Friwen Homestay




2 x Over water - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 3 persons / room.


Use the booking form to calculate exact pricing for your booking

Twin share from USD 26.92 per person / night including 3 meals daily

Single occupancy from USD 26.92 per person / night including 3 meals daily


  • Good phone signal
  • Reef dropoff
  • Mangroves
  • English speaking
  • Coral
  • Good house reef
  • Western style toilet
  • IDR 400,000 to 500,000
  • In village
  • Has private bungalows


    September 2022: Friwen Homestay has not yet reopened after the pandemic. Please contact us if you want to be notified when/if Friwen reopens.

    Friwen Homestay has a 2 private, over water bungalows at Friwen village. The bungalows lie in front of mangroves, next to the rich reefs of Friwen’s southern shore and there are great beaches close by on both sides.

    Bungalows  bedrooms sleep two, on mattresses on the floor, and extra mattresses are available if required. Bedding supplied includes sheets, pillows. bolsters and mosquito nets.

    The bungalow verandahs are equipped with small tables and chairs, plus a recliner which makes the most of a fabulous view across the reef to Friwenbonda and its famed Friwen Wall diving and snorkelling site. Unlike at many homestays, the doors at Friwen Homestay’s bungalows can be locked.

    Meals are served in an over-water dining room that has panoramic ocean views to Friwenbonda and  westward to Gam. Coffee, tea and drinking water are always freely available for guests and power outlets are supplied for charging devices.

    Guests share a two-room bathroom building on land. A western style toilet is provided in one room. Bathing facilities in the other include both dip mandi (bucket) bathing and a shower.

    Electricity at Friwen Homestay is supplied by generator and is available from sunset to around midnight.

    Pulau Friwen has decent phone reception: A 4G data connection is usually available.

    Basic supplies can be purchased in Friwen village, which is an easy two minute walk away, but please do take all your inorganic waste away with you when you leave. As everywhere in Raja Ampat, leaving your trash behind will only contribute to the rubbishing of paradise.

    English is spoken at Friwen Homestay.

    Coconut crabs: This protected species is unfortunately hunted and sold at some places in Raja Ampat. Please don’t buy any. Friwen Homestay will refuse to cook them for you and will insist you release them instead.

    Transport / Getting there

    A one-way transfer between Friwen Homestay and Waisai costs IDR 500,000 Transfers are speedboat, and the cost is shared by passengers. (Maximum capacity of 6.)


    Snorkelling and sightseeing

    Pulau Friwen is a great base for sightseeing trips. Kabui Bay and Gam’s birds of paradise are a short boat ride away. Friwen Homestay can arrange boat hire and any trips you’d like to do.

    Great snorkelling is available all around Friwen Island, and the spectacular Friwen Wall is a very short boat ride away. You might even be tempted to try swimming the narrow strait that separates Friwenbonda and Friwen. You would be crazy to try this unless (i) you are a very competent swimmer, (ii) you are wearing fins, (iii) the tide is not running and (iv) you have someone with access to a rescue boat watching you!

    Friwen village is great to explore and there’s excellent snorkelling beneath the jetty there. On the island’s northern shore you’ll find a picnic areas on the beach and a large overhanging tree with a rope where local kids gather to practice their reverse somersaults. It’s a great place for a beach day and there are often food vendors there.

    Friwen Homestay Location Map