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Wobbegong Dive Adventures is a fully equipped, Papuan owned dive center which offers great value diving in Raja Ampat. Wobbegong Dive Adventures is a certified SSI dive center and offers guided dives at a range of the best Dampier Strait dive sites.

Dive courses from Open Water to Rescue Diver are available from SSI certified instructors who can teach in English or Bahasa Indonesia. Online completion of the course theory is available so all you need to do is the practical component when you arrive.

Well maintained equipment (new in Jan 2017) is available for up to 8 divers at a time.

Dive the best of the West Waigeo and Dampier Strait dive sites including Citrus Ridge, Batu Lima, Mioskon, Otdima, Mike’s Point, Friwenbonda (Friwen Wall), Sardines, Cape Kri, Mantas and Arborek Jetty.

Based at Kri Island’s Koranu Fyak Bungalows, Wobbegong Dive Adventures offers:

  • SSI certification from SSI qualified Instructor Ruben Sauyai
  • Certification from Open Water to Divers Stress and Rescue Diver
  • The ability to do course theory components online before you arrive
  • Raja Ampat diving packages
  • Private bungalow accommodation (see the Koranu Fyak Bungalows page for prices and details)
  • Night diving in Raja Ampat (only a few dive lights are available, so you might want to bring your own)

Wobbegong offers both day and night dives for divers holding a minimum of Open Water Diver certification. Well maintained equipment is available for up to eight divers at a time and all dives are guided by PADI/SSI certified Dive Instructors and safety-conscious guides. An on site compressor is available for tank filling if you want to bring your own gear. A bulk supply of emergency oxygen is maintained by Wobbegong Dive Adventures.

Wobbegong Dive Adventures is (subject to in-house requirements) open to divers staying at any of Raja Ampat’s other homestays.

Please note: Like almost all homestays, Sundays are a day for church and family obligations at Koranu Fyak. All activities requiring use of a boat are not available on Sundays. It’s possible to dive the house reef only on Sundays.

Raja Ampat Dive Packages

These are for diving only. See further below for packages that include accommodation.

Prices are all inclusive, covering diving equipment rental, drinking water and boat hire.

The packages are for dives at nearby locations like Cape Kri, Sardines Reef, Chicken Reef ,Chicken Bay, Blue Magic, Mike’s Point, Yenbuba Jetty, Cape Mansuar, Cross Over, Koh Island, New Reef, Friwen Bonda, Batu Lima, Meos Kun ,South Kri, Yendabon Reef (Turtle Point), Row Mkun, Ransiwor Reef, Robben’s Spot , Otdima. Dives at locations further afield can be organised and cost will depend on distance.

6 dives3,200,000
10 dives5,200,000
15 dives7,350,000
20 dives9,500,000

Raja Ampat Accommodation & Dive Packages

Prices in the tables below are in Indonesian Rupiah, and include:

  • Accommodation, 3 meals a day and unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water.
  • Waisai pickup and return, or
  • Pickup from Southern Waigeo, Southern Gam, Friwen or Arborek (and return to Waisai).
  • All dive equipment rental

Packages do not include:

3 nights, 4 days, 4 dives each6,420,000
3 nights, 4 days, 6 dives each8,460,000
5 nights, 6 days, 8 dives each11,570,000
5 nights, 6 days, 10 dives each13,250,000
5 nights, 6 days, 12 dives each14,290,000
7 nights, 8 days, 12 dives each15,000,000
7 nights, 8 days, 15 dives each16,950,000
7 nights, 8 days, 18 dives each18,600,000
10 nights, 11 days, 18 dives each20,540,000
10 nights, 11 days, 20 dives each21,400,000
10 nights, 11 days, 27 dives each24,900,000
SINGLE OCCUPANCY (1 person in bungalow)PRICE
3 nights, 4 days, 4 dives3,380,000
3 nights, 4 days, 6 dives4,350,000
5 nights, 6 days, 8 dives6,115,000
5 nights, 6 days, 10 dives7,025,000
5 nights, 6 days, 12 dives7,935,000
7 nights, 8 days, 12 dives8,650,000
7 nights, 8 days, 15 dives9,940,000
7 nights, 8 days, 18 dives11,230,000
10 nights, 11 days, 18 dives12,190,000
10 nights, 11 days, 20 dives12,950,000
10 nights, 11 days, 27 dives15,835,000
15 nights, 16 days, 28 dives17,570,000
15 nights, 16 days, 30 dives18,150,000

Raja Ampat Night Dives

Night dives cost IDR 700,000 per dive. Bring your own dive light.

