Raja Ampat: A step by step guide

Raja Ampat step by step guide

Raja Ampat: A step by step guide – The 22 step plan for an amazing Raja Ampat adventure

  1. Find out if traditional Papuan homestay accommodation is really for you by reading this important introduction.
  2. Check to see if it will fit your budget. Raja Ampat is great value but West Papua is more expensive than other regions of Indonesia.
  3. Decide when to go. Check our weather info page for the best time of year.
  4. Choose your accommodation – here are all the Raja Ampat homestays we have contact details for and here’s our Raja Ampat maps page so you can see where they are and where you might want to go.
  5. To quickly find accommodation that offers diving, use the advanced search on the accommodation page. Be sure to read this important diving safety information.
  6. Make a booking by contacting the owner directly. Read these instructions.
  7. Consider organising a guide for your stay. A guide can be invaluable help when you are staying in a remote area.
  8. Find your flights to Sorong, West Papua. Read our How to get to Raja Ampat page.
  9. Check out some of the activities you might enjoy while you are there.
  10. Catch up with other travellers to share the fun and the costs – check for posts on our facebook page.
  11. Get a medical and dental check up, and organise some medicines – see our Health and Medical FAQ
  12. Organise your visa. A 30 day visa on arrival is available at all Indonesian ports of entry for USD$35.00 If you want to spend longer than that in Raja Ampat we’d recommend getting a 60 day visa before leaving your home country. (That way you won’t have to hang around in Sorong trying to organise an extension.)
  13. Organise the Indonesian Rupiah you’ll need before you get to Sorong (see the Money, Banks and ATMs page).
  14. Catch that plane to Sorong!
  15. Get your Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit tags.
  16. Top up your Indonesian Rupiah – Sorong will most likely be your last chance to use an ATM.
  17. It’s island time – get that ferry!
  18. Have an amazing time. It’s not hard.
  19. Don’t forget to observe cultural sensitivities and leave the islands as beautiful as you found them.
  20. Please, leave feedback about your experience.
  21. If you want to give back after you get home, consider supporting these great Raja Ampat conservation initiatives.
  22. Tell your friends. A well patronised locally owned ecotourism economy is – provided that tourists visit responsibly and don’t overburden local infrastructure – the best chance Raja Ampat has of protecting its environmental treasures  from the lucrative but incredibly damaging resource extraction and development pressures that could destroy it.

32 thoughts on “Raja Ampat: A step by step guide

  1. hai , umm just got a plan with my girlfriend and make a trip to RA , the budget isnt that huge , its around IDR 25.000.000 , is that enough for like 5 or 6 days there while enjoying snorkling and diving ? and btw the budget include’s the plane tickets ! some suggestion/opinions will do from you ! and btw were from Bali !

    • Hi Jansen –

      Your question’s answered in the info linked at point 2 above. As long as you don’t want to do a lot of diving and are careful with boat trips that should be enough. Snorkelling is free – but it’s best to bring your own gear.

  2. Hi, I dont know yet If I’ll go in this summer (and if I go, i’ll definitly will check your web again), but I really have to congrats you guys because this is a really good web site and I think you are doing a great job for the locals and for RA and for all the people that have intentions to go there. Keep the good work! (I thought you should know!) Peace!

  3. Hi,

    I am arriving Sorong on Saturday the 30th of May at 7.30 am, and planning to do diving on 30 and 31. let me know if anyone is interested we can do it together

  4. Hello,

    We are coming to RA on the 30th of January 2015 and would like to stay at Mambetron homestay, but we cannot get in touch with Hendra or Yudas. Any ideas how we can get in touch and make a reservation?

    Thank you and best regards,

    • Hi Uros & Agnes –

      Communication with homestays is often difficult – you need to allow at least a few days for a response. Please see this article for more information. All the available methods of contacting homestays are provided on each homestay page. If you’re having trouble all we can suggest is to keep trying!

