Harfat Jaya Homestay, Pulau Yapale, southeast Misool - Photo: Copyright D.Telnov, 2012 (Riga, Latvia)

Harfat Jaya Homestay

Misool - Yapale

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Misool magic. At Harapan Jaya on Pulau Yapale, Harfat Jaya can accommodate large groups and organise tours to the region’s many attractions.

1 x Unknown Sleeps max. 16 persons / room
Single IDR 400-450,000 / person / night


Harfat Jaya Homestay can accommodate up to 16 people in 2 large dormitories and two bungalows. The homestay has a permanent electricity supply and the rooms have fans, lighting and comfortable bunk beds. There is one western style toilet, two squat toilets and a shared bathroom with shower.

Harfat Jaya is on Pulau Yapale, next to the village of Harapan Jaya, so several small shops are close by. Snorkelling is available at the door and the homestay has a speed boat available to hire for excursions further afield.

Harfat Jaya Homestay food is basic and the menu is not varied. Meals are based on the staples of rice and fish, but portions are generous and the fish always fresh.

Transport / Getting there

To reach Harfat Jaya Homestay you need to catch a public ferry from Sorong to the village of Harapan Jaya.

NOTE: Ferries are sometimes delayed and schedules can change without warning. It’s highly recommended that you check with Harfat Jaya to confirm the following information before making plans!

Two ferries service Misool ports from Sorong. The latest info we have (March 2016) says that the Fajar Indah leaves Sorong at 2300 on Fridays and the Fajar Baru at 2300 on Mondays. Both ships depart from the same dock as the Waisai ferries and the journey takes 8 to 10 hours depending on sea conditions.

John tells us that if you ask for the boats to Fanfanlap or Pelabuhan 35 on Misool, you will be directed to a ferry that stops at Harapan Jaya, despite that port not showing on the ferry schedules.

Fajar Indah returns to Sorong at 1300 on Saturday, while the Fajar Baru continues to Seram before looping back to Misool and departing for Sorong again at 0900 on Thursdays.

Tickets cost IDR 200,000 per person each way. Many travellers choose to pay an extra IDR 300,000 to secure a private cabin with bunk beds. You need to arrive early to pay and secure the cabin key to make sure you don’t miss out!

Speedboats can also be chartered for passage to Harapan Jaya. Reader Nicole reported that in December 2014  a speedboat charter from Sorong to Misool cost IDR 35,000,000 (about USD 3,500.00!!) each way.

We recommend contacting either Harfat Jaya or the Sorong tourism office owner for up to date information.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


There’s a lot to see near Harfat Jaya – check out Dmitry Telnov’s Panoramio albums for photos of the surrounding area and read about nearby attractions on our Land Based Adventures page.

John Drabble, who provided the info for Harfat Jaya tells us that they can organise diving and tours, but no detailed information is available yet. See ares’ comment below for more info about those.


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Large groups OK
  • Western style toilet
  • English speaking
  • Good house reef
  • Diving available
  • Has own speedboat
  • IDR 0 to 350,000

Harfat Jaya Homestay Location Map

Harfat Jaya Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Harfat Jaya Homestay

Harfat Jaya Homestay Contact Details

  • If the homestay features above do not show that English is spoken, you'll need to use Bahasa Indonesia. In either case, keep it simple! Using the booking form is best for homestays that have one. Please don't use both - confusion will be the only result!.
  • SMS text message is the most reliable way to make contact.
  • Many contacts have no permanent access to phone or email - don't expect an instant response to your enquiry.
  • Please read our How to Book Raja Ampat Accommodation page so you know what to expect.

Name Pak Harun (Aaron)
Phone +6281344353030

Harfat Jaya Homestay Reviews

Posting feedback about your homestay experience will help your hosts and fellow travellers. All feedback is passed on and contributes to the success of the local ecotourism economy which underpins international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat.

Please leave a comment or review below and take the time to respond to this online Raja Ampat ecotourism survey. Your input is valued and appreciated!

85 thoughts on “Harfat Jaya Homestay

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    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
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    Hi, i’m from Italy, me and my husband have been in this homestay five days the second week of november. We contacted Rima (her contact details are showed in previous message), she made us a program: included of full board, daytrip, diving, pick up at the airport, hotel in sorong and ferry ticket. She is a very, very nice girl, very helpfull, we enjoed so much his company and her organization: in Misool people speak english very little. I confirm what is in previous message about cottage number one where during night it’s difficult sleep due the generator noise; the home stay is quite pretty and food is ok; diving is ok too, they know the area very good.

