Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit tag

Raja Ampat Marine Park entry fee

As of February 1, 2015 a new Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit tag structure is in place.

  • The permit fee for international visitors is 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (~USD 100.00)
  • The permit fee for Indonesian citizens is IDR 500,000
  • Children under 12 years of age are not required to have a permit.
  • The permit is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
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The only permit you need to visit Raja Ampat is the one described on this page. We’re often asked by international travellers if the special Surat Jalan permit required to travel in West Papua is needed for Raja Ampat. A Surat Jalan is not required to visit Raja Ampat. However: Staff at many Indonesian embassies are unaware of this, look up Raja Ampat’s location and then ‘do it by the book’, which says that all visitors to West Papua need a Surat Jalan. To avoid complications if applying for a visa at an embassy, you might want to consider not mentioning your plan to visit Raja Ampat. Nobody checks or cares once you are in Indonesia. (As long as you don’t try to enter a place that a Surat Jalan is required for!)

The Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit (PIN)

Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit fees are directed to the operational costs of Raja Ampat’s five Marine Protected Areas (patrols, administration etc) and to community conservation and development programs.

Collection of the funds is the responsibility of a new organisation created to ensure the transparent disbursement of funds: The UPTD BLUD, an autonomous unit within the Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (the local government Department of Oceans and Fisheries).

The reason for the changes are twofold:

1) The organisation previously responsible for collection of the Marine Park fee was the Dinas Pariwisata – the local government Department of Tourism. The corporate structure of the Dinas Pariwisata provided no framework by which it could legally transfer funds collected to the intended recipients. The new UPTD, being incorporated as a BLUD entity, does.

2) The fees have been doubled in order to provide an income stream that will account for a larger percentage of the true Marine Protected Area operational costs and community development programs. Those costs are currently being funded by foreign donors – a situation which obviously isn’t sustainable in the long term.

The Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit tag (or PIN) has been renamed the Tariff to Support Environmental Services in Raja Ampat and must be paid by every visitor to Raja Ampat.

Where does the Raja Ampat entry fee money go?

The information below explains the changes, why the Tariff to Support Environmental Services in Raja Ampat is charged and shows how the funds collected are used. Click the images to see larger versions.


Where to buy Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit tags

There are three authorised distributors of Raja Ampat Marine Park permit tags. Some Raja Ampat resorts will pre-purchase them on behalf of guests. Homestays do not offer this service as yet. Be wary of anybody else claiming to be able to sell you one.

At the Raja Ampat Conservation & Tourism Information Center in Sorong

The Tourism Information Center is directly opposite the airport access road (see photo below).

Permits must be paid for by bank transfer prior to pickup, or else in cash in Indonesian Rupiah at Sorong.

Contact the Tourism Information Center
Manager: Amy Zarta
Tel: +62951328358
Fax: +62951326576
Mobile: +628114852033
email: info.blud.uptdr4@gmail.com

At the Waisai Port Office Ticket Booth

If you’re pushed for time to make the ferry in Sorong, you can also purchase permit tags at the Waisai Tourist Information Centre on Waigeo. The Information Centre is in the building pictured below at the ferry port in Waisai. In the photo, the office entrance is at the left of the building.

The office is open between 8am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and between 8am and 3 pm on Fridays. It’s closed on Saturdays and Sundays except for a half hour or so when ferries arrive, so you should always be able to get an entry permit tag there when arriving by ferry.

You may be approached on arrival by men checking to see if you already have a permit. They’ll guide you to the office if not. Don’t pay anywhere except at the office counter.

Raja Ampat tourism office at Waisai ferry port

At the Marinda Airport terminal in Waisai

If you are flying in to Waisai’s Marinda Airport you can buy the permit there.

At the UPTD KKPD Office in Waisai

The UPTD Office address is Jalan Yosudarso, Siwindores, Waisai. Any ojek (motorbike taxi) or vehicle driver should be able to take you there from the harbour.

