Warikaf Homestay, Kabui Bay, Pulau Gam, Raja Ampat

Warikaf Homestay

Gam - Northern Gam - Kabui Bay

  • Good - 3 starfish
  • Good - 3 starfish
  • Good - 3 starfish
  • Good - 3 starfish
  • Good - 3 starfish
  • (3/5 starfishes)

Hideaways don’t get much better. A stone’s throw from Kabui Passage in a secret bay screened by the jungled karst islands of Kabui Bay.

2 x Over water - Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 400,000 / person / night
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Warikaf Homestay is a two room bungalow built over ¬†water in a unique and isolated location in a ‘hidden bay’ amid the Wayag-like karst islands of northern Kabui Bay. Named for the fresh spring water that emerges from a nearby cave, Warikaf was originally built as a stopover for sea kayakers exploring Kabui Bay and is splendidly remote. There is no phone network coverage. A generator is provided for lighting and charging devices.

Warikaf’s two rooms have free standing double beds with mattress covers, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets and share a large verandah with a table and wooden chairs.

There is free flowing gravity fed spring water from a standpipe on a boardwalk jetty that connects the homestay to Gam Island. (The water is boiled for drinking.) A combined concrete floored dip mandi bathroom and squat toilet is on the island at the end of the boardwalk.

It’s a 30 minute trip by boat to the nearest village where only basic supplies can be purchased, so it’s best to bring everything you’ll need with you.

Warikaf Homestay owner Pak Daud Mayor and his wife live on site while guests are staying, but have no English, so be sure to bring a phrasebook if you have no Bahasa Indonesia.

Transport / Getting there

Transport from and to Waisai is by longboat and costs IDR 500,000 each way, shared between up to 3 people. For more than 3 passengers a speedboat would need to be chartered at a cost of IDR 500,000 per person each way. The journey to Warikaf gives passengers a good look at Kabui Bay.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Warikaf Homestay’s bay provides good snorkeling. Backed by a thin fringe of mangroves, the bay is patrolled by black tipped sharks and visited by schools of juvenile fish and occasionally by hunting dolphins.

The entrance to the famed dive and snorkel site of the Kabui Passage is close by, and the village of Kabui can be reached in 30 mins by boat, or via a 3 to 4 hour hike through the jungle of the island’s north shore.

Local sightseeing trips and village visits can be arranged for IDR 100,000 per person. The same cost will cover snorkelling trips to Kabui Passage or around the karst islands of Kabui Bay, which are very similar to the famed islands of the much more distant Wayag.

Birds of Paradise can be seen at Kabui village, and for the intrepid, it’s possible to arrange a trek from there over into Gam Bay.

Another possible trek is from Kabui across the hills into Yenwaupnor village. The trek affords panoramic views of Kabui and Gam Bays and can be accomplished in a few hours.

The Gam jungle itself is home to mound building wild bush fowl, cuscus, bandicoots and hosts of birds.


  • Remote/isolated
  • Association member
  • Mangroves
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Hiking available
  • IDR 360,000 to 450,000

Warikaf Homestay Location Map

Warikaf Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Warikaf Homestay

Warikaf Homestay Contact Details

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Name Daud Mayor
Phone +6282399131047

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21 thoughts on “Warikaf Homestay

  1. I know I can take a boat/speedboat from Waisai to get here- but when I want to go back, or potentially visit a different homestay (thinking about going to Beser Bay after this one), how would I get from here to there?

    Also, I saw someone mention a kayak in the comments, is there a way to rent a kayak and explore the Kabui area from here?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Dewet –

      Yes – there would be no problem arranging a Sawinggrai transfer. Not sure how much though. It would be at least IDR 500,000, and perhaps as much as IDR 1,000,000

      It’s actually possible to walk from the nearby village of Kabui across the heights of Gam to Gam Bay, where you could get picked up and transferred to Sawinggrai. See the Jungle trekking heading in the Activities section of Nudibranch Homestay’s page for more info about that.

  2. Hello! I sent them a text on the mobile number mentioned about availability during the month of October- it has been a week but im still awaiting a reply. Could you please suggest any other method of getting in touch with them?
    Also, i would like to know if this homestay offers day trip to Wayag.
    Help will be much appreciated!

    • Hi Priya –

      You could try using the booking form. It’s free for both you and the homestay and sends an SMS in Bahasa Indonesia, which is a big help for homestay owners like Pak Daud who don’t speak English. They are the only 2 methods available for Warikaf.

      Warikaf didn’t do Wayag trips the last time we had contact with them. (It would be mentioned above if they did.)

      • Thank you very much for your timely and kind reply. The problem is I want to visit Wayag also, so could you please recommend a way to do both- stay at a nearby homestay/ island which will arrange the day trip to Wayag, and then we can move to Warikaf?
        Sorry for trouble with my questions. Thank you.

  3. David Pennington says:

    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • (3/5 starfishes)

    I kayaked to this location and spent one night here. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around and explore the area. Warikaf is situated in a beautiful bay. There seems to be a decent area for snorkeling not too far away with a famous dive site close by. The terrain is pristine, which includes turquoise water, lush forests and steep white, rocky cliffs. This location is very quiet (I wasn’t disturbed by odd noises during the night). No one spoke English, but everyone was very helpful. There is plenty of reading material in the common area. The food was a bit bland, I received rice, instant noodles and fried veg for dinner and fried banana in the morning. All in all a pleasant stay :)