Warahnus Homestay, Pulau Mansuar Kecil (Kri), Raja Ampat

Warahnus Homestay

Kri - South coast

  • Amazing - 5 starfish
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Waranus Cove: An arc of white sand, dolphins, great snorkelling and superb ocean views from private bungalows on the beach.

4 x Private bungalow - beach Sleeps max. 3 persons / room
Single occupancy IDR 350,000 / person / night
Couple IDR 600,000 / couple / night
Extra person in room IDR 200,000 / person / night
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Warahnus Homestay occupies a beautiful cove on Kri’s southern shore and has four private bungalows on the beach.

Each bungalow has a verandah equipped with a small table and chairs and all have fabulous sea views across the Dampier Strait to Batanta.

Bungalow bedrooms have room light switches and power outlets and sleep two. Bedding is the homestay standard of mattresses on the floor with pillows, bolsters, sheets and a mosquito net.

Warahnus Homestay’s dining room is located on the beach too and has the same great views. A large table and bench seating is provided and free drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there.

All guests share a single, two roomed, pebble-floored bathroom building. The building has plumbing, and the dip mandi bathroom also has a shower-like water spout if you find ladling water over yourself inconvenient. A western style toilet occupies the second room.

Electricity is available from a generator between sunset and about midnight and Warahnus Homestay receives a reasonable phone signal which is usually capable of supporting a (slow) internet connection.

Yenbuba village on Mansuar is a short boat ride away and at low tide can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes. Basic supplies are available in Yenbuba but as with most homestays, it’s best to bring any”must have” snacks or supplies with you. Please be sure to take inorganic rubbish like plastic and dead batteries away with you though. There’s no non-polluting waste disposal available on Kri and you’ll be contributing to the trashing of paradise if you don’t.

English is spoken at Warahnus Homestay.

Transport / Getting there

Transfers between Warahnus Homestay and Waisai are by speedboat capable of carrying up to six passengers. The cost is IDR 750,000 each way and is shared by boat passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Warahnus Homestay diving and snorkelling

Diving is available at Warahnus Homestay in conjunction with neighbouring homestays Lumba Lumba or Mangkur Kodon.

Warahnus has an excellent house reef for snorkelling (bring your own equipment) and snorkelling/sightseeing trips can be arranged as required to any site you want to visit. The trips use Warahnus’ speedboat which can carry up to six passengers. The table below provides prices (shared by passengers) in Indonesian Rupiah for just some of the many options.

Cape Kri 300,000
Yenbuba jetty 100,000
Yendabon 250,000
Yenkoranu jetty 200,000
Sauwandarek (Mansuar south coast) 600,000
Koi Island (near Cape Kri) 300,000
Friwen Wall 800,000
Sawinggrai (Pulau Gam) 900,000
Mantas 1,200,000
Pulau Arborek 1,500,000
Gam Bay 1,500,000
Piaynemo 6,000,000
Kabui Bay and Passage 3,500,000

Other activities

Long hikes are available from Warahnus homestay. At low tide you can walk the entire north shore of Kri, or you can cross the sandbanks to neighbouring Ransiwor and Mansuar to visit Yenbuba village. From Yenbuba a path heads west along the north coast of Mansuar to Yenbekwan village and then crosses the island past a lake to the south coast village of Sauwandarek. There’s excellent snorkelling all along the route. If you’re feeling energetic, you could make a day of it by leaving on a morning with a low tide and organising an afternoon pickup from Sauwandarek.

There are also shorter (but steeper!) local paths that lead through Kri’s jungle to the islands’ heights. Great panoramic views and spectacular sunsets are the norm, but be sure to take a light with you if going to watch the sunset as full dark comes on very quickly.

If you want to see Red Birds of Paradise, head over to Sawinggrai on Gam to catch their dawn and dusk displays.


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Reef dropoff
  • Western style toilet
  • Hiking available
  • Coral
  • English speaking
  • Good house reef
  • Has email contact
  • Calm beach
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • Sandy Beach
  • Has own speedboat
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Has private bungalows
  • Can pay by credit card

Warahnus Homestay Location Map

Warahnus Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Warahnus Homestay

Warahnus Homestay Contact Details

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Name Bermon Sauyai
Phone +6281344270424
Email waranushomestay@yahoo.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004190478091
Name Yakub Sauyai
Phone +6282238092895

Warahnus Homestay Reviews

Posting feedback about your homestay experience will help your hosts and fellow travellers. All feedback is passed on and contributes to the success of the local ecotourism economy which underpins international conservation efforts in Raja Ampat.

