Traditional Papuan accommodation in the Raja Ampat islands

Looking for Raja Ampat accommodation where you can dive, snorkel, relax, experience traditional culture and see incredible wildlife?

You’ve found it – but now is not a good time to visit…

COVID-19 control measures mean that Raja Ampat is currently closed to visitors.

Local authorities will begin a limited reopening in October 2020, and expect to fully reopen in December.

If you are not already in Indonesia, then you will need to wait further, until Indonesia reopens to international travel. We recommend that international visitors do not request bookings prior to January 2021.

For guests already in Indonesia, please do not request bookings at homestays before October 2020.

If you already have a paid booking at a Raja Ampat homestay, please see this page for your options.

If you are in the islands and need assistance to evacuate, please contact the Homestay Information Center.

Raja Ampat is one of the world’s last wild places. A vast sprawl of tropical island jewels amid seas renowned as being the richest on our planet. A nursery and refuge for coral and fish species that are rapidly disappearing from elsewhere in the region, and the perfect place to really get away from it all.

Staying in Raja Ampat accommodation that is owned and operated by local people provides a unique cultural experience at an affordable price. It really is the best way to enjoy Raja Ampat. You’ll be supporting the local economy and empowering the traditional owners of Raja Ampat in their efforts to preserve both their environment and their way of life.

Raja Ampat Islands

Ayau and Asia Islands, Raja Ampat, West Papua
Pulau Mansuar, Raja Ampat
Misool, Kofiau, Salawati, Raja Ampat