Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay, Saukabu, Fam Island, Raja Ampat

Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay

Pam (Fam) Islands - Fam

  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • (4/5 starfishes)

A perfect white sandy beach, great coral, a nearby village and an inland lake to explore. Central to the attractions of spectacular Piaynemo and the Pam islands.

3 x Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 3 persons / room
Single IDR 450,000 / person / night
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Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay is a large building with three huge rooms that open onto a spacious verandah with ocean views. Meals are served on the verandah, with each room having a small table and plastic chairs there.

Homestay walls are constructed from lacquered sago palm stems rather than the more usual palm leaf thatching and each of the three spacious rooms is equipped with mattresses on the floor, pillows, mattress covers and mosquito nets. The rooms have bedding for three people and have both light switches and power outlets for charging equipment. Tanjung Mefiyai is one of the very few homestays that have room doors that can be locked.

A bathroom and toilet are provided in separate rooms in an outbuilding behind the homestay. The bathroom building is more solidly constructed than the average and features pebble paved concrete floors. The bathroom provides ‘dip mandi’ bathing and the toilet is squat style.

Electricity is provided by generator from sunset until around midnight. Mobile phone signal was erratic during our visit, varying between full bars of reception and none at all. We don’t know if that is usual, or a temporary network or tower problem.

Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay is very close to the village of Saukabu, where basic supplies can be purchased from a few small shops.

Very little English is spoken at Tanjung Mefiyai, so bring a phrasebook if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Transport / Getting there

Transport arrangements hadn’t been finalised when we visited Tanjung Mefiyai. Hopefully we’ll hear about those soon. Fam is a long way from Waisai – we guess a boat price of around IDR 2,000,000 to 2,500,000 each way. SMS the contact number below for more information.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.

If you want to save some cash (and have plenty of time), you can reach Pam village via a public boat from Sorong. The public boat from Sorong is a lot cheaper than any other means, but it’s also a long, slow journey. The boat leaves Sorong once a week at 1600 on Fridays, and goes via villages on the north coast of Batanta to Pam. It doesn’t arrive in Arefi at Batanta until 2200, so it would probably be an overnight journey to Pam. The boat returns via the same route on Saturdays. Once in Pam you could call (or ask around) for transfer to Andau. John Urbon in Sorong can help you find the public boat.


Fantastic ocean vistas and a superb, wide, white sandy beach are the attractions at Tanjung Mefiyai. There’s great snorkelling over coral out front of the homestay and low tide provides the opportunity for long beach walks.

Tanjung Mefiyai can arrange longboat tours to all the famous snorkelling sites and attractions around Pam and Piaynemo. (Pam and Piaynemo are the proper local names of the islands often marked on maps as Fam and Penemu.) Spectacular karst island panoramas like those of Wayag are available at Piaynemo, and the myriad low sand cays to the south of Pam feature deserted beaches, sapphire seas and great snorkelling.

Village explorations are available from the homestay, which lies a five minute walk to the east of Saukabu. There are a few tracks on the island that also afford longish walks and Yellow Lake in the center of the island reportedly has crocodiles you can observe if you’re keen. Ask your hosts about a guide if you want to visit Yellow Lake.


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Coral
  • Calm beach
  • IDR 360,000 to 450,000
  • Sandy Beach

Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay Location Map

Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay

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Name Nataniel Fakdawer
Phone +6285244796917

Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay Reviews

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5 thoughts on “Tanjung Mefiyai Homestay

  1. Gaby Motuloh says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    Hubby and I had a lovely 3 night stay as the only guests at the Mefiyai homestay in March 2017. It was part of our 18 night island hopping adventure in Raja Ampat. We came here after Kri island (Warahnus homestay), Arborek (Kayafyof homestay) and prior to Manyaifun (Sea Fans homestay) and Waigeo (Yengkawe homestay).

    Of all the 5 homestays we stayed at during the trip, Mefiyai had the most amazing beach with white powder-like sands and shades of turquoise blue sea stretched to the right toward the peninsula tip and little Saukabu village to the left. Early morning when the wind was calm and the sun was about to rise creating yellowish reflection, it was a paradise – and we were the only ones at the scene. We enjoyed strolling the beach, watching children playing in the village’s jetty and the beautiful, peaceful sunrise and sunset moments.

    The 3-room homestay was many meters away from the beach but very clean, nicely built (finished only last year) with extra spacious rooms, shared lounge and yard shaded by coconut trees. At night the lights were bright and there was a big table in the lounge allowing us to work comfortably on our laptop reviewing and transferring photos (bring mosquitoes repellent though).

    Food, especially at lunch and dinner, was simple but tasty (Wati and Ruth were good cooks) and more than enough for the two of us. We were lucky as bapa (means Mr.) Natanael Fakdawer (Mefiyai’s owner) managed to catch a delicious Tenggiri fish just before we arrived.

