Pulau Mansuar, Raja Ampat

  • Excellent house reefs
  • Great snorkelling
  • Easily accessible inland lake
  • Hiking opportunities
Size14 square kilometres
Coastline length~28 kilometres
Number of villages4
Number of Homestay Association homestays8
Average cost of 1 way transfer from Waisai to Mansuar homestays IDR [USD]1,000,000 [$67.00]
Average one way travel time~1.25 hours
Other nearby islands with homestaysKri, Gam, Arborek

Mansuar location map

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Pulau Mansuar is a long, high ridge of jungled limestone, fringed with the same rich coral reefs that divers and snorkellers enthuse about at Kri. Which is no surprise, because Kri’s real name is Pulau Mansuar Kecil (Little Mansuar) and that island is really just an extension of Mansuar, and remains joined to it by sandbanks you can easily walk across at low tide.

Mansuar has reserves of fresh water that Kri lacks, though, and so has settlements that are unable to be supported on Kri. Three of Mansuar’s villages are strung along its northern coastline and a fourth sits midway along the island’s southern shores. Basic provisions can be bought in village shops, but don’t expect to find any supplies that aren’t in demand in local communities.

Just like at Kri, the main attractions at Mansuar are its rich reefs. Long hikes are also possible, and Mansuar’s jungles are home to a rich array of birds and other wildlife.

A fairly good phone signal that usually supports a data connection is available at most places on Mansuar’s north shore. The signal is particularly strong (4G/3G capable) around the tower near Yenbuba village on Mansuar’s eastern end.

Snorkelling and diving

None of the homestays on Mansuar have onsite dive centers, but diving can be easily arranged at the nearby dive centers on Kri.

Excellent snorkelling is available at all Mansuar homestays. If not right at the door, then a short walk away. The marine life below Yenbuba jetty is remarkable, and the reef between the jetty and the island’s southeastern tip is usually swarming with fish.

If you’re a competent swimmer, you can easily cross the channel between Yenbuba and Ransiwor, the rocky islet that lies between Mansuar and Kri. The reefs around Ransiwor are fabulous, and from there you can cross again to Kri if you want.

Beware of tidal currents though. As elsewhere in Raja Ampat, they can be extremely strong when the tide is in full flow, especially when confined in narrow channels like that between Mansuar and Kri.

Sauwandarek village on the island’s south coast also has great snorkelling beneath and around its jetty.


There’s a well defined path that runs between Yenbuba and the village of Yenbekwan on Mansuar’s north coast. It’s about 3km from Yenbuba to Yenbekwan, and from there you can push on another 4km westward to a jungle lake. (We recommend going with a guide when attempting that for the first time.) From the lake, it’s less than a kilometre across the island to the south coast village of Sauwandarek, where there is more good snorkelling available.

If you just want to visit the lake, it can be more easily done by walking from Sauwandarek, or by getting a boat from your homestay to the northern shore nearest it.

At low tide, you can easily cross the extensive sandbanks that join Mansuar to Kri, then continue down that island’s north coast, or climb to the panoramic lookout above Kri’s western end.

How to choose accommodation at Pulau Mansuar

Individual homestay pages provide photos and more detail about the specific attractions and tours, services and facilities available at each place.

Note that all homestays can organise almost any trip you want to do: With the exception of Wayag visits, if the trip you want isn’t mentioned on the homestay’s page, it may well still be available. Especially if it’s to a location not too distant from the homestay.

Use the accommodation page search filters to quickly find all homestays offering the features and facilities that are important to you.

Here is how to book. Please note that booking in advance is recommended at popular homestays, especially during peak season (October to March). Popular homestays include any with an on-site dive center, and can easily be identified by the number of reviews they have received.

How to get to Mansuar

All Mansuar homestays can provide pickups from Waisai and transfers to/from anywhere else. Average cost and travel time from Waisai is shown in the table above. Individual homestay transport prices are provided on their pages.

If you’re staying somewhere else first, it’s usually quicker to have your current host transfer you to your next place, rather than to ask your next host to come and pick you up. See this page for more information about the high cost of boat travel in Raja Ampat.

Mansuar phone signal & internet access

Phone reception and data connections at the homestays near Yenbuba are excellent, receiving a strong 3G/4G signal. The signal is weaker at homestays further to the west. Refer to individual homestay pages for location specific reception information.

Note that free WiFi connections are extremely rare in Raja Ampat. You will need a local SIM for your phone. See this page for details.


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  1. pete on

    Do any of the homestay on Kri or Mansuar provide a warm water shower please? What is wifi there like please? Also, when eating do we have to eat at the guesthouses or is there some choice of restaurants?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Pete

      If any homestays do supply warm water showers, then it is a recent development which they haven’t yet updated SRA about. Most Kri and Mansuar homestays receive a 4G signal from the tower at Yenbuba, but only a few provide a local wifi network for guest use. (Our experience has been that you’ll get a faster and more stable connection by using the Telkomsel network than you will from homestay wifi.) There are no restaurants or cafes on Kri or Mansuar, so homestays are the only places to eat.

  2. Pippa Hodges on

    Thanks for this great article. Are there any dive shops/facilities you can recommend on Kri or Mansuar?

      1. Policand on

        Es ce toujours d actualité ? Aucune famille n a de club de Plongee?

        1. Yes, still correct. There are no PERJAMPAT member homestays with on-site dive centers on Mansuar. See this page for links to homestays with on-site dive centers.

  3. John on

    What would be the cost of a transfer to Waisai if traveling solo, I am going to be there at a small quiet homestay and I might be the only person traveling back and not likely to end up sharing with other passengers. The cost above 750K is for shared, correct?

    1. Hi John

      The 750,000 mentioned above is the average trip cost for a Mansuar transfer.

      Transfer costs are shared by total passengers. If you are alone, you pay the entire cost. (750K in the above average.)

      Actual homestay transfer costs are quoted in the “Transport/Getting there” section of each homestay’s page.

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