  1. Please don’t go there. They have no respect for their customers, their food standard are so low (lowest I have seen so far in Indonesia…), it’s miserable.
    They try to rip us off, with boat and gas fee.
    Don’t bother doing 10 hours ferry to get to this place.
    Go somewhere else in Misool

    • I am TOTALLY AGREE with you. Imagine- the owner shouting disrespectly with anger over the phone and accused me of influencing other guests to cancel renting the small boat with 2 engine which cost 3 million Indonesian rupiah for just one day!!! the owner thought i was so stupid to ask other guests to cancel sharing the boat which will ending up i have to pay 3 Million in comparing to just 1 million if i share with other guests? i am not a diver,going to misool to see the view and take photos and certainly a big waste not able to do so, finally went to the village and rent a smaller boat with one engine for 900,000 rupiah while in KRI rent a bigger boat with 2 engines (Capacity 12 pax with big space) for only 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 indonesian rupiah depends on destination for full day and 500,000-600,000 indonesian rupiah transfer from KRI to waisai, SOthe charge 3,000,000 indonesian rupiah in this homestay certainly a HUGE rip off. The son of the owner is simply a slander, arrogant and liar ( i did record the conversation with the manager). Thought i am going to have a wonderful time by travelling to misool for 16 hours vv as the manager spoke and explained very professiona l , helpfuland very courteous but not the son of the owner. The room is bad, serious leaking at the bathroom, noisy at night by the generator, the key of the room Out of order from outside , when i informed the son of the owner, he simply said arrogantly ” we will pay for any loses” !!! the food? MAMA MIA…..the only good thing is the view from the room is not bad but nothing great. Find other homestay in Misool and avoid this one unless you really have no choice BUT make a deal before you arrive in writing SMS or E-mail AND RE-CONFIRM IN DETAILS.Hope they will honour the deal and NOT mislead you.

  2. Hello,
    Just came back from Harfat jaya homestay. Very nice view from the bungalows. Don’t take the number one, you will have the generator in your ear all night, it is kind of crushing the vibe…
    The snorkelling in front of the homestay is very nice.
    A word about the diving, the dives are 500 000rp each and the boat is not included. You have to pay 2 500 000rp plus the gaz per day to rent the boat on top of the dives.
    The dive sites are pretty far too, at least 1 hour.

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        Ferry schedule is the same as they say in the description and it work fine! 10 hours!
        you have a lunch included. If you want a cabin, go inside the boat and see the captain, this boat is not part of the other ferry’s. The captain will give you the key directly
        Telephone signal is very bad, don’t expect anything!

  3. Hey!!!

    Thanks for amazing information!! Sounds so good!! So happy!! We where on Kri this year and would really like to go to Misool next year…..and as I guess you know…….information from this part of the world is not really TO MUCH!!!! So thanks again!!

    Can u tell me something about prices for staying??
    Did u only snorkel?? Do you know anything about diving??

    Thanks!! :)

  4. Chris and Sigurd says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    Hey there!
    The island was self sufficient, we didn’t need anything extra I think. : ) Have fun!

