Do you have any advice on how to get to Cendarwasih bay after that? I gather that Nabire is the best place to go to then Kwatisore village to see the whalesharks. However I believe that there is no longer the Merpati direct flight Sorong to Nabire. Any advice?

    • Hi Rachel – Sorry – we can’t always respond instantly! We’re also not based in Raja Ampat, so have no way to check that kind of information on request. To the best of our knowledge the ferry schedule remains as shown above (no 9am departures on Thursdays).

  130. Hello!
    I emailed the tourism office several times but didn’t get any reply.
    If there is a ferry from Waisai to Sorong on monday at 9am, would it be possible to take a flight a 4pm the same day? There should be enough time, even if the ferry is a little late. In case I am late, would I be able to take the next flight (with Garuda) without buying another ticket?
    Or should I just take the ferry the day before?

    • Definitely possible Meli, but many think it’s too risky – delays and breakdowns are also possible! In my experience Garuda doesn’t charge to make changes to booked flights, but I don’t know what their policy is on missed ones. Most folks just spend the night before their flight in Sorong,

  131. H I am flying to Raja Ampat this October for 2 weeks. Cheapest flights available to Sorong are with Sriwijaya, any thoughts on this airline? Is it as scary as it has been described in one of the previous comments? Do you recommend Express Air or Garuda (currently second alternatives) instead?

    Also through which website can I book the Jakarta-Sorong flights without getting lost in translation? And how much time should I allow for check-in at Sorong when flying back to Jakarta?

    Thanks for the great website, look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Loeucc –

      We’ve flown Sriwijaya a fair bit and never had a problem except for slight departure delays. Garuda’s great if you can afford it – nice new planes, on time, good service and the ability to reschedule at no extra charge. Haven’t flown Xpress, but hear good things.

      All the airline and ticket booking sites linked on this page have English language options, so you should be fine.

      Thanks for the thanks and all the best for your stay! :)

      • Thanks for getting back to me so promptly! Unfortunately Garuda is too expensive so we are now looking at Xpress as it flies direct to Sorong although it is more expensive than Sriwijaya. Will let you know how it goes :)

  132. I am going to use express air for the first time. Does it on time or cancel due to weather? or better to use other LCC?


  133. Wanted to know if most of sriwijaya’s flights are on time e or is prone to delay.. wanted to book a flight that arrives on the same day for an onward trip..anyone has any idea


    • Hello sue,

      I took a Sriwijaya’s flight from Sorong to Surabaya via Makassar a few weeks ago. Both flights were in time, but the check-in at Sorong was a real mess to be honest.
      I also have to admit that it was the most scary flights that I had been offered to take so far :)

    • Hi Sue –

      We’ve only used Sriwijaya a couple of times and our experience has been the same as Manu’s. Sorong check in wasn’t great, but it wasn’t any worse than we’ve experienced there with full-fare airlines like Garuda either!

      • Dear Manu & Stay Raja Ampat team,

        thank you very much for the info, it’s very helpful
        i’ll most likely fly in to sorong with Sriwijaya’s flight, as the price is cheaper than garuda’s to a bigger headache, choosing the homestay :)

  134. Hi,

    Thanks for the information, it’s so much helpful for me.
    Anyway, i wanna ask about Misool which i don’t read about how to get there from Sorong or Waisai.
    I heard about public boat that will run on September or October, any idea?
    Thanks for the feedback.


  135. Juliette Rhodes says:

    After spending 7 weeks in Raja Ampat I would like to head to Bali- is there a way to do this without flying to Jakarta? I have 3 days to do it….


  136. Hi,
    What time is the Express ferry from Wasai to Sorong going every day?
    I will have a flight on November 5th from Sorong at 4 pm.
    I rather don’t stay for a night at Sorong, would be great if I could travel from Wasai to Sorong and take my flight from Sorong all at the same day.


  137. Xpress air is only allowing online booking through Dec 31, 2014. Do you know how or when we can book a return flight from Sorong to Jakarta? (Arrive Sorong 21Dec2014, Dept Sorong 04Jan2015?


    • No idea when Ashley – but if you don’t want to wait until Xpress allows online bookings for January you could email or call them, or a travel agent, or book your return with a different airline.

