Pulau Kri, Raja Ampat

  • Dive centers
  • Good beaches
  • Great homestay house reefs
  • Lots of homestays
  • Lots of other guests
Size1.6 square kilometres
Coastline length~7.5 kilometres
Number of villagesNone
Number of Homestay Association homestays18
Average cost of 1 way transfer from Waisai to Kri homestaysShared trip cost in IDR [USD]
Average one way travel time
635,000 [~48.00]
~1 hour
Other nearby islands with homestaysMansuar, Gam, Friwen

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Kri is quite a small island. It’s a long, narrow, forested island that is really part of the neighbouring Pulau Mansuar, from which it is separated by a narrow and shallow strait.

In fact, Kri has always been known to its traditional owners as Mansuar Kecil (“Little Mansuar”). It was effectively renamed by an early foreign resort owner who relocated from the original Pulau Kri at Batanta. He didn’t want to change all his promotional material, so… but that’s another story.

Kri’s attractions are its surrounding reefs, great beaches and the several homestay dive centers on the island. Thanks to the “Lonely Planet effect”, Kri is by far the most popular island in Raja Ampat and – as a consequence – is the location of Raja Ampat’s largest and busiest homestays. If you’re looking for lots of interaction with other visitors, then Kri’s the place for you.

The concentration of homestays along Kri’s north shore means that Kri is also one of the few places you can arrive without a booking and walk from place to place until you find a room. (In the December/January high season though, you’d almost certainly have a better chance of success doing that between the villages of Sawinggrai and Kapisawar on Gam.)

Kri’s forests, although not being home to Birds of Paradise, are rich in birdlife. Reptiles are well represented too, with large monitors occasionally making an appearance.

Jungle trekking isn’t really possible due to the steep terrain and lack of trails, although there is one path that climbs to a high point near the island’s western end. Fabulous panoramas of the Dampier Strait and neighbouring islands are available from there, and sunset from the lookout is spectacular. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes though – and to carry flashlights or headtorches if staying for the sunset!

Many guests on Kri are dismayed by the fact that the island’s native rat population has exploded in tandem with tourism. The rats are really only troublesome if you keep food in your bungalow. They can be very persistent, and plastic containers aren’t much of a deterrent. They’re fond of bars of soap too. If you don’t keep food (or anything that smells like food) in your bungalow, then you usually won’t be bothered by nightly incursions. If you’re afraid of rats and can’t bear the sound of them occasionally scurrying through your roof, then Kri is probably not a good choice for you.

Another issue for some guests is Kri’s slightly brackish groundwater. The lack of good fresh water is the reason villages were never established on many small islands like Kri. If the idea of bathing in slightly salty water is more than you can bear, then it would probably be better to choose a place elsewhere.

Cell phone reception is very good at most homestays on Kri, thanks to the nearby tower on Mansuar. Most of the north coast homestays receive a strong signal which supports a 3G and sometimes a (very slow) 4G data connection. The signal is much weaker at south coast homestays, and at those at the easternmost end of the north coast.

Diving and snorkelling

Diving and snorkelling are pretty much what it’s all about at Kri. Many say that Kri’s reefs are the best in Raja Ampat – but that’s more than likely only because they haven’t seen the reefs at Batanta and West Waigeo!

Great snorkelling is available from every Kri homestay beach and there are a number of homestays with onsite dive centers on the island.

All homestay dive centers dive all of the popular Raja Ampat sites, so (as far as diving opportunities go) it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Raja Ampat can be a challenging dive environment though, so be sure to do your research and choose a reputable operator.

Diving can be arranged by the homestays without dive centers, but if diving is your main aim then you’d be better off booking at a homestay with its own dive center, as you’ll have preference when demand is high.


Although jungle hiking possibilities are very limited on Kri, long beachwalks are possible along the north coast at low tide. There are extensive sandbanks that connect Kri to Mansuar and the small islet of Ransiwor that lies between Kri’s western end and Mansuar’s Yenbuba village.

At low tide it’s possible to cross the sandbanks to Ransiwor and Mansuar. The sandbank shallows contain lots of interesting critters awaiting the tide’s return, and there’s excellent snorkelling around Ransiwor and Yenbuba’s jetty. Be sure you know the time the tide returns if you plan to walk back! If you get caught, you should be able to find someone in Yenbuba that you can pay for a boat ride back to your homestay.

Once on Mansuar, it’s possible to walk the long path that connects the villages on that island’s north shore. If you go to the extreme western end of the path, you can also cross Mansuar past a lake to the south coast village of Sauwandarek. There’s great snorkelling available there too. The complete trek would be a whole day’s adventure though, so you’d need to arrange for your homestay to pick you up from Sauwandarek.

If trekking is high on your agenda, the best treks in Raja Ampat have been set up in Waigeo’s jungles by the Maya communities of that island’s Mayalibit Bay.

How to choose accommodation on Pulau Kri

Individual homestay pages provide photos and more detail about the specific attractions and tours, services and facilities available at each place.

Note that all homestays can organise almost any trip you want to do: With the exception of Wayag visits, if the trip you want isn’t mentioned on the homestay’s page, it may well still be available. Especially if it’s to a location not too distant from the homestay.

Use the accommodation page search filters to quickly find all homestays offering the features and facilities that are important to you.

Kri location map


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  1. Cris on


    If I stay in Kri is it possible to dive West Waigeo or is it too far?

    1. Hi Chris

      The nearest most dive centers go to West Waigeo is the Kabui Passage. There are so many excellent sites in the Dampier Strait/Kabui/Pam Islands region that none are diving West Waigeo as far as we know. Is is a long way! Fairly certain that if you could get a group together and be prepared to pay what was asked that someone would take you though.

  2. Andrew on


    What is the little island between Kri and Mansuar? It looks like there maybe a homestay on it as well but can’t find it listed here.

    Thank you!

    1. That’s Pulau Ransiwor Andrew. The last time we were there, those buildings weren’t completed. If they are being built by Homestay Association members, then they’ll be added to the site as soon as they are open.

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