The office phone number is +629513170089

The UPTD office is also the place to go to report any instances of environmental damage or illegal fishing that you may witness.


Marine Park Entry Permit

This is what the 2017 international visitor permit card looks like. (There are a few different images used.) The 85x55mm plastic card will be punched to indicate its expiry (12 months from the date of issue) and your name, passport number, nationality and signature should be recorded on the back.

Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit

UPTD office location

The satellite imagery on the map below will hopefully be updated by Google soon, but it’ll give you an idea of where to find the UPTD office.

127 thoughts on “Raja Ampat Marine Park entry permit tag

  1. Hello! I will fly into raja ampat from sorong on the 25th december, I’ll arrive in sorong at 7.30 and then I’ll fly to marinda raja ampat airport at 13:45. Since it is Christmas day, I think every office will be closed, how can I get the entrance permit?
    Thank you for, regards

  2. FYI only, I’m an Indonesian resident with kitap and I paid IDR 500k only, my two children, age 12 and 13 who are holding Indonesian passports did not pay any entrance fee. You can easily purchase your entrance ticket at Waisai after arriving with the ferry.

  3. Hi

    I arrive on Sunday – out of all days and will be taking a ferry over to Raja Ampat.

    Where will be the place place to purchase a permit pass for Raja Ampat?
    In Sorong or Waisai?

    Thank you

  4. Eliza Straathof says:

    We are coming to Raja Ampat in the end off november. Our flight from Makassar arrives in Sorong at 07.30. I read about the ferries and saw that many times they leave later. Do you think that it’s possible to take the Ferry to Waisai at 0900 or do we have to wait until 1400? And where is the best way to buy our entry permit?


  5. Gaby Motuloh says:

    We were in Raja Ampat in March 2017 and wanted to pay the fee but were not able to both when arriving and leaving.
    We arrived on Sunday and the office in Sorong was closed and nobody in Waisai either to pay.
    We thought we could pay it before leaving but as we got to Waisai for the 9am ferry to Sorong, nobody was there accepting the fee. People said there were supposed to be officials at a desk across the ferry ticket counter but they were not around.
    Were there many others like us?
    If the government is serious about this, why not making it easy for people to pay instead of just placing info banners every where?
    Since most people use ferry to reach Raja Ampat, one solution can be to partner with the ferry company so they can be a collecting agent.

    • You’re not alone Gaby – this happens all too frequently.

      It seems to us that the obvious solution is to make the permits available for sale at homestays. The Homestay Association is working toward making this happen, but it remains to be seen whether the UPTD/KKPD will be amenable to that idea.

      If all else fails, the Homestay Association is planning to buy the permits for their guests and have them ready when meeting guests in Waisai. That would mean guests would need to pay for them via the website prior to arrival. We’ll see what happens!

  6. Hi

    We will be going to Raja Ampat in a few weeks and would like to know about payments. Do we need all IDR or can we buy certain things (like PIN, homestays,…) with euro’s or credit card?


  7. Hi

    My husband and I will be travelling to Sorong from Jakarta and then on to Wasai. Due to our flight times, we do not require a night in Sorong. However, we will be arriving on a Saturday morning from Jakarta and intend on getting the 12pm ferry to Wasai. How would you suggest that we purchase our entry permits?

    Thanks in advance,


    • As above Jessica. Either from the Sorong office opposite the airport access road, or from the Waisai port office. Most people find the Waisai option more convenient because the Sorong office doesn’t open until about 10am.

  8. Natalie Kuhlwind says:

    hello, we are currently in indonesia and are thinking of coming to Raja Ampat next month…as we have already cleared into the country would it be easier to get our marine park entry tag at Waisai instead of Sorong?
    another query i have is that we are sailing with a small dog…are dogs allowed into the marine park even if they stay onboard?
    thanks for your time, Nat

    • Hi Nat –

      Yes – definitely easier to get the permits at Waisai. I think your dog should be fine: There’s nothing about pets in the rules and there are plenty of dogs on the inhabited islands in the MPAs!

