Misool, Kofiau & Salawati

Misool, Kofiau, Salawati, Raja Ampat

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The second largest of Raja Ampat’s Four Kings, Misool lies a 150km boat journey southwest of Sorong. (The route is serviced by the Marina Express ferry company.)

There’s a lot to see at Misool and we know there are homestays on the island.

Unfortunately, in common with Kofiau and Salawati below, we can’t tell you anything about them!

There are two reasons for that:

  • None of the homestays on these islands have yet become members of the Raja Ampat Homestay Association, and
  • Our work for the Homestay Association demands all our available time when visiting Raja Ampat, so (sadly) we’ve never had the opportunity to even visit those other islands!

We know who can help though.

These Sorong based guides will be able to provide everything you need to know about how to get to and where to stay at Misool, Kofiau or Salawati.

John Urbon
Boy Alex Ofias
Alberth Sorondanya

There are also several members of our Raja Ampat Travellers’ Forum who know far more about Misool and its homestays than we do. Join the group to contact them.

Kayak Misool

Great news for those wanting to go kayaking in Misool! Millekul Adventures have 12 sea kayaks based at Pulau Panun in the eastern Misool archipelago. Millekul work with Misool homestays and offer a range of paddling adventures. Millekul’s Misool kayaking expedition prices are all inclusive, with participants departing from and returning to Sorong. You’ll find Millekul’s trip schedules here.


The Kofiau island group is also about 150 km west of Sorong, and 50km to the north of Misool.

We have heard that there is at least one homestay there, and have stared longingly at it from a plane window on flights into and out of Sorong. It looks beautiful. Truly remote and untouched.

The guides linked above will be able to help you if it’s on your must go list.


The third largest of Raja Ampat’s Four Kings, Salawati is the closest of the Raja Ampat islands to Sorong. Lying west of Sorong, a strait separates Salawati from that city and the West Papuan mainland. Salawati lies immediately to the south of Batanta, from which it is separated by the narrow Sagawin Strait.

Only part of Salawati lies in the Raja Ampat Regency and we’ve never heard of any homestays there. That doesn’t mean there are none!

Again, John, Alex or Alberth above will be able to help you if you particularly want to visit Salawati.

Misool location map


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  1. Gerard Pilarz on

    Ladies and gendlemen,
    could you kindly advise me (send me a link / links) how to find the schedule of a ferry / ferries from Sorong to Misool.
    The information to look it up at the harbor in Sorong isn’t really helpful.

    1. Sorry Gerard, but there are no ferry schedules published online. We would have linked to them if there were.

      All we can tell you is that a Marina Express boat runs between Sorong and Misool’s 35, Foley, Yellu & Fafanlap harbours.

      Schedules change without notice. Any of the 3 Sorong-based guides linked above can give you up to date information. They all speak English and we’ve provided contact phone numbers and email addresses for those that have them.

  2. Lyn on

    I would like a homestay accommodation for one person on Misool (preferealy close to the resort is that is possible) on 25/11 for one week – I would like also to do snorkelling trips – can you assist – thanks Lyn

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