Raja Ampat Maps

Raja Ampat Maps

If you’re looking to travel to Raja Ampat, here’s a bunch of maps that will hopefully be of use.

If you’re planning independent travel to Raja Ampat, you might also want to see our How to get to Raja Ampat page.

Raja Ampat location map

High resolution map of Raja Ampat

We compiled this map to give a clear overview of the islands and the major towns and villages mentioned on this site. The base data came from a nautical chart of unknown provenance that’s been widely reproduced elsewhere on the web. If you’re looking for an island that isn’t marked on this map, let us know in the comments below or by message on our Facebook page. We’ll add it and will let you know when it’s done. Or you can see if you can find it on this version of the original chart.

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High resolution map of Raja Ampat

Map of Raja Ampat snorkeling and dive sites

Good snorkeling’s available almost everywhere in Raja Ampat, but here’s a selection of Raja Ampat dive sites selected because they have great stuff to see at snorkeling depths. Clicking on the starfish icons will show site name, location and GPS coordinates. For more information (and some video) visit our Snorkeling in Raja Ampat page.

If you’re a diver looking for a comprehensive map of Raja Ampat dive sites, we’d suggest getting hold of Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock’s book “Diving Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Seascape” – it’s by far the best resource available. Here’s a link to their website.

Traditional Papuan accommodation in Raja Ampat map

A map locating all the Raja Ampat homestays that currently have listings in our accommodation section. Clicking on the pin icons will show homestay name, photo, location and a link to the homestay’s individual listing. Also see our full-page interactive Raja Ampat Map which combines locations on this map with snorkelling & dive sites, other attractions, harbours, airports and offices.

Map of Sorong

A Sorong streetmap from the now vanished rajaampattourism.com website.

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Sorong Map

Other maps of interest

Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area map from Rare Conservation

Nature Conservancy Indonesia Coral Triangle map

Raja Ampat ethnographic map from Indonesiatravelling

Raja Ampat nautical chart of unknown provenance (this version from Trek Papua)

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  1. Thanku sharing in depth detailed info Am planning spend time as volunteer english teacher in Sawinggrai 2016 Need find my own way there on backpackers budget Your info is invaluable, reckon I’ll get there successfully by following it Thx !

  2. So actually i’ve been going to waiwo beach around raja ampat’s..and i also have merchandise shop in sorong and raja ampat too!if you dont mind please visit our store and see the stuff in our shop..my shop is icon raja ampat.thank you

  3. Any idea why Indonesia is not supported as of 10/2013 in Google Mapmaker?

    Seems like it would really help to put Raja Ampat on the map – literally – if we were able to add ports, ferries, villages, businesses and other points of interest for inclusion in Google Maps’ own database – not just on our custom maps.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      No idea Steve. There’s certainly a lot of demand for it in the forums. Guess it’s just not a high priority for them :(