  9. Hi,

    Whats the distance between where the ferry arrives in Wasai and the office where you buy the Raja Ampat permit ? I will be travelling alone and have a lot of gear on me.

    Also, is there a mini-mart type of place at Wasai or Sorong ports where you can buy supplies (snacks, drinks, etc) ?

    • Hi Anderson –

      It’s maybe 200m from the usual ferry wharf to the building pictured above. If you have booked using the website booking form and requested a pickup, your hosts will meet you at the ferry. They would be able to take care of your gear while you buy the permit. There’s no mini-mart, but there are small stalls inside the port building that sell drinks and snacks.

  10. Hi,

    I am wondering if there is a booth set up inside the Sorong Airport where I can purchase the Entry Fee PIN? (instead of going to the office across the airport)

  11. Hi David

    Can you please let us know if the ferry schedule on this site is updated i.e. that there is morning ferries on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays only?

    We are arriving in Sorong on a Sunday morning around 6 am and wonder if there is a morning ferry on Sundays.



  12. Mariella MW says:

    Hi i tried the email for the Raja Ampat tourist office on this page but it didn’t work (nfo.blud.uptdr4@gmail.com ). is there another email address I can use? I am trying to find out when the ferries are from Sorong- Misool. Thank you! Mariella

    • Hi Mariella –

      When you say “didn’t work” do you mean you haven’t had a reply, or that your email was undeliverable? (The address you have quoted is missing the first “i”.)

      In case you haven’t seen it already, the latest Sorong-Misool ferry timetable that that we know of is published on the Misool homestay pages.

  13. What about permit fee for international visitors with KITAS. According to the regulation of indonesian government , the cost for international visitors with KITAS to purchase ticket in Indonesia should refer to that of Indonesian citizens.

    The permit fee for international visitors is 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (~USD 100.00)
    The permit fee for Indonesian citizens is IDR 500,000

    • Hi Li Zhen –

      The regulation establishing the permit fees says that only Indonesian citizens can purchase the permit for IDR 500,000 – it does not provide the same for KITAS holders. We have been told that KITAS holders must pay IDR 1,000,000.

    • Having travelled extensively throughout Indonesia from west to east for the past 10 years, I feel that the 1,000,000 IDR for international visitors to visit Raja Ampat is not justified and a con. Nobody knows where the money goes. I assure you It is likely to go into the pockets of corrupt individuals. Indo people have a perception that all westerners are rich so they can charge them what they like. This is not true as not all westerners are rich especially in Europe.

      Tnsportation costs in Raja Ampat are astronomical too and are clearly not justified either. I can assure you that there are many homestay owners in Raja Ampat who are a lot richer then some of us westerners. Yes, Raja Ampat is beautiful but so are other places in Indonesia which are just as beautiful and much cheaper.

      • Hi Terry –

        You’re not alone in that assessment, but it’s an inaccurate one. Both the amount of the fee and its disbursement as described above were set in close consultation with Conservation International and CI continues to provide support and have staff working with the UPTD BLUD. Where the money goes is transparently documented.

        The permit price has been deliberately set precisely to discourage the development of a mass tourism industry in Raja Ampat. This is an approach successfully employed in places like Bhutan to protect environments susceptible to damage from high tourist numbers.

        Transport costs in Raja Ampat are definitely more expensive than they need to be, but have fallen substantially over the last six years and will continue to do so until they reach the appropriate market level. To expect transport in Raja Ampat to ever be as cheap as elsewhere in Indonesia is unrealistic though, as the base fuel price in Raja Ampat is twice what it is in the rest of the country.

        In the end, it’s up to the individual. If you think it’s worth it, go. If you don’t, then – as you so rightly point out – there are plenty of other, cheaper alternatives.