    C & S

  5. Domenico Troian says:

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    We are an Italian couple and stayed in harfat jaya 23 February for 4 nights. There are two boats a week to Misool that depart from the same port that is going to waisai.Il ticket price is 200,000 per person, and 300,000 for the cabin with 1 bunk bed and air conditioning. There are 2 shared bathrooms for all cabs. I should go to the harbor in the afternoon of the day of departure to make you give the keys of the cab because the evening may be full. Fajar Baru on Monday at 23:00 and Fajar Indah on Friday at 23:00. We started on Monday evening and after one stop northeast Misool at 6 am you get to Pelabuhan 35 at 9 am where the boat harfat jaya can pick you up and in 10 minutes you arrive at homestay.Fajar Baru continues for Bula, Geser on Pulau Seram (maluku) and returns to Misool (Yellu) on Thursday morning at 9. If you come from Seram, (Orabeach resort, or Ambon, and you can reach by land in Bula, where there are also several hotels) and part for Misool on Wednesday evening. We are back with Fajar Indah on Saturday at 13.00 from Yellu and arrived in Sorong at 20: 00.Harfat jaya has three private bungalows with roof terrace where there is’ a beautiful view of the Harpan jaya, Yellu and many small islands in the sea, with bathroom, fan, electricity for 24 hours, solar day, at night with the generator, 1 with 2 single beds and mosquito nets, 2 with 2 bunk bed. then 1 double bungalow with 2 bedrooms, 1 with 2 beds and 1 with 2 bunk bed with private bathroom and 14 beds in 2 dormitories with shared bathroom .All rooms are solid wood with doors that can be closed to keys and windows with glasses. A new rooftop restaurant with many tables and chairs, and a television with karaoke, when there are the Indonesian people groups. The food for breakfast always fried noodle and eggs. lunch and dinner, fish with vegetables and rice .The food It’s very hot, and if you do not like, you can ask to make it less spicy. We never had any fruit or sweet. For the bungalow it costs 500,000 rupees per person per day and transportation to Pelabuhan 35, and Yellu, are included in the price. There are 2 speed boat for a tour of 2,000,000 rupiah per day (maximum 6 people) and a 3,000,000 a day, most large. We did two day tour 1 northeast with the beautiful lagoon balbulol, harfat peek view as Wajag, lunch on the island of banos, lake with stingless jellyfish, 2 times snorkeling and we saw many islands with nice views. the second tour we went south and we did snorkling in several places with lunch on a beautiful beach. Snorkelling really surprised me and ‘was one of the most’ beautiful that I have done in raja ampat (I’ve been to kri, Gam, Fam, Birie) with incredible visibility and corals of all kinds and many fish. the tour we left at 8:30 and returned at about 16:30. We were accompanied by Ten and Ali.Ten from Manado, also guides Diving and speaks good English and can help you with anything .There is a well-equipped dive center and 1 dive it’s 550,000 rupee. There are more than enough day mosquitoes so bring repellent There is a strong telephone signal (Telekomsel) and you can use the internet slowly .MR Harun very personable, he speaks little English but you do understand .He also owns the gasoline supply (Pertamina) to all the villages nearby. Here the villages are all Muslims and all are very friendly. I ‘liked very Misool, and recommend you stay here for 4-5 days and very nice and different from northern Raja Ampat. Now we are in Ternate for the eclipse when we return to Italy we will publish many photos of homestsy and Misool

    • A fabulously detailed and valuable update Domenico – thank you so much!

      That’s going to be a huge help to others considering Misool in general and Harfat Jaya in particular. We’ll update their page info and look forward to seeing the photos.

      All the best for a great time (and clear skies!) in Ternate :)

    • Hi Domenico.
      Are you back in Italy? can I contact you directly by phone? My name is Gianna and we will go to Misool this December. I would like to share more info with you. Thanks
      Gianna, Roma

    • Hi Domenico! Thank you VERY much for your info – so helpful. How did you contact and book harfat jaya homestay? I can’t sent sms to Pak Harun (Aaron) to the phone number mentioned above – sms marked as error.

    • Cosetta Foresti says:

      Ciao Domenico, quest’inverno andiamo a Misool ,per i primi sette giorni la gireremo con una barca di un tal Deny ,ma poi vorremmo fermarci per qualche altro giorno in un homestay. Avrei piacere di avere alcune info , io sono di Bologna. Come potrei contattarti?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your report.
      Is the price of 2,000,000 rupiah per day for the day trip for one person or for the whole boat?
      Thank you

  6. I just came back from misool 
    on the moment there is ferry on monday and friday night from sorong to yellu in misool 
    boat back is on thursday morning(comes from ceram) or saturday morning

    price ferry is 200 000 rupiah if you want cabin is 300 000 plus ticket is 500 000

    +62852-1982-2935 homestay yaganan nice village life ! Price 400 000

    +62 813-4435-3030 harfat jaya homestay nice view descent food not so much coral free pick up from harbour (cuz its close by) and also part of the village life prices 400 till 450 000 PP

    +6281223232335 Panun paradise island pick up is 650 000 we bargained till 500 000 island is 30 minutes by boat
    price is room 500 000 pp but amazibg beatyfull island veryy good meals and fresh fruit and vegetables everyday 
    the coral reef is parts amazing and big variety of fish he grows his own vegetables and fruit on the island

    and its veryy close to the amazing balbulol lagoon he also is raja of misool so he not need permission for going anywere

    boat trips are same everywere 500 000 plus bensin 1 liter costs 13.000 rupiah we used 180 liter panun paradise island is best place for staying

  7. Hello Stay RA!

    Great site and great resources on this page. You guys rock!

    You mentioned in a few comments below that there are a few Homestay on Misool that you plan to add to the site shortly. I am EXCEPTIONALLY interested to hear more. Would love to find a Homestay on a beach in Misool. Any leads? I’m having trouble finding any info at all (and believe me, I have looked far and wide!).



