Boy Alex Ofias

Raja Ampat guide Boy Alex Ofias

Boy Alex Ofias lives in Sorong, speaks excellent English and has extensive experience as a tourism guide in Raja Ampat.

Phone: +6285312381539

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Alex can help you organise homestay accommodation, tours and travel to any part of Raja Ampat you want to visit, including Misool, Piaynemo and Wayag, and can provide the following services in Sorong:

  • Airport meet and greet
  • Transport to ferry terminal, hotel etc
  • Purchase of ferry tickets
  • Hotel booking
  • Sorong city guiding (shopping, dining, banking etc)
  • Sorong and local area sightseeing


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  1. Miguel Fernandez on

    Alex is amazing. He is super nice and has a lot of knowledge, and he provided me with massive help to organise my trip to Raja Ampat. Solved all my questions in perfect english and answered very quickly to all my messages. Finally, my trip to Raja Ampat was amazing, and that would have not been possible without him. Definitely, when I come back to Raja Ampat Alex will be the first person I call. 10/10.

  2. Justina on

    I booked a speed boat from Sorong to islands of Raja Ampat and way back. Alex gave several options I can choose, and a speed boat came on time. He replied to my questions promptly. And thanks to him, I managed to organize trip as I wanted.
    Thank you.

  3. Muriel on

    Alex is an excellent guide, really nice, pleasant, smart and can solve lots of problems before and during your journey. And finaly becomes a friend, as he’s quite funny and interessant to talk to.
    You sure won’t regret traveling with him.

  4. Lisa on

    Hi everyone, i’m Lisa from Italy. Always travel alone, but this time because Misool is quite remote place and no tourist i decided to travel with Alex. I promise you one of the great experience of my life. Alex is gentleman indeed, he speaks very well english, he is quickly and always ready to help you. Alex he is very funny and he has sense of humour and is not a secondary thing. If you need help be sure with Alex you will be happy because more then everything Alex is a REALLY HONEST MAN, not so common especially when you travel by your own and you are a woman. And if you want have a new friend Alex is always there in Papua waiting for you! Grazie mille Alex. Xxxx Lisa

  5. Arief on

    When first time arrving in Sorong, Boy picked us up right in the airport. He introduced as to his friends in Sorong and end up renting the cars to go around Sorong in Day 1. Boy is very friendly, He organized the itinerary for us as we have several spots to visit and it went very well. He has a lot of friends who are very helpful, and i never met such cool people intriduced by him. From drivers to the boat rental are very nice. They are blending with the our group and tell good advise on what and what not during our trip in Raja Ampat. He booked us tickets for ferry to Waisai and the rest of the journey has been heavenly. We try to create a vlog here, Boy and the team is very cooperating.

    Boy is very very friendly person, until now i have no doubt on recommending Boy as your tour guide in Sorong & Raja Ampat. Great trip, will bever be forgotten. Thanks Bung Boy.

  6. Lachim on

    Wir haben unlängst Raja Ampat besucht und mehrere Tage für die Akklimatisierung in Sorong eingeplant – eindeutig zu viele (2 wären schon mehr als genug). Da es nicht einfach bis kaum möglich ist in Sorong einen gut Englisch sprechenden Guide für einen Tagesausflug zu bekommen (auch das Swis-Belhotel konnte uns damit nicht weiter helfen), habe ich aufgrund dieser Homepage Alex kontaktiert. Schon am Telefon hat er mir gesagt, dass er seit Längerem nicht mehr als Guide arbeitet – er ist nun bei einer Petro-Firma beschäftigt und hat deswegen nur wenig Zeit. Er würde uns aber im Hotel besuchen und versucht zu helfen – noch am selben Tag – aller Achtung !!!
    Alex ist ein cooler netter Typ, hat sich sehr bemüht telefonisch unter seinen Bekannten einen Ersatz für uns zu finden. Wir haben einige Möglichkeiten abtelefoniert – und abgelehnt (z.B. ein Freund muss noch einen weiteren Freund mitnehmen der die Zielgegend gut kennt + einen Fahrer … das war uns zu viel)
    Letztendlich ist die Wahl auf Alex Bruder Yulian gefallen – angeblich spricht er Englisch genauso gut wie Alex.
    Bis auf den letzten Punkt hat alles geklappt – Englisch ist nicht Yulian sein Ding, er hat anfangs versucht Alex telefonisch zu Hilfe zu nehmen, was natürlich nicht lange gehalten hat. Die Kommunikation war zur unserer ziemlichen Enttäuschung kaum möglich.

  7. Christina Gill on

    We recently traveled to Raja Ampat, which can be confusing. But don’t let this deter you from visiting! We were put in contact with Alex and he helped take the confusion out of it for us – helping to reduce the stress of the trip! Alex was knowledgable and helped to answer our questions. He even met us for the boat, ensured we got the correct tickets and permits etc., as well as meeting us at the airport! He gave us a heads up on prices, so we knew what to expect everywhere, which was very helpful! Alex’s English is also very good which makes it easy and comfortable to communicate with him. It’s also nice to see a friendly face when traveling to remote places! Thanks Alex!

  8. Chris Jennings on

    Alex is a fine man and excellent guide. He is honest, considerate, and very knowledgeable of Sorong and Raja Ampat, being a native of the area. His english is very good and entirely functional. I was acquainted with him over the 6 months I stayed in Raja Ampat.

    The only problem with Alex (and many Papuans) is that he can be TOO POLITE. Maybe he tells you something, and if you do not listen, he will not insist (unless there is danger).

    For example, a Dutch man want to go an an island to the north of Waisai. The weekly boat to this island left the same day the Dutch man arrived at Sorong. Alex told the man they must go today, but the Dutch man did not listen and said “No.” Afterwards, Alex was forced to find a private boat to the island. The Dutch man said to me that Alex was trying to make extra money. Wrong! Alex was simply to polite to tell the man he was wrong and they must leave the same day.

    Alex will always try to to the best for you. The Dutch man did not listen, and Alex was too polite to insist that “you are wrong. we must leave now.”

    If you have any questions or doubts, ask Alex. He will answer you truthfully and try to do the best for you.

  9. Rima on

    Hi. Alex is a very good guide. He speaks excellent English. He is responsible. Alex knows Raja Ampat and Sorong very well.
    He is also a good guide at sea.
    I can recommend to use Alex services

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