Learn to dive in Raja Ampat

Wobbegong Dive Adventures offers introductory discover scuba diving and refresher courses. SSI certification courses from Open Water to Rescue Diver are also available.



Online learning
Instructor fees
Water skills
SSI certification card
4 dives (equipment included)

IDR 5,500,000


Online learning
Water skills
Instructor fees
SSI certification card
2 dives (including equipment)

IDR 4,500,000


Skill theory teaching
Underwater skills refresher
1 practice dive (equipment included)

 IDR 2,500,000

Wobbegong Dive Adventures diving tours

Piaynemo/Manta Point/Melissa’s Garden OR Piaynemo/Melissa’s Garden/Fam Wall – IDR 700,000 per person (min 6)

Wobbegong’s Piaynemo trips must be organised two days in advance and require a minimum of six participants to run. Which trip is run depends on diver skill levels and expectations. These are full day trips and lunch, tea & coffee and drinking water are provided. Trip price does not include the dive price.

Batu Lima, Kabui Bay and Passage – IDR 400,000 per person (min 5)

Divers can elect to use one of their package dives at Kabui Passage. These are half day trips, run on demand and require a minimum of 5 participants.

Contact Wobbegong Dive Adventures

Contact: Koranu Fyak Bungalows

Phone: +6282397401047

Email: krfwda@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +6285244872785

Facebook: Wobbegong Dive Adventures on facebook

Please read this important Raja Ampat diving safety information before choosing who to dive with in Raja Ampat.

Wobbegong Dive Adventures reviews

Posting feedback about your homestay experience will help your hosts and fellow travellers. All feedback is passed on and contributes to the success of the local ecotourism economy which underpins international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat.

Please leave a comment or review below and take the time to respond to this online Raja Ampat ecotourism survey. Your input is valued and appreciated!


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  1. John on

    We didn’t stay at the homestay but we did dive with Wobbegong.
    Matthias (the local dive master) and Lars both went way beyond our expectations and were so helpful. They are like the dream team of dive masters, we really enjoyed our dives with them. Cape Kri and Blue Magic being the highlights for us.
    They always tried to give us the choice of dive sites and recommended the best ones for what we were interested in. Very flexible and helpful and picked us up by boat from our homestay on Kri’s south side.

  2. Denis on

    Hello, we rest in Raja Ampat the first half of October. lived on Mansuar, and diving chose wobbegong dive adventures. We had four diver and my wife was engaged in snorkeling and went on all our dive. with the most first dive it became clear that the dive guides and instructors responsible refer to safety. I, novice in the world diving, it was comfortable to make dive with the team, in spite of the difficult conditions of the dive for beginners in Raja Ampat, such as such as strong flow. Paradise beauty Raja Ampat and competent team dive Center helped make our vacation beautiful and unforgettable. Especially I would like to thank Matias, this is the most real professional. Its main credo it security divers, do so, so that divers were the most happy with each dive, as well as careful relation to the nature. Matias, even if we do not met manta on the last dives, then I still would be happy)) well, as well this is a full delight. Thank you very much you guys!

  3. Joffrey Spaulding on

    Hello, my name is Joff and I will be coming to Raja Ampat the first week in Oct with my wife, Rachael. I am a PADI OW instructor who was just teaching in the Philippines and my wife served as my unofficial dive master and has over 150 dives. We would love to come and do the 7 nights/8 days package of 12 dives and then probably add in a couple full day trips. We would like to share a bungalow and just know that we have a spot reserved so we can start booking plane tickets. How would you recommend arriving internationally with budget in mind? Thank you so much. This has long been a dream of mine and I can’t wait. ~JOFF

    1. Hi Joff

      You’ll need to contact Wobbegong by one of the means provided above to book your stay. (It’s very unlikely that they will see or respond to a comment here.)

