Piaynemo Homestay, Pulau Piaynemo, Raja Ampat

Piaynemo Homestay

Pam (Fam) Islands - Piaynemo

  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • (4/5 starfishes)

Piaynemo’s unique location between a wide sandy bay and a mangrove fringed lagoon gives easy access to Penemu’s superb Wayag-like seascapes.

2 x Over water - VIP bungalow Sleeps max. 4 persons / room
4 x Over water - Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 500,000 / person / night
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Piaynemo Homestay is a large and sometimes very busy homestay in the heart of Pulau Piaynemo’s fabulous karst seascape.

Three over water bungalows are available at Piaynemo, two of which are private VIP bungalows which have ensuite bathrooms with western style toilets and showers. When we visited in June 2016 the bathrooms weren’t yet able to be used though, as Piaynemo’s bioseptic wastewater units were awaiting commissioning. The VIP bungalows are equipped with double beds with pillows, bolsters, sheets, blankets and mosquito nets. An extra two floor mattresses can be provided for families. Each private bungalow has a verandah with a small table, wooden chairs and a fine view across the bay to the jungled heights of the karst hills opposite the homestay.

A large four roomed bungalow with a well equipped common area is also available. Each room sleeps two in mattresses on the floor with the usual mosquito net and bedding. The building is solidly constructed and nicely finished, featuring much use of lacquered sago palm stems and has a great view westward toward the mouth of the bay. The large common area is well appointed with big tables and a variety of seating options. All Piaynemo Homestay rooms have light switches and power outlets.

Meals are served in an over water dining room with many long tables and bench seating. The dining room and adjoining kitchen is well appointed and even has a freezer, as it also caters to the many day visitors that come to climb Piaynemo’s famed lookout. The day tour groups means it can be quite busy at Piaynemo on occasion, and sometimes large groups stay overnight, so it’s probably not the homestay to choose if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Free tea, coffee and drinking water is provided for guests in the dining room.

A boardwalk connects the bungalows to the beach behind the homestay where two bathrooms are provided for guests. All guests (and visitors) share these bathrooms. Both are dip mandi style bathrooms and there is a western style toilet in one and a squat toilet in the other.

The boardwalk also has a deck area with an outdoor barbecue, tables and bench seating in the shade of overhanging mangroves.

A combination of generator and solar collectors means that electricity is always available for lighting and charging devices, but there’s no mobile phone signal available at the homestay.

Piaynemo is a fairly remote location, so you’ll need to bring all essential items and consumeables with you – and take all your inorganic rubbish away with you so you don’t contribute to the growing trash problem in Raja Ampat. The nearest village (Saukabu) is a 45 minute boat ride away by 15HP longboat and only basic supplies are available there.

Piaynemo Homestay owner Pak Eli Dimara has excellent English, so you won’t have any problem communicating if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Transport / Getting there

Transport between Waisai and Piaynemo is by speedboat and costs IDR 6,000,000 for the round trip. (IDR 3,000,000 each way.) The boat can carry up to 8 passengers and the cost is shared.

NOTE: Transwisata in Waisai will tell you you they will take you to Piaynemo for IDR 750,000 per person BUT – that’s for a minimum of 8 people. If you have less than 8 in your group, the price is 6 million total. EACH WAY (because their boat has to return empty).

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Piaynemo Homestay lies on the isthmus between the northern and southern sections of Penemu Island and presents two very different marine environments.

The narrow connection between the island’s two main parts gives the location its name: Piaynemo means “the join between harpoon head and shaft” and the shape of the northern section of Penemu is indeed reminiscent of a traditional whale hunting harpoon head. [A note on names: Most maps of Raja Ampat refer to Penemu and the Fam Islands, which is a source of considerable annoyance to many of the islands’ inhabitants. The correct pronunciation of these place names is better represented by their local spelling: Piaynemo and Pam.]

The homestay is on stilts in a mangrove lined, eastward facing bay full of karst islands like those of the much more widely publicised Wayag group. The bay is frequented by herons and black tip sharks and the mangroves provide shelter for all manner of marine creatures. You may also see iguanas on the island.

