Raja Ampat Camping Tours

Raja Ampat Camping Tours

Raja Ampat Camping Tours offer a choice of short package tours, or you can design your own itinerary.

Both longboats and a covered speedboat are available, and package tours are available to Wayag, Aljui Bay, Piaynemo, Kali Biru and the highlights of the Dampier Strait/Batanta region, including Gam and Kabui Bays.

You can choose to camp, or to use homestay accommodation.

Guide Chris Sauyai speaks English and is the owner of Mandarin Homestay at Sawinggrai on Pulau Gam.

The tours depart from and return to Waisai.

Gear provided includes tents, mattresses, solar powered lighting and trekking gloves for that steep, sharp Wayag limestone. A first aid kit is also always carried.

Contact Raja Ampat Camping Tours

For latest trips and prices, or to discuss your own itinerary, contact Chris Sauyai.

Phone & WhatsApp: +6281354153073

Email: christianrajaraja@gmail.com


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  1. Alex on

    Hello! How can I see the table of package tours?

    1. Hi Alex

      Chris asked us to remove the package prices until he can provide updates. Please contact Chris as above for current prices.

  2. Michelle on

    I think these prices are out of date. I was quoted 13 mil (!) for a 1-night/2-day camping trip for 2, which seems substantively more than the 8 mil suggested here for 4 people.

    1. Thanks for the headsup Michelle.

      Trip prices depend on where you want to go. We will contact Chris to find out if he needs to update the prices for the destinations he quotes here.

    2. Update for you Michelle: Chris confirms that the published prices are correct.

      Chris said you were asking about the Wayag trip, which requires a minimum of six people to run and thus costs 18,000,000. Wayag is a long way, and an expensive place to visit. 13,000,000 for 2 people sounds like a fair deal actually.

  3. Rod on

    Hey guys !

    Can you please precise if the price is the same for young children (5 and 8 years) ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hey Rod

      Chris hasn’t provided advice of any discounts for children. Boat travel costs are usually the biggest factor in trip expenses, so any discount offered might not be substantial.

      Please contact Chris for a definitive answer to your question.

  4. Pavol on

    Our homestay & 5 days/4 nights camping boat tour with full board meals in January 2023 was the best holiday for a long time. Just a few of many pros: Chris, the owner, speaks English and replay emails & WhatsApp instantly. He is honest and helpful person you can fully trust. The GH place is simple and surrounded by nature: right from your wooden terrace you can explore rich coral reef and snorkel in mangroves! So many colorful birds (parrots, hornbills, eagles, etc) I haven’t seen in elsewhere in Indonesia & Papua New Guinea. And our island hopping tour with camping was an experience that I cannot describe with words. If I would’t seen, I coldn’t believe the places like that even existed. Snorkling with mantas, sharks, visiting viewpoints, white&blue beaches, camping on remoted islands. Every day we have visited at least 3 places and we wanted to stay in each of them. I alredady want to go back. Thank you, Chris and see you again!

  5. Christian NL on

    If you book the Super tour, do you have time to visit the small islands/mushrooms in Wayag. How long will you stay at Wayag?

  6. alison bright on

    Hi, I’m looking for a combination of tours in december 2020 for two adults and a six 1/2 year old. So maybe one with chris and then someone else – seedless???We like the idea of camping, wed like to do some exploring of the islands by boat (not diving) and explore the villages. Wed like to do some homestay, kayaking, see the birds of paradise….we are very active and open to suggestions. We are english living in Brunei – used to the outdoors and jungle. We will be travelling from Jakarta

    1. Hello Alison

      All the info you need to plan and book your own adventure can be found by following the links from our step by step guide. All homestays can provide boat tours for snorkelling and/or sightseeing, many are in or near villages and many have birds of paradise close by. Use the search filters provided on the accommodation page to quickly find places that have all those things and many more that might be important to you. (You can apply multiple filters simultaneously.)

  7. Tanja Vilmi on

    Hello! First of all, thank you for this website – it has offered a plenty of great information. I’m also very glad that you inform visitors how to keep the nature in good condition (take the waste with you etc.).

    I would like to know if Chris Sauyai is the only one who organizes overnight trips to Wayag? Or is there some accommodation that does overnigth trips as well?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thanks for the kind words Tanja :)

      There would almost certainly be other operators who could take you camping at Wayag, but Chris is the only one we know of at present. We have never heard of any of the homestays on the website having the equipment needed to overnight at Wayag.

  8. Sasha Ulianitski on

    Hello Chris

    My partner and I will be in Raja Ampat from 6th to 13th April, we will be staying on Kri Island – would it be possible to do the Standard tour at this time?
    Also is a pick up and drop off in Kri possible rather than Waisai?

    I would really like to do this so will have lots of questions to try and arrange a plan :)

    Many thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Sasha

      Please contact Chris directly using either WhatsApp or email as provided above. It is unlikely that he will see a comment left here.

  9. Monica Alvarez on

    Good day,

    I’m interested in the 3/2 days tour to Wayag (super).

    Is it available?

    1. Monica Alvarez on

      The dates for me are OK from 12 to 26 November

      1. Hi Monica

        It’s available as far as we know, but (as above) you need to contact Chris to confirm and book.

    2. Angela on

      Hey guys! did you manage to book the trip? how was it? do you recomment the Super tour? Any comment would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  10. Azucena on

    Hello, I am interested in Super Tour at the begining of october for 2 people

    1. That’s great Azucena :)

      As above, please contact Christian at Raja Ampat Camping Tours to organise it.

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