      Here’s how to get to Raja Ampat. We’re not travel agents, so can’t tell you the cheapest way to get there, but if you’re coming from the Philippines, we imagine that entering Indonesia at Makassar or Manado and then flying to Sorong and getting the ferry to Waisai would be the best combination of convenience and price.

  4. Mel on

    We did 8 dives each with Wobbegong in January. We are a divemaster and an instructor. Being so remote, and having heard of strong currents, I was apprehensive of diving but we made the right choice diving with these guys.

    We brought all of our own equipment except our BCD’s. Wobbegong’s equipment is of a very good standard. The BCD’s were almost new with no rips or tears and were well maintained.

    Most importantly, the staff were very knowledgeable of the dive sites and where to go to avoid the strongest currents. We had Reuben, Amat & Ahmed who were brilliant.

    You do need to be able to look after yourself diving in Raja Ampat. If you are looking for somewhere to dive where you have someone who can look after you, then I would recommend not diving here as conditions can be challenging. BUT, if you are looking for a dive centre with excellent equipment, fantastic guides with good english and great local knowledge – then this is where you should dive. I cannot fault them for experienced divers.

    1. Stingraysandbicycles on

      Ironically I found the complete opposite. I wish I didn’t have to write this review but I want to make sure people are aware of the safety concerns. Raja Ampat is remote. There aren’t many places with diver safety supplies, and there is no certified/standard hyperbaric chamber in Raja. Make sure you dive safe and with a certified Center. I am an experienced diver and have been diving in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. This is by far the most unsafe dive centre I have ever gone diving with. With that said, I always chose highly recommended certified Centers where safety is top priority. My first dive was amazing. Having just come from diving in the Maldives I was in aw of all the coral. Beautiful reefs stole my attention. On my 2nd dive I saw the guide pull a wobbegong from his cave. He swam up and we let him be. The following day that same guide grabbed onto a turtle shells back. I got angry under water and told him on the surface to NEVER touch the coral or animals under water. I threatened to stop diving if I saw him do it again. He stopped. However, the 3rd day I saw 2 other guides poking an octopus in his cave with their pointer. The guides were kicking the reef and spent the entire dive using their pointer to tap the fans/plant/corals looking for small stuff. I repeatedly said “look don’t touch” but clearly this is how they dive at Wobbegong. I did a dive with the owner Ruben and that was an amazing dive and nothing was touched or tampered with. However the boat driver did fall asleep on the boat while we were diving. We had to swim back to the boat for 10 minutes as he didn’t wake to the whistle. What if there was an emergency and we had to surface and needed help? Isn’t that the role of the boat driver? Now, Raja Ampat preaches safety and eco friendly tourism and diving and charges a fee to endorse sush. I paid 450,000 IDR per dive and I had all my own gear. The same price as other dive shops. My guide was not certified and showed me very little. Shame on The owner for sending guests alone with a non certified diver. Had I known I would not have gone diving with him. I found out because I asked on the surface after watching what I knew could not be an experienced certified divers skill and etiquette underwater. Most of the things I saw were seen by my eye or the other divemaster I was diving with. I don’t want to put a company out of business but I also want people to be safe diving in this remote area. Currents are strong and potential for a dive emergency is high. I saw 3 DSD’s out bobbing around up and down at the surface for an hour. Inexperienced divers beware. And experienced divers be smart and chose wisely. I hope this dive Center starts diving safer and protecting the beauty that is Raja Ampat. At this rate it will be destroyed in 5 years as many other spots are.

      1. lee knight on

        thank you for taking the time to inform potential customers of the inappropriate behavior of this diving center . I have been to that area before and can attest to the fact that it is a more dangerous place to dive and I too thought that some aspects of safety were not of primary importance. As in many locals often the dive masters touch and disturb the wild life trying to please customers to secure tips. Thank you for speaking up, we all need to be aware and do our part otherwise there will be no future for these fragile environments

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