    • Hey thanks Ryan :)

      Unfortunately we’re having trouble getting the details of the homestays on Misool and will have to visit before we can get them up on the site. The Raja Ampat Tourism office opposite the airport in Sorong should be able to help though. If the office can’t, then I’m sure the folks at Harfat Jaya would be able to.

  8. Hey, I am planning a Raja Ampat Trip in November 2015 and thinking about going to Misool. I have already been to Raja Ampat one year ago and now it’s time for Misool. But my main goal is to dive. Is anybody interested in diving as well in Misool in November 2015? Because I am on my own, and therefore I need a dive buddy, in order to have a guarantee that i can dive in Misool. Plus: Is there a timetable for the ferry to get to Misool?

    • Matthieu Halflants says:

      hello Daniel! I m planning to go to missool in november 2016 and i go there to dive with my friends. Could you tell me if you found any good homestay for diving? Thank you very much!!!

      • Hi matthieu, my husband and i are planning to go to misool in november 2016, how many people are you? i’m taking some news about two homestay and it seems both provide diving. have you already decided the date?

        • Hi Matthieu, Marialuisa! I’m planning to go Misool in november 2016, on Monday ferry, 15 nov, and go back to Sorong 22 nov on Thursday ferry. I was trying to send SMS, but there is an error, I can’t send it. Have you contact owner Pak Harun (Aaron) via +62 813 4435 30 30 ??? Does this phone working?

          • Hi Sergei, i ”ll be raja ampat in the same period, but us ferry schedule has changed, maybe i have to renounce to go to misool, by the way i succeded in contacting Abdul for the Panun homestay.

            • Hi Marialuisa. I succeded too to contact Abdul but he does not speak english. He sent me to the website of Guerrilla Dive Center, which run now Panun:
              They are not clear on possible staying with them, apart from their package, which is not cheap, offering 8 days while in reality it’s only 5 days there.
              Can we talk directly by phone? I am Italian and leave near Rome

  9. Hi there!
    I’d like to ask about rate of the homestay and also boat for visiting snorkeling/diving spot around there.

    Thank you very much for the answer.


  10. Hi,

    May I know if Harfat Jaya has dive operations or if there is any dive operators in the area, I am thinking about heading there with group of friends about 10 people in sept 2016.

    looking forward for any feed back



      • Thanks for your information. many thanks! Would like to how many divers they can handle so I can start organize the trip. Cheers

    • Deborah Day says:

      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • Amazing - 5 starfish
      • (5/5 starfishes)

      Anthony, I can recommend Panun Island Paradise; contact Abdul (+62 85197316984), he is the nephew of the owner and is fluent in English. The homestay is minutes away from great dive sites. One night we could see two liveaboards anchored near the sites we had just dived! Halim can take you to wonderful unnamed dive sites, walls, caves and pinnacles, and with a group you could make your own itinerary. I would suggest that you get a detailed proposal. We had our own gear but the rental gear was all new Scubapro. Tanks were new and in hydro. The compressor is small so tanks take a little while to fill but the air was good. We found this private diving to be the perfect complement to a week of liveaboard diving in north Raja Ampat; the underwater topography was quite different.

  11. Hi there! We are a couple with two adult kids and are planning to go to harfat jaya on Fri, 20. Feb. of 2016 by public boat. We are going to make a reservation at pak harun soon, hoping it will work out fine. We would like to share with other fellow travellers for sharing the costs of boat-excoursions. So, if anyone is interested, we would be happy to hear from you. We are german, but speak enough bahasa to comunicate (and bargain a little). After misool we are planning to visit fam (again) and batanta (the first time). If anyone has futher informations about pulau birie, batanta, we were happy to hear from you. Chris

      • Thanks a lot for your quick answer. We are really glad to find your great web-site! Still hoping for further informations about misool! Best regards!

        • You’re welcome. :)

          Except for the fact that there are several homestays on Misool now and that you shouldn’t have a problem finding accommodation once you are there, all we can tell you about Misool is on this page and in the comments here Chris. We hope to visit Misool this year to add all the homestays we’ve heard about.

          Feel free to also post on our facebook page to better your chances of making contact with folks who might like to join with you.


          SRA Admin

    • hello

      I m planning to go misool island for 2 weeks in february 2016

      Anybody for recent recommendation for homestays ?

      Thanks a lot !!


