Methos Homestay, Pulau Gam, Raja Ampat

Methos Homestay

Gam - Southern Gam

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  • Not bad - 2 starfish
  • Not bad - 2 starfish
  • Not bad - 2 starfish
  • Not bad - 2 starfish
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Near the entrance to Gam Bay and close to the attractions of Arborek, Methos occupies a pretty mangrove-framed beach with great snorkeling.

4 x On land - Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
2 x Over water - Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 350,000 / person / night
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NOTE: Methos Homestay is under new management from February 2017

Methos Homestay has a two room bungalow over water, and a pair of two room bungalows on land. All rooms sleep two on mattresses supplied with covers, pillows and mosquito nets. The over water bungalow nestles among young mangroves and has both front and rear verandahs. Land bungalows are close to the beach and have shared verandahs facing the ocean.

Meals are taken in the homestay beachside dining shelter which has a large table, bench seating and wide ocean views.

A bathroom and toilet shelter houses a dip mandi bathroom and squat toilet in separate rooms. The facilities are shared by homestay guests.

Electricity is provided by solar power for night lighting and the paths between buildings are lit at night by individual solar lamps. Phone signal reception at Methos Homestay is good.

The homestay is a short distance by forest trail from the village of Kapisawar where basic supplies can be purchased.

Transport / Getting there

Boat transfers from Waisai to Methos Homestay cost IDR 800,000 each way, with the cost shared among passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Methos Homestay has great snorkeling available at the door with a range of environments to explore. The sandy beach gives way to seagrass and coral and has stands of young mangroves at each end. A reef drop off begins about 20 metres from shore.

The homestay is close to Arborek and Gam Bay and tours to those and other favourite Raja Ampat locations can be arranged.

Local jungle life is rich and from the nearby village of Kapisawar a concrete paths runs along the coast to Sawinggrai, where the dawn display of Red Birds of Paradise can be organised. The path makes long walks and village visits easy.


  • Near village
  • Association member
  • Reef dropoff
  • Mangroves
  • Quiet hideaway
  • Hiking available
  • Coral
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Good house reef
  • Calm beach
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • IDR 0 to 350,000

Methos Homestay Location Map

Methos Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Methos Homestay

Methos Homestay Contact Details

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Name Yoap Dimara
Phone +6281354091769

Methos Homestay Reviews

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10 thoughts on “Methos Homestay

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    I wished I could recommend this homestay. The bungalow on stilts overlooking the sea is good and has a splendid view. The coral reef is not very special compared to other Raja Ampat reefs but not bad.
    But what really put me off was the very unreliable service and often inadequate food.
    I saw very little of Methos, he of ten stayed in the village, so it was difficult to get problems solved.
    I was glad to leave