  14. Feike de Graaff says:

    Hi there,

    We are travelling to Raja Ampat next week and I was wondering whether it is possible to purchase the PIN in advance, so we only need to collect it at the office?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  15. Barry van Zyl says:

    To whom it may concern

    Do we need an additional permit to travel in West Papua?

    We are doing a trip to Raja Ampat in May but will fly into Sorong and then after the trip back to Bali, thus we wont do any additional traveling in the west Papua area

    I would appreciate some feedback regarding this matter

    Thanx Barry

    • Hi Barry –

      Like it says right there at the top of this page: “The only permit you need to visit Raja Ampat is the one described on this page. We’re often asked by international travellers if the special Surat Jalan permit required to travel in West Papua is needed for Raja Ampat. A Surat Jalan is not required to visit Raja Ampat.”

    • Sophie Vanhaverbeke says:


      Thanks for all good tips here! We’re planning to travel to Raja Ampat in September 2016. Can we book the ferry from Sorong to Raja Ampar islands online in advance ?

  16. Will be comming to Raja Ampat this week, was wondering for the required documents we need to get the permit? We will travel directly from Jakarta to Sorong so can’t really make any copies of the visum as we would only get this in Jakarta airport, is it possible to get copies made when paying for the permit?

    • Hi Wirawan –

      Dive boats generally organise permits for all their clients, so they should be doing that for you. If they don’t (you should be given your permit by the boat), you can always pay for one in Sorong when you disembark. Also if they don’t: Make sure you report that to us or the tourism office! ;)

  17. Moeijensoon Jacques says:

    Quel sont les démarges pour obtenir le permis pour avoir accès aux parc marins et quel est son prix et depuis Sorong ?
    Merçi d’avance .

    • Hi Jacques –

      We have no French, so forgive us for answering in English. You pay IDR 1,000,000 per person for a permit and you buy them in Sorong or Waisai at one of the 3 offices described and pictured above.

  18. I am an Indonesian Citizen but will be travelling to Indonesia on my Australian passport (dual citizen). Can I still get the entry permit tag at the IDR500,000 price and will I have to bring my Indonesian passport to the ticket office with me?

  19. Hi,
    I was in raja ampat in August 2015. Is my marine tag valid until August 2016?
    The dive resort i am booking with for february 2016 claims that tags are valid for one year from 31 january to 31 january and therefore mine is no longer valid?

    • Hi Natasha –

      From Feb 1 2015, all permits are valid for one year from date of purchase, so the only way that what the resort is telling you could be true is if they sold you an old permit instead of one of the new ones.

      You should have been given your permit. The new ones are in the form of a card, the old ones were a plastic disc. Both clearly show the expiry date.

    • We’re not based in Raja Ampat Olivia, so we can’t say. We do know that the 2pm one on Mon Nov 30 had its Sorong departure delayed by 4 hours to due an overloading issue. Delays occasionally happen, but we’ve never heard of a cancellation before. Anything’s possible though.

  20. Hi! I will be visiting Raja Ampat in a couple of months. I understand that I have to pay the entry permit fee of 100 USD.

    My guide tells me that I have to pay a 100 USD harbour fee as well. Can you tell me what is this harbour fee for? Thanks!


    • Hi Linda –

      All harbours charge fees to vessels using their facilities to cover their operating costs. It’s much like paying to use a carpark. Harbour fees are usually charged per vessel though, not per passenger. We have no idea what the Sorong harbour fees are, or how many people are on your boat, so can’t say if the USD100 you’re being asked for is a reasonable amount or not.

  21. We will be visiting R4 in December.
    We fly into Sorong, landing at 12:25pm. We had planned on taking the 2pm ferry and getting our Marine Park Entry Tag in Waisai at the Port Office.
    However, this page says the ferry leaves Sorong at 2pm (if on time) and takes 2 hours to cross. It also says the Port Office closes at 4pm. Would we be better to get our permits at JE in Sorong?
    Does the process take a long time?
    Thank you!!

