Franky Mambrasar

Franky Mambrasar, Raja Ampat Bird of Paradise guide for Waigeo (at left)

Franky Mambrasar owns Wapnansan Homestay, which lies on the coast between Waisai and the village of Saporkren. Franky is an experienced Raja Ampat bird watching guide who can organise tours to see Waigeo’s famed Wilson’s Bird of Paradise as well as other bird species. Franky is on the left in the above photo with Abraham.

Phone: +6282239386312 (SMS text message best)

Email: None

Franky’s location for observing Wilson’s Birds of Paradise is a two hour walk (about 4 kilometres) from Saporkren village. The jungle hike starts early at around 4.00am to ensure arrival at the site around dawn when the birds begin to display.

Tours to see Red Birds of Paradise and other forest species can also be arranged. If your interest is in Waigeo’s cockatoos, Franky knows a great spot for observing them. It’s a much shorter walk from Saporkren – about a kilometre, or a 30 minute hike away.


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  1. Glenn Sibbald on

    I have arranged to stay at Wapnansan Homestay, arriving March 15 and departing back to Sorong on March 19. I hope to hire Mr. Franky Mambrasar for bird guiding on March 16, 17, and 18 to see Wilson’s and Red birds of paradise, plus whatever other species we can find. But I do not have a cell phone to contact Mr. Mambrasar. Is it possible to arrange this guiding through this website?

    1. Hi Glenn

      You should have no problem arranging that on arrival – you don’t really need to book ahead for birding trips. In the unlikely event that Wapnansan doesn’t have a guide available, guides can also be arranged from either of the other two nearby homestays.

  2. Donald REHN on

    Interested in taking pictures of Wilson and Red PoP…as others as well.

    Please give prel. expensives….from Sorong.

    Donald Rehn

    1. Hi Donald –

      Total price depends on which homestay you stay at. You’ll need to make your way from Sorong to Waisai. The nearest homestays to the Wilson’s leks are Warimpurem and Yenkangkanes. Guide prices to see the birds are on those pages. See how to get to Raja Ampat for Sorong-Waisai ferry times and costs.

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