Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center

Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center, Waisai

The Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center is located at the Waisai harbour and is staffed 7 days a week at ferry arrival times.

The information center is a service provided by the Raja Ampat Homestay Association, and which is paid for by bookings made on Stay Raja Ampat. If you are the guest of an Association member homestay,  then the information center can provide any help you may need.

The information center is located on the west side of the harbour, just north of the jetty used by homestay boats. The building and staff are pictured in the gallery above, and the map and illustration below show the office location, and how to get there from the ferry docking points. (Follow the red or yellow route, depending on where your ferry docks.)

When you arrive, look for Information Center staff Wiwin, Irka, or Yusril. They will be standing by to assist you when your ferry docks. All Information Center staff wear uniforms and ID as pictured in the gallery above.

If you need assistance at other than ferry arrival times, please call one of the numbers provided below.

Students doing tourism work experience sometimes also work at the information center and may approach you to take you to the information center to wait for your pickup to arrive.

The Homestay Association welcomes feedback about your experience at the center and wants to hear any suggestions you may have. Please leave feedback below or via a private message on our contact page.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many homestays in Raja Ampat that are not Homestay Association members. The information center staff do not have the resources to support guests of these homestays, and in many cases, may not know anything at all about homestays that are not Association members. Please also note that (unless you want to) there is never any need to go into Waisai town to arrange a stay at, or transport to, a homestay. See the photos and captions in the photo gallery above for help identifying authorised Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center staff.

Contact the Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center

Wiwin Palele

Phone/WA: +6282248540690

Yusril Munawir

Phone/WA: +6285244460387

Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center location

Follow the yellow or red route from your ferry docking point to find the Homestay Information Center. (In April 2024, Google maps satellite view was yet to be updated. Correct actual location is marked on both the screenshot below and the map above.)

Raja Ampat Homestay Information Center location, Waisai


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  1. david kempster on

    Hi, will the ferries between Sorong and Waisai be running at normal times during christmas and new year?
    We arrive on the 28th dec :-)
    Also, what permits do we need to obtain? and where do we need to go to get them?

  2. Heather London on

    Is there anywhere to get a visa extension in Raja Ampat? I want to stay more than 30 days
    Thank you so muvh!

  3. Miguel on

    Next 21 november my flight land at 12:20. The last boat to arrive to Wasai leave at 14 right? I hope arrive well, but in case I will lost the last boat, are there another option to arrive to Wasai? another kind of boat, taxi boat, private boat?

    1. Hi Miguel

      Yes, the last ferry to Waisai leaves Sorong at 1400. If you miss the ferry, you could hire a speedboat to take you, but it would be cheaper to stay in Sorong overnight and get the 0900 ferry the next day. See this page for more info.

  4. Jacinta (Jaz) Collins on

    Hi there,
    I am leaving from Sorong to go on one of the liveaboard scubadiving trips from 27th Sept to 04 Oct, and will arrive in Sorong 2days early, on 25th Sept. I will be free for 2days and 2nights, on 25th and 26th Sept and would love to visit one of the raja ampat islands. Do you think I have enough time and could you recommend the best option in terms of less travel time? I can get the 9am ferry to Waisai on Sunday 25th Sept and would need to return to Sorong on the 9am ferry on 27th Sept. Any help or advice would be really appreciated 😊
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jaz

      Don’t know what kind of things you’re interested in or hoping to see, but given your time constraints, we’d suggest one of the homestays near Waisai.

  5. Kerem Gurbuz on

    Hi, i am planning to visit raja ampat end of october. I am planning to fly the 18th from jayapura. Since i am alone, if theres noone else coming that day to my preferred accomadation, does it mean that i have to pay the whole trip price and multiply with two each way since the boat will do two trips to come pick me up and take me to the place? That will affect my decision when choosing islands alot.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kerem

      If there are no other passengers, then you will need to pay the full one-way Waisai transfer price. You do not need to multiply with two. One way transfer prices include the cost of the boat coming to get you (or returning ’empty’).

      Note that you do not have to return to Waisai between each homestay. All homestays can arrange transfers directly to or from another island. Some homestays provide prices for common destinations. When other transfer prices are provided by a homestay, you will find those prices in the homestay page’s Transport / Getting there section.

  6. Flux on

    Hello. I am in Raja Ampat already and some quick help and info would be handy. Which number can I contact? This one +6281356007127 seems not working.. Thank you!

    1. That’s the correct number, Flux. The number is working, but the phone holder may be in an area without phone reception, or is perhaps temporarily away from the phone. Keep trying, or try asking us your question/s via our contact form.

  7. Ika on

    Hello.. I’ve booked a ticket for sorong 25 Juli till 4 August this year, thought that will be best season but just found out is totally opposite with Java sea😅

    Some people says there will be high waves both july-August. Though, can I ask is that possible to go by ferry from sorong to misool vice versa during that time?

    If I can’t go for island hopping due to the waves, I will be fine if I can stay in the nice homestay and explore the surrounding🙏

    1. Hi Ika

      It’s true that there are often winds and large waves in July/August, but there are also some perfect calm days too. Especially in July!

