The Guardians of Raja Ampat

Guardians of Raja Ampat

Here’s something a little different to do in Raja Ampat over the next few weeks: Join local communities and the crew of the research and education vessel Kalabia at outdoor screenings of the acclaimed Blue Sphere Media film Guardians of Raja Ampat.

The events are sure to provide a festive night out as local communities gather to see the film and enjoy live performances by Edo Kondologit – a hugely popular musician from Sorong, famous for his anthemic songs of Papua.

Produced in conjunction with Conservation International by Emmy Award winning cinematographer, investigative conservation journalist and 2011 Oris Sea Hero of the Year Shawn Heinrichs, the film is a visually spectacular telling of the stories of the island community members and organisations who are the true guardians of Raja Ampat.

The desires and aspirations of local communities provide the foundation for and the only real chance of success of the international conservation effort in Raja Ampat. Guardians of Raja Ampat clearly and beautifully illustrates these truths.

July 2015 Update: The Guardians of Raja Ampat – watch it here! Here’s English subtitled version of the film uploaded to YouTube by The Ocean Voice…

If you’re in the islands between now and December 6 2014, it’d be well worth the effort to see (and celebrate with!) the Guardians of Raja Ampat at one of the screenings below. For most, tonight’s show in Waisai and The November 28 event at Pulau Arborek will probably be the most accessible…

Events at all locations start at 6.00pm

Nov 20 – Waigeo > at the Nonton Bareng Bupati in Waisai
Nov 21 – Mayalibit > Warsambin
Nov 23 – Ayau > Rutum
Nov 25 – Waigeo > Salio
Nov 26 – Fam > Pam
Nov 27 – Waigeo > Mutus
Nov 28 – Dampier > Arborek
Nov 29 – Kofiau > Deer
Dec 01 – Misool > Yellu
Dec 02 – Misool > Fafanlap
Dec 03 – Misool > Misool Eco Resort
Dec 05 – Salawati > Solol
Dec 06 – Salawati > Jefman

Read on if you’d like to know and see a little more about the guardians of Raja Ampat:

A Vision for Life in Raja Ampat has been translated from the original Bahasa Indonesia and clearly communicates the aspirations of Raja Ampat island communities.

You can read and see more about the mission of the Kalabia on our Raja Ampat conservation programs page.

Here’s the Guardians of Raja Ampat teaser. (Note: If your ISP is Indonesian, you’ll more than likely find Vimeo blocked by poorly executed censorship rules.)

And finally –  one of Edo’s classics…

(Oh – if you want to see the full version of the public screening poster that had to be cropped for the top of this story, here it is.)

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