  22. Hi, we have plan a cruise ship will visit Raja Ampat next month, passengers will pay for the entry permit, what about the crew member? Are they must pay the entry permit too?

  23. Small Bubbles says:

    Dear all,

    I would like to know about the last updates regarding the permit.
    I am spending a lot of time in Indonesia and I would like to know if the permit is really valid from the day of purchase until the end of the calendar year? Or is now for a 12 months period?
    I read all the messages on the forum and it seems that nothing was entirely definite up until recently (cf June messages).
    Basically, I would like to know if I can purchase my permit now to go there very soon. And then come back with friends in a few months without purchasing a new one. And possibly regularly.
    Please advise.
    Thank you for your time guys.
    Have fun!

    • Hi Small Bubbles –

      The information at the top of this page is correct: The permit is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. You can’t buy one anywhere except in the offices at Sorong and Waisai.

      NOTE: The Sorong office has moved from the JE Meridien Hotel to a shop of its own directly opposite the airport exit. We’ll soon be adding that updated information to this page.

  24. Hi!

    I’m planning a trip for two to stay in Raja from 23 – 30 Juli. We were looking at both kayak4conservation and the resorts on Kri Island. I can’t seem to find out where to book the homestays connected to kayak4conservation. Is this part of stayrajaamapt or do I need to contact somebody else?

    Many thanks in advance!!


    • Hi Tim.

      Which homestays you’ll need to book will depend on the route you have planned. The K4C website has some maps than can help with that.

      You need to arrange your homestay accommodation directly with the homestays themselves – they are independent of K4C. You can click any location title on our accommodation page to quickly find all homestays that area, and our full page map will help locate ones along your route. (Click any icon on the map for more info and links.)

  25. Hi!

    I noticed in the comments that as of January, there had been nobody at tourist information in waisai at the port, and that they are moving to the Village.

    Has this move happened, or can PINs still be purchased at the port?

    • Hi Brad

      When we were there in Feb 2015 the port office was open as usual. There are no plans to close it as far as we know. If the port office is closed permits can also be purchased in Waisai from the UPTD KKLD office as above.

  26. Hi!

    Do I need the entry permit to visit the Marine Park, OR I need the entry permit to simply go and stay on Raja Ampat? Does EVERYONE staying on Raja Ampat needs an entry permit?



    • Yes Monika, you need the permit.

      As it says above: “The Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit tag (or PIN) has been renamed the Tariff to Support Environmental Services in Raja Ampat and must be paid by every visitor to Raja Ampat.”

  27. Hi!
    I will go to Raja Ampat in the middle of February 2015. I guess the new fees will be applied (Rp. 500,000 for Indonesian and Rp. 1,000,000 for foreigners)
    How much costs the PIN when we have a KITAS? Meaning we are foreigners but we are living and paying our taxes in Indonesia?
    Thank you!

  28. Nobody at tourist infirmation in waisai at the port. They say they come when the ferry comes, but not always.
    They are moving to the Village although the office is not finished yet. Good luck.

    • Hi Maria –

      Thanks for the update :)
      Responsibility for collection of the permit fees is being transferred at the end of this month to a new collection body. It sounds like there’s going to be some confusion during the handover period! It was so convenient to be able to get them at the port too – hopefully that won’t change.

      • Hi,
        we arrive in waisai on sunday the 1th of march, we fly in in the morning, at sorong, and trying to get the ferry at 14.00.
        so if i understand it correctly we can get a permit after getting of the ferry, at the ferry terminal?
        If not it is also possible to get it on monday? Or do you really need one on the day you arrive?
        Thank you, Lianne!

        • Hi Lianne – yes – when we were there last week the office described above was open when the ferry arrived. You could leave it to Monday, sure – but the office is usually only open at ferry arrival times.

  29. We have bought a permite on 20.03.2014.
    Is this permite valid for one year (expires on 19.03.15) or expires ther permite on 31.1.15 as printed on the permite?