Reached by a mangrove lined boardwalk, a wide sweeping sand beach backs Piaynemo Homestay to the west. The beach has good snorkelling over a shallow coral reef, with a dropoff to deep water not far from the shore.

The coral reefs of Penemu and the nearby Pam (Fam) Islands are superb and provide fantastic snorkeling. The clear waters that surround the islands in the northern section of the bay close to the homestay provide a calm protected environment perfect for easy snorkeling. They are also perfect to explore using one of the four sit-on-top style kayaks Piaynemo has available for guests.

The karst island seascapes of Piaynemo rival the splendour of those of the more famous Wayag group and there are a few high vantage points which can be climbed to admire the views. The most visited of these (and the one the gallery photos are taken from) has a timber staircase providing easy access to the top. At the small dock at the beginning of the climb you’ll find local a small shop selling refreshing young coconut drinks and snacks. Unfortunately they also sell live coconut crabs. Please don’t buy these animals – not even to release them. Coconut crabs have completely disappeared from most of their former range due to hunting and are under serious threat in the all the areas in which they remain. The ever diminishing size of the captive animals for sale at Piaynemo clearly shows the pressure they are under here as well. Don’t contribute to their extinction!

Piaynemo Homestay can arrange snorkeling trips and guided tours to panoramic vantage points. Guide fees are 50,000 per person. Visits to Yellow Lake in the Fam Islands to see resident crocodiles can also be arranged.

Piaynemo Homestay Accommodation and Tour Packages

Piaynemo Homestay offers two Raja Ampat accommodation and tour packages. Each package includes accommodation and 3 meals a day, speedboat hire and snorkelling. Transfers between Waisai and Piaynemo are included, as tours begin and end at Waisai.

Kabui – Piaynemo – Arborek – Pasir Timbul 3 days/2 Nights –  8 people max IDR 2,500,000
Kabui – Piaynemo – Arborek – Sawinggrai – Kurkapa – Pasir Timbul 5 days/4 Nights – 8 people max IDR 4,000,000


  • Remote/isolated
  • Association member
  • Large groups OK
  • Western style toilet
  • Mangroves
  • Seagrass
  • For the sociable
  • Coral
  • English speaking
  • Has email contact
  • IDR 450,000+
  • Sandy Beach
  • Has own speedboat
  • Has private bungalows
  • Has ensuite bathroom/toilet

Piaynemo Homestay Location Map

Piaynemo Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Piaynemo Homestay

Piaynemo Homestay Contact Details

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  • SMS text message is the most reliable way to make contact.
  • Many contacts have no permanent access to phone or email - don't expect an instant response to your enquiry.
  • Please read our How to Book Raja Ampat Accommodation page so you know what to expect.

Name Chris (Waisai)
Phone +628124846856
Email reservation@piaynemo.com
Website http://www.piaynemo.com/
Name Ike Dimara (Waisai)
Phone +6282199525658

Piaynemo Homestay Reviews

Posting feedback about your homestay experience will help your hosts and fellow travellers. All feedback is passed on and contributes to the success of the local ecotourism economy which underpins international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat.

Please leave a comment or review below and take the time to respond to this online Raja Ampat ecotourism survey. Your input is valued and appreciated!

55 thoughts on “Piaynemo Homestay

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of staying at Piaynemo around Easter time, but it looks like getting there is very expensive. It says that the cost is shared between passengers, but how realistic is it that there will be others going there a the same time? Or do I just have to assume that I must pay the entire price by myself? Thanks!

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We had a great time here. There is good snorkelling on the beach on the far side of the home stay. Snorkelling in the mangroves is really interesting as you see lots of juveniles that you don’t see in the open water. Eli is a fine person….good English and interesting to talk to. He’s really trying to make a difference here. There was construction going on but he moved us to the new rooms over the water so we were a bit away from the noise. Food was good…lots of fresh fish and veggies. Can get crowded as boat loads of people seem to appear out of nowhere. A popular place for day trippers. One complaint …they decided to charge per person for boat trips instead of giving a price for the boat and then customers could share the cost…this caused a bit of friction that could have been easily avoided.

  2. Johan and Anna Mia says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We – a group of seven, age 8-73 – spent a week here in July 2014.