Please leave a comment or review below and take the time to respond to this online Raja Ampat ecotourism survey. Your input is valued and appreciated!

21 thoughts on “Warahnus Homestay

    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • Not bad - 2 starfish
    • (2/5 starfishes)

    Our stay quite mediocre. Prices approaching Maldives for quite spartan rooms and starvation rations.

    1. Boat was late for pickup
    2. Return was problematic for many. Some may have missed first ferry. Homestay has no long haul boat so relies on lazy family member to deliver ad hoc services.
    3. Snorkle boat was full price but loaded up with freeloader family and friends.
    4. For the price, boat should stay out twice as long but they hurry back.
    5. Room had no sleeping platform which can easily be fashioned out of local wood in a few hours.
    6. Rats. Only a few, but they breed insanely fast.
    7. Meals were 100% dreadful. Never had anything delicious. Always worst but of fish and meager. Cold food. Starchy bkfasts.
    8. Many fishless meals. Mostly fishless meals. When fish was served it was burned up and just the rubbish bits.
    9. Every day with my own eyes the family would bring in lovely fish. None of it made its way to the guests table. Kilos of fish. By end of trip I became resentful….and hungry.
    10. Total lack of vegetables.
    10A. No, sorry hard boiled eggs is not a meal. Nether is noodles and cabbage.
    11. The father was very annoying. Very. Begging and grubbing. Come back and bring ME…mask, fins (never saw him in water), tobacco…blah blah.
    12. They don’t need to overcook them mash the rice. Orang asing don’t eat rice with hands.
    13. Many guests became sick. My guess is poor food handling (rice) and old unrefrigerated rice.
    14. Reef is ok but lacks marine life and sadly color.
    15. No sunset from beach

    I’m left with the feeling that all these homestay just feed you trash and put up with occasionsal outburst. After all, at €55 a night it’s all good. You’re gone in a few days. By not feeding you these families need not bother with going to market or finding non locals that can cook some decent Indonesian food.

    Bumphead parrotfish
    Sharks few

    • I should add. Don’t believe for a second about pricey fuel. These people making bank. Think nothing of hopping in the boat and shuttling between islands like making a quick trip to 7-11. Ridiculous. Playing around in the boat all day and night.

      • It’s sad your experience contrasted so markedly with that of most other guests JJN, but your feedback is appreciated and useful and will hopefully help to improve the consistency of guests’ experience at Warahnus.

        Regarding fuel prices: Everyone has an opinion. These are the facts.

        • I think people are largely polite and as we all have good hearts and want the best for these businesses, but they are businesses.

          We are paying far too much money to shug off illness, bad food, inattentive staff and a bit of panic making planes (not us but others, we plan and overnight in SOQ).

          All the people while we were at the homestay had serious issues with the food. Serious. Further, if you poke about on YOUR website you’ll see shitty food is a very common theme as is rats.

          As is all of it. I’ve simply just focused on it.

          We almost missed the ferry and small group before us very possibly did.

          I’m livid over the charter boat prices and max pax 4, then they load up a few kids and who knows who.

          The petrol prices are what they are, what I’m saying is the locals don’t care and are not conserving petrol. The guy went to the besar for a handful of items many items. I’d see empty boats going back and forth all day long.

          The fish thing was very frustrating. There is absolutely no excuse not to have huge amounts of fish every night. Grouper and snapper in the road in SOQ is 50-90k. That’s a retail Warung. Fish, salads, etc…

          I thought the reef would be far better. It’s sad to say but it’s clearly dying.

          Finally, you state on this website that the price to pier from airport is 100 but I got it for 70k without any fuss and now knowing how far it is I’d say it’s a 40k ride plus Papua petrol surcharge. Next time I’ll try for 50-55k.

          Finally, we stayed at this place more than a few days so people only doing a few nights might not be aware of this drama. Nevertheless, it’s real and if you read many, many of the other posts for other homestay bring up the same issues.

          These places are way over priced and the food imo is worth maybe 4€ a day pax and that’s being generous.

          • Thanks again Joey. We are indeed aware of every comment made on the website and all of them (both good and bad) are relayed back to the homestays concerned during training workshops to help them improve their service.

            It’s worth bearing in mind that most homestay operators have zero prior experience of any business, let alone in the hospitality industry. Most have also had no more than a primary level education. That’s why we provide training workshops to help them understand and do their best to satisfy guest expectations and develop the skills they need to run a successful business.

            It’s obviously no good for anyone when basic standards are unmet, and nobody expects that poor service should be shrugged off.