      • Thank you for your answer.
        If I buy a permit tag at the end of January 2015. The price is 500.000. How long is this permit tag, which I bought this month, valid?

        • You’re welcome Tobi.

          I don’t know what the official view on that is, but I believe that if you purchased a permit in late January, it would be valid for your entire stay, even if your departure was after February 1. I’m also fairly certain though, that you would need to purchase one of the new 12 month ones if you were to return to Raja Ampat later.

  30. Some info regarding PIN’s reportedly being valid for 12 months.
    I arrived in Waisai on 24.11.14 and purchased a PIN at the Tourist Info Centre.
    The PIN has an expiry date of 31.01.15, and the receipt states “this entrance tag is valid for calender year (January-December)”. As I was expecting the PIN to be valid for 12 months, I asked for clarification of the expiry date and it was confirmed by the issuing staff member that the PIN expired on 31.01.15 and after that date a new PIN would need to be purchased.
    If this is true, it is absurd, because there is potential for a visitor being required to buy 2 PIN’s if the date of 31.01.15 is passed whilst in Raja Ampat. In my case, I would like to return later in 2015, so I would be required to purchase another PIN even if the original is only 10 months old.
    As an aside, 2 guys associated with this website were present when I enquired, and one of them (Australian…I think) suggested they were valid within a calendar year, not 12 months.
    Perhaps someone can obtain official clarification of a PIN validity period?

    • Hi Craig –

      It is indeed true (and absurd!) that PINs are valid for a calendar year, not from the date of purchase.

      Although this would indeed imply that being charged twice is possible, I doubt that would ever happen in practice. Keeping the receipts issued with the tag to prove date of purchase would be wise though.

      PIN fees will be doubled in 2015 and hopefully the validity period issue will be addressed as well.

      SRA admin (& the guy you met in Waisai)

      • Krista Clement says:

        Hi All (& Doug)-

        To clarify re: PIN- as of January 2015, the PIN system was transferred from the local government tourism authority (Dinas Pariwisata) to the local government organization charged with managing Raja Ampat’s five marine protected areas (UPTD BLUD under Dinas Keluatan dan Perikanan). This is to ensure that the money is more transparently going toward the operation of Raja Ampat’s marine protected areas as well as community conservation and development activities in the region.

        With the transfer of this system to the UPTD, the entry fee was raised to 1,000,000 for foreign visitors and 500,000 for Indonesian visitors VALID FOR A YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE. The new entry fee cards (moving away from a PIN) will be issued beginning Feb 1, 2015.

        Plans to socialize the new system (to homestays, hotels, liveaboards, other operators) are currently being developed by some very hard working individuals. More communication will be made available as it is created.

        Keep in mind this type of system in Indonesia, a payment for ecosystem services aka conservation, is a very new concept (in fact, Raja Ampat is the first!) and it has been a challenge to sell this concept as well as establish and implement a system that can pay for conservation. There will be wrinkles to be ironed out as this system is implemented, but hopefully the communities, visitors and tourism operators in Raja Ampat will have a bit of patience :)

        • Great update Krista and thanks for posting it here – we’ve been wondering when the new scheme would be implemented! We’ll update the info on the page above and look forward to hearing of further developments as they happen.

          Thanks again

          SRA Admin

  31. I have booked a liveaboard diving holiday in Raja Ampat. Does the boat normally arrange for the purchase or do I need to deal with it?

  32. What happens if we arrive on a Saturday or a Sunday? Our homestay host will be picking us up: what happens if we don’t have a park permit?

    • Hi Mike –

      It’s been our experience that the office at Waisai – although closed the rest of the weekend – is open for permit sales when the ferry arrives on Saturdays and Sundays. There are men on the wharf asking if you have a PIN (permit) and directing you to the office shown above if you don’t. If you find that’s not the case on arrival, you should be able to organise for your hosts to pick one up for you. If park rangers find you without one fines usually apply.

