Yensner Homestay

Waigeo - Kabui Bay



3 x On land - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.


Per person (full board)

If no other rates are shown, price for all rooms is per person per night (Includes 3 meals/day) IDR 350,000 / person / night

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  • Western style toilet
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Coral
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Calm beach
  • Sandy Beach
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Wayag trips
  • Has private bungalows


Occupying a stretch of pristine beach on Waigeo Island, opposite Urai Island at the mouth of Kabui Bay, Yensner Homestay has three private bungalows situated in the shade of beachside trees.

Each bungalow has a small verandah with ocean views and bedrooms have mattresses on the floor with mosquito nets, sheets, bolsters and pillows. Building had just finished at Yensner Homestay when we visited in July 2017 and the bungalows were yet to be equipped with tables, chairs and electrical wiring, but these will be installed by August.

The dining room at Yensner Homestay is built above the beach and has beautiful panoramic views across Kabui Bay to Gam and Urai. Free drinking water, tea and coffee making supplies are always available there and dolphins frequently pass by on their way into and out of the bay. In addition to the dining room, shady beachside table and chair settings provide alternate places to relax.

A single bathroom building is shared by all guests. The concrete floored bathroom contains a western style toilet and bucket bathing and has running water.

Electricity will be supplied by generator and, as at most homestays, will be available from sunset to around midnight. There was no phone signal available at Yensner Homestay when we visited.

The nearest village to Yensner Homestay (Saporkren on Waigeo) is about a fifteen minute boat ride away, so you’ll need to bring any supplies you consider essential with you. Basic supplies can be purchased in Saporkren.

Only very basic English is spoken at Yensner Homestay, so bring a phrasebook with you if you don’t speak any Bahasa Indonesia.

Please be sure to take all your inorganic waste away with you when you leave: Environmentally safe waste disposal doesn’t exist yet in Raja Ampat, so anything you leave behind will become pollution.

Transport / Getting there

Transfers between Waisai and Yensner Homestay cost IDR 300,000 each way. A longboat capable of carrying 6 passengers is used, with the cost shared by passengers. The trip takes 30 minutes.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


If you’re looking to to take some time out from the demands of always-on communications, Yensner Homestay is perfect. A fabulous swimming beach, quiet setting, nearby hidden bays and lagoons and plenty of places to relax with a good book. If you want to be more active, sightseeing, snorkelling and village visit trips can easily be arranged.


Nearby Red Bird of Paradise display trees and Western Crowned Pigeon and sea eagle nest sites and are just a few of the many birds to be observed near Yensner Homestay. Trips to Saporkren to visit Wilsn’s Bird of Paradise leks can also be arranged.


Snorkelling from the homestay beach is over a sand bottom with coral outcrops and trips further afield can be organised as required. The popular sites of Batu Lima and Friwen Wall are nearby, and a longer trip taking in the sights of Kabui Bay will bring you the marvellous snorkelling to be had in Kabui Passage.

Yensner Homestay Snorkelling, Sightseeing & Wayag Tours

Some of the many possible tours from Yensner Homestay are listed below. Prices are in IDR and (except where indicated) are per trip, shared by tour participants.

Kabui Bay, Batu Pensil, Pulau Urai Kecil1,000,000
Pasir Timbul Sandbank, Friwen Wall, Batu Lima, Pulau Urai Kecil1,000,000
Piaynemo, Arborek, Pasir Timbul Sandbank5,000,000
Red Bird of Paradise and Western Crowned Pigeon (per person)200,000

Pulau Waigeo

See our Waigeo Island page for an overview of the island and its attractions.

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