Misool, Kofiau & Salawati

Misool, Kofiau, Salawati, Raja Ampat

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The second largest of Raja Ampat’s Four Kings, Misool lies a 150km boat journey southwest of Sorong.

There’s a lot to see at Misool and there are many homestays there. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about them!

There are two reasons for that:

  1. The Raja Ampat Homestay Association does not have the capacity to support homestays in Misool and the other islands of southern Raja Ampat, and
  2. Our work for the Homestay Association demands all our available time when visiting Raja Ampat, so (sadly) we’ve never had the opportunity to even visit those other islands!

We know who can help though.

Abdul Muthalib was born on Misool, is an experienced tour leader and rescue diver, and can organise anything you might want to do around Misool.

These Sorong based guides can also provide everything you need to know about how to get to and where to stay at Misool, Kofiau or Salawati.

Anne Putri
Alberth Sorondanya
Indra Franzpower
John Urbon

Our Raja Ampat Travellers’ Forum can also be a good source of Misool info, and has many members who know far more about Misool and its homestays than we do. Futuristico Tony has posted a great Misool resource there. Thanks Tony!

Contact Misool Homestays

The table below has contact details for some of Misool’s many homestays. These details are regularly checked and updated, and all use WhatsApp.

Please always use Bahasa Indonesia when calling or sending messages.


Berdikari Homestay+6285312381590Eja
Binyomat Homestay+6281248347381 or +6282199916731Zainab Jelfoom
Fatanon Homestay+6282248476615H. Badar
Lalelkai Homestay+6281217638893Abusaleh Alkadri / Edhi
Mira Homestay+6282241860805Mira
Nada Homestay+6285243278870Bok. Usman
Soasiu Homestay+6282239228852Farasman Soasiu
Syifa Homestay+6282349336210Hasan Sapua
Yalapale Homestay+6282266141227H. Moikian Sapua
Yapap Homestay+6282191217966Iksan Alhamid

How to get to Misool

Last updated: February 2024

You will need to allow for a longer stay in Misool than when visiting northern Raja Ampat, as there is currently only a weekly service.

Slow boat (Fajar Indah or Fajar Mulia)

SORONG to MISOOL (Yellu) – Every Monday evening from Sorong at 2300. Arriving Misool 0700 Tuesday.

MISOOL to SORONG – Departing Yellu every Thursday afternoon at 1900. Arrives Sorong 0400 Friday morning.

IDR 250,000 per person one way
Private fan cabin price IDR 500,000 IDR for 2 people one way
Private AC cabin price IDR 600,000 IDR for 2 people one way

Purchase tickets at Pelabuhan Rakyat (public harbor) ticket agent counter.

Kayak Misool

Great news for those wanting to go kayaking in Misool: Millekul Adventures have 16 sea kayaks based at Pulau Panun in the eastern Misool archipelago.

Millekul work with Misool homestays and offer a range of paddling adventures. There are short 4 day exploratory adventures perfect for beginners, as well as 2 and 3 week trips better suited to experienced paddlers. Millekul’s Misool kayaking expedition prices are all inclusive, with participants departing from and returning to Sorong.

You’ll find Millekul’s trip schedules here.

How to choose accommodation at Misool

Given that we know nothing about it, your best bet is to ask in our Raja Ampat Traveller’s Forum facebook group, or contact one of the guides recommended above.

Misool phone signal & internet access

Never having visited, we can’t tell you exactly what’s available, but we know that this much is true:

Free WiFi connections are extremely rare in Raja Ampat. You will need a local SIM for your phone. See this page for details.


The Kofiau island group is also about 150 km west of Sorong, and 50km to the north of Misool.

We have heard that there is at least one homestay there, and have stared longingly at it from a plane window on flights into and out of Sorong. It looks beautiful. Truly remote and untouched.

The guides linked above will be able to help you if it’s on your must go list.


The third largest of Raja Ampat’s Four Kings, Salawati is the closest of the Raja Ampat islands to Sorong. Lying west of Sorong, a strait separates Salawati from that city and the West Papuan mainland. Salawati lies immediately to the south of Batanta, from which it is separated by the narrow Sagawin Strait.