  33. We’ve been in August and it was still 500.000 IDR.

    We received an SMS from Husna from TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE OF WAISAI and the office’s hours are:
    from Monday to Thursday 8AM to 4PM
    Friday 8AM to 3PM

  34. Riot Nrrrd™ says:

    Any updates on this fee? My final destination is telling me the same thing, “Bring 500,000 IDR but be prepared in case it is 1,100,000 IDR”

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Joshua. That’s a question we haven’t been asked before – and we don’t know the answer. It’s certainly reasonable to assume the harbour authorities charge him a fee if he berths his boat at the harbour. No idea how much that would be though! Imagine it would depend on the size and type of boat…

  35. Hi, I am heading to Raja Ampat and planning to obtain the permit in Sorong. Any updates if the price is Rp1000k or Rp500k ? Thanks !

  36. Is it generally acceptable (and reliable) to obtain the Entrance Tags in Waisai rather than Sorong ?
    My plane arrival doesn’t allow much time to get from the airport to the Ferry. A stop at the Meridien Hotel might cause us to miss the boat. ?

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Definitely acceptable, but not 100% sure about the reliability of that Tom. (Only because we don’t know the operating hours of the Waisai office.) Anybody got further info about that?

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Thanks Mikhail – that’s proof positive! It looks like the authorities have rethought it. Either that or they’re taking a *really* long time to implement it. Good news really for those of us on limited budgets. :)

      • Stay Raja Ampat says:

        Either the liveaboard boats you’re referring to have to pay extra charges to enter and moor in the park or they’re blatantly profiteering Jason. The approved fee is IDR 1,000,000 per international tourist for an entry permit valid for 12 months.

      • Dominic Elson says:

        The liveaboards should only charge you the face value of the PIN fee, which for now is still Rp.500,000 (but it will hopefully be increased to 1m in the next few months). Liveaboard operators are obliged to pay an extra annual fee for entering the Raja Ampat waters, but it is only Rp.10m for boats up to 10 guests, rising to Rp.30m for 17-24 guests. So a 10 berth boat doing one trip a month, fully loaded, will pay about USD 6 per guest over the year. This is peanuts, and I would be very surprised if any liveaboard operator tried to add this to the customer’s bill. If you find a liveaboard trying to charge you more than 500,000 for the PIN, or more than about USD 20 to cover their operating permit (let’s allow them some profit), then you should certainly question this, and post your experience here and on Trip Advisor etc.

  37. Stay Raja Ampat says:

    According to Anna and Mikhail’s comments below, you can still get RA Entrance Tags for IDR500,000 in Waisai. An official announcement of the increase to IDR1,000,000 for foreign visitors was made on July 1, 2012 and hasn’t been retracted as far as we know.

    Perhaps the Tourist Information Center at Waisai hasn’t been told? Or perhaps the tags being sold there aren’t legitimate? Has anybody purchased one at the Sorong Management Team office recently? It’d be nice to clear up the confusion!

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      You could certainly try showing them your blue book but we’ve never heard of a discount for KITAS holders. As far as we know, it’s 250K for Indonesian citizens and a juta for everybody else.

          • Jason Haiselden says:

            I’d realy like to know the organisation that sets the fee – I’m happy to contribute but feel that someone somewhere is milking this. There must be an official web page somewhere?

            • Stay Raja Ampat says:

              Hi Jason. Have you seen the info linked by the “why and how” and “where the money goes” links in the article above? I’ll confirm and post more info for you, but my understanding is that the fee was set by the Raja Ampat regency government and community stakeholder groups in consultation with NGOs working on Raja Ampat conservation projects. There has been no “milking” to date. In fact, there’s a sizeable amount of cash in the community development fund awaiting agreement on its allocation. The official Raja Ampat government website (Bahasa Indonesia) is at http://rajaampatkab.go.id but it’s full of 404s and not much help.