    This place is truly unique! The mangrove bay on one side, the beach on the other, facing the open sea. Small black tip sharks swimming around, just under your feet. We could really sense that we were far away from everything – it was us, this beautiful nature, the sea and the stars at night.

    Kayaks are available for free, for exploring the mangroves, small bays and islands. Except for exploring and snorkeling, the veranda is wonderful for just hanging out. The food was surprisingly good, considering this to be very far from anything else.

    Eli, who runs the place, speaks excellent English and is very warm and informative.

    There is no phone connection at all, not even SMS (this may have changed since 2014).

    (Also see our comments on the other places we visited: Yenkorano, Kordiris, Nudibranch and Lalosi)

  3. Sigurd and Chris says:

    • Needs improvement - 1 starfish
    • Needs improvement - 1 starfish
    • Needs improvement - 1 starfish
    • Needs improvement - 1 starfish
    • Needs improvement - 1 starfish
    • (1/5 starfishes)

    Our biggest disappointment in Raja Ampat. We were planning to spend 6 nights, but left after 3.
    We arrived, and had snorkelling trips booked for every day, but were surprised by the fact that the boat left mysteriously the next day, and didn’t come back for 2 days – so no trips, no way to leave, nothing. The locals didn’t know when it would be back. We had nothing to do, since there aren’t any snorkeling spots around, we just kayaked around for two days. (which was cool, just not what we went there for.)
    Also, on the first day they started to expand the homestay, which turned into a loud construction zone for 8 hours a day. The sound of hammering and table saws were not the ambiance we were hoping for. Also they informed us that that on the 4th day 60(!) additional people would arrive, which we felt was a tad bit for 3 rooms, so when the boat finally came back, we left. (Didn’t get a refund for the snorkeling trips that never happened.)
    Generally I don’t recommend people to spend more than one day here. The vistas are beautiful, but apart from that there isn’t much to do. The food was good, and we enjoyed seeing the babysharks around the bungalow, but they were our only entertainment, sadly.

    • Sigurd and Chris says:

      Also, the beach is full of trash, not very pleasant. The toilet is far from the room, and since there are around 100 day visitors coming to see the vista, one didn’t feel enough. They need to rethink if they want to be a homestay or a dayvisitor-spot.

  4. thanks so much eli. beautiful place, pristine and marvellous marine life! fantastic hospitality & food. we’ve had a great time at piaynemo. highly recommended! bernd, fabio, martin and marco

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    Very beautiful place far away from everything. Clean rooms and amazing surroundings. The only bad stuff was that we didnt feel welcome at all and the garbage on the beach. Other than that this place was really a gem.

  5. I stayed in Piaynemo a few days in November 2015. I had some problems with small ants which fell through the moskitonet. The food was ok, for me enough. There are sometimes more than 100 daytourists.
    The countryside is wunderfull. And in the night you sit at the end of the jetty the stars above and the luminous plankton in the water, a perfect dream.
    Snorkeling is not really great but I saw many different nudibranches. Guest may use the cayaks for free and paddle around the small islands. This is fantastic.

    • Yes, there are four different rooms, very clean, big comfortable beds with nice mosquito nets. Best rooms of our four, even thougt we had more food at other places! Toilet a bit away, sharks very close! I defenitaly recommned this place and Freddies place Koryam Kayem – which was so cosy! Enloy!

  6. Hi.
    We are planning to visit Raja 4 in April next year and have a few questions about Piameno.
    1. How is the snorkeling there compared to other places like Kri or Gam? Would you say there is more or less fish and coral?
    2. Is the transfer price of 750,000 per person? Is it with a longboat or a motor boat? If it’s a longboat, how long is the trip?
    3. Would it be the same price if we wanted to go or come from Kri or Gam?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Nava –

      We haven’t personally snorkelled at Piaynemo, but from what we saw from the boat it certainly looks comparable to other locations and the comments below seem to support that.

      As far as we know that price is per person, but recommend you contact Piaynemo (or Transwisata) to check. It’s quite possible Piaynemo has its own transport by now. (It’s been several months since we last visited.) The Transwsiata public boat is a sizeable covered speedboat.

