Mambefor Homestay

Gam - Southern Gam



6 x Over water - Room in a bungalow

This the most common room type in Raja Ampat - a private room in a bungalow with 2 or more rooms and shared common areas. Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.


Single (full board)

Unless otherwise specified, price is per person per night incl. 3 meals. IDR 350,000 / person / night

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  • Association member
  • In village
  • Large groups OK
  • Reef dropoff
  • Seagrass
  • Hiking available
  • Coral
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Good house reef
  • Has email contact
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • Has own speedboat
  • IDR 0 to 350,000


    Mambefor Homestay has six rooms in a large over-water bungalow positioned at the edge of a reef dropoff. The bungalow has a large and well furnished lounge and dining area with a dining table and chairs and lounge setting with armchairs and a small table. Rooms sleep two on mattresses equipped with covers and pillows.

    Sharing the homestay jetty is a small pavilion and a large undercover area often used for cultural performances. Both have panoramic ocean views across the strait to Kri, Mansuar and Batanta, are provided tables and chairs and sre great places to sit and watch the rich marine life below.

    Squat toilets and bucket bathing are provided in a public three-roomed bathroom building located on land opposite the end of the Mambefor Homestay boardwalk.

    Mobile phone signal is good (it supports a data connection) and a generator supplies electricity for lighting and equipment charging. Mambefor is in the village of Sawinggrai, where basic supplies can be purchased at small shops. If you’re keen for a beer, you’ll find Bintang for sale at the over-water shop at the east end of the village beach. (Turn right when coming off Mambefor’s jetty.)

    Mimimal English is spoken at Mambefor, but a translator can usually be found in Sawinggrai if required.

    Transport / Getting there

    The transport cost between Waisai and Mambefor Homestay is shared between passengers and costs IDR 700,000 fo up to 2 passengers, or IDR 1,000,000 for 3 to 8 passengers.

    Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


    Mambefor is the Betew name for the Red Bird of Paradise. These birds display at dawn every day on a hilltop tree not far from the homestay and guided trips to see them are available. Treks deeper into Gam’s jungled interior can also be organised.

    Mambefor Homestay is one of the few where you can see a wide range of Raja Ampat’s marine life without even getting wet. Turtles, giant clams, phosphorescent night-time critters, reef sharks and schools of fish so colourful they make flocks of macaws look drab – you’ll see them all from the jetty Mambefor is built on. The homestay has been built right on the edge of the reef’s dropoff – you can sit and watch the tidal race swirling around the pilings while schools of tame fish churn the water, feasting on regular handouts from homestay visitors.

    Great snorkelling is available at the door, and vast tracts of reef are exposed at low tide, leaving pools in which you can observe all manner of animals waiting the tide’s return. Diving is available in conjunction with the nearby Arborek Dive Shop.

    A concrete path joins Sawinggrai with Nudibranch Homestay to the east and to the village of Kapisawar to the west. The path makes long walks and exploration of Gam’s southern villages easy.

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