Arborek Dive Shop

Arborek Dive Shop, Pulau Arborek, Raja Ampat

Great news for divers – Pulau Arborek now has its own fully equipped dive centre!

Arborek Dive Shop is owned by local team member Marsel Mambrasar and Githa Anathasia, both of whom hold PADI Rescue Diver certification and have extensive Raja Ampat dive guiding experience.

The opening of Arborek Dive Shop means that guests at all Pulau Arborek Homestays now have the option of diving with an experienced local team. You don’t have to be staying on the island to dive with Arborek Dive Shop though – all are welcome. Pickups can be organised from Waisai or other Raja Ampat homestays – the price will depend on distance. Contact Arborek Dive Shop by one of the methods listed below for more info.

In addition to its fabulous local dive sites, Pulau Arborek also offers the closest accommodation available to the famed Manta Sandy and Manta Point dive sites. Arborek Dive Shop can of course also organise dives at any Raja Ampat site you want to visit – including some of their own “secret” sites that you’ll have all to yourself! Check out the “Dive Sites” tab on their page linked above for more.

Whenever spare equipment is available, qualified divers are also welcome to rent it and dive independently.

For non-divers, Arborek Dive Shop offers sightseeing and snorkelling trips to various locations and snorkelling equipment is available for hire if you just want to check out the local sights.

Arborek Dive Shop is easy to find –  it’s located on Street 1 and is visible from both the jetty and beach (see the map below).

Arborek Dive Shop Equipment

Dive Boat – Fiberglass Boat – 2 x 40HP engines.

Cat compressor.

26 Tanks, 18 sets of Masks, Snorkel & Fins, Booties, Weight Belts, 8 sets of BCD, Regulators & Octopus.

First Aid Kit and emergency oxygen supply.

2 Dive Computers  and a GoPro 3plus  are available for rent.

Dive & Equipment Hire Prices

Prices below are in Indonesian Rupiah for Arborek homestay guests and are all inclusive of guide, diving equipment rental, drinking water and boat hire. Prices do not include hire of dive computers or the GoPro camera.

You can pay in cash, or by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.

1 dive575,000
6 dives3,300,000
10 dives5,250,000


BCD & regulator400,000
Dive computer150,000
GoPro 3100,000
Mask, snorkel, fins150,000

Dive & Accommodation Package Deal

Arborek Dive Shop offers a 4 day, 3 night all inclusive dive and accommodation package for IDR 7,900,000 per person.

NOTE: A minimum group size of 4 guests is needed to get this price.


  • 6 dives (including all equipment hire and boat transport)
  • Waisai-Arborek-Waisai transfers
  • Homestay accomodation in sea view bungalow (3 nights)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Free tea & coffee (24 hours)
  • Complementary Pam Island Virgin Coconut Oil (1 per person)

Does not include:

Waisai-Arborek Transfers

A round trip from Waisai to Arborek and back will cost IDR 3,000,000. The trip is by twin 40HP powered speedboat, can accommodate up to 8 people and the price is shared by passengers.

Contact Arborek Dive Shop

Phone/WhatsApp/WeChat/LINE: +6281340953246

By email


Arborek Dive Shop Location


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  1. Avelina on

    Thanks for all the super useful information! I did not know where to start before finding this!

    I tried to click on the link for Arborek’s Dive Shop (above), but found that it unfortunately does not work anymore. Do they have a new one? I tried to find it on google, but struggled. I have also sent them an email, but thought I should let you know too.

    What I was actually after was information on the best place to stay/dive if you are a novice diver (I will have a PADI Open Water qualification by the time I come and will try to get a few more dives in beforehand, if possible). I have asked this in my email to Arborek Dive Shop too.

    I really want to stay in a homestay and get to know local people and am not fussed by western luxuries etc. I would like to be able to go walking, so Kri and Mansuar sound like good options and I have also sent Wolter Gaman a message about walking in Waigeo and looking at/for some caves (as I am a caver and will have gear with me for an onward trip).

    However, I am worried that the currents could be strong around Kri and Mansuar. Are there other islands/areas of e.g. Waigeo that might be better, but that fit the bill for the other activities?

    Many thanks again for all the info!

    1. You’re welcome Avelina :)

      Thanks for letting us know about ADS’ website – they’ve let their domain registration expire!

      It doesn’t really matter which dive center you dive with: They all dive the same sites and all should take your experience and skill level into account when planning dives. Tides and currents can be strong everywhere in Raja Ampat, but good operators will dive at the appropriate times.