      • christoph kaufmann says:

        Hi Chris! We – four People all together – are also planning to go to misool in feb., starting on fri, 19th, for one week. In case we are there the same time, we could share ab boat for snorkeling trips etc.. If you are interested, let´s stay in contact.

        Best regards

  12. Hi There!

    Sorry my line is very bad from here – someone try to call me follow on my text message. Could you please give me your availability for 1 week in september for a couple? and price?

    Many thanks!

  13. hello!

    We have a speedboat going to Misool from Sorong late April, back early May. We are going there for a kayaking but could take travellers who are looking to share a ride there. We have 2-3 places. We planned to stay at Harapan Jaya before heading back to Sorong. Email me fullmoon (at) kayakasia.org


  14. Krista Clement says:

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    I stayed at the Harfat Jaya Homestay in Harapan Jaya last December as a part of a work trip to SE Misool. The homestay is located up on a hill overlooking the water at Harapan Jaya, has electricity, great laundry service and food (though primarily Indonesian, but very good quality!) There are two dormitory rooms as well as two single private rooms with in room dip shower and western toilet plus towel and amenities. Those rooms could improve in terms of cleanliness, but not inhabitable. The homestay recently built two bungalows over the hill overlooking the water that are beautiful, clean, well maintained and much more suitable for western guests.

    Pak Harun was a lovely host and is the man to contact about pretty much anything in SE Misool. He is the mastermind behind all the logistics that come into the island and can find anything you are looking for. His grandchildren are a blast to hang out with and enjoy singing, practicing English, and doing yoga with guests. They will even take you to the shores of Harapan Jaya at night to show you the famous kalabia walking shark endemic to Papua!!

    I’ve traveled around most of Raja Ampat, and I must say, Misool is THE spot to head to. Not only is it amazing for dives, it has hidden caves, lagoons, jellyfish lakes (stingless jellyfish you can swim with!), marine lakes, kayak spots, potential rock climbing, and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a special spot in the world, with VERY LITTLE tourism infrastructure. Currently, it’s only for the adventurous, and hopefully it will stay that way! :)

    If you need tips on where to head to see some of Misool’s glorious sites, head over to the marine protected area post in Harapan Jaya and have a laugh with the guys. Ali, the coordinator of species monitoring for the protected area, is a natural guide and knows where everything is. He’s also extremely funny, sociable and speaks a bit of English (and needs to practice! Help him get better!) He loves interacting and sharing with guests when he’s not busy working, so head over and give him a shout :)

    A friend of mine that was on our trip to Misool is making a short video about the beautiful non-dive sites in Misool. Doug, happy to share if you would like to post on here when it’s ready! :)

    • For sure Krista – we’d love to be able to share that :)

      What everyone wants to know though (as you can see from the comments below) is exactly how do you get to Harfat Jaya, how long does it take and what does it cost? It’d be great if you could give us all a headsup on that! :)

  15. My dog had surgery so I had to postpone my original trip.

    I am now trying to go to Misool either the 2nd or 3rd week of March (and staying on Kri the other week to do some diving)… taking the public boat and staying 1 full week. Anyone interested in going together so we can share the cost of boat hire while we’re in Misool?

    Please email me: bareri@gmail.com

  16. Hello

    I am also planing to get to Harfat Jaya in Feb 2015. Has anybody figured out the exact boat details and schedules?


    • Hi Jan!
      We will be at Raja Ampat from 22th January to 12th February for sure.

      Nothing is confirmed yet, we are starting now to make contacts. We haven’t got any answer yet from Harfat Jaya Homestay (Pak Harun).
      If we take the ferry we must stay there 8 days compulsory because there is only one ferry a week (Fri to Sat).
      However, 8 days it’s too long for us so we need to find an alternative transportation to come back to sorong a couple of days before, but that is very very expensive. So everything is in the air.

      It seems to be easier to go to wayag than to misool. it ‘s expensive but there are more choices. Still trying to find more people to share expenses.

      Guillem & Maria
      +34 654176012

    • Krista Clement says:

      Hi Jan,

      The ferry, Fajar Indah, leaves from the Raja Ampat port in Sorong at 11:00 pm every Friday night and returns from Misool to Sorong on Saturday morning, You would need to stay in Misool for a week in order to use the ferry. The ferry is safe, tickets are around 200,000 and you can rent cabins for 300,000 a room- you buy the tickets on the boat and can’t buy in advance. It takes about 8-10 hours from Sorong to 35 in Misool depending on the waves. Hope you make it there, it’s absolutely beautiful!