      Transport from Kri or Gam would probably be more expensive, because it would be on a private boat that won’t be carrying the day visitors that Transwisata ferries.

    • sorry for very late reply, just to inform you that we have a speedboat to go to piaynemo from waisai, the cost is IDR 6,000,000 for return trip.

  7. Hi,

    If I stay around Kordiris, will the Piaynema team be able to take me from there and a few days after take me back to Kri ? Shorter distances should mean cheaper transportation…?

    Thanks a lot,


  8. Jessica & Thomas says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    I stayed in Piaynemo homestay for 2 nights and it’s been wonderful, i recommend you to stay here if you are a person who loves nature, peace and love to be surrounded by nice people.

    The people here are nice, friendly and super helpful
    – Though they don’t have their own diving centre, they tried to find a diving instructor for me and my boyfriend. And they find us a very skillful diving instructor!
    – Pak Chris is very helpful, he gave fruitful information and he is very responsive. I wanted to share the boat price because it’s too expensive for only the 2 of us, and he managed to find us the partner to share the boat’s price, super helpful!
    – The boat crews are lovely brothers. I loved to observe when they tease each other. The guys are around 20-30 years old and have muscular bodies, very nice to see, hahaha… And esp. it’s good to snorkel with them, i feel safe to have them around. The youngest kid is 14 years old, named Heli. Heli is also lovely, i love when he is very talented in creating a fire from the tree branches, a very natural born kid. We sang, climbed hill, played chess and had good time together!
    – I love Pak Chris’ dad and mom. They have great smile and it’s very good to talk with them.

    Other things that made my stay so pleasant :
    – It’s so good that the homestay provides kayak for the guest. We can take kayak ourselves inside the lagoon. The lagoon is very big and shallow in many areas so we can snorkel, swim and take kayak around.
    – The bed is comfy, and i like shape of the mosquito net.
    – They have many small black tip shark around that eat anything that you threw, a good killing time moment.
    – The homestay also can provide coconut, and the coconut is very tasty, I love it so much.
    – The beach in the back side of homestay is very beautiful at night. It is full of stars and you can feel the warm breeze of wind and wave.
    – The homestay is 5 minutes away to a hill that has great sunset view. The path to go up to the hill is not well created, so if you like a challenge like me, you will love this place. You will need to try to find a way to go up, going through plantations, up, up, up for around 15 – 20 mins then the beach and sunset view will welcome you once you reached the top. If you are not very into challenge, you can just walk for 5 mins and stay in a place where you can also enjoy sunset and beach view. Win win!
    – It’s very close to the iconic mini wayag panoramic hill. People who have more time to spend in the homestay can go there again and again to enjoy the spectacular view both from above the hill or from the boat/bridge just to enjoy the amazing bluegreenish water of the lagoon.

    At night, it’s kinda hot, will be good if they add more windows.
    I told Pak Chris if they can provide more toilet and he said he’ll do it. He is very open to feedback. Now they are constructing two more rooms and Pak Chris said that he will add 2 toilets. I’m sure Piaynemo homestay will be growing and keep improving with all the assets (both human resource and breathtaking surrounding) that it has!

    Very recommended to stay!

  9. Claus & Almut says:

    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • (2/5 starfishes)

    True: It is a very beautiful place!
    Johanna, Eli and their staff are very friends and helpful.
    Wonderful snorceling and hikes. The fish jumps almost directly from the sea otto the plate.
    Thanks a lot!

    Also true: The place is straight on the way to become a lost paradise! Tons and tons of plastic rubbish at the beach and around the bathroom (It’s just one. Not enough for at least 100 dayvisitors at 2015-04-04).

      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • (5/5 starfishes)

      Hey Almut, are you the one shared the boat with me?
      If yes, then Hi, long time no see! Have you left Sorong now?
      I sent you an email last time, did you receive it? Let me know, i’d love to grab some pics from you =)

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    My mother and I stayed here in December and thought the location was paradise! The staff here are so so friendly, always smiling! The location is spectacular, very peaceful feeling, worth the distance to travel just to be among all these tiny islands. The building and rooms are the so well built, very clean and the best beds of the 5 homestays we stayed at. The food was incredible, very clean kitchen. There is a huge dock you can walk over, every night after dinner, we would take our tea and look at the stars from here. We swam from the dock to snorkel, swimming around these islands is dream come true. We also went out on a few boat trips to snorkel, at a very fair price, the coral and fish were stunning! There is also a kayak available. One early morning we kayaked to an outlook point. After a small hike we were treated to a view that would take your breath away – only in Raja can such a sight come to life!! You must stay here – truly magical in all ways!!

