Bon Wauw Homestay, Pulau Manyaifun, West Waigeo, Raja Ampat

Bon Wauw Homestay

West Waigeo - Manyaifun

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  • Amazing - 5 starfish
  • Amazing - 5 starfish
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A remote and quiet homestay on the shore of a fish-filled bay, Bon Wauw offers Piaynemo and Wayag day trips.

1 x On beach - Private bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 350,000 / person / night
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Bon Wauw Homestay lies in a shady coconut grove on a fine sandy beach on the remote West Waigeo island of Manyaifun.

A couple of hundred metres away from its neighbour Sea Fans Homestay, Bon Wauw Homestay currently has a single private bungalow on the beach. Another was under construction when we visited in June 2016. At high tide the bungalow is over water and it has a verandah with seats and table and a fine view across the bay to the neighbouring island of Batang Pele. The bungalow bedroom has the usual mattress on the floor with a mosquito net, pillows, bolsters, mattress cover and sheet.

Bon Wauw’s dining room was also still under construction, but should be ready by August. In the meantime, meals are taken on the guest bungalow verandah.

A two room bathroom building with a crushed rock floor provides separate dip mandi bathroom and a western style toilet.

Electricity is supplied from sunset to around midnight by generator, but there was no phone signal available on the day we visited. We think that was temporary, because a phone signal is usually available at Sea Fans and in Manyaifun village. The signal when present isn’t good enough for an internet connection though.

Manyaifun village is a 15 minute walk away and basic supplies can be purchased there, but Manyaifun is a remote island, so consider bringing your favourite snacks and anything you can’t do without. It’s also important to take any inorganic trash (especially plastic and batteries) that you create away with you when you leave – there’s no safe waste disposal on Manyaifun. (See our article about rubbish in Raja Ampat for more info.)

Pak Matheus speaks English, so you shouldn’t have any problems communicating.

Transport / Getting there

Transport between Waisai and Bon Wauw Homestay is by longboat that can carry a maximum of 2 people with luggage and costs IDR 1,500,000 each way. The trip is a long one and you’ll get to see Kabui Bay and Passage and the sand cays of western Waigeo on the way.

Pickup and dropoff is also available to other islands if you are staying at other homestays as well. The transfers are also by longboat as above. Trip prices (shared among passengers) are below:

Piaynemo to Waisai (combine with day trip) 3,000,000
Gam 1,500,000
Arborek 1,500,000
Kri 2,000,000
Batanta 4,000,000

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Manyaifun’s waters are rich in coral and fish and alive with phosphorescence at night. There are many great snorkelling sites nearby, including some where you can swim with Mantas. Bon Wauw has good coral and a drop off at the door. The fiordlike karst landscape of western Waigeo and Aljui Bay are also relatively close by.

Manyaifun affords the opportunity to do a bit of hiking and some great panoramas are available from the island’s heights. Manyaifun village is also easily accessible from Bon Wauw. (Ask to see the freshwater eels there.)

Snorkelling at Bon Wauw Homestay

In addition to the house reef, snorkelling trips can be arranged on request and day trips to Piaynemo and Wayag for sightseeing and snorkelling are also available.

Wayag Day Trip

A Wayag day trip from Bon Wauw will cost IDR 6,000,000 shared among longboat passengers.

Piaynemo Day Trip

Bon Wauw’s sightseeing and snorkelling day trip to Piaynemo is also by longboat and costs IDR 3,000,000 shared among passengers.


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Reef dropoff
  • Western style toilet
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Hiking available
  • Coral
  • English speaking
  • Good house reef
  • Calm beach
  • Sandy Beach
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Wayag trips
  • Has private bungalows

Bon Wauw Homestay Location Map

Bon Wauw Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Bon Wauw Homestay

Bon Wauw Homestay Contact Details

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Name Matheus Mambrasar
Phone +6281354153357

Bon Wauw Homestay Reviews

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18 thoughts on “Bon Wauw Homestay

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    I have stayed at this beautiful and remote location for about a week in Feb. 2017. Mattheus and his family took such good care for me and made me feel at home. Great food and a wonderful location with great snorkeling spots within close range. Close to Wayag, manta spot en other beautiful places. This place has only one beautiful private bungalow for max. two persons but it is lovely and meals are served on your balcony. There is a descent (non European) toilet and bucket shower.

    Mattheus can take you to all the nice places and a walk to the hill to sunset point and the holy turtle place should be on your list.

    • Matteus and abner says:

      Thank you peter thank you so much for you
      I’m glad nice to meet you ,,
      Thank you peter for your coming to my homestay
      Thank you for your coment

  1. Anyone been to this place? I booked for 5 nights but now the guy from the other guesthouse next to Bon Wauw tell me i cannot do anything without a local guide because of crocodiles not even snorkeling. His English is not taht good but still…

    I have a inflatable canoe and i want to explore the area with it. Is it that dangerous?
    Anyone share their experience?

    • Hi Peter –

      It’s always best (regardless of where you stay in Raja Ampat) to at least consult a local guide, especially if you are travelling alone. Apart from the risk of encountering crocodiles, Raja Ampat experiences very strong and swift tidal currents which are impossible to swim (and in some cases paddle) against. You may well be fine in a canoe, but snorkeling alone is never a good idea.

          • Your first mail i can understand. I wont do this without asking
            but even every time i want to take a swim is a lot different from other places i visted in raja ampat. Is this special for this eiland?

            • You only need to ask once if it’s OK to swim/snorkel in front of any homestay, and (unless you’re completely familiar with local conditions) it’s always good practice to make sure someone at least sees you enter the water. It’s more important to do this at Manyaifun as there is a higher risk of encountering a crocodile there.

              (BTW: It would be best to post multiple question threads like this as private messages on our facebook page, rather than fill up the homestay’s comments section. Thanks Peter.)

              • Thank you and sorry for filling up the thread. I don’t use Facebook and could not find another way of communicating. You can delete the threat if you want.

                SRA says: Replying here Peter because we’ve hit the Q&A limit for comments. You’re welcome to ask questions via the website contact form, then we can continue over email. All the best.

      • I have some questions but speak no Bahasa Indonesia and there is no email address.
        I need transport from Bon Wauw Homestay to Beser Bay Homestay on 26th of February and icannot find any info and prices on snorkeling trips in the area.

        Can you help me or ask for me?

          • Thank you, That is clear.

            One final question if i may. There are two ferries from Sorong so how do i let them know which ferry I take from Sorong so they pick me up at the right time? I can only use the check in box for transport from Waisai.

  2. Hi, I sent sms to pak Matheus to know accommodation availability for three people from 22 January 2017.
    I had no answer, how can I do to have this information?

    • Truly sorry to take so long to reply to your question riccardo – we’ve just returned to an internet connection after 12 days out in the islands.

      It’s too late now of course, but for anyone else with the same question, the easiest way to request a booking for the dates you want is to use the booking form on the page. If available, a reservation confirmation will be emailed to you. A notification will also be emailed if the room requested is unavailable, or if our system is unable to contact the homestay.

      NOTE: If you just want to enquire about availability (and don’t actually want to make a booking), then you must try to contact the homestay directly. See this page for why that’s the case. However: Almost all homestays are unable to send SMS to or call international numbers.

  3. ********BOAT-SHARING NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2016******
    we´ll be in Raja Ampat from 21st November to 10th December 2016.
    One or two weeks of this time, we want to spend on the outer islands of West Waigeo, Manyaifun or/and Selpele.
    If you want to share the boat-trip (and the costs), from Waisai or maybe Southern Gam to West Waigeo, I´d be happy to hear from you.
    (Please notice: there are three “r” in azzurrro)