Looking for somewhere to dive, snorkel, relax, experience traditional culture and see incredible wildlife?

You’ve found it.

Raja Ampat is one of the world’s last wild places. A vast sprawl of tropical island jewels amid seas renowned as being the richest on our planet – a nursery and refuge for coral and fish species that are rapidly disappearing from elsewhere in the region, and the perfect place to really get away from it all.

Staying in traditional Papuan accommodation in Raja Ampat – accommodation owned and operated by local people – provides a unique cultural experience at an affordable price. It really is the best way to enjoy Raja Ampat. You’ll be supporting the local economy and empowering the traditional owners of Raja Ampat in their efforts to preserve both their environment and way of life.

  • Mambrasar Guesthouse

    Mambrasar Guesthouse

    Sunset views from private bungalows, the marine wonderland of Pulau Kri's north shore and one of Raja Ampat's most experienced guides await.

  • Rukem Weser Homestay

    Rukem Weser Homestay

    A private over-water bungalow in a remote pristine location, Rukem Weser is for nature lovers, with rich birdlife and dugongs living nearby.

  • Arefi


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  • Yenaduak Family Homestay

    Yenaduak Family Homestay

    A spacious bungalow on a shady beach that has coral all the way to the low water mark. The ultimate snorkeller's private Batanta hideaway.

  • Indip Homestay

    Indip Homestay

    A shady private setting next to the cultural tourism village of Arborek, Indip offers great snorkeling and easy access to popular Manta ray sites.

  • Yengkawe Homestay

    Yengkawe Homestay

    Resort-style services! Yengkawe offers diving, an a la carte menu and massage and reflexology in a lush setting in a quiet secluded bay.

  • Waryawer Homestay

    Waryawer Homestay

    The closest homestay to Wayag, Waryawer is on the remote island of Manyaifun and has a great house reef, rich wildlife and a fine sandy beach.

  • Sorong Immigration Office

    Sorong Immigration Office

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  • Anita’s Garden

    Anita’s Garden

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  • Barracuda


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  • My Reef

    My Reef

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  • Way Pretty Shallows

    Way Pretty Shallows

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  • Manta Ridge

    Manta Ridge

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  • Cape Kri

    Cape Kri

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  • Sardine


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  • Friwenbonda (Friwen Wall)

    Friwenbonda (Friwen Wall)

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  • Mike’s Point

    Mike’s Point

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  • Mioskon


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  • Batu Lima

    Batu Lima

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  • Otdima Reef

    Otdima Reef

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  • Sawinggrai mangroves and reef

    Sawinggrai mangroves and reef

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  • Reef’s End (East)

    Reef’s End (East)

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  • Reef’s End (West)

    Reef’s End (West)

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  • Mike’s Point

    Mike’s Point

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  • Yeben Shallows

    Yeben Shallows

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  • Melissa’s Garden

    Melissa’s Garden

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  • Snorkeller’s Paradise

    Snorkeller’s Paradise

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  • Kabui Passage

    Kabui Passage

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  • Mangroves and Slope

    Mangroves and Slope

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  • Citrus Ridge

    Citrus Ridge

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  • Arborek Jetty

    Arborek Jetty

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  • Gam Bay Cave Lagoon

    Gam Bay Cave Lagoon

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  • Yenbuba Jetty

    Yenbuba Jetty

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  • Manta Sandy

    Manta Sandy

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  • Yenwaupnor


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  • Manyaifun


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  • Kabui


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  • Warsambin


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  • Sauwandarek


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  • Yenbekwan


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  • Yenbuba


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  • Saporkren


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  • Arborek


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  • Sawinggrai


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  • Kapisawar


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  • Saukabu


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  • Yenbeser


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  • Friwen


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  • Waisai ferry harbour

    Waisai ferry harbour

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  • Sorong ferry harbour

    Sorong ferry harbour

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  • Waisai local boat harbour

    Waisai local boat harbour

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  • Waifoi


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  • Warimak


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  • Lopintol


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  • Weigelas


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  • Kalitoko


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  • Dore Mkun Red Birds of Paradise

    Dore Mkun Red Birds of Paradise

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  • Sawinggrai Red Birds of Paradise

    Sawinggrai Red Birds of Paradise

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  • Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong

    Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong

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  • Marinda Airport Waisai

    Marinda Airport Waisai

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  • Waisai


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  • Waisai ferry terminal tourism office

    Waisai ferry terminal tourism office

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  • Sorong Tourism Management Team office

    Sorong Tourism Management Team office

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  • Dore Atri Homestay

    Dore Atri Homestay

    With a true homestay room and a private beachside bungalow, Dore Atri combines the best of both worlds and offers in-depth cultural immersion.

  • Yenkoranu Homestay

    Yenkoranu Homestay

    Private VIP bungalows with ensuite bathrooms, an onsite dive centre and a fabulous house reef make booking in advance essential at Yenkoranu.

  • Methos Homestay

    Methos Homestay

    Near the entrance to Gam Bay and close to the attractions of Arborek, Methos occupies a pretty mangrove-framed beach with great snorkeling.

