Koranu Fyak Bungalows

Kri - North coast



6 x On land - Private bungalow

A single room bungalow (no ensuite bathroom/toilet) Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.


Single in private bungalow (full board)

Per night single occupancy (Includes 3 meals/day) IDR 400,000 / person / night

Couple in private bungalow (full board)

Per couple per night (Includes 3 meals/day) IDR 700,000 / couple / night

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  • Large groups OK
  • Reef dropoff
  • Western style toilet
  • For the sociable
  • Coral
  • English speaking
  • Good house reef
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Has email contact
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • IDR 360,000 to 450,000
  • Sandy Beach
  • On site dive centre
  • Has own speedboat
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Has private bungalows
  • Can pay by credit card


    Koranu Fyak Bungalows has six single room private bungalows with raised beds with mattress, sheets, mosquito net and bathtowel provided.

    Meals are served in an over-water dining shelter that has a large table and bench seating and fabulous views across the strait to Gam and Waigeo. Water, coffee and tea is always available on a second table there.

    A number of bench seats with ocean views are provided, and some hammocks are available for relaxing as well. If you fancy a challenge, an outdoor table tennis table is available for you to pit your skills against the wind handicap.

    A bathroom shelter houses two bathrooms with showers and two western style toilets. If they’re all in use and you don’t want to wait, an adjacent older bathroom shelter has a dip mandi bathroom and squat toilet.

    There’s good phone reception at Koranu Fyak and a 7 kilowatt generator provides electricity for lighting, charging all your electronic devices and powering a refrigerator for cold drinks.

    If you need basic supplies, the nearest village to Koranu Fyak is Yenbuba on Mansuar, about a 15 minute boat trip away at high tide. At low tide it’s possible to walk there.

    English is spoken at Koranu Fyak.

    Koranu Fyak’s Wobbegong Dive Adventures is a fully equipped and SSI certified dive center and offers guided dives at a range of the best Dampier Strait dive sites. Dive courses from Open Water to Divers Stress and Rescue are available from SSI certified instructor Ruben Sauyai, who can teach in English or Bahasa Indonesia. Online completion of the course theory is available so all you need to do is the practical component when you arrive. Well maintained (new in Jan 2017) equipment is available for up to 8 divers at a time and includes:

    • masks, snorkels & weight belts
    • regulators and tanks
    • BCDs (various sizes)
    • wetsuits (long, sizes S to XL)
    • fins (range of sizes)

    See below for Koranu Fyak Bungalows accommodation and diving package prices, or see the Wobbegong Dive Adventures page for full details of all the services offered.

    Learn to dive in Raja Ampat

    Wobbegong Dive Adventures offers introductory discover scuba diving and refresher courses and PADI/SSI certification courses from Open Water to Divers Stress and Rescue are also available.

    Pay by credit card.

    Koranu Fyak Bungalows offers guests the ability to pay by Visa and Mastercard. Credit card payments attract a surcharge to cover bank fees. Note: There’s no guarantee that your particular bank’s credit card will be accepted by the processing bank. The facility is provided by Indonesia’s Mandiri Bank, so if you want to rely on your card for payment it would be wise to check that it will work in a Mandiri ATM before arriving in Sorong. See our Money, Banks and ATMs page for more information about access to cash in the islands.

    Koranu Fyak Bookings

    You’ll need to contact Koranu Fyak directly to make a booking, as they have asked to be removed from our website booking system.

    Please note: Like almost all homestays, Sundays are a day for church and family obligations at Koranu Fyak. All activities requiring use of a boat are not available on Sundays. It’s possible to dive the house reef only on Sundays.

    Transport / Getting there

    Waisai – Koranu Fyak Bungalows transfers (one way) cost IDR 700,000 for up to 4 people, IDR 200,000 per person if more than 4 passengers. Transfers are by speedboat which can carry up to eight passengers maximum.

    Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


    Shaded by pandanus and tropical foliage and having a view across the water toward Gam and Waigeo, Koranu Fyak has a rich house reef and a long beach perfect for sunset walks. The bungalows are central to the marvels of Koh, Mansuar, Gam and Kabui Bay. At low tide, Kri is joined to the islands of Ransiwor and Mansuar and long walks exploring the sandbanks are possible.