  17. Hi, just so others are aware – the cost of chartering a speedboat to Misool from Sorong is IDR 35,000,000 each way. I have recently come back from travelling in Raja Ampat with a group of friends but we unfortunately had to remove Misool from our itineraries due to the cost. From what we have learned, there is one overnight ferry that leaves from Sorong at 11:00 pm on Friday night and returns from Misool to Sorong on Saturday morning. This is a much more affordable option if people want to visit Misool but it does mean you will end up spending a whole week there. However, from what I have heard about Misool while in Raja Ampat, it sounds like it would be worth it!

  18. Hi, I was wondering how I contact to ask specific questions? I would love to do some wildlife viewing on Misool and was thinking I could make this my home base. Thanks!

  19. Hi! You mentioned that there are two bungalows. May I know what sort of beds do they have in the bungalows (eg. single, twin or double)? Also, does the homestay have snorkeling equipment for rent? Thanks!

    • Hi Pearl – I’m really sorry but my husband (who has all this information) is currently in Raja Ampat on a research trip. I’m not sure about the beds or snorkeling equipment but we should be able to answer these questions in the new year. Meanwhile your best course of action is to try to SMS Mr Harun.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Pearl. We haven’t visited Harfat Jaya personally and don’t know the answers to those questions, but all other homestays we know of have double beds in bungalows and most can arrange to replace them with twins if requested. We’ll be visiting in February and will update then. Meanwhile, Amber’s suggestion is the only way to find out for sure.

  20. Room Rate per person is IDR 350.000/day..you can ask mr.harun (owner) to take you to famous Misool Eco Resort, to see ancient hand prints and picture on the rock, to the ancient cave and snorkeling.It cost IDR 3 million (about 300 USD) for one day trip.

    You can go there with KM Kurisi from Sorong to Harapan Jaya. You just pay IDR 65.000 (67 USD) if you want to little bit comfort, you can pay more to take a room in the ship. But it takes 11 hrs if not wavey..

    In harapan jaya, Islam is majority..so don’t worry about the foods..Mr. Harun is really nice person.you can ask everything to him (and maybe a little bargaining)..

    • Hi there,

      I am planning to stay in Harfat Jaya Homestay in November 2014.
      Can you pass me Mr. Harun’s mobile number and email address please?


      • Hi
        i was reading your post and wondered if you indeed decided to go to visit mr harun as a homestay. i am single older women thinking of going to visit mr harun and stay for a few days to snorkel. would really appreciate your comments if you are there. hope you had a great time…..paula

        • Hi Paula! When are you going to Raja Ampat?

          I will be there January 24-February 6 and I am trying to find travel buddies to Misool to help share the cost of boat hire!

          • Hi Valerie! We are a couple travelling to Raja Ampat from 22th January to 15th February.

            Maybe we will go to Misool from 6th to 14th Feb with the public ferry.

            We are also interested in going to Wayag:
            – between 22th-25th of January
            – or 3rd-8th February
            We look for other people that might want to share expenses.

            • Hello

              I’ll be in Raja Ampat from 31th january till 12 or 13th february with a friend of mine.
              I was thinking of going back to Kri at Yenkoranu, but also to somewhere else.
              – Maybe to Misool in Harfat Jaya homestay, but 3 000 000 for a day drip once you’re there is too expensive for me and if every excursion cost around that price, then I’d be stucked in this island. I also need to know if ferry schedules will fit.
              – Other possibility is to go to Wayag. But for that, we need to share a boat. How much is it and how many people are you ?
              -Other wise, I’ll go to Waigeo and figure out what to do from there.

          • Hi! Also looking to spend time in misool early Feb. is your trip confirmed?

            Ive been in misool before but on a liveaboard…


            • Hi all.
              We are a couple trying to organize a trip to Misool(by public boat, so it means one week there ) next April.We are looking for people interested in going there to share the expenses of snorkell trips there.It could be from 27 March in advance ..We are flexible with dates.we can speak some indonesian lenguage , so we would be anble to chat a little bit by sms with harun prior arrival there
              We need to know also ,if somebody hasalready visited Harfat haya , if is possible to do snorkell right on the beach near the homestay or not (if you need a boat each day to do snorkell) and how much does it cost a normal snorkell trip from Harfat Jaya
              Thanks a lot

              • Hi Eva! Would you guys be open to going to Misool in March instead? I made prior plans for April so I can only go in March. Would love to go with someone who can speak the language since I have called the owner 5+ times and we have been having problems understanding each other.