  138. Do you have an email or phone number for the air service from Sorong to Wasai? I’d like to book for Wednesday August 27th

  139. Hello,
    Thanks for all the information on your website!
    I’m looking for flights from JKT to Sorong. Isn’t Xpress Air blacklisted (on European standards)? On the blacklist there’s “TRAVEL EXPRESS AVIATION SERVICE”, but is it the same as “Xpress Air”?


    • Hi Melina

      To the best of our knowledge, the only airline that flies to Sorong that isn’t blacklisted in the EU is Garuda. We’ve heard good reports about Xpressair though, and have never heard of an incident involving them. They are also your only choice if you want to fly direct (without stopover in Makassar) from Jakarta to Sorong.

  140. Hallo,

    Does anyone know if the ferry from Sorong to Waisai also runs on 25 December 2014? According to Stay Raja Ampat the ferry also runs on non-Islamic holidays like Christmas but I just want to make sure that this is still the case or if the ferry company has changed the schedule.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Katharina –

      We know the ferries were running on Christmas Day 2013 and don’t have any reason to believe it will be different this year. It might be worth arranging to leave on the 24th or 26th though, just to be safe. That would also be very much appreciated by your hosts – Christmas is a big family and community day in Raja Ampat. See this article for more info about cultural considerations.

  141. 1, Is the airport at Waisai operating and are there flights directly to it from Makassar or only with one stop at Sorong?
    2. I have a flight departing Jakarta at 10 minutes past midnight (0010) on Tuesday morning. Is it possible to take ferry from Waisai on Sunday and be able get a 1400 flight?
    3. Is it “risky” to fly on Monday with my homebound flight scheduled that night?
    Terima kasih

    • Hi Dan –
      1. The only flights into Waisai’s Marinda airport are the ones from Sorong mentioned at 3.3 above.
      2. No. The Express ferry schedule above shows there’s only one boat from Waisai on Sundays. It leaves at 2.00pm
      3. Well, assuming you take the 1045 Xpress Air flight direct to Jakarta and it departs on time you should be fine :)

  142. Hello,
    I will travel around R4 for about 3 weeks from July 15th (arrival early morning in Sorong) to August 8th.
    My main concern is obviously transportation, considering the high cost (especially for solo traveler).
    What would be the best strategy to go from one island to the other ?
    Better to come back to Waisai in between the different homestays ? Ask the owner of homestays to transport me from one place to the other ?
    Do you have an idea what would be the more convenient / obvious choice of “region” (Gam or Kri or Arborek etc) for a first stay ?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hello – The way to go would be to choose the place you want to stay at, then arrange your journey to minimise boat travel. Homestay owners can arrange to transport you directly to your next accommodation – you don’t need to waste time and money by going back to Waisai. If you want to visit all three of the islands you mention it would probably be best to start from either Gam or Kri and visit Arborek between those two. All the best for your stay!

      • Thanks for your quick answer (and, more generally, for the amazing quality of your website… a very very good job!).

        I think I will favor, as a first stop after Waigeo (I’ll probably spend a few nights at Waripurem) a pretty popular homestay in Gam, Kordiris. A more remote and small place would probably be quieter, but I think I’ll have more chances of meeting people to share the transportation toward another destination.

        Thanks again.

  143. Hello,

    We planned to visit Raja Ampats from July 22 to 27.
    Unfortunately, our flight back to Makassar is already booked for July 28 (monday). at 7am. It means that we have to come back from Waisai to Sorong on sunday… else we will be wasting a day in Sorong.
    My question is : is it really unpolite to ask the homestay owners to drop us back to Waisai on a sunday ?

      • Thanks for that quick answer and this awesome website @ Stay Raja Ampat !
        Ok, shame I did not notice this information before booking. Will do better next time ;)

  144. Hello, Thank you for the good informations on your page! I would like to visit Raja Ampat from the 15 or 16 of August and want to stay till the 29th August. is it possible to do kind of an island hopping and visit more different homestays at my trip. My problem is, i don´t have a cell phone for contact at the moment. I think that could be a problem because just a few homestays have contact per e-mail. Can you give me an advice what i can do. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Simon – Yes, it’s certainly possible to stay at more than one homestay. You could ask Amy at the Sorong tourism office to contact homestays that don’t have email for you or you can try just arriving – it’s very unlikely ones without email will be full. Have a great stay!

