KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard

KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard

Liveaboard boat

The KLM Insos Raja Ampat is the first locally owned and operated Raja Ampat liveaboard dive boat. She offers excellent value and operates year round.

3 x Cabin Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
8day/7night trip IDR 20,000,000 / person / trip
10day/9night trip IDR 25,000,000 / person / trip


The KLM Insos Raja Ampat liveaboard is the first Raja Ampat dive yacht to be locally owned and operated. She is also the first Raja Ampat liveaboard to be permanently based in the islands and offering trips throughout the year.

Insos Raja Ampat has three airconditioned cabins for two people each and provides for a fabulous small group experience. Equipped with two bathrooms, a galley and dining area, an upper deck relaxation area and separate crew quarters, Insos Raja Ampat has full diving equipment, emergency oxygen supplies and all dive guides are certified Rescue Divers with a wealth of knowledge of local conditions.

All trips depart from and return to Sorong. A minimum of 4 passengers must be booked before a trip will run, but private charters can also be negotiated.

The KLM Insos Raja Ampat liveaboard is the next step in the development of Grace Sauyai’s family business which began with the establishment of Yenkoranu Homestay in 2011. Grace’s motivation and vision for the future of the island communities of Raja Ampat is reflected in the choice of name for Yenkoranu’s new liveaboard boat: Insos Raja Ampat means “Women of Raja Ampat” in the local Betew language.

Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard 2017 schedules below. We’ll post detailed trip itineraries as soon as they are provided to us. Direct all enquiries to the contact details provided below.

Insos Raja Ampat liveaboard trips – snorkellers welcome!

Trip itineraries visit dive sites at Misool, Dampier Strait, Piaynemo, West Waigeo and Wayag. Eight day tips cover the Dampier Strait sites, Piaynemo and north to Wayag. Ten day trips visit the Dampier Strait, Piaynemo and south to Misool.

Snorkellers receive a 15% discount on the prices listed above.

Divers with their own equipment receive a 5% discount on prices listed above.

Insos Raja Ampat liveaboard 2017 8 day Dampier Strait/Wayag trip schedule

Eight day trips visit the Dampier Strait, northern Raja Ampat and Wayag dive sites. Night dives can be arranged on request.

February 1-8, 12-19, 23-02 Mar
April 1-8, 12-19, 23-30
May 4-11, 15-22, 26-02
June 7-14, 18-25
July 1-8, 12-19 ,23-30
August 3-10, 15-22, 26-02
September 6-13, 17-24
October 1-8, 12-19, 23-30
November 3-12, 16-23, 27-04
December 8-15, 19-28

Insos Raja Ampat liveaboard 2017 10 day Misool/Dampier Strait trip schedule

Ten day trips visit the Dampier Strait and Misool dive sites. Night dives can be arranged on request.

January 3-12, 17-26
March 6-15, 19-28

Prices include

Transfers from Sorong hotel to boat and vice versa.
Full room and board on trip, Fresh towels and linen, tea, coffee, water, tanks and weights, dive guides.
Indonesian food on board.
MISOOL (3-4 dives per dive day), including 3-4 night dives.*
Dive Equipment Rental
*Number of dives all dependent on weather and sea conditions.

Prices do NOT include

Pick up from other areas (apart from itinerary, transfers outside of Sorong)
Crew Tips
Travel Insurance

Booking & Payment Policy:

Individual Bookings:

A NON refundable deposit of 10% is required within 15 days of reservation.
Final payment of 90% is due 90 days prior to departure date.
Please send Insos an email before depositing.