  • Mangkur Kodon Homestay

    Mangkur Kodon Homestay

    Commanding the bay at Kri's western end, Mangkur Kodon has an onsite dive centre, bungalows for big groups and a private honeymooner's over-water hideaway.

  • Mambefor Homestay

    Mambefor Homestay

    The only homestay with lounge room furniture, Mambefor has a coral reef dropoff at its door and Red Birds of Paradise in the jungle behind.

  • Lumba Lumba Guesthouse

    Lumba Lumba Guesthouse

    With an onsite dive centre, great house reef and ocean bungalow views, a meeting with the dolphins Lumba Lumba is named for is guaranteed.

  • Lalosi Homestay

    Lalosi Homestay

    Close to the famed Manta dive and snorkeling sites, Lalosi offers private bungalows in a beachside garden setting and can arrange dive trips.

  • Koryau Kayem Homestay

    Koryau Kayem Homestay

    Koryau Kayem's over-water bungalows provide a quiet refuge in a sheltered bay central to the range of marine attractions of Kri and Mansuar.

  • Nyanse Homestay

    Nyanse Homestay

    The over-water bungalow at Nyanse affords panoramic sea views to Arborek and easy exploration of the villages of Sawinggrai and Kapisawar.

  • Warimpurem Homestay

    Warimpurem Homestay

    A coastline full of freshwater springs and laughing children, Wilson's Birds of Paradise nearby and some of the best cooking in the islands.

  • Yenkangkanes Homestay

    Yenkangkanes Homestay

    Dolphins at the front door and both Wilson's and Red Birds of Paradise out the back, Yenkangkanes' over-water bungalow is pure Raja Ampat.

  • Yenanas Paradise Homestay

    Yenanas Paradise Homestay

    A beach lover's paradise indeed, Yenanas is a small homestay with good snorkeling, a host of jungle wildlife and Red Birds of Paradise to see.

  • Yenkansinaf Homestay

    Yenkansinaf Homestay

    The rich Kri north shore reefs and Ransiwor sandbanks are right at the door, with wide ranging tours available for snorkellers and birders.

  • Kordiris Homestay

    Kordiris Homestay

    With an on site dive centre, a sensational beach and beautiful garden surrounds, it's no wonder Kordiris is a favourite of island travellers.

  • Koranu Fyak Bungalows

    Koranu Fyak Bungalows

    On Kri Island's north shore, with an on-site dive centre and a rich house reef, Koranu Fyak is a popular homestay with a lively social scene.

  • Meot Trairam Homestay

    Meot Trairam Homestay

    A small homestay on a big beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Don't miss seeing Otto's tamed group of giant bumphead wrasse nearby.

  • Tapor Aikos Homestay

    Tapor Aikos Homestay

    Relax in a private bungalow amid a profusion of native orchids and take in the sunset from a headland overlooking the bay at Gam's Kapisawar village.

  • Yendebabo Homestay

    Yendebabo Homestay

    On a beautiful, wide, sandy beach that's calm and safe for children, Yendebabo also has cuscus and Red Birds of Paradise in the jungle nearby.

  • Nudibranch Homestay

    Nudibranch Homestay

    Vibrant coral reef, blue water mangroves and a spectacular array of nudibranch species make Nudibranch Homestay a macro photographer's dream.

  • Ibu Maria’s Homestay

    Ibu Maria’s Homestay

    Ibu Maria's: Well appointed ocean bungalows with panoramic views over a bay full of sealife and a large speedboat for Wayag and other tours.

  • Keruirim Homestay

    Keruirim Homestay

    Relax in Keruirim's shady environs, snorkel one of Raja Ampat's best beaches and explore the wildlife rich mangroves of the Dore Dor lagoon.

  • Manta Homestay

    Manta Homestay

    A great value homestay whose name says it all. Dive or snorkel with Mantas, visit fabulous Piaynemo and enjoy Arborek village island life.

  • Monkairi Homestay

    Monkairi Homestay

    On the fabulous calm, white sand beach of Yenanas and perfect for family holidays. Red Birds of Paradise, walking sharks, cuscus and more.

  • Warikaf Homestay

    Warikaf Homestay

    Hideaways don't get much better. A stone's throw from Kabui Passage in a secret bay screened by the jungle-capped karst islands of Kabui Bay.

  • Korbekwan Homestay

    Korbekwan Homestay

    Korbekwan is the ultimate naturalist's getaway. Remote and isolated, set amidst the splendour of coral reef, seagrass and mangrove habitats.

  • Piaynemo Homestay

    Piaynemo Homestay

    Piaynemo's unique location between a wide sandy bay and a mangrove fringed lagoon gives easy access to Penemu's superb Wayag-like seascapes.

  • Famangkor Homestay

    Famangkor Homestay

    Fantastic views of the sunset-lit Friwenbonda Wall across the strait, with excellent snorkelling and the feeling of your own private island.

  • Mambarayup Homestay

    Mambarayup Homestay

    With a jetty providing easy access to Arborek's ultramarine wonderland, Mambarayup offers diving, accommodation for large groups and tours.

  • Harfat Jaya Homestay

    Harfat Jaya Homestay

    Misool magic. At Harapan Jaya on Pulau Yapale, Harfat Jaya can accommodate large groups and organise tours to the region's many attractions.

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