John Urbon

John Urbon - Raja Ampat guide for Sorong region

John Urbon is a Sorong based guide and can help with your travel arrangements in and around Sorong.

Phone: +6282238444120 (SMS text message best)

Email: None

John Urbon is the guide for you if you’re looking to see the sights around Sorong. John can also help with airport meets and ferry transfers and hotel arrangements.

Sorong’s most often seen as a transfer point for onward travel to the Raja Ampat islands, but there’s a lot to see in the area and nearby islands. John’s familiar with it all…

4 thoughts on “John Urbon

  1. My husband and I were on a 5 week long honeymoon trip, with a stop in Sorong for 4 days, in late November. We had read this website a few times, and while in Sorong, decided that finding John was our best bet for getting to Raja Ampat. After going to two incorrect ports (walking much too far), we were taken to the correct port, with the ferry landing. After flashing a photo of this photo of John around, someone said they knew him. Miracle–John spoke with us and helped us get one night (which is the only time we had) with an old school friend of his who lives in R.A. and operates a homestay. With John’s help, we got on the ferry that left about 1.5 hrs after our conversation with him, confirmed a stay with his friend, and had a great experience at a homestay in Raja Ampat. John Urbon is a very friendly and well-informed guide for Sorong and Raja Ampat. Many thanks to him and to this post for mentioning him!

  2. Marie-Josée and Raynald says:

    Wow what a great help, we meet John by chance at the ferry terminal to go to Misool. Noboby was able to help us until John appear! After 5 minutes, he got the key of the cabin for us directly from the owner of the boat.
    Thank to this good man who really love his country.

  3. Debbie & Howie says:

    We met John by chance at the ferry terminal in Sorong. We had been trying to find out how to reserve a cabin, and no one was able to tell us the procedure until John offered his help. He proceeded to help us get to Misool and back in comfort. John is fluent in English, and genuinely happy to help foreigners. He followed up on our travel arrangements and greeted us upon our return to Sorong to help us with our luggage back to our hotel. In fact, he seemed to be on the ferry before it had even stopped moving! We highly recommend this gentlemen for your travel needs in Sorong and beyond.

  4. Steve Anyon-Smith says:

    We used John’s services on two days to access some great forest sites near Sorong for birdwatching. John and his good friend Dek were reliable, friendly and above all great ambassadors for West Papua. John’s priority is not about money – it’s your satisfaction with his country, his service and your experience. He is highly recommended.