    There were various snorkelling sites in the nearby Pam (Fam) islands costing Rp 300K-700K or approx. US$ 25-55 by boat as stated on the white board at the homestay together with the map. Unfortunately we only had time to try the nearest one (Manaru island, Rp 300K) with healthy hard corals and some fishes but it was not quite special. However, we really had a great time picnicking to the uninhabited Manggi Nan island, the most remote of all (Rp 700K, over an hour by boat each way thus leaving earliest is best) with expansive white sandy beach and a little lagoon. As the current was strong, we did not feel like snorkelling there instead spending time enjoying the beach, swimming in the lagoon and taking photos. On the way back, we stopped for lunch at Nafsi island and swam in the awesome turquoise blue water in the small strait facing Mioskor island. Together with bapa Natanael and his sons, we were the only people around.

    Mefiyai’s published rate here was Rp 450K/night/person (higher than most other homestays) but bapa Natanael charged us only Rp 400K/person/night in accordance with what he put on the board at the homestay. I suggested him to adjust the published rate here accordingly. To take us to Manyaifun island (Sea Fans homestay) with a stop at Piaynemo he charged us Rp 1.5M (US$ 115).

    Bapa Natanael and his family were simple, kind, honest and helpful people – unfortunately they don’t speak English (a dictionary may help you to communicate). His wife passed away just over a year ago right after they finished building this lovely homestay.

    When having guests, the family stay at the small building at the back where the kitchen is instead of at the Saukabu village (10 minute walk) to enable better service. We were provided with clean towels and nice moisturizing soaps made of coconut oil by people in the village for sale. They also produced VCO (virgin coconut oil) taught by the late Ibu Hellen, an American lady active in helping the locals to protect and care for the environment.

    Network was almost non existent when we were in Mefiyai and communication with bapa Natanael was difficult. Luckily our text message got through just before we were leaving Arborek. Bapa Natanael had a son studying in Waisai named Renoldi Fakdawer, mobile number 081354153830. May be good to put him as a contact person in addition to his father.

    The remoteness of Pam (Fam) often discourage people from coming to Mefiyai homestay but for us it was what made it more attractive. We hope we can come back, stay longer and explore more of the surrounding islands.

    Have put our Raja Ampat photos in “Gaby Motuloh – Google Plus” and a review in Trip Advisor.

    • Dear Gaby, I find the trip you did in raja ampat very interesting and, since I’m trying to organiza my own islands hopping around there, I’d like to ask you some information, especially about how to reach the different islands… According to the info I find on the internet, private transport organized directly with the homestays seems to be the only way to get to the places, but it is VERY expensive and I’ll have no one to share the expences with… Do you have suggestion about how to menage it? May be it’s possible not to book the transport in advance and find someone to share it once I’m there? Or is the risk to get stuck very hight? Or perhaps, once there, i can find some fishman who can take me to the different islands at some price cheaper than the homstay’s transfer?
      Any help on transfer issue and any other suggestion, even about which islands to choose will be very appreciated, thank you

      • Gaby Motuloh says:

        Dear Chiara,
        Sorry for my late response.
        Yes, transportation cost in Raja Ampat is heavy when you don’t have others to share it with. Arranging the transportation with the homestay seemed to be the most doable way and you can choose either to be delivered (by the current homestay) to or picked up by the next homestay.
        To minimize the cost, you may want to:
        – Plan your itinerary so that you move from island to island efficiently (not backtracking). In my case we did Waisai – Kri – Arborek – Pam/Fam – Manyaifun – Waigeo – Waisai.
        – Plan to cover the dive/snorkelling and other attraction sites efficiently (a few spots close to each other in one trip and negotiate the price ahead)
        – Talk with the homestay owner so that when moving to another island you can dive/snorkel on the great sites in between and they are included in the cost.
        – For comparisons, study the listed transport & excursion costs of the different homestays and you can also throw questions in stayrajaampat facebook as to the reasonableness of the amounts quoted in case you need to bargain.
        – In your budget planning it’s safest to assume the full cost. In our case, of the many trips we did, only on 2 occasions we were able to share the cost.
        – It’s also safest to book the island transportation & excursions soonest, at the latest when you arrive in the island especially during high seasons, although I think the risk of getting stuck is remote. Homestay owner should be able to arrange it with other parties in case his boat is already booked.
        Happy planning and wishing you a great trip.

  2. daniel gerbault says:

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    i stayed in tanjung mefiyai on Sau kabu island in Fam archipelago for 3 nights in April 2016. i can recommend this wonderful homestay who open for 2 of us especially. seems that few tourists make their way up to this island. english is not spoken. Nathanael the owner and his family did all he could to please us. we hired his boat to Melissa’s garden and neighbouring Fam. the food was great, rooms are spacious located in a long house. sau kabu is not very far from Arborek where you can hire a boat for pyanemo then Sau kabu for around 1 400 000 IDR. snorkeling is best at Melissa’s garden a must in the area.

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    I was in Tanjung Mefiyai in November for a few days. The family is very shy. At first they didn’t answer when I spoke to them. But after some time I could talk with them (only bahasa indonesia). They thry to do everything they think you like and are afraid to do something wrong. But they really do their best. The food was good and always enough. The place was very clean. The snorkeling was very nice with good corals and a lot of fish. There is some current which changes suddenly to the other side.