  145. Hello, very good page. I am planning a trip to Raja Ampat, considered good period be 5 nights? (From 15 to 20 August) My plan is to reach the 15 from Makassar to Sorong (aircraft) and to address the same day to a homestay, then the day 20 back to Sorong and the same day take flight to Jakarta, it will be possible this? I’ve been trying to communicate with the homestay of koranu fyak Robben, which i read good reviews, but only has replied to me once, it is not price, or what it includes.

    • Hi dani – Your plan is possible, as long as your departing flight from Sorong is not before 1.30pm (so you have time to check in after arriving on 9am ferry from Waisai). All the accommodation, diving and price information for Koranu Fyak is on the Koranu Fyak page.

  146. Hi, I want to go to Batanta for wildlife viewing on a budget. Can you make any recommendations on how to do this? Thanks!

  147. Adinda Kühni says:

    my name is Adinda and I’m from Switzerland. First, sorry for my English I’m fourteen years old, so my English isn’t the best. In summer 2014 my mom, my brother and I want to come to Indonesia to visit our family. And we also want to stay in Raja Ampat for about 3-4 days. But we’ve no idea how expensive it is (hope you can understand what I mean.) We would expect from Jakarta (flight inclusive).

    I hope you can help me or us and I also hope you understood my “really really good English” ;)

    Greetings from Switzerland <3

  148. Hello,

    First of all I’d like to say I have found this page to be very useful, thank you so much!

    My husband and I would like to visit Raja Ampat in October to do some snorkelling for 4-5 days. Is there a place you can recommend we stay where we can snorkel on the doorstep? All the accommodations we found is a dive resort. We would also like to explore a little, is there a tour where they offer a day snorkelling trip around the island with a group of people?



  149. Hello,
    I am considering to come to raja ampat with my husband the last week of May. I have 2 questions: first do you think that the weather will be good?
    Second one, we are living in Jakarta and therefore will leave from there. Is Express airline safe? Do you recommend it? The I understand that both Garuda and Sriwijaya are making a stop in Makasar right?
    Thank you

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Adrianne –

      Weather in May should be good, but please read the full weather information available at Raja Ampat weather so you know what to expect.

      I’ve never flown on Xpressair, but have heard others speak highly of it. Xpress is the only airline offering non-stop direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong – others fly via Makassar. Hope that helps!

  150. Harris Johan says:

    For Javier, in additional to a daily 14.00pm ferry schedule, every monday and friday there is an 09.00 am ,both directions between Sorong and Waisai and also on Saturday at 11.00am schedule. I knew this for a fact from the staff aboard, but they are always late, say at least 30 minutes. it’s good if you are flying Garuda as their departure time at 14.30 on weekend from Sorong to Makasar ,hope this helps. Harris J

  151. Hi,

    As transport is always difficult in this remote areas, and I am only staying in R4 for 6 nights I want to maximize my time there, is there any information about the rates for speedboat? or any other way to make the transfer?
    I arrive Sorong at 9:30am on a Saturday, I guess we will take the ferry. We are think of staying in Papua Explorers and our plane departs on Saturday at 12:30pm, we do not want to leave one day earlier to get the ferry and stay one night in Sorong, so any suggestions?

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Javier

      Sometimes there’s a 9.00am ferry from Waisai on Saturdays – ask your host to call to check. It would be cutting it fine, but might be doable. Transwisata operates speedboats from Waisai but chartering one to Sorong would most likely cost hundreds of dollars.

      For most folks there’s no way around spending that night in Sorong on the way out. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  152. I always travelled via Jakarta and booked with which was not mentioned above, but is really good. There was never a problem in the past and I’m looking foward to my trip next year in October as well :)

  153. hi there-

    can anyone advise on visiting Raja Ampat / Sorong for 4-5 day trip, while wife is in 6th month of pregnancy? she will not be diving but am wondering about the medical facilities in Sorong mostly…

  154. hi there,
    we are looking for a vacation in raja ampat after our 1,5 years trvel through asia and new zealand in juli of this year..
    is it a good time to visit the islands? weve been in indonesia last year juli and we absolutly loved but couldnt come to that side so we wanna make something work out now..
    can you give some advice for flights to sorong from bali or jakarta.. thats the part were a bit stuck on, for the rest we will see when we land overthere..
    Thanks Tom

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Tom. July can be windy – you’ll find detailed weather information at Raja Ampat weather.