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    In late November 2014, we stayed 5d / 4n at Piaynemo homestay.

    It was the first contact with the Raja Ampat and what touch !
    We were the only guests of the homestay: a place like that for us, it is worth all the gold in the world.
    Place of perfect warm solitude (when daytime visitors left).

    Ranny (excellent) local guide, booked it for us: in addition to the room and meals, we had the speed boat of the homestay at our exclusive use since Waisai dock to transport to the next homestay through daily trips to the snorkelling spots.

    Above all, do not forget to spend a few hours by canoe in the bay.

    Mr Elly, 65, the owner, who was born on the neighboring island of Fam, returned to the playground of his childhood after a career in oil exploration in Java, Borneo and Sumatra. The kindness wich he will surround your stay will offset the slight inconvenience of irregular supply due to the remoteness.

  10. Krista Clement says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    I didn’t have the opportunity to stay at Piaynemo Homestay, but I did have the opportunity to spend a day relaxing on the beautiful property and speaking with the wonderful host. Piaynemo is in a beautiful spot- nice bungalow in a lovely shaded mangrove with access to a very beautiful, long and quiet swimming beach. Baby black tip sharks and stingrays actually do swim under the bungalows! Facilities are great, clean and the food is lovely. The homestay is building an overwater restaurant and private overwater bungalow to be completed some time next year. It’s conveniently located near several great snorkeling spots and near the famous Piaynemo viewpoint, a slice of paradise and one of the most tranquil spots on the globe! I can’t wait to go back and stay for longer than a day! Enjoy!

  11. Joakim & Helena says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We enjoyed a week together with friends (family with two children plus grandmother) and had an amazing stay at this fairly remote and very special homestay. Living on poles in a mangrove fringed bay with baby-sharks swimming under your veranda is truly something! And if you´re an early bird you´ll enjoy the sunrise from the breakfast-veranda.
    From there we did excursions to places like Melissa´s Garden and other nearby snorkeling sites – superb. Eli has great english and is also very dedicated to the preservation of the reefs and the marine life. Going there is also supporting the protection of the place. Since it´s quite isolated there are also problems with bomb fishing which we saw some tragic results of. This is not something that spoils the marvels of the place; only something that makes it all the more important to go there (tourism is also patrolling).
    Eli is also a great and generous person plus a great carpenter – the place has a nice and robust standard to it compared to other homestays. There are kayaks to lend for free, the sunset is great and the milky way spectacular out there. Like other homestays; the food is good ( we thought it was best here) but with no or small variation.
    Before you go there: make sure you have a clear deal with Chris (the person we had contact with before coming there; no phone connection out there) about times for arrival/leaving and prices for excursions.
    Do go here; it´s definitely worth more than a day trip! And have some extra days for going/leaving since the transport is quite long and the sea might be a little rough off season. Enjoy your stay!

    • Great review! We are also thinking of staying at Piaynemo. They have asked for 50% deposit and we are having a problem from Canada getting our bank to transfer these funds to their bank account with the information sent to us by Chris in Indonesia. Just wondering if you had any problems in this regard. if you have any advise this would be so appreciated. Thank you!

      • Hi Janie – just jumping in with a suggestion in case Joakim & Helena don’t see your comment: If your bank can’t transfer to Piaynemo’s maybe contact Chris to see about the possibility of transfer via Western Union?

  12. Hi,

    we plan to go in august. does anybody know if there is a posibility to reduce the high transportation cost of 6 million IDR for the roundtrip from Waisai by speedboat? Is there a more reasonable regular connection?

    Thank you!

    • Hi elli –

      Please contact Chris or Mieskhe in Waisai for up to date transfer prices (click the Make a booking! button for their contact numbers). The Transwisata prices quoted in the information above were correct in December 2013. The 5 million was for an overnight return trip (including accommodation and meals). Waisai to Piaynemo transfers with Transwisata cost 750,000 per person each way in December 2013, which is only 1.5 million for the round trip.

