The Raja Ampat Local Homestay Business Enterprise Association


The Asosiasi Usaha Homestay Lokal Kabupaten Raja Ampat or Raja Ampat Local Homestay Business Enterprise Association was formed by the owners of Papuan homestay businesses and has a threefold aim:

  • To foster the establishment of a strong, locally-owned ecotourism economy which will empower island communities with the political influence necessary to realise their desire for environmental and cultural preservation.
  • To assist each other in the development of the skills required to successfully operate sustainable ecotourism ventures.
  • To assist travellers to Raja Ampat by setting minimum standards for homestay facilities, ensuring member compliance with those standards and providing a channel for guest feedback and complaint resolution.

Sustainable ecotourism in Raja Ampat

Local communities wholeheartedly embrace conservation of both their environment and traditional way of life and locally owned ecotourism ventures are the foundation upon which international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat are based. You can read more about conservation efforts and how conservation is enshrined in local customary law on our Raja Ampat conservation programs page.

Community support

The Association is a true community based organisation and is keenly aware of the flow on effects of the success (or otherwise) of its members’ business ventures. Homestays are the focus of economic activity that supports a wide range of community members. In addition to the community members directly employed by the homestays, a wide network of local guides, suppliers, transport operators and service providers is dependent on the success of Raja Ampat’s homestay accommodation sector. Recognition of this is evident in the Association motto: “Building the economy of the village.”

Your input

The Asosiasi Usaha Lokal Homestay and local ecotourism operators want to hear your reviews, recommendations and criticisms. Hearing from you will enable them to improve their businesses and better meet guest expectations. If you have been a guest at a homestay – or at a resort or on a liveaboard – please consider responding to this survey.

Your input is valued and will contribute to the conservation of the Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area, the island environment and the way of life of local people.

Member Homestays

Homestays which are members of the Association and signatories to its charter are indicated on our accommodation page by this symbol:

Supporting homestays which are members of the Association ensures no surprises regarding available facilities and services and provides an avenue of redress in the unlikely event of a problem you can’t otherwise resolve.

Healthy competition makes for healthy businesses

The Raja Ampat Local Homestay Business Enterprise Association is not – as we have heard said in some circles – a price fixing cartel! The homestay owners recognise that there needs to be room for innovation, in order to ensure that services are designed around the needs of guests rather than those of the proprietors. Therefore the Association does not set or recommend prices for homestays or any other ecotourism operators. Please read this Raja Ampat Accommodation Prices article for an in-depth look at the factors affecting costs and fuel supplies in Raja Ampat.

Working together to help guests enjoy their stay

Although invisible to most visitors to Raja Ampat, the Association, through regular workshops and meetings, is working to ensure your stay is as good as it can be. A single example of the unseen workings of members is that during times of fuel restriction where you would otherwise be unable to depart from your island, association office bearers ring around and (at their own expense) organise the collection and delivery of enough fuel to enable your homestay owner to provide you with transport to meet your departing flight.

A vision for life in Raja Ampat

The Asosiasi Usaha Homestay Lokal Kabupaten Raja Ampat has articulated the  hopes and aims of local communities in their Vision Statement. You can read it here.


Raja Ampat Homestays: Support local communities – support the reef.