      Not sure what flight information you’re looking for. As this page shows, if you’re going from Bali you need to go via Makassar. Air Asia’s usually got the best deals on Bali-Makassar flights.

      Additionally, the following updates are yet to be made to the above info: Xpress air offers direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong. Garuda is also flying to Sorong from Makassar and Manado.

      Hope that helps and all the best for your visit :)

  155. Hi Guys. I’m planing to visit Raja Ampat this december. Is it easy to get Indonesia’s visa if we fly from Kuala Lumpur to Makassar. Airport listed as international and have ”visa on arrival” option. Did someone tried this?? Thanks

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Aushhh – See the details at – as long as you’re from one of the listed countries you’ll have no problem getting a 30 day VOA at Makassar airport. The visas can be extended for a further 30 days, but if you’re spending all your time in West Papua, rather than have to arrange an extension there, it would be easier to apply for a 60 day one at an Indonesian embassy before leaving your home country.

      • Thank you for quick answer. I’m glad to hear about visa on arrival at Makassar airport. I am liable to get a visa. We planning to stay 1 week, so we can get visa for 10USD. Thanks

        • Stay Raja Ampat says:

          You’re welcome Aushhh. Not sure where you found information saying you can get a VOA for $10? They’re $25.00 regardless of length of stay as far as I know.

          • Hi guys

            ”Tourists from those selected countries will not oblige to
            apply abroad for a visa but can purchase a visa on arrival
            at 15 gates of Indonesia’s international airports and seaports.
            The fee for this visa, payable upon landing, is US$10 for
            a 7 day visa and US$25 for a 30-day visa.”- shortend sentence from one of websites.

            • Stay Raja Ampat says:

              Hey Aushhh – didn’t know about those! Thanks :) Bear in mind that it’ll take you a day to get from Makassar to the islands and two days to get back (because you have to go back to Sorong the day before your departing flight).

  156. Riot Nrrrd™ says:

    Hmmn, I see a problem. UPG-SOQ on Merpati arrives in SOQ at 1:15 PM, this is probably too late to catch the 2:00 PM ferry to Waisai :(

    Also, coming back, they leave SOQ-UPG at 1:55 PM, this is also before the Waisai ferry arrives :(

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      There’s no escaping needing a night in Sorong prior to a departing flight. Ferry times are not set in stone and it’s not impossible to catch one when arriving at 1315. It’s 20K ojek ride to find out.

      • Riot Nrrrd™ says:

        Well on another page I saw someone say to get to the harbor by 13:00 at the latest, because the ferry can fill up and decide to leave even before 14:00. I cannot afford to miss the ferry.

        • Stay Raja Ampat says:

          There’s more than one ferry. You are risking missing them by arriving at that time but it’s possible you might not. If you can’t afford the risk, your only choice is to rearrange your travel plans to arrive in Sorong earlier.

          • Riot Nrrrd™ says:

            How many ferries? 2?

            My problem is that I am making a booking for Feb 9-16. If I miss the ferry I pay for a day/night that I am not there to enjoy :)

            • Stay Raja Ampat says:

              Yes – as stated in the article above there are 2 ferries. Obviously, if you can’t book an earlier flight, flying into Sorong on the 8th is the only way to guarantee you make the ferries on the 9th. If you have more questions Riot, rather than fill up the comment threads, please put them all in an email and send it via our contact page – thanks :-)

  157. Riot Nrrrd™ says:


    In this post you say “There are no direct flights to Sorong from Bali”.

    While I suppose you meant “no non-stop direct flights”, when I look up flights on ITASoftware’s site I see many flights from Denpasar to Sorong with an overnight stay (on the way to Sorong) in Makassar, and then a 3 AM flight from Makassar to Sorong arriving at 6:15 AM.

    Is this information correct or do you know otherwise?

    Also, the return flights from Sorong are listed as being at 12:50 PM. It sounds like this would be a problem with the ferry schedule, and would require either coming back a day early or via private speedboat if the return ferry does not leave until around 2 PM.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Riot. Yes, by “direct flight” we meant one that goes straight to Sorong without stopping anywhere else. With the exception Xpress Air, all flights from Jakarta go via Makassar. It’s also correct that you need to return to Sorong the day before your departing flight.

