Yenros Homestay

Gam - Eastern Gam



1 x On beach - VIP bungalow

A single room bungalow with ensuite bathroom and toilet. Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.

1 x Over water - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.

2 x On beach - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.

2 x On land - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.


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Twin share from USD 38.45 per person / night including 3 meals daily

Single occupancy from USD 49.98 per person / night including 3 meals daily

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* Under 12yrs

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  • Has email contact
  • Good phone signal
  • Reef dropoff
  • English speaking
  • Mangroves
  • Large groups OK
  • Coral
  • Good house reef
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Calm beach
  • Wayag trips
  • Sandy Beach
  • Western style toilet
  • IDR 500,000 to 600,000
  • Has private bungalows


Yenros Homestay has six bungalows. Two land bungalows sit on a headland overlooking a cove on Gam’s eastern coast. Below those are an over water bungalow and two beach bungalows. A single VIP beach bungalow that has an ensuite bathroom is also available.

The bungalows have glazed windows and most have lockable doors. All bungalows have mattresses on the floor with mosquito nets, pillows and bolsters.  Power outlets and room light switches are provided. Each bedroom also has a small table and towels are supplied.

Yenros Homestay’s dining room is nearby, and enjoys panoramic ocean views. The dining room’s shady deck is a great place to relax, and there are also a couple of seats provided in the shade of beachside trees.

Yenros’ bathroom building is shared by all guests. Bucket bathing and a western style toilet are provided in two separate, concrete-floored rooms.

Electricity is available from a generator that runs from sunset until around midnight and Yenros receives a reliable strong phone signal.

Yenbeser village is a ten minute boat ride away if you want to visit or buy basic supplies. Please don’t leave any inorganic trash at Yenros. You need to take such rubbish away with you to avoid contributing to Raja Ampat’s growing rubbish problem.

All Yenros guests receive a free tour to see local walking sharks.

Melki speaks excellent English and Yenros Homestay staff live onsite when guests are in residence.

Transport / Getting there

Waisai pickups are free for incoming Yenros guests. Pickups from places other than Waisai, and transfers back to Waisai from Yenros are not free.

One way transfers between Yenros Homestay and Waisai cost IDR 500,000. The cost is shared by up to 5 passengers. If more than 5 passengers, cost is IDR 500,000 per person.

The table below shows transfer prices from/to other locations in Raja Ampat.

Homestays near Waisai400,000
Kapisawar/Sawinggray transfer600,000
Kri Island transfer500,000
Mansuar Island transfer700,000
Arborek Island transfer800,000

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Excellent snorkelling (bring your own gear) can be had over the pristine coral reef right in front of the homestay, and low tide reveals a fabulous long curve of sandy beach. See the tables below for Yenros’ tours and prices.

Special price snorkelling tours for long stayers

If you book a five or seven night stay, Yenros offers special price snorkelling tours as in the table below. These prices are only available to guests who book and pay in advance for a five or seven night stay. Please the pay tour price in IDR cash to Melki to allow purchase of fuel.

Only available for guests booked and paid on SRA
Pay cash to Yenros
For guests staying 5 nights
Snorkelling at Sauwandarek, Yenbuba jetty, Cape Kri, and the Pasir Timbul sandbank.
2,500,000 per couple
1,750,000 single occupancy
For guests staying 7 nights
Kabui Bay tour, including Batu Pensil, Hidden Bay, viewpoint climb and snorkelling at Kabui Passage.
1,900,000 per couple
1,850,000 single occupancy


Wildlife abounds at Yenros. The vast array of reef fish to be seen in front of the homestay includes Yenros’ resident wobbegong shark and a few recently identified rare species. Dolphins and turtles are also frequent visitors. All guests receive a free guided tour to see the walking sharks that live in the mangroves near Yenros. Terrestrial wildlife includes a wide variety of birds, including the mound building megapode known locally as Maleo and several species of parrot. Cuscus are occasional nocturnal visitors, and a host of large (and sometimes noisy!) insect life including giant Atlas Moths can be observed at night.


Arborek Jetty, mantas, Kevin Reef, jellyfish lake (includes Arborek entrance fees)




Piaynemo and Star Lake viewpoints, snorkelling at Melissa’s Garden, Fam Wall & Arborek (includes entrance fees and lunchbox)





Mansuar / Kri / Friwen

Sauwandarek, Yenbuba jetty, Cape Kri, Pasir Timbul sandbank, Friwen Wall (includes entrance fees)





Wayag Day Tour

Wayag and sharks (includes entrance fees)





Wayag 2 day tour

Wayag and sharks, camping on beach for 1 night (includes entrance fees)





Bat Island

Snorkelling at Bat Island and Friwen Wall

250,000 per person

Night snorkelling

House reef, Friwen Wall, Batu Lima

250,000 per person

Bird watching

Birds of Paradise and Hornbills (includes boat and guide)

300,000 per person

Forest trek

Local birds, insects and forest life

250,000 per person

Pulau Gam

See our Gam Island page for an overview of Gam and its attractions.

Yenros Homestay Location Map