Famangkor Homestay, Pulau Friwen, Raja Ampat

Famangkor Homestay


  • Amazing - 5 starfish
  • Amazing - 5 starfish
  • Amazing - 5 starfish
  • Amazing - 5 starfish
  • Amazing - 5 starfish
  • (5/5 starfishes)

Fantastic views of the sunset-lit Friwenbonda Wall across the strait, with excellent snorkelling and the feeling of your own private island.

2 x Private bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
4 x Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 5 persons / room
Single IDR 350,000 / person / night
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Famangkor Homestay has a 4 room bungalow and two single room private bungalows facing a private beach on the southern shore of Friwen Island. Famangkor Homestay’s 4 room bungalow can sleep up to 20 people, as each room has two double mattresses and a single mattress. All mattresses have covers, pillows, and bolsters, but only a single large mosquito net is supplied for each room.

The rooms share a large verandah which has a long table and plastic chairs and overlooks the ocean and the nearby island of Friwenbonda and its imposing Friwen Wall. Power outlets for charging devices are provided on the verandah wall. A small wooden table setting with four stools fashioned from coconut trunks provides an outdoor seating area.

The private bungalows can be set up as twin or double and are also equipped with mattresses on the floor with covers, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets. Both private bungalows have a small verandah at the front with a table and plastic chairs.

Meals are served in a beachside dining shelter where coffee, tea and drinking water are freely available for guests. Power outlets are also available in the dining shelter.

An outhouse building provides a dip mandi bathroom and western style pedestal toilet in separate rooms. These facilities are shared by guests.

Pulau Friwen has decent phone reception and a data connection is usually possible. Famangkor has a generator which operates from sunset to around midnight.

Supplies can be purchased in Friwen village, which is an easy five minute walk away through via a jungle path through sago and coconut groves.

The Mayor family lives in nearby Friwen village and Pak Yopi’s son Martin has basic English. In the event of any problems requiring a translator, an English speaker can usually be found in Friwen to help out.

Transport / Getting there

Waisai to Famangkor transfers are by longboat which can carry up to 4 passengers. The trip costs IDR 500,000 each way and the cost is shared among passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


On the eastern tip of Pulau Friwen, Famangkor Homestay looks across the narrow channel to Friwenbonda and the famed dive site of the Friwen Wall. There’s great coral for snorkeling right at the door and dugongs can sometimes be seen over the house reef at high tide. At high tide, the water is easily entered from Famangkor’s sandy beach.

Diving with Famangkor Homestay

Diving is arranged in conjunction with the neighbouring Kordiris Homestay on Gam.

Famangkor Homestay snorkeling trips and Wayag tours

Famangkor can organise snorkeling trips to any Raja Ampat site you want to visit (bring your own equipment). Below are just some of the available options. Prices are in IDR and trip cost is shared by participants.

Pasir Timbul sandbank 500,000
Manta Point / Arborek 1,500,000
Kabui Bay / Batu Pensil 3,000,000
Kabui Bay / Kabui Passage 3,500,000
Piaynemo 7,000,000
Wayag / Kawe 12,000,000

The village of Friwen is a short five minute walk away through jungle interspersed with coconut and sago groves. There are small shops for supplies and more great snorkeling available under the village jetty.

Demonstrations of traditional production methods of sago and coconut oil can be arranged for those who are interested and trips to see birds of paradise at nearby Gam can also be organised.


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Large groups OK
  • Reef dropoff
  • Western style toilet
  • Coral
  • English speaking
  • Good house reef
  • Has email contact
  • Calm beach
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • Sandy Beach
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Wayag trips
  • Has private bungalows

Famangkor Homestay Location Map

Famangkor Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Famangkor Homestay

Famangkor Homestay Contact Details

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Name Pak Yopi
Phone +6282197986292
Email famangkor@gmail.com
Name Helena
Phone +6281248011341

Famangkor Homestay Reviews

Posting feedback about your homestay experience will help your hosts and fellow travellers. All feedback is passed on and contributes to the success of the local ecotourism economy which underpins international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat.

Please leave a comment or review below and take the time to respond to this online Raja Ampat ecotourism survey. Your input is valued and appreciated!