      • Riot Nrrrd™ says:

        Thanks for that. Do you think it would be cheaper to book two sets of flights, Denpasar-Jakarta and Jakarta-Makassar-Sorong? I think Garuda want something like IDR 8,200,000 for DPS-UPG-SOQ

        • Stay Raja Ampat says:

          Definitely not! Jakarta is unnecessary when leaving from DPS. Air Asia DPS-UPG then Merpati UPG-SOQ. I booked those flights last night for the end of Feb. Total price IDR 1,300,000.

  158. Hi, may I know the rough cost of chartering a speedboat to Waisai? I have a group of 4 friends who will be arriving early on Saturday morning and prefer not to “waste” valuable time to wait for 2pm ferry. How much would the operator charge the 4 of us?

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Fairuz – Hopefully someone who has taken one recently will be able to answer this because we don’t know for sure. We’ve heard of people paying $150, but that was quite a while back.

  159. If I reach Makassar from kula lumpur ,how can I reach sorong are Xpress ,Merpati,Sriwijaya only option or are there others as well.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Pranab – In addition to those there’s Sky Aviation (shown on the table above) and Garuda, who we haven’t added the info for yet – they’ve only just started flying the route.

  160. I have booked my return flight on the 26th Dec from Sorong for 7.30 am I have to get to Sorong on the 25th Dec and I have just found out it is an Indonesian holiday. So I’m wondering how I can get from Wasai to Sorong. Is there any one else travelling to Sorong that day maybe we can hire a boat together?? Here’s hoping

  161. Hi im planning to go to Raja Ampat and looking for a great accomodation! i need charter a speedboats and staying in a beautiful one place there for 2 nights only..Could u pls gimme the website or contact numbers please??Many thanks

  162. hi, i am planning to dive Raja Ampat but im looking for a cheaper alternative than live on boards. is there a cheaper way? how much is a day dive and what resorts would you recommend?

  163. Hi! I have a question. How much cost a speedboat from Waisai to Sorong? Is it possible a trip in the morning? We have the flight in the afternoon and the public boat arrive at Sorong only at 16pm. We would like to stay one more day in Raja Ampats. Thanks and have a good day!

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Elena – It’s certainly possible. The price would apparently depend on your negotiating skills – we’ve heard of prices ranging between $100 and $300! Suggest you ask either the RA Tourism Office or your accommodation provider about it.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Yay! Express Air finally have a working website! Thanks for the update Mikhail – we’ve amended the page to reflect the new info :)

  164. From Sorong to Makassar, we took a Merpati flight that went on to Surabaya, Yogya and Jakarta. not very directly, but at least no hassle with the luggage, etc.
    the taxi from the airport to the ferry is very straight-forward, and no more than 10 mins! no need to take a taxi at all. there is a 5-min walk from the main road to the jetty, ojeks hang around and try to tell it is very far to walk, but it’s not…

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      No Mabel. Like the above table shows, direct flights to Sorong are only available from Makassar, Manado and Ambon. You’ll be able to buy a ticket to Sorong via Makassar.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Thanks Edu – any chance you can let people know the times of those flights? Or how to book a ticket?

  165. Boy, that Pelni “schedule’ looks sketchy (“Last update: 2006”) Do you know anybody who’s actually arrived in Sorong by ship?

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      I do. Hundreds of thousands of people a year use the Pelni liners. They’re the lifeblood of the archipelago – most passenger transport and freight is delivered by their network. The deregulation of air travel is having a serious impact on Pelni’s viability though…

      I think it’s quite likely that the schedule hasn’t changed since 2006. A Pelni ticket has to be purchased form one of their offices or from an agent (they can’t be booked online) – either will have up to date information on timetables.

      If you’re interested, you can find out more about Pelni travel at

      • I had a memorable Pelni cruise from Jakarta to Batam (ie, Singapore) in 1988 – during Ramadan, which made mealtimes “challenging” ;) I particularly recall an eery scene as the ship cruised slowly through an offshore petroleum field, with the gas flares of dozens of tall oil rigs lighting the night sky.

  166. Wow, having tried to assemble this information myself I commend your thorough research! (I also hit the same ominous dead end trying to investigate schedules for “Express Air”.)

  167. diyan wijayanti says:

    thanks for the update, Raja Ampat is one of my dream place to visit in Indonesia.

    Yet not easy to get information to go there. Your post is really helpful