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Pam Guesthouse Homestay

Pam (Fam) Islands - Fam

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Accommodation in the heart of the island group with the best beaches in Raja Ampat. Expansive ocean views, good snorkelling and Pam village at the doorstep.

3 x Private bungalow - on land (beachfront) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 350,000 / person / night
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Pam Guesthouse Homestay offers three private bungalows on the eastern shore of Pam Island. (Pam is shown as Fam on most maps, but Pam is the correct local spelling and pronunciation.)

Each bungalow has mattresses for two, available in either in twin or double form. Bedding includes sheets, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets. The bungalows all have a covered verandah with a bench or individual chairs and a small table and have wide ocean views eastward to Batanta, Mansuar, Kri and the sunrise.

Meals at Pam Guesthouse Homestay are served in a dining shelter that has a large table and bench seating. Drinking water, tea and coffee are always freely available to guests there.

Guests share bathroom facilities, which are two adjoining pebble-floored rooms, each having a western style toilet and dip mandi (bucket) bathing.

Electricity is supplied by generator and is available between sunset and midnight only. Pam Guesthouse Homestay receives a strong mobile phone signal, but we were unable to get a data connection when we visited in June 2016.

The homestay lies on the beach at the eastern end of Pam village, where there are small shops that sell basic supplies.

Pam Guesthouse Homestay owner Ampi speaks good English.

Finally, as everywhere in Raja Ampat, any inorganic trash you leave in Pam will remain there to contribute to pollution in the islands, so it’s always best to take any that you make away with you when you leave.

Transport / Getting there

Transport from Waisai to Pam Island costs IDR 2,100,000 each way. The journey is made in a large longboat that can carry up to five passengers. Cost is shared by passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.

If you want to save some cash (and have plenty of time), you can reach Pam village via a public boat from Sorong. The public boat from Sorong is a lot cheaper than any other means, but it’s also a long, slow journey. The boat leaves Sorong once a week at 1600 on Fridays, and goes via villages on the north coast of Batanta to Pam. It doesn’t arrive in Arefi at Batanta until 2200, so it would probably be an overnight journey to Pam. The boat returns via the same route on Saturdays. Once in Pam you could call (or ask around) for transfer to Andau. John Urbon in Sorong can help you find the public boat.


Beaches and snorkelling

The Pam islands are a group of low sand cays that have the best beaches we’ve seen in Raja Ampat. Beaches where the sand slopes away into the ocean so there’s no risk of walking on coral when you enter the water. Pam Guesthouse Homestay is less than a kilometre from some fabulous uninhabited jewels just perfect for beach picnics and lazing the day away in those fabulous azure waters.  There’s good snorkelling around Pam too of course, and there’s nowhere closer to Piaynemo and that island’s magic reefs of Melissa’s Garden. Be sure to bring your own snorkelling equipment.

Pam Guesthouse Homestay can organise snorkelling trips to all the secret Pam attractions as well as Piaynemo, Melissa’s Garden and anywhere else you might like to go.

In addition to snorkelling, long walks can be made on the biggest Pam island right next door, which also has attractions like the crocodile-inhabited Yellow Lake.

Village visits

The guesthouse lies on the edge of Pam village, so immersion in day to day village life is guaranteed. There are a lot of children in Pam, who (when they’ve got over being shy) will enjoy your company and the chance to practice their English – or any other language you might like to teach them!

The neighbouring “big island” is home to Sau Kabu village and the small shops and local guides there will benefit greatly from your patronage if you visit to see Yellow Lake or enjoy their fabulous beaches.


  • Association member
  • In village
  • Reef dropoff
  • Western style toilet
  • Hiking available
  • English speaking
  • Calm beach
  • Good phone signal
  • Sandy Beach
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Has private bungalows

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Name Ampi
Phone +6283399582208
Name Ampi
Phone +6282239645063

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2 thoughts on “Pam Guesthouse Homestay

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
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    • Amazing - 5 starfish
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    We stayed two days at Ampi’s out of the 6 nights we spent at homestays in Raja Ampat (and one more week on a live aboard boat, 13 days in all). He is a great host and a fabulous guide and boat rider. We loved Pam as it complements the Raja Ampat experience, loved the village jetty and lively village atmosphere. Don’t expect great beaches off your homestay door, but the places nearby Ampi took us to were the most beautiful and with most impressive water color we’ve seen in Raja Ampat. It is a great excursions base for a couple of days around Raja Ampat, very close to Pyanemo, Ura, Melissa’s garden and other impressive places. And his prices are quite fair. 100% satisfactory, thank you very much Ampi!

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    In the fall 2016 we made a trip to Raja Ampat. We had the great opportunity to spend a full 2 weeks with Ampi (the owner) aka Jimi Hendrix ;-) as our private guide. He was telling us about his dream of finishing building his homestay and brought us there to show us the progress. I must say the place looks soo nice, I am really impressed at what he did. And look forward to returning and staying there. Pam island is truly beautiful.
    Although we didn’t stay there, rest assure that Ampi will not disappoint. He is a fantastic boat guide and will take you to amazing places. He knows the islands so well and pretty much knows everyone as well :) He cares deeply about the protection and conservation of his beloved home that is Raja Ampat.