  5. youssef elyaakoubi says:


    is there some people who go to visit raja ampat. Maybe we can travel together so we can split the costs for tours and boat fees. we like also to dive. we will arriving the 2 of us at 6 april 2015 on Jakarta from the Netherlands.

    kind regards

  6. First, Garuda Air changed their schedule in Dec 2014 for flights to Sorong. Just FYI.
    Because we missed the flight today, we now have only one night at the first homestay and would rather go on to the second one where we have a longer stay. Do we have any obligations to the first homestay if we can go on to the second one? Thanks, Ann

    • Hi Ann – thanks for the headsup. It’s hard to keep up with airline schedule changes – that’s why we provide links to their websites and recommend checking!

      Up to you to decide how obliged you are to honour your booking at the first homestay. If it was at one of the busier ones then it’s probably no big deal to the owners, but a lot of the less patronised homestays have to spend cash to prepare for guests. Things like buying in food and organising fuel (or boat hire) to come and pick you up. No shows for those families are tough.

      Hope that helps!

    • Hi Sue –

      There’s nowhere near the port as far as we know – you have to go into town. We usually organise a pickup at the ferry and get straight out to the islands – Waisai’s not that nice!

      The only place we’ve ever stayed there was Penginapan Najwa Indah on Jl Abdul Saman Mayor – +6285244653444. It was OK. All mod cons and about IDR 450,000 a night. There’s a range of options in Waisai though. Trip Advisor might have some better recommendations.

      • thanks for the information..i’ve checked tripadvisor, a few options there…just thought i can get better advice here :). Im not sure if i head straight to the islands, as i’ll reach back to Waisai ard 4-5pm…

        • You’re welcome Sue. We don’t know a lot about the options in Waisai because there’s no homestays there and we try to avoid overnighting there as much as possible. If you’re heading for Gam or Kri there’s no problem getting there in the late afternoon if you’ve arranged a pickup with the homestay. Also – I didn’t think to mention them earlier because I took your “in Waisai” question literally – both Yenkangkanes and Warimpurem Homestays are a short drive from Waisai and are nice places to stay.

          SRA Admin

          • that’s good news for me…i’ve made a booking with warikaf homestay via Pak Martin for the stay on the next day..maybe i’ll do a night with Yenkangkanes or Warimpurem before my transfer on the next day.. :)

  7. Hi, Im wanting to go to RA on pretty short notice and fear i have missed the liveabords. Currently in Lombok Im finding it hard to get information from travel agents as they dont know too much about it. Will I be Ok flying into Sorong with nothing booked and taking it from there?

    Much appreciated,


  8. Hi There,

    I’m planning to go over next March. Most likely single traveller. Any recommendation for accommodation? I have diving license but not sure if I’ll want to dive. Is 4 days 3 night too short?


    • Hi Angeline –

      Can only recommend you have a look at these accommodation listings to see what suits you. You can use the Show advanced search feature to select the features that are important to you. Four days/three nights is not too short to have a great time, but you may well find yourself wishing you’d booked for longer! :)

  9. Hi, my wife and I (early 30s) are heading from Australia to Thailand on our backpacking travels and would really like to visit Raja Ampat in February. Neither of us dive but we love snorkelling. How long should we aim to visit for and which island / homestay is best for the snorkeling? Thanks!

    • Hi Chris – We think you should plan to stay as long as your budget and visa will permit – there’s so much to see! Almost all homestays have great snorkelling at the door, so it’s hard to recommend one in particular. If you haven’t already seen it, check out our Snorkelling in Raja Ampat article. You can also select the “Good house reef” checkbox in the advanced search on the accommodation page to quickly find homestays with great snorkelling.

  10. Hi

    we will be in raja Ampat during next Lebaran Holiday in August..
    will it be possible during that period to go to Wayag ?
    How could we arrange for Speedboat and also other guests to join us ?
    because we are only 3 persons ..
    please do help with further informations

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Ricky – August can be windy and it might be difficult to find a boat for Wayag then. We are not tour booking agents – you will need to contact one of the homestay owners on the site or you could try Deni, who also arranges tours to Wayag. You can contact Deni at https://www.facebook.com/deni.rajaampat Hope you get to go! :)

    • Hi..I stay in sorong..just want to inform you that ‘the south wind’ will end up in august or early september, So it’s a little bit difficult to reach wayag..