      • Hi,

        first of all thank you for this great website and all the information available!

        Chris offers the roundtrip from Waisai for 6 Mio. by speedboat and for 3,5 Mio by longboat. Or, if we want to have onward transportation to Kri, the speedboat for one whole week for 10 Mio. Quite a lot, do we need the speedboat on Piaynemo or is there a longboat too for trips around piaynemo? August seems to be windy and wavy, everybody recommends the speedboat.

        Thank you!

        • Hi elli

          Glad to hear the site is helpful – thanks! Thanks too for the feedback regarding Chris’s prices. Using a speedboat will definitely be more comfortable at that time of year. Quicker too. Once at Piaynemo there are longboats available and they are fine for use in the sheltered waters around the islands. Is the 6 Mio price is for a round trip by the boat though? So if Chris was to drop you at Piaynemo and then return to Waisai would he want another 6 Mio to come back and pick you up? If so, the 10 Mio offer is obviously the better one. Please do let everyone know how you get on!

          • Hi,
            as far as I understood it is 6 Mio. to go from Waisai to Piaynemo and to be picked up again and back to Waisai. For continuing from Waisai to Kri we would have to pay a speedboat again. If the boat stays with us at Piaynemo, does some trips with us there and brings us to Kri after 1 week it is 10 Mio.

            By the way: Do you know if we can get IDR at a bank or a money changer in Sorong? I am not sure if we can change enough at Manado airport, where we will arrive in Indonesia.

            • Ah OK. I wondered, because usually it’s fuel costs that form the majority of the expense and I thought that two trips Waisai-Piaynemo would use more than a single round trip via Kri with some Piaynemo excursions.

              You can get IDR at banks and ATMs in Sorong. You can find more info about that on our money, banks and ATMs page.

    • Hi Elli,

      What date actually you go the raja ampat? My wife and I will be arrived in sorong in august 15th around 12 PM, and to be honest we don’t have any itinerary yet, to rent a longboat/speedboat for 2 persons seems quite expensive. Is there any chance we can share the cost?

      Thank you

    • Hi Elli,

      I have a plan to go to Raja Ampat in 24th – 30th August. If we have the same date, is there any chance if we can share the cost? especially for rent speedboat to Wayag. We will stay at Waiwo Dive Resort on 27-30 August and still don’t make a decision yet about where we stay in 24th-27th.

      There is Sail Raja Ampat event in 15th – 23rd August, so maybe will be a little difficult to find available hotel or homestay.

  13. Hi

    I will be travelling by myself and thinking of staying at these homestay but security is a concern to me, do you know does the Piaynemo, Yenkoranu and Manta homestay rooms have door lock?

    Also, I read some where that mentioned there is electricity for charging devices but might not be in the room, do you know if this is in a common area or I would need to hand it to someone for charging?

    Thank you

    • Hi A.T – The only homestay doors we’ve ever seen that could be locked are those of the VIP bungalows at Yenkoranu. We’ve also never heard of anyone having security issues, so you should be fine. The homestays that don’t have power outlets in their rooms have them in common areas like dining shelters or bungalow verandahs – we haven’t heard of anywhere where you have to hand devices over for charging.

  14. This place sounds unique. We are snorkelers and are very interested in going there. Two questions: how long is the transfer from Waisai and are meals provided? I didn’t see any mention of meals on this site. Thanks.

    • Hi Ann –

      The trip to Waisai takes around two hours. Meals are included in all homestay accommodation prices. You can check what’s included in the rates for any homestay by hovering over or tapping the question mark next to the rates. (Same applies to Rooms.) Cheers :)

  15. Jane Calvert says:

    Thanks for posting the information on Penemu. The place looks gorgeous and I am glad to hear there is snorkeling!

