Is Raja Ampat open?

Morning Star Homestay, Pulau Gam, Raja Ampat

Is Raja Ampat open?

Yes it is!

Raja Ampat has been open and homestays have been accepting bookings since September 2020.

June 2023 update: Indonesia has removed all covid-related travel restrictions. There is no requirement for inbound visitors to be vaccinated, and no restrictions of any kind for domestic travel.

Be aware that the pandemic has caused havoc with airline and other transport services, many of which are yet to return to pre-covid levels of service. If you plan to travel to Raja Ampat now, then you should allow plenty of time, and have a flexible schedule.

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Can I visit Raja Ampat now?


Do I need to be vaccinated against covid?

No. The requirement for inbound passengers to be vaccinated was dropped in June 2023.

Do I need covid testing for domestic air travel in Indonesia?

No. All domestic travel restrictions have been lifted.

Can I get a covid test in Raja Ampat?

Yes. Both RA and PCR tests are available at the pharmacy and hospital in Waisai.

In Sorong, tests are available at several pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, and also at the airport.

Expect to pay about IDR 150,000 for RA and around IDR 500,000 for PCR testing.

Are Raja Ampat homestays open?

Yes, but after 2 years with no guests, not all of the former 100+ Homestay Association members have reopened.

We have temporarily removed closed homestays from default search results, but you can find them by using the location links provided below each homestay name on the accommodation page.

It’s impossible to say when any particular closed homestay might reopen, but it will return to default display as soon as it does. Please contact us if you want to be notified when a closed homestay reopens.

The collapse of tourism in Raja Ampat forced local communities to return to old ways of making a living. The desperate need for livelihoods saw an unwelcome resurgence of illegal fishing, logging, and exploitation of wildlife. Seeing this, the Homestay Association’s social enterprise PT Bahari Perjampat Sejahtera (PERJAMPAT) shifted focus to provide community support for alternate sustainable means of generating cash income. That effort is ongoing, as everyone has learned the downside of relying on one industry for their incomes.

The result of this forced change of local priorities is that PERJAMPAT has been unable to visit and update homestay photographs during the pandemic. That work has begun, but we can not guarantee that photographs and room descriptions are fully representative of current conditions at every homestay right now. Dates are being added in homestay photo galleries as they are updated.

It is extremely unlikely that you would arrive to find accommodation not fit for purpose. In the event of any problems at all, PERJAMPAT will, as always, provide support and arrange alternate accommodation as needed.

The experience of the last few years has once more proven that your support for community based tourism in Raja Ampat underpins the success of conservation efforts in the islands. Everyone is so looking forward to your return!

Are Stay Raja Ampat prices still correct?

Yes! For all homestays accepting booking requests, accommodation, Waisai pickup and transfer prices have been verified and are correct.

Advertised accommodation and Waisai pickup prices are always guaranteed, as is PERJAMPAT’s support in the event of any problems.

Please note that, because of the recent volatility of fuel prices, and our dependence on timely updates from homestay owners, we can not guarantee that prices other than accommodation and Waisai transfers are always correct.

What else is different now?

Please be aware that, after so long with no cash flow, many homestays have no cash reserves from which to buy food, or fuel for boats and generators. Your cash payment of Waisai pickup costs will help, but you may also be asked to pay in advance for trips and other services.

Another result of the collapse of tourism in Raja Ampat is that telecommunications maintenance has apparently been reduced. Service outages have become more common, and, in some cases, have lasted much longer than they did in pre-covid days. Additionally, some homestay owners struggle to keep credit on their phones. As a result, making contact with homestays might occasionally be difficult. You might need to submit a few requests before you receive a response.

In some ways, the Raja Ampat homestay experience has returned to what it was back in 2011 when Stay Raja Ampat was launched. There are few travellers in the islands, and communications are often very limited. Visiting requires an adventurous spirit, an open itinerary, and the ability to cope with the unexpected.

If you have those, and are keen to visit Raja Ampat now, then go! Your hosts will be rapt to see you.

What if I need to postpone my booking?

Recognising the risk posed to travellers by changing regulations and transport schedules, homestays offer the ability to postpone bookings if required. Naturally, postponements are dependent on your room/s being available for your new dates.