  1. We piceked up this homestay when we were planning our trip from back home. Methu homestay was bit more expensive than the others, but we read about the Dutch guy who is helping out with running this place, also the e-mail reply came within some hours, we hoped for some better service and better food as was reported from many other homestays on this site (how wrong we were!!) We went for it, some 2 months before our stay we transefered 50 percent deposit to a dutch account.
    The bungalow, the one over the water is very nice. It is a doble bungalow, fortunately we were the only guests, and Methu suggested us to use the other room as a storage room for our snorkelling equipment. In each room there is a huge bed covered with mosquito net and table inside. Rooms are bit small, but it is a common “balcony” that counts: there are hammocks and beds outside to relax. The view is magic, and we enjoyed it very much, every day, though not volountary.
    We love snorkelling, but as Methu doesn’t have any jetty and there is no other useable jetty nearby, it is impossible to get to the water, unless you do not want to destroy the coralls, at low tide. Moreover, we were told not to swim early in the morning (until 10 am) and in the eveing (after 4pm) because of the CROCODILES. Several people confirmed this information and a birdwatchers reported having seen a crocodile! Finally we were happy to get to the watter once daily. Having a swim needed to be planned well in advance, taking into the consideration low tide and crocodiles feeding time.
    Methu and his family were extremely nice to us. They were smiling all the time. Methus father showed us a green snake up in the trees and even a cuscus – cute animal! Methu came to see us regulary. The second evening, we were totally tired, wanted to go for a shower and just sleep, but the situation was really weird. Methu was staying with us, without really wanting to talk to us, bit bored, but unwilling to leave. My boyfriend got an idea, that maybe he needs the money. And that was correct. We asked him how much, but Methu couldn’t tell us a final price. I asked him to prepare a “bill” for us – well any paper with summed numbers. Unfortunately this is was a no go wish. So I took out a paper, wrote a price for trasport, daytrip and asked for the room price. We remembered it was more than elsewere – average 300 000 per person/night. Methu told us he also did not know the price. That felt really strange. He aked US to tell him the price. As I mentioned before, we booked it some 2 months before coming here, moreover we were in touch with half dozen another homestays. We did not know the exact price. So we all agreed for paying the transport and day trip first. We promised to go to the villege next day and check the mail, plus we asked Methu to “try to re-remember” how much he charges for the room. The next day we walked to the villahe and checked the mail (via mobile data); there were two prices mentioned 400 and 500 thousands per person per day, but we couldn’t open the bill because it was made as a picture. Methu told us his price is 400 000, so we paid that. The same evening Methu came to me with a phone, there was Martjin, the Dutch, on the line. He was polite but firm and informed me we agreed on 500 000 per person per day. Ok, we paid the difference to Methu. Agreed is agreed. But definitely not worth! We were thinking a lot about this price mess. Is it really possible that the owner doesn’t know how much he charges for a room? Or was ashamed to tell us? Is that why he called to Holland and asked his friend to tell us? Or was he testing our honesty? Well we do not like bargaing a lot, we were ready to pay our bill, but we did not want to spend so much energy and time on finding out how much it was/counting /discussing/ bargaining… we just wanted a nice holiday.
    The second day we did a day trip, as it was so difficult to snorkel on the house reef. Athos, (Methos brother) and their father was accompaining us. We went around the Gum island, starting some 40 minutes later than planned. We were told we would stop on 5 snorkeling spots. The Passage is more for macro fans, Cap and Friwall was nice. The trip was pretty exhausting, most of the time we were sitting in the boat, it was a small one, without any shade. Lunch was the same as all other meals, we took it on the land. Guys forgot to pack tea and coffee, so we drunk some hot water instead. There was a big drinking water dispenser, but the boat was so shaky that we could not turn around and refill our bottle. So we had to wait until the next stop to refill it. After 3 snorkeling spots Athos told us we are heading back. There was Mikes point and one other spot outstanding, but it was not good time/tide or we have had already passed it or anything… Athos is a nice guy, but the communication, probably because of his English, was difficult. Finally we just asked him to stop on a random place to try out the snorkeling there.
    The food was the worst from all homestays (we tried 3 of them) For lunch and dinner we got rice, fish, sometimes noodles, sometimes eggs, selten wegetables, NEVER FRUIT (if you do not count fried bananas for breakfast). The first day we arrived there was no drinking water, so we got ?filtered/boiled? and cooled water, but we got some stomache ache. The next day Methos was so kind to buy a bottled water for us.
    There is only a squat toilet. In the bathroom (mandi shower) there is no light. Bring your own lamp. (We sayed on Kri and Arborek in the homestays for some 300 000 which had western toilet and !light! in the shower room)
    The day before our departure, when we definitely cleared the price, we kindly asked whether if it would be possible to get some chicken for dinner. Unfortunately we got a COLD fish. We got a bit upsed, Methus wife was really nice and made us an omelete instead. There was next discussion with Methu, we tried to tell him, that it is absolutely okay, that he doesn’t need to be ashamed of asking 500 000 per person per night, but he needs to offer also an appropriate service. Somehow we didn’t come through. We asked whether he could organize toast and eggs for breakfast. He just nodded and went away. For breakfast we got spicy omelet (eggs were never spicy before) and some sweet bread, but at least no rice! We waited until high tide to leave for the next island. That morning nobody was smiling. We thanked and said goodbye everybody personally, well this family was taking care of us and cooking for us for 4 days! Methu and his father took us by boat to the next island. We got out of the boat, brought the luggage to our new room, everybody was hanging around and drinking a coffe. Suddenly we saw Methu with his father heading to their boat. We came to their direction, wanted to shake their hands and thank them, but they were already in their boat, they ignored us… they simply went away. Did we do anything wrong? Were they angry? Tired? Ashamed for overcharging us?
    All in all: bungalow and teracce perfect, not for swimmers or snorklers (no jetty, impossible to swim at low tide, plus be aware of crocodiles, the most expensive, the worst food, the worst toilet and shower (comparing 3 homestays – Gum, Arborek, Kri). For us too unclear, unsatisfaction from both sides, very bad final impression, will not come back.