      We have never heard of the Waisai ferry being stopped because of large waves, so we think that the Misool ferry (which is a similar boat) would still operate in July and August too.

  8. Serena on

    Hi, i l live in merauke papua, now can apply to homestay? Or still cannot?

      1. Serena on

        Thanks, Im wondering about Ferry schedule on Dec.
        1. Sorong to waisai
        2. Waisai to Sorong

        And where can i find out Jan 2021 ferry schedule also??

        1. Up to date ferry information is always posted here. Because schedules are changing rapidly at present, you will find the absolute latest info in the pinned post at the top of our facebook page. (Note that the currently posted schedule is about to change again. We will post an update as soon as the new schedule is approved by govt.) It’s impossible to say what the schedule might be in January.

          If you haven’t seen it already, please check out our step-by-step guide. The answer to this and all other FAQs can be found there.

  9. Ratu Shofura on

    Halo, selamat siang. Saya sudah coba kontak nomor Anna & Wiwin. Tapi nomornya tidak aktif di wa juga di telepon biasa. Yang saya mau tanya, apakah sekarang homestay di Raja Ampat sudah dibuka kembali? Saya juga lihat di halaman facebook Go Raja Ampat kalau ferry dari Sorong-Waisai hanya 1 minggu sekali di jam 2 siang. Mohon konfirmasinya. Terima kasih banyak :)

    1. Hello Ratu

      The number provided is correct. It must just be temporarily offline. Maybe dead battery or out of signal area. Homestays are open to domestic travellers. The only reliable and regular ferry service between Sorong and Raja Ampat now is as posted on our Facebook page.

  10. Carolina on


    Can you confirm us the ferry from Sorong to Misool. What days we can find it in the two ways?

    Thank you!

  11. Henry on

    You are to be commended for an excellent resource for the independent and budget-minded traveler. Having traveled twice to Raja Ampat and stayed at a variety of homestays, I suspect that many more homestays will be constructed (for better or for worse) and updates and reviews will be necessary. I do worry that as a homestay builds more bungalows, their photos are not updated, giving the wrong impression that their place hosts only a few tourists. In my experience, when homestays try to host too many tourists, the atmosphere (especially dining) loses it’s tranquility.

    1. Thank you Henry :)

      It’s true: Regular, reliable updates are the one of the biggest concerns we have for the future of the website.

      In almost all cases though, (even those where photos need updating) the written information on the homestay pages is correct.

      The Association is unable to pay the cost of having someone regularly visit all the places on the site, and so has provided methods to ensure that homestay owners can easily pass on information about, and photos of, changes.

      Unfortunately, many homestay owners (as long as they are getting guests) do not prioritise keeping the Association informed!

      (We agree with you, too, that there are a couple of places that have grown to the point that they would more accurately be called “locally-owned resorts” rather than homestays… and that the experience has suffered as a result.)

  12. Heidi on

    Many thanks for helping others by planning and booking their raja ampat trips. Very, very helpfull. Really appreciate this. Termia kasih banyak!

    Through happy circumstances we are lucky owners of an indonesian BRI bank account … not to weigh up with gold…
    Do you think the homestays/diving centre can and will accept payment via bank transfer?

    Tanks in advance

    1. You’re welcome Heidi :)

      Yes – most homestays can accept payment by bank transfer, but you will need to speak with them directly to organise it.

  13. supito on

    Do you know if ferry boat is operating during chinese new year , feb 5 from waisai to Sorong ?

    1. We have not heard that it won’t, so we assume that yes – it will be running, Supito.

  14. Dominique on


    I intend to visit Raja Ampat in February with some friends. I have send two successive booking requests to Yenkoranu Homestay but have not received any reply after 48h. I also sent a WhatsApp message to the manager Grace without any further luck. I am fully aware that communication is not easy in this part of Indonesia…

    Is this worth trying again? What should I do next?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Dominique

      Unfortunately, the issue at Yenkoranu is more organisational than technical. (“Victims of their own success” it would seem!) All we can suggest is that you keep trying, or pick a different homestay. FYI, most users report more (eventual) success via the site booking forms than by direct contact.

  15. Kathleen Balsiger on

    Hi. We spendt in September 5 wonderfull days at Diva Homestay on Gam Island. We wanted to give a respond, but we can’t find it anymore on your webpage. Can you help us? Thanks

    1. Hi Kathleen, and thanks for leaving the reviews you already have :)

      Unfortunately, Raja Ampat Diva has been temporarily removed from the website because of this. Hopefully they will fix the problem soon and will return.

      We can either let you know when that happens, or if you prefer, you can send your review and whatever star rating you’d like to award them to our contact page, and we’ll post it for you when they are returned.

  16. Jesús on

    Hi, I am arriving to Waisai tomorrow (October 4th) and I would like to share a trekking for 1N/2D with other tourist Interested in the tour before 8th. I haven’t contacted Otter yet, is it possible to manage a group? Here is my number: +64605827557
    Thanks in advance for your attention.

    1. Hi Jesús

      Information center staff won’t see your comment here. You need to either contact Otter directly, or call in at the Information Center when you arrive.