            Nevertheless, it’s unrealistic to expect an effort so new to immediately achieve essential basic standards. It’s also unwarranted to cite the occasional failure to meet those standards as evidence of systemic exploitation of or lack of regard for guests.

  1. Gaby Motuloh says:

    Stayed 3 nights, March 5-8, 2017. Overall very happy. The speedboat taking us to Waisai was a bit late but at least they left a message so we were not worrying. Reached the homestay in about 40 minutes. Great location in a protected cove with long white sandy beach. Simple, rustic, clean bungalow with a small terrace facing the sea. Blankets and towels were provided. Warahnus had added 2 double room bungalows so it’s no longer the 4 private ones only. They also reserved the big family’s hut for guests. In full house condition such as when we were there, the dining area was a bit crowded so Kety, the cook, kindly served our meals in the bungalow’s small terrace. There were one bathroom and a toilet next to it but they were building new ones – should be done by now. The best thing was we could enjoy snorkeling right off the beach in front of the homestay (be extra careful during low tides though) towards the Yenbuba village. Healthy, colorful corals (some damaged ones too) with lots of fish including a few sharks, bumpheads and turtles. We also went snorkeling to the surrounding areas (Sand Island/Pasir Timbul, Cape Kri, Yenkoranu Jetty and Yenbuba Jetty) altogether for Rp 700K using a long boat as the speedboat was used by a big group of other guests. For diving, Warahnus works with the neighbouring Lumba Lumba homestay which is also a dive operator and the owner is related. Warahnus’ room rate is one of the lowests. Food was tasty and instead of only 2 dishes as in many other homestays, they served 3 varied dishes + fruits. Good service. Nice family with great and fun children, all helping taking care of the homestay. Bermon is a bit shy/reserved but don’t hesitate to communicate with him as he understands English. Warahnus’ speedboat took us to the next homestay in Arborek and on the way we snorkeled in Manta Sandy – and boy we were so lucky to be able to swim with the amazing creatures! Thank you Bermon, Kety, pak Yakub, pak Pilipus and children (Ulis, Sepi, Agai, Uyun, Ena) for a wonderful stay.

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    This is such a great homestay. Beautiful location on a lovely white sand bay with amazing snorkelling and only one other homestay on the beach. One of the days we snorkelled all the way to Yenbuba Jetty which was the most amazing snorkelling ever – highly recommend if you are happy to snorkel for an hour or two. You can also cimb up to the lookout point which was really beautiful and definitely worth doing – the path is near Lumba Lumba. We saw the dive boats anchored offshore, but didn’t find them nearly as much of a problem as other reviewers, it does not diminish this beautiful place too much. Bermon was quiet, but always very helpful whenever we asked for anything, and his English is good. Construction on the new bathrooms isn’t finished, but is progressing well. The food here was AMAZING – plenty of variety (not just fish, greens and rice like other places) and very tasty. The breakfast was often just cake, but the banana fritters on one morning were delicious and on our last morning we had nasi goreng. Our one issue was that there was a little colony of ants that lived somewhere near our bungalow and they found their way into the bungalow and into some of our smaller bags a couple of times. They will just clean everything and then leave, but it was still a bit uncomfortable. We were staying in the single bungalow nearest to the dining shelter and have let Bermon know about it so I’m sure it is fixed by now. Definitely stay in this wonderful homestay if you are looking for somewhere to stay on Kri!

  2. Diego Butera says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    I stayed for 2 nights (16 to 18 of March) and I share Joachim’s point of view regarding the food and the tours.
    Even when there were some issues Bermon tried his best to solve them. He has a very positive attitude.
    He helped us get very early in the morning to Waisai to get a ferry ticket (it was a special weekend after a festival in Waisai, so the ferries were kind of full)
    Would like to add that Bermon was very fast and clear in his emails.

  3. Joachim Luckey says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    Ten wonderful days in a new hut. There are now eight rooms, two huts with double room has been build recently. Two guests found place in the house of the family, so we have been eighteen guests instead of eight, too much for one toilet and one mandi, but Bermon is already busy to extend. Good luck! And always enough water. He may think about recovering rain water. During our ten days we had a lot of it.
    Organisaton of tours to the mantas (wonderful!) and other places was good and not too expensive.
    We would like to have two simple plastic chairs, some simple shelf for little things to store and some hook to hang up clothes.
    Meals were inconsistent good,some were wonderful. For breakfast we missed just nasi campur ,only oversucred Cake is not our favorite choice. Some breakfast we received banana fritter, good, but a bit more variated offer ( esp local fruit: bananas, papaya, melon ) will increase satisfacton.
    Although: many guests reported meals in other homestays were worse.
    There is a problem which may be important for stayrajaampat to recognise: up to three diver ships anchored in the bay, polluting a lot of noise and exhaust gases from their engines. They start their engines during the night for several hours and leave the bay after night dives. This was disturbing.
    And: the ferry at 9 h from Waisai was not a speed ferry. Bermon organised a transport to the Waisai airport, we could buy tickets to Sorong. Others reached their flights after 20 min delay of the ferry and nearly four hours time only because the flights were delayed.

