Manggara Homestay

Meos Manggara - West Waigeo/Manyaifun



2 x On beach - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 3 persons / room.


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Twin share from USD 30.76 per person / night including 3 meals daily

Single occupancy from USD 30.76 per person / night including 3 meals daily

Discount for children under 12

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* Under 12yrs

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  • Reef dropoff
  • English speaking
  • Coral
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Calm beach
  • Child discount
  • Sandy Beach
  • Western style toilet
  • IDR 400,000 to 500,000
  • In village
  • Has private bungalows


Manggara Homestay lies on the northwest shore of West Waigeo’s tiny Meos Manggara island.

Two private bungalows occupy a beachside setting at the edge of Meos Manggara village. The bungalow verandahs have table and chair settings from which to enjoy unimpeded ocean and sunset views.

Bungalow bedrooms are set up for two, but extra beds can be provided if needed. Beds are mattresses on the floor, and sheets, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets are supplied.

Meals at Manggara Homestay are served in a sand-floored, beachside dining room.  Drinking water, tea and coffee making supplies are always freely available.

Guests share a 2 room bathroom building. A western style toilet and dip mandi (bucket) bathing are provided in one room, with a squat toilet and bucket bathing in the other.

Electricity is provided by generator and is available from sunset to about midnight. A reasonably strong but variable mobile phone signal is received at Manggara Homestay, but it wouldn’t support a data connection when we last visited.

Manggara Homestay is in Meos Manggara village, so basic supplies are readily available from village kiosks. (Anything that you absolutely can’t live without would be best brought with you.)

English is spoken at Manggara Homestay.

To avoid contributing to the trashing of paradise, all homestays ask that you please take all your inorganic (especially plastic) waste away with you when you leave.

Transport / Getting there

Transport between Manggara Homestay and Waisai is by longboat capable of carrying up to four passengers. The one way trip price is IDR 2,000,000. The cost is shared by passengers.

Transfers between Manggara Homestay and Kri/Gam cost IDR 1,500,000. Transfers to/from Piaynemo are IDR 1,000,000.

Reaching West Waigeo is not cheap, but the remote region’s unique attractions and wild nature justify the expense. You’ll also see a lot of Raja Ampat on the way, including Kabui Bay and the famed Kabui Passage.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


There is excellent snorkelling at Meos Manggara. Large schools of fish congregate under the village jetty and reefs along the dropoff are healthy.

Meos Manggara’s shoreline is one long beach perfect for walking, and the small village is both pretty and welcoming.

Be sure to take advantage of Manggara Homestay’s snorkelling and sightseeing trips to explore the nearby islands and the rarely-visited sights of West Waigeo. Anything you want to do (including visiting the not-too-distant Wayag Islands) can be arranged.

Because of the region’s remoteness, West Waigeo’s reefs are pristine, rich and untrammelled by day tripping boats from Sorong and Waisai. Fabulous snorkelling is available in the area and it’s most likely that you will be the only people in the water. Mantas congregate at Pulau Yefnabi (and several other less well known locations) in the Meos Manggara islands. They can even be found there between June and September, when they are usually absent from the better known Dampier Strait sites of Manta Point and Manta Sandy.

Apart from the excellent snorkelling and mantas, the Meos Manggara cays offer sights like West Waigeo’s “Pasir Timbul” – a stretch of pristine white sand that emerges from the ocean with every low tide. A visit to Aljui Bay is highly recommended, and provides the opportunity to see ancient rock art galleries, a large commercial pearl farm, secret lagoons, cultural sites and spectacular scenery.

A selection of popular trips can be found below. All prices are per trip. 4 passengers maximum. Any applicable entry fees are included in the price.

Piaynemo, Star Lake2,500,000
Snorkeling Yefnabi Manta350,000
Snorkeling Yefnabi Manta & Rep snorkeling500,000
Rep, Pasir Timbul, Yepsip400,000
Snorkeling Meos Arar reef300,000
Snorkeling Yasbekar300,000
Snorkeling Tamaku400,000

Waigeo Barat

See our West Waigeo page for an overview of West Waigeo, its islands, and their attractions.

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