      You can find all dive operators and some general Raja Ampat safety advice on this page.

  2. Jemarly on

    Dive with alborek dive shop, during my 7 days stay in alborek island,
    1st dive- spotted a Oceanic manta ray was incredible. each dive was amazing. Githa and Marcel was the owner of the dive shop and also great guide. Did the night dive in the jetty, was incredible
    My first manta ray experience with these two was amazing. made a new friends. Almost cried leaving the island. i will come guys ill see you soon. Big hugs and big love -Jem

    1. Githa Anathasia on

      Thanks Jem …
      Come back again ya..and thank you for your feedback

    2. Sansan on

      Maaf mba, mau tanya utk cost yg dikeluarkan selama 7hr brp yah? Trus mbak nya sendirian atau b2 sm temen atau gimana? Rencana saya maret akhir pengen ke arborek jg, thx.. atau boleh mnta kontak whats up nya?

      1. Githa on

        Hi Sansan

        Silahkan contact kami di 081340953246

  3. Elvina on

    I was diving for 4 days with Arborek Dive Shop and I loved it. Githa is a very nice person, from the moment we discussed on whatsapp to see how to organize our stay, she helped us find accomodation on Arborek and made everything for us to feel good on Arborek ! Marsel is a very good dive guide and both of them are small critters lovers; they spotted a huge number of small nudibranches and even an ornated ghost pipefish. They know the area very well. Even though it wasn’t manta rays season Marsel managed to bring us at the right spot/ right time to see one! We also went together to Piayenemo, very well organised and beautiful diving !
    Both Githa and Marsel are true nature lovers and you can really tell that they are sharing their passion for marine life. They have a great vision on how to make sustainable tourism in this little paradise and educate people (both locals and tourists) to life on coral reefs and protection of manta rays. While we were there, there were 2 nights of these talks, presentations and movies about manta rays and coral reefs and it was very interesting. I would definitely come back, thank you both and congrats on the ecotourism award ! Cheers

    1. Arborek Dive Shop on

      thank you so much Elvina for your review. so apreciated. glad you happy for the presentation and the coral discussions. well we are waiting for you to coming back and dancing with mantas !

    2. Sansan on

      Maaf mbak, mau tanya pengeluaran selama 4hr di arborek berikut diving brp yah? Boleh minta kontak whatsup nya mbak ga mau tanya2 soalnya bulan maret akhir ada rencana mau kesana jg. Thx..

  4. Per on

    Read all Paula said below! I could not say it better.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Paula on

    The best diveshop/divecenter in Raja Ampat I had ability to try! )I was there i January 2017).

    Githa and Marsel are awesome diveinstructors and know a lot of divespots around Arborek, fascinating! Arborek is close to a lot of amazing divespots and is really near divespot Manta Sandy/Manta Slope. They are listening to what you like to see and where you want to go diving. They are also really friendly and welcoming, I really enjoyed to bee around them and the diveshop. Good english speaking, good organised and you get a lot of information. My impression is that the diveshop and the people living in the village at Arborek working together for a sustainable future for the village and the marine nature reserve in Raja Ampat, the best thing to keep this paradise alive forever.

    I highly recommend to go diving with them and I if I go back to Raja Ampat I will go dive with them again!

  6. Guillaume on

    During my second visit to Raja Ampat in July, I did one dive with Arborek Dive shop after Ghita told me there are secret dive sites near Arborek besides the very popular Cap Kri, Blue magic, Sardin/Chicken reef.
    So we went on a sunset dive towards Mansuar after passing Manta Sandy, did go directly to 25m, and… after less than 5 minutes I could see the first marble ray I ever saw! Besides the dive site was of course excellent and I guess it is even better around noon with more sunlight. I just did dive once and I really enjoyed it, not to mention Arborek Dive shop friendly team :-)

  7. Samantha Segaert on

    Best dive shop ever!

    I spent 4 awesome days with these two and loved every moment! not only did I make a life long friend (Githa), but I got to dive in some of Arborek’s and Raja Ampats best dive sites!

    Both Marcel and Githa went above and beyond to take me diving over New Years Eve, fitting in 7 or 8 dives in over 3 days (being NYE, NYD and 2nd Jan)! We also hired a speed boat and went on an adventure out to Piyanimo, Fam and did some awesome dives at Melissa’s Garden, Galaxy and Lagoon.

    Arborek is definitely a place you will instantly fall in love with and never want to leave and diving with Arborek Dive Shop defiantly makes you want to quit life and move to Arborek to go diving every day with this amazing couple!

    Cant wait to get back there!

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