Only part of Salawati lies in the Raja Ampat Regency and we’ve never heard of any homestays there. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any!

Again, John, Alex or Alberth above will be able to help you if you particularly want to visit Salawati.


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  1. JB on

    Au mois de novembre il y a un ferry de Sorong à missol et quel jour

    1. Yes, as described above, JB.

      Slow boat (Fajar Indah or Fajar Mulia)

      SORONG to MISOOL (Yellu) – Every Monday evening from Sorong at 2300. Arriving Misool 0700 Tuesday.

      MISOOL to SORONG – Departing Yellu every Thursday afternoon at 1800. Arrives Sorong 0300 Friday morning.

  2. Adrian on


    I’d like to know if there have been any updates regarding the express ferry? We will be visiting Raja Ampat in May so just planning in advance.

    Thanks for your help,

    1. We’ve heard nothing further about the express ferry Adrian.

      The info on this page is updated as soon as we are aware of changes. Fingers crossed for you in May!

  3. Lamothe on


    We were supposed to return from Misool on Wednesday 3 January 2023 with the Bahari Express. This one doesn’t circulate any more and it remains only the option of the slow ferry which will cancel us 1 week on the spot.

    Would you have more precise information concerning the return or not of the fast ferry to and from Missal?
    Is it possible to find a private individual who can offer his boat (and pay of course) to reach Sorong?

    Thank you for your feedback

    1. Hi Lamothe

      We have heard talk that the fast ferry will be operating again by the end of the year, but nobody really knows for sure. All we can suggest is to ask the ferry company by calling on one of the numbers provided on the ticket image above:

      Rahma: 0813 4328 9673
      Anhi: 0821 9952 8832
      Nhia: 0822 4849 7849

      We don’t know anything about chartering a boat from Misool, sorry. Perhaps one of the guides listed above can help you with that.

  4. Alvise on

    Any news about fast ferry on december during Christmas period (19th – 28th december) to/from Misol?

    1. We’ve heard nothing Alvise. Calling the ferry company is all we can suggest.

  5. ANDREA on

    Ferry Sorong to Misool update: Bahari Express to Misool isn’t running anymore. There is only the slow boat running to Misool on Mondays at 11PM returning on Thursdays at 5PM from Misool. The trip takes 9 hours. I got this information from the guide Abdul, because we wanted to go to Misool mid-January. Well, now this must wait….. In case somebody has info on an affordable liveaboard (eg Kapal Insos) between mid-January and mid-February I would be happy to hear from you.

  6. Alex on

    Can I pay for the pass directly to Yellu for (Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit) ?

    1. We don’t know what the arrangements are in Yellu, sorry Alex.

      In November 2020, the UPTD advised that the Raja Ampat Environmental Service Fee Card could be purchased through:

      Email to environmentalfee.r4@gmail.com
      Contact telephone number +6282134059338 (Allan/Yoan)
      UPTD temporary office at Jenderal Sudirman Street, Waisai

        1. Thanks Alex. Yes, those are the contact details we posted above. At last report, the office in Sorong was not open.

          1. Alex on

            At the moment nothing is working (didn’t pay the environmental fee). I got to Yellu on ship Fajar Inda 2, which departs from Sorong Port once a week on Mondays. The ship goes to Seram Island with stops at Misul and Yellu.

            1. Thanks for the transport update Alex :)

              Hope you had a good time there, despite nothing being working!

  7. Febby on

    Halo , di 2021 saya akan berencana trip ke misool, setelah dari misool akan lanjut ke Saleman di Seram Ambon. apakah ada kapal dari Misool ke Seram?.
    mohon bantuan informasi untuk jadwal kapal,pelabuhan ke berangkatan nya.

    terima kasih

  8. TREGUIER Pierrick on

    do ferries take scooters?
    we want to do a road trip from Bali where we live

    1. Hi Pierrick

      We can’t say for sure about the Misool ferry, but we know that the Waisai ferry does not take scooters. You need to go on the supply barge if you want to take a scooter to Waisai. It’s most likely the same for Misool.

