Cancellation Policy update

We wish we could tell you that the world is getting on top of covid and that Indonesia has reopened to international visitors, but alas – that long-hoped-for day is still in the future.

Instead, all we have is this very boring (and currently rather irrelevant) news that our cancellation policy has been updated today.

This update will only affect bookings made on or after May 7 2021, and then only in the event that a refund is payable where a booking is cancelled more than 180 days after it was paid for.

Clause 2 is the new addition, and it is part of the reason why we recommend you don’t book more than six months in advance.

See this page for quick links to Stay Raja Ampat’s terms and conditions and policy documents.

Stay safe, and we hope to be able to welcome you back to Raja Ampat soon.


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  1. Renáta Novotná on

    Hello dear friends, I have one question.
    We have been to Rája Ampat twice, last year the flight was canceled due to COVID. Please do you have any information on whether it will be open by the end of this year? November December??
    Reánta from Czech Republic

    1. Hi Renáta

      Raja Ampat is open to anybody arriving on a domestic flight, but, as you know, Indonesia remains closed to tourism.

      We have seen many media reports that Indonesia will reopen to international tourism in July 2021, but no official confirmation has been made, and several previously rumoured reopening dates have come and gone without action over the last year.

      All we can do is wait and hope!

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