Abdul Muthalib

Abdul Muthalib

Abdul is an experienced Misool dive guide, tour leader and translator.

Born in Misool, Abdul speaks English and is a qualified rescue diver.

Whatever your plan for a Misool adventure, Abdul can make it happen.

Contact Abdul

Phone & WhatsApp: +6282198400181

Email:  manccaledda@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mancca.ledda.1


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  1. Ratana on

    Last time we stayed at Nut Tonton, Mr.Abdul as our guide for 5 days for snorkeling excursions. He is very patient and has good service-minded. He guided us to see wonderful land and underwater world of Misool, very impressive. He also took beautiful underwater photos of my sons and daughter with colorful big coral and jellyfish, great memories for us. Thanks Mr.Abdul for guiding us 🙏

  2. Ron on

    As you will see from my other reviews from this trip, Nut Tonton was our last stop on an whirlwind 8-day 4-homestay odyssey which took us to both the tippy top (Wayag) and the rock bottom (Misool) of Raja Ampat… and everything in between. We’re ecstatic we made it to the South. We were debating whether we should… and ultimately chose to… and what a good decision that was! Views like no other… remote yet accessible… just perfect. Abdul was our guide at Nut Tonton and traveled with us on the ferry both ways from Sorong to Misool and back. I was later told by him that his fluency in English is why the homestay contracts with him to offer his services as a guide to foreign groups. He is also a certified rescue diver, so as professional as they come. Abdul, unbeknownst to us was filming our excurions via drone for a customized video of our time in the South (links below) — obviously we could see he was operating the drone but we didn’t know that he was making a video especially for us — we thought he was doing promo marketing work for the homestay… so that was a super pleasant surprise. He went above and beyond, staying with us after we got off in Sorong and taking us to a shop on the way to the airport, so we could buy Raja Ampat T-shirts. He also took us on all the excursions to all the hot spots around… so that all was an A+. Here are links for the videos.



    Both link to the same videos but I understand Vimeo may be inaccessible in certain areas – however the Vimeo resolution is a lot better than Youtube.

    Thanks Abdul!

    1. abdul on

      hi ron,, thanks for your good feedback..
      it was good time with you.

    2. Meghan McAughey on

      I know you posted this a long time ago . But I would love to see your itinerary I’m trying to something similar !!
      Thank you

      1. Ron on

        Wow, that was a couple of years ago! OK no problem… this is the itinerary we followed, drawn up by another guide, and which included Misool. Enjoy!

        P.S.: While we generally followed the itinerary in terms of locations, the specific activities mentioned below were simply suggestions of what may be possible at the locations. Obviously would be way too packed if we were to do EVERYTHING which was suggested. Ultimately, all activities were determined by what we wanted to do on any given day, based on the availability of the hosts.

        09 :00-11 :00 : Sorong-Waisai by ferry
        11:30- 13:00 : Waisai-Pam. You will stay at Pianemo homestay.
        14:00- 17:00 : Snorkeling around Andau island

        07:00- 12:00 : Visit Pianemo, snorkeling at Melissa’s garden and Fam Wall
        13:00-17:00 : After lunch, you will take a boat to Manyaifun in west Waigeo with several stop at snorkeling point between like Yeben shallow. You will stay at Bon Wauw homestay in Manyaifun, west Waigeo.

        07:00-15:00 : Visit Wayag
        15:00-17:00 : Back to Bon Wauw homestay.

        07:00-12:00 : Early in the morning after breakfast, you will go to snorkeling at Imbraimuk lagoon.
        12:00-13:30 : Have lunch at Arborek village/ island, a tourism village in Raja Ampat.
        13:30-17:00 Snorkrling at Manta sandy point and Yenbuba jetty. You will spend a night at Nus homestay on Kri.

        07:00-09:00 : After breakfast, go to Waisai
        09:00-11:00 : Waisai-Sorong by ferry
        13:00-17:00 : Sorong –Misool by Ferry
        17:00: – : Stay at Nut Tonton

        07:00-17:00 : Visit Balbullol lagoon, Gamfi island, Farondi and Namlol + snorkeling

        07:00-17:00 : Visit Puncak love (view point with natural lagoon takes a heart form, Yapap and Banos island + snorkeling.

        07:00 – 13:00 : After breakfast, take a ferry to Sorong
        13:00-14 :00 : Port to airport. Flight out.

        1. Ratana on

          Hi Mr.Ron, thanks for sharing your itinerary, very inspired. Would you pls share yr experiences about homestay that u mentioned except Nut Tonton and any snokeling spots we should avoid.
          I am planning to travel to Raja Ampat on 19 December 2022, thinking to follow your itinerary since we have only 8 night 9 day in Raja Ampat.

          Do you visit Wayag by using service from
          Bon Wauw homestay?

          Your advise will be most grateful.

          You can reply me by email : ratana.anatta@hotmail.com

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