If you need to postpone a booking, then please let us know by replying to your booking confirmation email/s. Please also note that postponements are treated as credits. They are not refundable.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Click the cancellation link provided in your booking confirmation email/s. Refunds for cancellations are available, subject to our Cancellation Policy.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Please see our step by step guide for links to all the information you need to plan and book a stay in Raja Ampat in 2023.


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  1. Marie on

    Just note, when arriving in Jakarta you will have 3 queues before immigration and baggage claim: COVID vaccination verification, queue to pay the 500k rupiah/$35 CASH visa on arrival fee, and the visa on arrival (good for 30 days, renewable) queue. Passing immigration then only takes a moment. After baggage claim you need to fill out an online declaration form and get a QR code, no more paper forms.This info is from a Sept 29 2022 arrival. There were plenty of personnel available to help.

  2. Cedric on


    On Garuda website it’s stated the following
    Foreigner aged ≥ 18 years and coming from oversear travel ==> Second dose Vaccine Certificate
    (not required to show a negative RT PCR test or RT antigen)

    Do you know if it’s accurate or not?
    I’m a bit confused if two doses of Pfizer is enough or not…

    1. Hi Cedric

      Garuda is Indonesia’s flag carrier and is partially government owned, so we’d like to believe that they are providing accurate info on their website! We think you’ll be fine with a certificate showing 2 doses of vaccine.

      We have received many reports that all that is required of international visitors is that they have an internationally recognised vaccination certificate. (At least two vaccinations.) That seems to also apply for domestic travel within Indonesia. Some travellers report no checks at all for foreigners travelling on domestic routes. We are yet to hear of any Raja Ampat visitors being denied travel for anything to do with vaccination status or the Peduli Lindungi app.

  3. Renáta Novotná on

    Hello, we are traveling to Raja Ampat for the third time. 2x before Covid and now. Please must a foreigner have the Pedulilindungi app installed? It is not possible to upload our European certificate there. Will it be enough if we have these certificates with us?
    Thank you very much for your answear.
    Best wishes
    Renata from Czech

    1. Hi Renáta

      As long as you have travel with some form of internationally recognised proof of vaccination, you should be fine. Latest regulations require that you have the Penduli Lindungi app installed, but we’re hearing lots of reports of how difficult it is for foreign nationals to actually use. We haven’t heard reports of anyone being denied travel for not using it. Some international travellers have reported that they didn’t experience checks of any kind at all during domestic travel.

      1. Doug on

        I used Penduli Lindungi app from here in Australia without issue, including to upload 3 of my 4 vaccinations. It took nearly 2 weeks for the vaccinations to be approved and my status changed to green, so get this done early and bring hard copies just in case. Also you can only include your email contact but not overseas cell phone number

  4. Jordi on

    Firstly, thank you for this website with such detailed and updated information about RA. I’m having the time of my life preparing for our RA trip and it has been super helpful so far (now trying to choose which homestays to visit, it’s so hard to decide!).

    My question is: we’re double vaccinated in 2021 and boosted in January 2022. I’ve read in multiple sites that double vaccination is the requirement for entry, but is there a date of last vaccine/booster required or the timing of the vaccines doesn’t play into it?

    1. Hi Jordi

      Great to hear you’re finding the website useful – thank you 🙏

      To the best of our knowledge, all that matters is that travellers are fully vaccinated – the timing of the vaccinations doesn’t matter.

      This is the most detailed recent information that we’ve seen. (It’s specifically for domestic travel within Indonesia, but most requirements also apply to travellers entering the country.)

      All the best for your stay.

  5. tomas Fellström on

    I have got my 4 shot of vaccine. Do i also need that pcr test to get into Indonesia, planning a trip around October.

    1. Hi Tomas

      You don’t need a negative test any more. Proof of vaccination (at least 2) is the only entry requirement now.

  6. Pedro on

    Is it possible to travel to raja ampat if we are spanish?

  7. clementine on

    If I am not vaccinated but I have a negative PCR I am allowed to come to Raja Ampat?


    1. Hi clementine

      Yes, although if you are not already in Indonesia, then you will probably be required to quarantine and test negative again before travelling onward.

  8. kim on

    where can I get a (PCR) covid test in Wasai?
    How long does it takes?
    Can I get any phone number?

    1. As above Kim: “Both RA and PCR tests are available at the pharmacy and hospital in Waisai.” RA test results should be almost instant. PCR results should be available next day. Suggest confirming this by asking in our FB travellers’ forum group. Perhaps someone there will also have numbers for you.

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