The Raja Ampat Visitor Entry Ticket

Raja Ampat Visitor Entry Ticket

In December 2019 the Raja Ampat Regency Government imposed new Raja Ampat Visitor Entry Ticket fees.

What is the price? Ticket price varies according to the destinations you intend to visit.

Where to pay? At the Raja Ampat Regency Tourism Office desk. You will find it next to the Homestay Information Center desk at Waisai port.

What is it for? To provide for the installation and maintenance of tourism infrastructure.

Who gets the money? Dinas Pariwisata – the Raja Ampat Regency Government Tourism Office.

How do I know how much I have to pay? Good question! At present, the only information released is this Bahasa Indonesia document (PDF 5.78MB). If you’re an international visitor intending to visit any of the sites listed in the OBJEK column on pages 2 & 3, then the red boxed prices will apply.

So…. I’m supposed to know the local names of all the places that I might visit, name them, then the desk staff will add up all the prices and write the total price on the ticket? Yes. That’s what we’re told.

What if the places I want to go are not on the list? Another good question! We don’t know, but that’s the authorised list, so if you’re not going to any of the places on it, then our guess is that you don’t need a ticket.

OK… are there any other fees or permits I am required to pay while in Raja Ampat? Yes, as below.

  • The Tariff to support Environmental Services in Raja Ampat (often called the PIN fee) See this page for details and where to pay.
  • Unofficial entry fees charged on site by local communities. See this page for more information.

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