    I am thinking of staying there at the end of June. Do you think that it would be too windy then for the longboats to take us over? We would need to be picked up from Waisai by boat. I figured Elli would do that, is that correct?
    The other thing I am wondering about is the bathrooms. It says there are bathrooms in the rooms, is that true? If so, what style are they? Is there running water and flush toilets or dip mandi and squat toilets?
    Agaiin, thanks for the information. I will post my impressions after our trip.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Jane. Suggest you contact Piaynemo regarding transport. Transwisata in Waisai operates speedboats which should be capable of making the journey in June. Bathrooms have western pedestal style toilets, showers and running water. They are not in the rooms, but are in the bungalow under the same roof – see photo 5 in the gallery above.

    • Hi Jane. Weather in central R4 is never bad for long, so your trip to Penemu is at worst postponed by a day or two if there’s wind. Speedboats can make the trip at any time, but the roughest seas. At the time when I was there, there were no ensuite bathrooms. You had to walk a couple of meters and there was a very basic bathroom with squat toilet, built on a concrete foundation. Eli is steadily improving the place so this might very well change until June and he might have a speedboat at hand by that time as well. You find Transwisata at the small harbor (not the big one where the ferry stops), which is a short bike ride into town from the ferry harbor. Don’t miss out on this fabulous place and say hi from Halil!

      • Jane Calvert says:

        Thanks for the information! When were you there? Also, do you know how much the Transwisata boats would cost to go to Penemu?

        • Stay Raja Ampat says:

          I’m confused too! When I visited in December 2013 there were two western style bathrooms under construction in the main bungalow. They’re the ones you can see the entrances to in gallery photo number 5. I was told they’d be ready in January 2014. They aren’t ensuites, but are only a couple of metres from the rooms in the bungalow.There’s also a squat toilet on a concrete foundation at the beach at the rear of the homestay. (Gallery photo 10.) That’s a lot further away than a couple of metres though. Transwisata boat transfer prices at Dec 2013 are given above.

        • Hi Jane. This is my last post, I will not check here regularly in the future. The toilet I was told to use is the one at the beach at the back. It’s maybe a bit more than a couple of meters, it’s about 50 meters. I never saw the other toilets really. Eli is doing a fair bit of construction all the time. Some rooms were still under construction. I guess the other toilets are still under construction, too (actually now I remember he said something about getting these decomposing tanks for his toilets). I was there in late Jan/early Feb as mentioned above.

  16. I have stayed at Penemu home stay earlier this year for 4 days. From all the home stays in R4, this is probably the most beautiful. The buildings are very solid (as compared to some other home stays) and the location is just magnificent. The assets of this place have basically been mentioned above. I would add that there are some incredible bays and beaches out of this world just around the corner. There is electricity and no mosquitoes (nonetheless, Elli has mozzi nets installed). Weather in Penemu is seasonal, with strong winds sometimes in Northern winter and summer. Getting there is not quite as easy as other places, although essentially if you’re willing to pay the price there is always a boat to take you anywhere. Chris can arrange transfer for you, but it’s all weather-dependent. Longboats cannot transfer across the stretch from Gam/Airborek to Penemu if there is wind. Elli is getting a speedboat soon, so things will become easier. Also he is planning on getting an antenna for mobile phone reception. At the moment there is no phone reception. If you want to keep it simply, it’s probably a good idea to start out at Dore Atri home stay and get Martin from Yembeser to take you to Penemu. Martin went to school with Elli and they both speak English. Both of them are also incredibly friendly and sympathetic. Elli has a young guy called Miton working for him who will take you around for snorkeling and sightseeing. Miton is also a wonderful guy with great hopes for the future and so he is very keen to learn English and talk to tourists. He is great fun as well. And he will catch the snapper you’re going to have for dinner. Relatively few people go to this home stay. During the four days there was only one other guest apart from me. There were many visitors during the day, but they wouldn’t stay overnight. The place has currently four bedrooms, all of which can also host couples.

    • hello Halil, (excuse my english) I would go to Penemu the end of July, but I do not know if the season allows boat transfers.
      Can you give me some information travel with my friend and we would like to remain in the area of Raja Ampat for about 2 weeks.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Halil – yes, Piaynemo has a generator for electricity (and thanks for pointing out that we hadn’t mentioned it!). There were no mosquitoes there in the daytime and Piaynemo’s location suggests there wouldn’t be many at night either, but we can’t say for sure.