Pulau Friwen, Raja Ampat

  • Excellent snorkelling & diving
  • Village life
  • Friwen Wall
  • Yenbeser village and Dore Mkun inlet at Gam
  • Close to Kabui Bay
Size0.2 square kilometres
Coastline length~2 kilometres
Number of villages1
Number of Homestay Association homestays4
Average cost of 1 way transfer from Waisai to Friwen homestays500,000 [~$34.00]
 Avergae one way travel time< 1 hour
Other nearby islands with homestaysWaigeo, Gam, Kri, Mansuar

Friwen Location Map

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Friwen is a tiny island that sits a kilometre offshore from eastern Gam’s Yenbeser village.

It is perfectly located for explorations of Kabui Bay, of Yenbeser’s wonderful Dore Mkun lagoon and to visit Gam’s nearby Red Bird of Paradise display trees.

There are three homestays on Friwen. Nyandetor Homestay sits on the island’s protected northern shore, on the edge of Friwen village. Famangkor Homestay and Friwen Homestay both lie on Friwen’s southern shore, looking across the narrow strait that separates Friwen from Friwenbonda and the famed snorkelling and dive site of the Friwen Wall.

The beaches on Friwen’s northern shore are beautiful, and near the island’s western end is a spot with a huge overhanging tree and a couple of stalls selling drinks and snacks. A perfect place from which to enjoy the sunsets.

Friwen receives a decent phone signal that usually supports a data connection, and basic supplies can be purchased in the village shops.

Snorkelling and diving

None of Friwen’s homestays have dive centers, but all can arrange diving with nearby dive centers if required.

Excellent snorkelling is available off the beaches at Friwen. Huge schools of fish shelter beneath the village jetty, and the renowned Friwen Wall is a short boat ride away. Batu Lima and the attractions of Kabui Bay are also nearby.

Be aware of tidal currents! Most places in Raja Ampat experience extremely strong currents when the tide is in full flow, especially when confined in narrow channels like that between Friwen and Friwenbonda.


Area: 0.12 square kilometres
Coastline: ~1.7 km
Villages: 0
Homestays: 1

Friwenbonda is an arrowhead-shaped tower of limestone that sits 500 metres to the southeast of Pulau Friwen.

Separated from Friwen by a deep channel, Friwenbonda’s north coast cliffs plunge into the ocean to create the spectacular Friwen Wall dive and snorkelling site.

Friwmunday Wall Homestay occupies a sloping saddle of land near Friwenbonda’s northern end. The homestay’s floating dock offers easy access to Friwen Wall’s delights, and a small curve of sandy beach lies below the homestay on Friwenbonda’s southern shore. A perfect place if you’re looking for a private hideaway with fabulous snorkelling.

How to choose accommodation at Pulau Friwen

Individual homestay pages provide photos and more detail about the specific attractions and tours, services and facilities available at each place.

Note that all homestays can organise almost any trip you want to do: With the exception of Wayag visits, if the trip you want isn’t mentioned on the homestay’s page, it may well still be available. Especially if it’s to a location not too distant from the homestay.

Use the accommodation page search filters to quickly find all homestays offering the features and facilities that are important to you.

Here is how to book. Please note that booking in advance is recommended at popular homestays, especially during peak season (October to March). Popular homestays include any with an on-site dive center, and can easily be identified by the number of reviews they have received.

How to get to Friwen

All Friwen homestays can provide pickups from Waisai and transfers to/from anywhere else. Average cost and travel time from Waisai is shown in the table above. Individual homestay transport prices are provided on their pages.

If you’re staying somewhere else first, it’s usually quicker to have your current host transfer you to your next place, rather than to ask your next host to come and pick you up. See this page for more information about the high cost of boat travel in Raja Ampat.

Friwen phone signal & internet access

Friwen receives a serviceable, but erratic signal from a fairly distant tower at Saonek.  If the weather is good, phone services are fine and the internet usable. (But slow, with the occasional dropout.) You might have to wander around a bit to find the best reception.

Note that free WiFi connections are extremely rare in Raja Ampat. You will need a local SIM for your phone. See this page for details.

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