Raja Ampat diving lessons

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Learn to dive in Raja Ampat

If you’re looking for Raja Ampat diving lessons, or are an already certified diver looking to improve your qualifications, this is for you.

Located on the north shore of Kri, with a fabulous house reef, and central to a host of famous Dampier Strait dive sites. Wobbegong Dive Adventures’ idyllic location provides the perfect setting to relax, watch the sunset and review the day’s adventures. Courses are delivered by fully qualified instructors.

Be sure to also read this information about diving safety in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat diving lessons: SSI up to Rescue Diver (all year)

Koranu Fyak Bungalows and Wobbegong Dive Adventures are an official SSI Dive Center and can provide courses in English or Bahasa Indonesia from introductory levels up to and including Rescue Diver. Courses are available all year round and the theoretical component can be completed online before arriving. For further details email Koranu Fyak.

Raja Ampat PADI diving lessons

PADI lessons are available at Yenkoranu Homestay, which is located right next door to Wobbegong Dive Adventures. Contact Yenkoranu for details.


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  1. Pascal on

    Hello. Great page for info about Raja Ampat and a sustainable tourism. Thank you for that!

    My question: we will arrive in a few days in Raja Ampat without any reservations so far. My girlfriend would like to do the Open Water Diver course and I assume that the few homestays offering that will already be fully booked. On which places or islands can we find other dive centers to do the Open Water without reservation in advance? Are there a lot of such dive centers? It would be perfect to have a homestay close by.

    1. Thanks Pascal :)

      Yes, it’s quite likely that the two dive centers mentioned above will already be fully booked. Koranu Fyak is perhaps more likely to have vacancies, and is much more responsive to booking requests made via the website than Yenkoranu is. It would be worth a try! Alternatively, when you arrive in Waisai, just ask the Information Center to call them for you.

      We don’t know of any other dive centers that can provide courses and certification.

  2. Joop van der Voort on

    Where can we do a diving cource PADI open water?

    1. Um… at Yenkoranu. As it says right there on the page above under the “Raja Ampat PADI diving lessons” heading! :P

  3. Jeremy Kyle on

    Hi. I would like to do a beginner diver course in English (I think it takes 3-4 days). I already have accommodation. Can you please tell me how much it costs.

    1. Hi Jeremy

      The only homestay dive center that provides an introductory course is Wobbegong Dive Adventures. They are a registered SSI dive school. Prices are provided on the linked page.

  4. dima on


    how much would it cost us a open water diver course? and how many days would it take?

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