  2. Esther Overmars says:

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    We stayed with Metho in december 2013. Our first night we slept in a land bungalow. There were a lot of mosquitos so after that we moved to the bungalow on stilts. That was a lot better! It wasn’t finished yet at the time but it was fine for us. Basic with just a matress and mosquito net and a table and hammock on the deck. The view over the water was always fascinating. Rain or sunshine… You just never get tired of it. We decided to stay a whole week and had an amazing time! Metho is good company and speaks good English. We always shared a beer while watching the sunset as his aunt cooked us fish that was often bought from a passing by fisher man. We could sea bamboo sharks in the water, fire flies at night, heard amazing birds every morning. We saw the Bird of Paradise with the local bird watching guide. Metho also took us on a boat tour around the bays of Pulau Gam. He is very reasonable about prices and will do his very best to make you comfortabele or arranged this. A very young guy. Trustworthy. I will never forget this week staring over the water and seeing so many beautiful sunsets!! It’s basic but it’s Paradise none the less :)

  3. Stayed at Metho for 2 days and had a good time. We were the only ones there (there are now 3 bungalows though, so you could be with more) which gave it a really remote feeling. Pros and cons:
    + metho is very friendly and will arrange everything you ask for that is within his power. He does not ask money for every extra thing he does.
    + good trips in the vic inity. Bird of paradise watching for 150.000 just a 5 minute boatride away. Also did a tour around Gam, snorkelling along the way for 1.500.000 which was really nice.
    + easy accessibility to the village where you can buy soap, cookies, cigarettes, beer and the like.
    – food wasnt great. We often had fish and rice only.
    -beach and water are a bit dirty (w ood, leaves and some plastic) which makes it less attractive to lie on the beach and swim

  4. We had a reservation made by the tourist office to stay at Methos Homestay. We stayed in touch with Metho via sms. A week before arrival he asked us to put a deposit in his bank account. The account was not in his name. We could understand that money for supplies is needed, but were not sure if this is a good idea. A few days later we received another sms asking if we want to come or not and if we have put the deposit in the bank because he has other guests who want to stay. Methos seemed like a nice guy, but we skipped the whole thing as it was getting too confusing and unsecure for us. He said he was really sorry about that. Maybe an idea would be to meet him in Waisai and stock up with petrol and food together if you want to stay there. One more thing: Amy from the tourist information said the homestay is definetely on the beach, not over the water.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Hi Nic – Hmmm. Being asked to deposit money to an account not in the owner’s name does seem a little odd. Was the number you were communicating with Methos on the one shown on his listing here? Not sure why you thought the homestay was over water – the listing and photos on the page here show it isn’t!

      • Hi, because the previous review says “Bungalow is on the sea”. Misinterpretation. The email-adress is the same as above, but the phone number is +6281354091769. The reservation was made by the tourist information. The correct name of the owner is “Metho”. Well, in some way a downpayment would be useful, because various homestays do run out of food and petrol which is not to our benefit. However I am sceptical regarding the security of a bank transfer in this context.

        • Hi!
          His privious homestay was over the water. In that time I was there, he was building new one on the baech (see photo). Next week I Will be there again. Can’t wait!

  5. Me and my husband spend the most beautiful days here with Metos. We find this place when we did kayak and after we come back for three days.
    Bungalow is on the sea, between two small villages. Basic with mosquito net and big open terase, where you can watch magnificent sunset. You are there all alone with colorful fishes, squids, octopuses and little sharks swimming around the bungalow.
    Metos will provide you everything you need. Food is local and very good. He is very friendly young guy and can speak good English. He snorkeled around with us all day and show us fishes we’ll never see alone.
    For us, that was a paradise!
    Thank you Metos for unforgettable holidays.

    • Stay Raja Ampat says:

      Thanks for the feedback Mateja :)

      Great to hear you had such a wonderful time with Metos – we wished his homestay had been finished when we were there!