Simon Kolomsusu

Raja Ampat (Gam Island) guide Simon Kolomsusu pictured at Alfred Wallace's campsite

Simon Kolomsusu and his son Fritz are based in Yenbeser and specialise in Red Bird of Paradise observation and cultural tours

Phone (Fritz): +6281299819040

Email: None

Based at Gam Island’s Yenbeser village, Simon can introduce you to local culture and significant sites as well as organise trips to see the Red Birds of Paradise dawn display in the jungle near the village.

Simon’s signature tour is a longboat journey deep into the heart of Gam Island, following in the footsteps of the famed naturalist Alfred Wallace. The trip begins at Yenbeser and enters the fjordlike inlet that penetrates Gam’s interior. At the end of the inlet is the Dore Mkun lagoon, from where Wallace hiked into the jungle to establish a base camp for his research. At the place where Wallace camped there’s a reconstruction of the hut described in his journal and Simon has located two nearby trees where Red Birds of Paradise display. Hides allow observation without disturbing the birds. Sturdy footwear is recommended if you’re going to visit the hides – there’s a lot of sharp limestone on the climb to the one above the lagoon.

In addition to Birds of Paradise there’s a wealth of other birdlife in the jungle, including mound building jungle fowl and green pigeons. It’s also possible to visit the caves along the access waterway where local people hid from Second World War battles and bombing raids. Ask Simon about the jungle grove where bamboo containers – relics of ancient healing rites – can still be seen.

The Dore Mkun lagoon is easily accessible from Dore Atri Homestay. Staying with the Makusi family at Dore Atri and exploring the Yenbeser area with Simon is perfect for visitors looking for a rich cultural experience in Raja Ampat.


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  1. Edit on

    We did this trip with Simon few years ago, it was amazing! Must do if you are staying in a nearby HS.
    You can also see bioluminescent planktons blinking in the dark in the river.

  2. Joe on

    The phone numbers are out of date.

    Here is Fritz‘ number
    0812 99819040

    Did the tour with him. Saw 7 birds up in the trees. Magnificent!

    The hike is steep and slippery. This is rather a hiker for sportsman although I didn’t have a problem with it. Hike takes about 15 min if you are trained.

    Make sure you agree on the price before you go as with an other tours in RA.

    1. Joe on

      I dorgot:

      If you are at nearby homestays just ask someone to take you to the village and ask for Simon if nobody replies on their phone.

  3. Karen Westerby on

    Recently had a wonderful experience with Simon and his son Fritz to see the birds of paradise doING the dance etc. Well worth the 150,000 Rupiah each.

  4. giustissimo on

    nice new place to visit ..

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