9 thoughts on “Famangkor Homestay

  1. Bjoern and Chantal says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We stayed here in 2015 for 10 days and again in 2017 for 3 days. Clearly we like the place! Great family who try very hard to make your stay enjoyable and the food was fantastic. Great house reef especially close to the small island Mios trairam, friwin bonda is one of the best sites in the area, right across from the homestay, and there are plenty of day trips that can be made from here. Our only complaint was the lack of a light switch in the bungalow. Thank you, njo nabor dan untung untung Martin, Miske, Yopi dan Helena. Kita suka sekali tinggal Homestay anda.
    Bjoern and Chantal

  2. karin pedrazzoli says:

    (Copied from karin’s original post)

    We where 1 week in the middle of November in famangkor – the Family from jopi was very kind, helpful. Only we where there and it was very quiet. To hear all the animals days and night was interesting. Our snorkeling trips where very nice. They showed us a lot of nice places. It was beautiful there

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We stayed here in 2015 spring for a couple of nights, very basic accommodation(like all local homestays here) but we were the only guests. We were looked after very well by the family and loved the setting. they even brought us to Easter Sunday Mass in the village, which was a really nice experience, seeing everyone dressed up. We’ll be back for sure.

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We (two adults) stayed here in January 2015. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 nights. Yuli and her brother took us out to the most diverse coral site, called 5 Rocks. No current, clear water, very diverse corals and good fish. They also took us to Friewan’s Wall which is an amazing collection of soft and hard corals under a rock overhang. Snorkeling both times. The women who cooked for us (great food, always vegetarian) came to visit and taught us some Indonesian language. When I could not do the walk to the village, they took me by boat. The village is very clean and very interesting. The trip to Waisai takes about 45 min. This would be a good place to stay for the last leg of a Raja visit as the sites are excellent and the boat trip to Waisai is short and sweet. We stayed at 3 homestays and will definitely be back to this one next visit.

  3. Steve Anyon-Smith says:

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    Yopi, Helen and his family could not do enough to make us happy for our three night stay in November 2014. The food was good and plentiful – with a focus on hygiene – and the snorkelling on the nearby “Friwen Wall” was first class for quirky sea life. The walk through the forest to the village and Friwen village itself were also delightful.

  4. I stayed at this homestay for 4-5 nights in early January 2014. I had a great time. I was the only guest, and the family were extremely kind and attentive to my needs, in particular Martin, the son. They took me places with their rowing boat (notably to the Friwen Wall which is just across the straight) and cooked delicious food, including the famed Spanish Mackerel. The family speak very little English, but in my case this was a great thing, since I had the opportunity to practice my Indonesian and it all felt like an immersion course. Your mileage may vary in this regard, so be advised. Martin Makusi, the man in charge of organizing the Homestay Association, lives just a few minutes away by speedboat, and can help with any logistics / English issues. He took me to a few diving spots one day, including the amazing Manta Point where I saw a huge school of Manta Rays. The location of the homestay is as good or as bad as any other — speedboat transportation in Raja Ampat is a mess at the moment, and much more expensive than it should be, so you’ll inevitably find yourself spending money if you want to go places, especially as a solo traveler — but at least it’s relatively close to Waisai, so that the return trip from there isn’t as expensive as it can be for some other homestays. Indeed, the area is crying for some sort of a “public” speedboat service. Final notes: 1) They are building a few other bungalows, so the capacity is likely to increase. 2) I was quoted was IDR 450,000 per day, not IDR 400,000 as it says above, so have that in mind.

      • Please confirm, update the price. This person states that price is IDR 100k more than your website shows. Two years ago. Thx

        PS only show single price so are doubles 2x single? Ouch! You have many of these RA homestay listed this way, only single?

        • Hi Mark. Sorry to take so long to respond – we’ve been on islands with no internet for the last 12 days.

          Current prices are as shown on the site, not as mentioned in the 3 year old comment. They were last updated in June 2016.

          Most homestays charge per person, so that’s why most of them only have a “Single” rate. If you’d hovered over/tapped the blue question mark next to the rate, you would have seen the following: “Price is per person per night including 3 meals. If no couple rate is shown, price is per person in room.”