    Raja Ampat Accommodation & Dive Packages

    Prices in the tables below are in Indonesian Rupiah, and include:

    • Accommodation, 3 meals a day and unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water.
    • Waisai pickup and return, or
    • Pickup from Southern Waigeo, Southern Gam, Friwen or Arborek (and return to Waisai).
    • All dive equipment rental.

    Packages do not include:

    3 nights, 4 days, 4 dives each6,420,000
    3 nights, 4 days, 6 dives each8,460,000
    5 nights, 6 days, 8 dives each11,570,000
    5 nights, 6 days, 10 dives each13,250,000
    5 nights, 6 days, 12 dives each14,290,000
    7 nights, 8 days, 12 dives each15,000,000
    7 nights, 8 days, 15 dives each16,950,000
    7 nights, 8 days, 18 dives each18,600,000
    10 nights, 11 days, 18 dives each20,540,000
    10 nights, 11 days, 20 dives each21,400,000
    10 nights, 11 days, 27 dives each24,900,000
    SINGLE OCCUPANCY (1 person in bungalow)PRICE
    3 nights, 4 days, 4 dives3,380,000
    3 nights, 4 days, 6 dives4,350,000
    5 nights, 6 days, 8 dives6,115,000
    5 nights, 6 days, 10 dives7,025,000
    5 nights, 6 days, 12 dives7,935,000
    7 nights, 8 days, 12 dives8,650,000
    7 nights, 8 days, 15 dives9,940,000
    7 nights, 8 days, 18 dives11,230,000
    10 nights, 11 days, 18 dives12,190,000
    10 nights, 11 days, 20 dives12,950,000
    10 nights, 11 days, 27 dives15,835,000
    15 nights, 16 days, 28 dives17,570,000
    15 nights, 16 days, 30 dives18,150,000

    Outside guests welcome to dive

    Guests who are not staying at Koranu Fyak Bungalows are welcome to join dives. Join for a single dive (as group size permits) by just showing up, or purchase a dive only package to guarantee availablity. See the Wobbegong Dive Adventures page for dive only package details and prices and full details of all other diving services offered.

    Snorkelling at Koranu Fyak

    Koranu Fyak caters primarily to divers and does not offer any snorkelling trips by boat. You can snorkel the house reef for free, and (if boat space permits) snorkellers can join any dive trip to sites suitable for snorkelling. The price for snorkellers accompanying a dive trip is IDR 50,000 per person.

    Piaynemo and Fam full day diving tour

    These are full day diving tours. They require a minimum of 6 participants to run, must be booked 2 days in advance and cost IDR 700,000 per person (not including dive costs). Tours are in the company of  2 guides and include lunch, tea, coffee and drinking water. Dives are designed to accommodate participants’ skill levels and expectations and will be one of the following:

    Piaynemo/Manta Point/Melissa’s Garden OR Piaynemo/Melissa’s Garden/Fam Wall

    Koranu Fyak half day diving and sightseeing tours

    • Batu Lima, Kabui Bay and Passage tour: A half day tour that requires 5 passengers to run and costs IDR 400,000 per person. Divers can use one of their package dives if they wish and snorkelling is free.
    • Gam Bay/Bat Cave/Hidden Lagoon tour: Half day, minimum of 5 passengers, IDR 300,000 per person.
    • Manta Point and Arborek Island tour: Half day, minimum of 4 passengers, IDR 250,000 per person
    • Red Birds of Paradise tour: Boat transfers to join Gam Island Red Bird of Paradise tours are available for IDR 300,000 per person. This does not include the cost of the bird tour, which is paid to the operator on Gam.
    • Koranu Fyak does not offer Wayag trips. If you want to visit Wayag, apply the “Wayag trips” activity filter on the accommodation page to quickly find homestays offering Wayag trips.

    Pulau Kri

    See our Kri Island page for an overview of the island and its attractions.

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