      Suggest you contact one of the guides linked on the page above to confirm this. You might also want to ask if it is worth taking a scooter to Misool: If Misool is anything like northern Raja Ampat, then there are very few roads suitable for scooters!

  9. Albert Brull on

    Hola a todos los miembros de Stay Raja Ampat. El mes de marzo de 2021 tenemos intención de visitar en 5 dias la zona de Misool. Tenemos controlados 2 Homestays, uno de ellos un poco caro, pero seguiremos buscando…Tenemos conversaciones con un guía nativo de Misool, pero los precios del barco para realizar los tours son muy caros. Alguien estaría interesado en compartir gastos de guía y barco? Espero vuestras respuestas.

    1. Hi Albert. You might find you get a better response by posting this in our facebook group. (It will be easier for respondents to contact you there too.) Good luck and all the best for your visit!

    2. Damián Fidalgo on

      Hola Albert!
      Mi pareja y yo también tenemos pensado visitar Misool las ultimas semanas de Marzo de 2021 (haciendo coincidir con la Semana Santa).
      Nuestra idea principal es buscar una alternativa de buceo en Homestays al resort de súper lujo que hay en la zona (Misool Eco Resort) así como alguna acampada en playas remotas o incluso la opción de coger unos kayak 2/3 de días. Si prefieres, hablamos por email (damfidalgo(at)gmail.com)

  10. Carina on

    Hi everyone,
    we (33 and 38, couple from Germany) are looking for 2 more people to join us to Misool on a guided tour from 3rd – 8th February 2020, starting from Sorong. We will go diving, snorkeling and trekking, including jellyfish lake, love lagoon, Balbubol and so on.
    We will go with a recommended guide with good english skills.
    For more information you can contact me directly: nine1 (at) gmx.de

    I am looking forward to hearing from you :)

  11. Alex on

    Hello, i’ve been already 2 times in RA in kri island ans this year i plan to go back in RA and specialy in Kofiau island ?!!! Can i have information about this island and the name of homestay if there is !!! How i can reach this place? Thanks you very much for your answer

    1. As stated above Alex: We don’t know anything about Kofiau, and have provided links to three Sorong-based guides who will know more.

  12. lucie on

    good afternoon can you let me know how I can go to Piaynemo island from Misool?
    Do I have to take the ferry Misool to Sorong and then wasai ?and then take the hotel boat until Piaynemo ,or do they have a ferry Misool wasai?
    Thank you for your help

    1. Hello Lucie

      The way that most people would do that is by taking the ferry back to Sorong, then either joining a Piaynemo day trip from Sorong, or (if staying at Piaynemo or nearby) the public ferry to Waisai then private transport to your accommodation. See this page for the details.

  13. Gerard Pilarz on

    Ladies and gendlemen,
    could you kindly advise me (send me a link / links) how to find the schedule of a ferry / ferries from Sorong to Misool.
    The information to look it up at the harbor in Sorong isn’t really helpful.

    1. Sorry Gerard, but there are no ferry schedules published online. We would have linked to them if there were.

      All we can tell you is that a Marina Express boat runs between Sorong and Misool’s 35, Foley, Yellu & Fafanlap harbours.

      Schedules change without notice. Any of the 3 Sorong-based guides linked above can give you up to date information. They all speak English and we’ve provided contact phone numbers and email addresses for those that have them.

    2. Roo on

      I’ve just come back from visiting Folley on Misool. The schedule is – out to Misool on a Friday then back the next day. Etc. Both departures are in the morning and are very vague with the exact time. Basically you want to be there at 9a.m.and you might leave immediately or you might wait 3 hours. If you’re in Sorong you can wait on the air conditioned boat.

  14. Lyn on

    I would like a homestay accommodation for one person on Misool (preferealy close to the resort is that is possible) on 25/11 for one week – I would like also to do snorkelling trips – can you assist – thanks Lyn

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