Pulau Arborek, Raja Ampat

  • Great snorkelling and diving
  • Close to Manta Point/Manta Sandy
  • Not far to Piaynemo
  • Dive center
  • Tourist village
  • Better than average village amenities
Size~0.09 square kilometres
Coastline length1.37 kilometres
Number of villages1
Number of Homestay Association homestays10
Average cost of 1 way transfer from Waisai to Arborek homestaysShared trip cost in IDR [USD]
Average one way travel time
1,300,000 [~85.00]
~1.5 hours
Other nearby islands with homestaysGam, Mansuar

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Arborek is tiny. So small that you can walk the beaches all the way around it in about 30 minutes.

Unlike the larger surrounding islands, Arborek is a sand cay. It’s a low, flat island, and is at risk of inundation from sea level rise, but it supports a village courtesy of the fresh groundwater beneath it, the abundance of the ocean and the island’s coconut palms. There’s no jungle and associated wildlife on Arborek and no Birds of Paradise – the ocean is the big drawcard here.

If you’re looking to stay near a village that has better than average amenities, Arborek is a good choice. Arborek Village is part of the Indonesian government’s tourist village program. It’s a pretty village that has small restaurants and shops that sell beer and cold drinks. Village women have built a thriving local souvenir industry on Arborek: Noken (traditional Papuan woven string bags) and colourful manta ray shaped hats woven from dyed pandanus are popular items.

Arborek is firmly on the Indonesian domestic tourism map, and is a stopover on the way to nearby Piaynemo, so the village and jetty are often quite busy, especially during Indonesian public holidays. Cultural performances are frequently staged in the village. The Papuan music and dance add to the noise and colour, but Arborek homestays are located on the beaches at the periphery of the village and afford quiet refuge if you need it.

It’s a good place if you’re visiting with children too, as there are calm, sandy beaches and plenty of local kids to play with.

Arborek is the closest village to the famed Manta dive and snorkelling sites, and is also well located for visits to Gam Bay and the karst island panoramas and dive sites of Piaynemo.

Diving and snorkelling

Arborek jetty is famous for the huge schools of fish that shelter beneath it, and also for the colourful soft corals that cover its piles. There’s good snorkelling from almost anywhere on the island, but the reefs around the island’s eastern end are particularly rich.

Arborek Dive Shop has a good reputation and provides diving for all Arborek homestay guests.

All homestay dive centers dive all of the popular Raja Ampat sites, so (as far as diving opportunities go) it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Raja Ampat can be a challenging dive environment though, so be sure to do your research and choose a reputable operator.

How to choose accommodation at Pulau Arborek

Individual homestay pages provide photos and more detail about the specific attractions and tours, services and facilities available at each place.

Note that all homestays can organise almost any trip you want to do: With the exception of Wayag visits, if the trip you want isn’t mentioned on the homestay’s page, it may well still be available. Especially if it’s to a location not too distant from the homestay.

Use the accommodation page search filters to quickly find all homestays offering the features and facilities that are important to you.

Here is how to book. Please note that booking in advance is recommended at popular homestays, especially during peak season (October to March). Popular homestays include any with an on-site dive center, and can easily be identified by the number of reviews they have received.

How to get to Arborek

All Arborek homestays can provide pickups from Waisai and transfers to/from anywhere else. Average cost and travel time from Waisai is shown in the table above. Individual homestay transport prices are provided on their pages.

If you’re staying somewhere else first, it’s usually quicker to have your current host transfer you to your next place, rather than to ask your next host to come and pick you up. See this page for more information about the high cost of boat travel in Raja Ampat.

Arborek phone signal & internet access

Arborek has its own tower which transmits a strong 4G signal. Data connections are good. Note that the tower is powered by the village generator, fuel for which is sometimes unavailable. When that happens, the tower goes offline. If the weather is good, a weak phone signal (and very slow internet connection) is usually available from the next nearest tower on Mansuar.

Note that free WiFi connections are extremely rare in Raja Ampat. You will need a local SIM for your phone. See this page for details.

Arborek location map

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