Anne Putri

Anne Putri

If you’re looking for someone to arrange a Misool adventure, Anne Putri comes highly recommended by members of our Travellers’ Forum facebook group:

“We finally found a really good guide… living in Sorong which found us a great solution.”

“Very sensitive and intuitive, adapting her proposal to our way of life in term of budget and needs. We have scarcely met anyone who was so attentive.”

Anne is based in Sorong, speaks good English and can help with all you need to have a great time in Misool.

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Phone & WhatsApp: +6281218591245




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  1. Nya BHN on

    Our Misool trip was amazing, thanks to Anna and her homestay family friends. Anna was very helpful, communicative, replying to all of our requests, fighting for our advantage, helps us save on costs, and even spend time taking us around when we were in Sorong the next day.
    Her choice of homestay is a warm lovely family house whose food is tasty and rooms are cozy. The boat people taking us to sightseeing locations are super friendly and dedicated, they made our trip a life-time memory.
    We feel soooo lucky to have such a resourceful and lovely guide like Anna, I could not recommend her enough.

  2. Adelaide on

    Travelling to Raja Ampat Misool area is not as easy to travel to Waisai/Dampier Straight/Wayag area…
    We tried to manage our trip by ourselves as usual.
    But for Misool, it was a nightmare. Some homestays did not answer to our messages ( even if we speak Indonesian), some others asked us prices which were not in our budget, especially in term of transfer and boat tours, and some guides were not interested because we were only 2 peoples and we didn’t want to go in expensive homestays.
    If you don’t find another guests to share the boat coast, the risk is to be stucked in your homestay!
    By chance, we have been in contact with Anne PUTRI who made our trip in Misool unforgettable.
    She organised everything, from Sorong airport to the end of our Misool trip, calling on the way back the harbour for us to  catch the ferry to Waisai?
    We visited many places in Misool, on land and underwater (she’s a good snorkeler and diver).  She teached us also local ways of life and was really discreet.
    Despite we are not usual of using guide service, we  highly recommend herI!!!

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