Alberth Sorondanya

Raja Ampat guide Alberth Sorondanya

Alberth Sorondanya (at right in photo) is based in Sorong, speaks excellent French and English, and can help you with travel to any destination in Raja Ampat, West Papua and Papua provinces.

Phone: +6282238241043



Alberth can organise and guide you on any Raja Ampat travel and can also help if you’re having problems booking Indonesian domestic flights.

Further afield, Cenderawasih Bay and the Ayamaru Plateau and Lakes are just two of West Papua’s other major attractions that Alberth can help you to visit.

Naturally, Albert can also help out in Sorong with the following:

  • Airport pickups
  • Transport to ferry terminal, hotel etc
  • Purchase of ferry tickets
  • Hotel booking
  • Sorong city guiding (shopping, dining, banking etc)
  • Sorong and local area sightseeing


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  1. Roberta on

    We want to leave a good Feedback for Alberth, because he helped us a lot in arranginge and managing our 14 days trip in Raja Ampat.
    We have been staying in 3 different islands (Pam, Serpele and Kri) and we would have had some logistic and language problems, without his help. Booking the homestay and arranging the transfer is not always easy from abroad (and sometimes not so easy even when you are on the place).
    We highly recommend him for arranging, managing and support.

  2. Ron on

    As can be seen from our individual property reviews, we were on a whirlwind 8-day 4-homestay odyssey which took us to both the tippy top (Wayag) and the rock bottom (Misool) of Raja Ampat… and everything in between. Alberth was instrumental in preparing the itinerary, complete with slick photos and all :-)

    Dates and times of each activity and transfer were specifically noted on the itinerary he provided us. We preferred to have a central point of contact to arrange our stay instead of contacting each homestay individually — especially since we had no less than 9 separate transfers. I will say that communication with Alberth via e-mail was a bit slow, but WhatsApp helped a great deal since it’s what everyone uses in Raja Ampat. I will also recommend that it never hurts to double or triple check the transfers and reservations directly with the inidvidual homestays, even if these are originally “confirmed”. In that part of the world, things often have a way of unexpectedly adjusting to the order of the day, so if one is on a tight schedule it’s best to triple check to avoid surprises!

    All-in-all we had a superlative experience and Alberth was very helpful in putting it all together. Thanks Alberth!

  3. JULLIAN Serge on

    Bonjour, je prévois un voyage découverte sur Raja Ampa tau mois d’août / septembre.
    mon but et plongée et treking et découvrir la nature.
    Pouvez-vous me faire une ébauche de mon voyage ?
    Cordialement Serge JULLIAN

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