Delvin Homestay

Kri - North coast



2 x Over water - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.

5 x On land - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.

2 x On beach - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.

4 x On land - VIP bungalow

A single room bungalow with ensuite bathroom and toilet. Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.


Single in private bungalow (full board)

Per night single occupancy (Includes 3 meals/day) $29.08

Couple in private bungalow (full board)

Per couple per night (Includes 3 meals/day) $49.86

Single in VIP bungalow (full board)

Per night single occupancy (Includes 3 meals/day) $33.24

Couple in VIP bungalow (full board)

Per couple per night (Includes 3 meals/day) $58.17

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The Stay Raja Ampat booking system is designed to support ecotourism in a remote, low-connectivity region. It is different from hotel booking systems. Before checking availability, please read this information so you understand how our booking system works.


  • Reef dropoff
  • Western style toilet
  • Hiking available
  • Coral
  • Good house reef
  • Calm beach
  • Good phone signal
  • Sandy Beach
  • On site dive centre
  • Has own speedboat
  • Has private bungalows
  • Has ensuite bathroom/toilet
  • Below IDR 400,000


Delvin Homestay is located on the north shore of Kri and offers the following choice of bungalows.

  • 2 over-water private bungalows
  • 2 private bungalows on the beach
  • 5 private bungalows on land
  • 4 VIP bungalows on land

The VIP bungalows have tiled concrete floors, ensuite bathroom and toilets, real double beds with sheets, covers, pillows and mosquito nets, a small wardrobe, a desk and an electric fan. They also feature glazed windows, a solid lockable door and small tiled verandahs with seating. Wooden racks for drying wet towels and clothes are also provided. VIP bungalow ensuite bathrooms have western style toilets, but no showers. The homestay standard bucket bathing or “dip mandi” is provided.

Delvin Homestay also offers 7 more traditional style private bungalows. Two of those are on the beach, and 5 are on land. These private bungalows have similar features to the VIP bungalows, including a double bed, power outlets and room light switches, a clothes drying rack etc. Two over-water private bungalows are also available and are similarly furnished as above.

Bathroom facilities for beach bungalow guests are provided in a nearby concrete floored building which houses a western style toilet and dip mandi bathing facilities (a shower is also installed for when the water pump is running).

Meals are served in Delvin’s dining shelter at a large table that has bench style seating. Drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there.

Electricity is supplied by generator at night and the bungalows have power sockets and room light switches.

Delvin Homestay receives a fairly good mobile phone signal which will usually support a data connection.

The nearest village where you can buy basic supplies is Yenbuba on Mansuar. Yenbuba is about a fifteen minute boat ride away and can also be reached on foot via sandbanks exposed at low tide.

Only minimal English is spoken at Delvin, so be sure to bring a phrasebook if you have no Bahasa Indonesia.

Transport / Getting there

Transport from Waisai to Delvin Homestay is by speedboat and costs IDR 600,000 each way for 1 to 5 passengers. If more than 5 passengers the cost is IDR 100,000 per person. The boat can carry up to 10 passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Delvin Homestay’s location between neighbours Mambetron Homestay and Mambei Homestay means that, like all Kri homestays, Delvin has a great house reef and offers a range of activities. Be sure to bring your own snorkelling gear to make the best of it!

Diving: Delvin Homestay has an on site dive center. Cost per dive (total, including gear rental, boat/guide costs etc) is IDR 550,000 or IDR 450,000 if you don’t need to rent any gear.

Long north coast hikes are possible at low tide and there are trails leading to a panoramic lookout on Kri’s heights that provides spectacular views over the neighbouring islands of Ransiwor and Mansuar, south across the Dampier Strait to Batanta and north to Gam and Waigeo.

In addition to long beachwalks on Kri, at low tide it’s possible to cross the sandbanks that join Kri, Ransiwor and Mansuar. The sandbanks are a great attraction in themselves, as they afford the chance to see a host of marine creatures trapped in small pools waiting for the tide’s return. The exposed sand gives access to Ransiwor, the small island between Kri and Mansuar which has excellent snorkelling around its southern shores. Beware of strong currents there though – especially once the tide begins to run.

You can cross to Mansuar to visit Yenbuba and then continue along a well made trail along Mansuar’s north coast all the way to Yenbekwan if you want. Be aware of tide timings though – otherwise you’ll need a boat to get you back to Kri.

Delvin Homestay Raja Ampat day tours and snorkelling

Tours are by speedboat capable of carrying up to ten passengers. The prices are per tour and are split among passengers. All tours include lunch.

Piaynemo (Penemu)6,500,000
Kabui Bay & Passage5,500,000
Arborek/Mantas/Sauwandarek/Pasir Timbul sandbank3,500,000

In addition to the above, Delvin can organise sightseeing and snorkelling trips to any location you wish. Ask about those. Prices will depend on trip duration and distance.

Delvin Homestay Location Map