      1. Jesus on

        Thanks a lot!

  17. Walker on


    I’d like information on the possibility of last minute accommodations in Raja Ampat. When I call the Information Center I get a busy signal or a message that the call cannot be completed. Is it common to arrive in Wasai without an accommodation booked in advance? Is there a risk that there won’t be any availability?


    1. Hi Walker

      Arriving without bookings is quite common, and there’s no chance at all that everywhere will be full.

      As long as you don’t want to stay at the most popular homestays (or anywhere on Kri during peak season) you can find homestay accommodation at any time of year.

      We’ll check what’s happening with that number, but the center is staffed every day at ferry arrival times, so just drop in if you can’t contact them beforehand.

  18. siline on

    could anyone suggest where to leave the cash money you need to bring to the islands when you go (for example) diving aor for a walk?

    please advice.

    1. Hi Siline

      We always keep our cash on us in a small shoulder bag that also has our phones, cameras etc. When diving or snorkelling we leave the bag in the boat. In 7 years of doing this, we have never had a problem.

  19. Mylene Leatemia on

    Hello, we are planning a trip at the end of October/begin November. We like to start from Wasai and want to end in Misool, from there we want to take the boat to Seram (I heard Bula?). Does anyone knows the timeschedule of the boat, how long, what time, what day?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Mylene

      Unfortunately, the Pelni shipping company website is terrible. They don’t publish schedules more than 2 months in advance, and you can only search for routes if you know the names of the ports you are going from and to. You will have to pass back through Sorong anyway, so we’d suggest talking to John Urbon. A member of our Raja Ampat Travellers’ Forum on facebook may have this information too. You’re welcome to join and ask there if you want to.

  20. Arek on

    I know that there is a problem with Internet and telephone connections in Raja Ampat. Is there any cellular network that you can recommend? which works, for example, on KRI?

      1. Michele on

        Is there still a problem with internet and telephone? i try to reach kajak4conservation but i don’t receive any news!

        1. No current communication issues on Kri as far as we know, Michele.

          (Fairly certain that Arek was referring to the fact that some areas in Raja Ampat are unserviced by telecommunications companies, and that he was not saying that there is a problem at Kri.)

  21. simone on

    we are Simone and Sara, we are planning to be arrive in Sorong at 6.30 am, is it possible take the ferry of 9.00 with this timing? once in Waisai can we book easily a homestay and be there the same evening?

    1. Hi Simone

      Arriving in Sorong at 0630 will give you plenty of time to make the 0900 ferry. As long as you don’t want to stay at one of the more popular homestays, then yes – you’ll be able to arrange accommodation once there. You may have to wait a few hours for a pickup though. Booking in advance will avoid both of those issues.

  22. Karen Richardson on

    Hi, I am trying to get the cost of a boat transfer from Beserbay Homestay to Rufus Homestay, and then from Rufus over to Dayan Homestay on Batanta Island…have emailed them but so far have no reply…I realise that much or Raja has little telecommunications…was given this email address in hope that you may be able to help me!

    1. Peter Makusi on


      It’s unlikely that the Information Center staff will see a comment left here. You need to contact them directly by email or phone as provided above.

  23. Javier leon on

    Hi there. I have a booking in Yengkawe homestay for 7 th march. I tried to contact with the owner by phone but it was impossible, not any answer. We need the pick up from Waisai harbour as we request in our booking. The problem is that we shall arrive at Waisai by plane not ferry. So, we arrive earlier than the ferry and we can stay at the harbour around 14.30 (plane land at 14). So, the owner of the homestay can wait for us at this time?? Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Javier

      It’s unlikely that the Information Center staff will see a comment left here. You need to contact them directly by email or phone as provided above.

  24. Damon on


    I am looking for homestay availability for two places, Batu Lima and Yenanas Paradise, both in Eastern Gam. They do not have email contacts on the stayrajaampat website. I was wondering if you can do me a favour and find out the following for me.

    1. I am a single traveler. Do you have available rooms (private bungalows on beach) from February 18 to 22?

    2. For the dates above, if the homestays have other guests booked for the same dates so i can share boat cost for day trips (snorkeling).

    3. If i arrive in Waisai on February 18 (Sunday) around 11am, is it possible for the homestay to arrange transfer pick up?

    Thank you so much Peter!


    1. Hi Damon

      It’s extremely unlikely that Peter will see a message left here. If you want to ask the Information Center to do this for you, it would be best to contact them directly by one of the 2 methods provided above.

  25. Robert on

    We are 3 man and we would like to stay at yenkoranu homestay for 3 to 4 nights..we will arrive to sorong at 6.25 on 26.2.2018 and we would like to take a 9.00 ferry.
    We would like to have triple bed bungalow or 3 rooms..or something else that we can fit in and have separate beds.
    It is posible to make reservation here?

    1. Hi Robert

      If you want to request a booking for 3 separate rooms you can easily do that using the booking form provided on Yenkoranu’s page.

      If you want to find out if it’s possible to have 3 separate beds in a single room, then you will need to contact Yenkoranu to ask. Contact details are provided at the foot of Yenkoranu’s page.

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