A NON refundable deposit of 20% is required within 15 days of reservation.
Final payment of 80% is due 120 days prior departure date.
For short notice bookings made within 120 days prior departure date, the FULL amount is due upon booking.
In case of cancellation or lowering number of passengers, the corresponding deposit amount for that space is deemed forfeited and is non transferable towards the balance if any.
• Cancellations received more than 6 months prior departure: Half of the 20% deposit is not refundable.
• Cancellations received 6 months to 91 days prior departure: the 20% deposit is not refundable.
• Cancellations received 90 days or less prior departure: 100% of the charter rate is not refundable. However, substitution of passengers is permitted.
• No refunds will be issued for unused or partially used packages.
Payment should be made by wire transfer (for inbound clients) or direct bank deposit.
All foreign and local bank charges must be shouldered by the remitter.
A copy of your bank deposit slip is required for verification of payment and we will send an acknowledgement from us will be sent once we have confirmed your payment with our bank, usually within 3 – 5 working days.

Please send your payment to:
Bank: Mandiri
Account number: 1600001744842
Name: Eduard Raimon L Umalan
Swift code : BMRIIDJA
Address: Jl. 30 Waisai Kota
Branch code: 16085
*deposits non refundable unless trip cancellation is on the part of INSOS RAJA AMPAT or you can choose to reschedule.

Transport / Getting there

All trips depart from and return to Sorong – no ferries required!


Insos Raja Ampat is the liveaboard for whatever you want to do: Diving, snorkeling or just taking a relaxing cruise.


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KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard Location Map

KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard location shown above. Full page map for KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard

KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard Contact Details

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  • Many contacts have no permanent access to phone or email - don't expect an instant response to your enquiry.
  • Please read our How to Book Raja Ampat Accommodation page so you know what to expect.

Name Grace Sauyai
Phone +6282198498519
Email kapalinsosrajaampat@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/divingboad.insosrajaampat

KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard Reviews

Posting feedback about your homestay experience will help your hosts and fellow travellers. All feedback is passed on and contributes to the success of the local ecotourism economy which underpins international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat.

Please leave a comment or review below and take the time to respond to this online Raja Ampat ecotourism survey. Your input is valued and appreciated!

20 thoughts on “KLM Insos Raja Ampat Liveaboard

  1. Hi! We have sent Grace an email about a trip in november/december but didnt get an answer yet unfortunately. Is there another way to contact her? Looking forward to hear from you!


  2. Stephen Houghton says:

    we are looking for a non dive live aboard tour. so snorkelling and trips ashore like birdwatching and trekking. is this the complete opposite of what you do? or can we integrate with the dives etc an just do our own thing when others are going diving? I assume some sites are good for snorkeling too, but others probably not.
    our ideal itinerary was from this site> http://rajaampatadventures.com/index.php/en/packages/itineraries

    We just prefer a nicer boat! so can you say if this is possible, for around the date – we are flexible (from 22 April until5 May) and 7/8D6/7N and what is the cost per person? so no diving but maybe some use of your tender for excursions?



    • Hi Stephen –

      The Insos does make time for sightseeing at some places (Wayag for example), but is primarily a dive boat. Many of the sites it visits would also provide good snorkelling too, but if you want a lot of land based activity you might be better off with Deni’s itinerary.

      Costs are shown at the top of this page, and please note that Stay Raja Ampat isn’t the operator of Insos – you need to direct all enquiries to the contact details provided above.

  3. Hello, this looks amazing, I am very much interested from December 26th -31st . Two persons sharing – snorkeling maybe diving.
    How can I get more info. Im really interested. Thanks

    • Hi Catherine –

      Just updated the prices after talking to Grace – hopefully they’re clearer now! 5 million per cabin per day for divers. (2.5 per person if sharing a cabin.)

      • Thank you, do you think is it possible at the end to stop at Wasai or Kri, if we want to stay more time at Raja ampat after the cruise ?

        • We haven’t been provided the itineraries yet Catherine, but imagine that that would be possible for the Dampier Strait/Wayag trip. Not for the Misool one though. Email Grace to confirm.

          • Hello, we are 2 divers and we will arrive at Sorong on september 4th 2016,afternoon. We will leave Raja Ampat on september 14th. We are interested by live aboard dive on the Insos Raja Ampat. I saw on schedule that our dates are not matching with the 3 trips on september. Are dates trips fixed or can they be changed.