Raja Ampat electricity, telephone and internet

The lights of Mansuar's Yenbuba village by night. Electricity, phone and internet in Raja Ampat
  • Electricity: Electricity supply grids don’t exist outside Sorong and Waisai. Accommodation places and villages with an electrical supply have their own generators.
  • Telephone: For a remote archipelago of scattered islands, Raja Ampat has fairly good mobile phone coverage.
  • Internet Access: Internet capable devices will work over the cell phone network (signal strength and connection plan permitting). Free WiFi is available at many cafes and hotels in Sorong and Waisai, but is rarely available out in the islands.

Electricity supply in Raja Ampat

As elsewhere in Indonesia, electricity is 220-240Volt 50Hertz, using type C (CEE 7/16&17 Euro 2 pin) and F (CEE 7/4 “Schuko”) plugs and sockets.

Type C CEE 7/17 Euro 2 pin (courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Type C CEE 7/16 Europlug (courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Type F CEE 7/4 "Schuko" (courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

You’ll need an adaptor if your devices don’t have one of these plug styles, and a step-down transformer if your devices will only handle a 110-120V US style supply.

Electricity in Raja Ampat’s island villages and at homestays is  supplied by generator and in many places is only available from sunset until around midnight to conserve fuel. Some homestays have backup solar lighting available.

Charging batteries and mobile devices: If you’re staying in a village or at a homestay with a generator, you’ll be able to charge batteries and equipment at night while the generator is running. If you’re at accommodation without a suitable power source you’ll need to arrange an evening visit to the nearest village or ask your host to take your equipment for charging and return the next morning.

Raja Ampat cell phone service

Telkomsel is currently the only network provider in Raja Ampat, so if you want to use the mobile network without roaming charges, you’ll need a Telkomsel SIM for your phone.

If you are an international visitor, then you will also need to register your phone. Phone registration and SIM purchase can be done at any official Telkomsel store. IMPORTANT: If you are not in Sorong or Raja Ampat, be sure to mention that you want to be able to use your phone in Raja Ampat.

Signal strength is excellent in the areas around Sorong and Waisai. As a general rule, if you’re near a village you should be able to receive some kind of signal, but there are wide areas with no coverage at all.

Cell phone towers in Raja Ampat occasionally go offline. Sometimes service will be restored in an hour or two, sometimes it can take weeks or even months.

If 24/7 guaranteed telephone and internet connectivity in all areas is a must for you, then your only option is to travel with a satellite phone.

Internet access in Raja Ampat

Apart from the Telkomsel network, both Sorong and Waisai have internet cafes and accommodation providers offering internet connections. Connection speeds are low by world standards.

Telkomsel’s 4G cell phone service is available in the islands, but connections can be unreliable and speeds vary widely, depending on tower location, network load and weather conditions.

Don’t expect standard 4G speeds though: Data transmission rates are quite low for a 4G network. Dropouts are also common. Sometimes internet connections will be impossible for a time, despite receiving full bars of signal.

There are a few homestays that provide free WiFi connections to Telkomsel’s network. You can quickly find those by applying the “WiFi available” filter on the accommodation page.

Raja Ampat electricity, telephone and internet service availability at homestays can be found on each homestay’s detail page.


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  1. Ted Bloodworth on

    I have a Telkomsel SIM card, what data package do I need for Raja Ampat?

    1. Not all Telkomsel SIMs will work in Raja Ampat, Ted. Best to contact a Telkomsel GraPARI store to confirm that yours will. They’ll be able to advise the best data package for Raja Ampat too.

  2. Rune on

    Hi! Is it possible to register a foreign mobile phone in Waisai to get a local sim card?

    According to sim card shops in Sorong, the phone needs to be registered in an official Telkomsel shop. Problem is the office closed at 16.00. Opens at 08.00. But ferry leaves at 09.00.

    1. Hi Rune

      There wasn’t an official Telkom shop in Waisai the last time we were there. Someone in our facebook travellers’ forum group would be sure to have more recent knowledge. If you had a taxi on standby and were the first in the door, perhaps it would be possible to get it done in Sorong and make the ferry too?

  3. PETER on

    Hello, can you please tell me where to buy SIM card TELKOSEL in Sorong (Waisai)? Some SIM registration is required for this SIM for work. How do I do this as a visitor, is a passport possible?

    1. Hello Peter

      SIMS are available almost everywhere in Indonesia. Airports, convenience stores, roadside stalls and any place that sells phones or accessories all have them. They are available in Waisai too. If you can not find them being sold at shops at the airport, then just ask your taxi driver. The vendor of the SIM can usually register it for you.

  4. Isabelle on

    Hi, do you have any recommendations, where I can buy a Telkomsel sim card in Sorong (perhaps close to the airport or the airport or harbour)?
    Thanks :-)

    1. Hi Isabelle

      You shouldn’t have any trouble. SIMS are available almost everywhere in Indonesia. Airports, convenience stores, roadside stalls and any place that sells phones or accessories all have them. They are available in Waisai too.

  5. Javier on

    Will a SIM card bought in Makassar, Sulawesi work in Raja Ampat? Or do I need to get a new one ? Can we buy them in Waisai or just in Sorong?

    1. Hi Javier

      Telkomsel is the only network operator in Raja Ampat, so as long as your SIM a Telkomsel one (Simpati, Halo etc – usually red and white coloured) it will work. SIMs from other service providers like XL etc don’t work in Raja Ampat. You can buy SIMs in both Sorong and Waisai.

  6. Nelly on

    Just to clarify, if I buy appropriate sim for a smartphone that supports HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS I should be able to use it in islands for emails and other data services?
    Is it possible to use skype even without video in the islands
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nelly –

      It depends which island you’re at, but the area around Waisai, Gam, Kri, Mansuar has a serviceable data connection. If a homestay page advises “good phone signal” then a data connection is usually available. Don’t expect a fast and stable connection though!

      Chat utilities usually work fine. Skype without video works OK in Waisai and Sorong, but we haven’t tried using it out in the islands, so can’t say for sure.

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