  4. Lisa Carpenter says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    Warahnus is quite peaceful. It is a lovely setting with the bungalows at the water’s edge looking out over a tranquil bay. The wonderful family does an excellent job running this homestay. It is well maintained with lovely plants scattered around the property. The food is excellent. There is a nice beach to walk on at low tide. The reef directly in front is very good, as is the reef over at the village. Paying by credit card was quick and easy. Thank you for a great two weeks!

  5. We had a great time with a lot of snorkeling and nearby diving with lumba lumba. A fine place to stay with bermon and family!

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    I really enjoyed my stay at Warahnus Homestay. Nice and clean facilities, good food, beautiful view from the bungalow and great snorkeling just few meters from the beach! Bermon responded rapidly to my emails and helped me to recover personal belongings that I left in the room when leaving. Terima kasih Bermon & family!

  6. Moon and Miles says:

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    Words do not describe how amazing this homestay is!! We had the best ten days here of our entire trip. We even tried a homestay on Gam but had to return to Warahnus because we missed it so much! The meals were just incredible (best in Raja Ampat) with great diversity, flavour and more than we could ever finish. The north side of Kri Island where Warahnus is set is an extraordinarily beautiful quiet beach. We did pretty much all of the trips, Bermon and Johnas organised and tailored our days to make them cost effective and super exciting. The snorkelling off the beach was perfect and over at Yenbuba Yetty you can find more colour and activity than Finding Nemo!! Snacks were always provided and the entire family was friendly and accommodating. The rooms are clean and the whole homestay is beautifully decorated, the garden with flowers and shells, just shows the time and thought thats gone in to making Warahnus such a paradise. We’d highly recommend the walk to the look out point at sunset, a trip to Piaynemo with stops at Arborek and Manta point (best in the morning), Cape Kri is just incredible and Friwen Wall for something a bit different. You can also see loads of sharks at Yenkoranu Yetty, which is great to walk to. We only snorkelled and I don’t think we missed out on anything.
    Thank you so much Bermon and family!! We’ll be coming back very soon.

  7. It was a great stay in Warahnus Homestay. Kim, the commentator before brought it to the point. Nice bungalow, nice dining room. Excellent beach, brilliant snorkeling, perfect food, clean facilities Really nothing to complain!

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    Warahnus is the quintessential paradise beach experience. You can lie on the soft white sand, go for beach strolls, hike in the jungle along the ridge, take a big swim to the point for a special snorkel, walk to the village at low tide. I had a brilliant time here. It’s perfect for relaxing with views out to the horizon and watching the amazing livaboard boats coming and going. They all stop to see this reef. There is first -class snorkelling straight out in front of this homestay. The new bungalows each have private balcony with a hammock and the grounds are nicely landscaped and well tended – they have made it look so lovely. There is only one dog and she is the sweetest in all Raja Ampat. Very gentle and likes cuddles. The food was excellent. Plenty of it and good variety, there were some really delicious, outstanding meals. Bermon and Johnas speak very good English, it is family run and they are all so polite and happy and helpful.

    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • Amazing - 5 starfish
    • (5/5 starfishes)

    We had a really good time at Warahnus Homestay. The host’s are very friendly and helpful and also the meals they prepared were excellent! The bungalow’s are very clean as well! There is also a beautiful reef right in front of the beach.

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    12/8/2016 – 14/8/2016: There was a misunderstanding about asking information and making a reservation, but in the end we stayed 2 nights at Warahnus Homestay.

    It was really nice experience! the food was excellent and a lot of variety: the best we had during our stay in Raja Ampat! The bungalows are brand new and clean.

    The hosts are very friendly, don’t speak much English, but willing to help!
    We were the only ones to stay there, so we had the beach & bay all to ourselved. The coral & fishes were amazing! on both sides of Kri the underwaterlife is amazing, but the side of Warahnus is closer to the beach than on the other side. Excursions are more expensive, since we were the only 2 persons on that side of the bay, so we had to charter a full boat instead of sharing it with other people.

    it is rare that you can walk to the other side of Kri. You need a boat transfer to go to the other side.