Aputllo Homestay

West Waigeo/Manyaifun - Selpele



1 x Room in a family home

A true homestay experience - a room in a family's home Sleeps max. 2 persons / room.


Per person (full board)

If no other rates are shown, price for all rooms is per person per night (Includes 3 meals/day) IDR 350,000 / person / night

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  • Association member
  • In village
  • Western style toilet
  • Coral
  • Good house reef
  • Calm beach
  • Good phone signal
  • Sandy Beach
  • IDR 0 to 350,000
  • Wayag trips
  • Has ensuite bathroom/toilet


Aputllo Homestay is a true homestay in Selpele village, which lies at the mouth of Aljui Bay in remote West Waigeo.

You’ll have your own bedroom in Pak Daniel and Ibu Ety’s beachfront house and share in their family life. The guest bedroom has a mattress on the floor, which comes with sheets, pillows, bolsters and a mosquito net.  There’s also a small wardrobe and and clothes rack storage.

Meals are served in the home, but Pak Daniel plans to extend the small over-water verandah at the front of the house so guests can take in the view while dining. As at all homestays, free drinking water and tea and coffee making supplies are always available.

Aputllo Homestay has an indoor bathroom, with a western style toilet and bucket bathing.

Electricity is from Selpele village’s generator, with a backup portable generator available for those times when the village diesel supply runs out. Electricity is only available at night. There’s a good mobile phone signal at Selpele, but it doesn’t support a data connection.

Selpele village shops sell basic supplies, but alcohol and items like sunscreen are unavailable, so make sure you bring enough of any items you consider essential to last your stay.

Only a little English is spoken at Aputllo Homestay, so if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, bringing a phrasebook will really help.

The lack of effective waste disposal and recycling in Raja Ampat is a big problem for remote villages like Selpele. It’s really important to take all your inorganic waste away with you when you leave, so as to not contribute to pollution in the islands.

Transport / Getting there

Aputllo Homestay had not finalised the arrangements for transfers to and from Waisai when we visited in June 2017. We’ll post those as soon as we have them.

It’s reasonable to assume that transfers will be perhaps slightly more than those advertised by the nearby Kamar Raja Homestay.


Aputllo Homestay offers the chance to dive deep into in village life, as well as the opportunity to explore the little visited attractions of West Waigeo.

Aljui Bay

Aljui Bay is extremely scenic, but is also rich in cultural sites, including galleries of ancient rock art and handprints from the mysterious “little people” that the inhabitants of Selpele are descended from. Fabulous fiord-like passages give onto secret lagoons and there is excellent snorkelling to be had from some of Aljui’s hidden beaches. There’s also a commercial pearl farm which usually permits visitors: The fish and soft corals to be found around the pearl farm docks make them well worth exploring. Bagans – boats that act as large fishing platforms – can sometimes be met in the bay. If you fancy a baked fish picnic or dinner, it’s worth hailing them to see what they have for sale.


In addition to Aljui Bay, there are a host of nearby islands that provide both incredible snorkelling and isolated private beaches perfect to while away the day on. Pak Daniel can organise trips to any of these, and also knows a place where you can snorkel with mantas.

Wayag trips

Aputllo Homestay can arrange visits to Wayag in conjunction with either of the nearby Kamar Raja or Selabalam Lapo homestays,

Exploring on land

There’s a huge amount of wildlife in the jungle around Selpele. Birdwatching treks can be arranged and there are some long jungle trails that connect to homestays on the far side of the peninsula that Selpele occupies. It’s wise to always go with a guide to avoid getting lost or encountering hazards you are unaware of.

Waigeo Barat

See our West Waigeo page for an overview of West Waigeo, its islands, and their attractions.

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