Prajas Homestay, Salio, West Waigeo, Raja Ampat

Prajas Homestay

Waigeo - West Waigeo

  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • Very good - 4 starfish
  • (4/5 starfishes)

Near Aljui Bay and currently the closest homestay to Wayag, Prajas is a remote getaway in the heart of West Waigeo’s spectacular karst and ocean environment.

2 x On land - Private bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
2 x On land - 2 room family bungalow Sleeps max. 4 persons / room
4 x On land - Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 450,000 / person / night
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Prajas Homestay occupies a bay at the far north-western end of Waigeo, opposite the village of Salio. Located on a strip of white sand fronting the bay and backed by tidal mangrove forest, Prajas Homestay has two private bungalows, two family bungalows and a four room bungalow.

Private bungalow bedrooms have mattresses on the floor and are supplied with mattress covers, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets. Bedrooms open off an indoor living space and each private bungalow has a covered verandahs with bench seating and views across the bay to Salio.

Family bungalows have the same indoor living space and verandahs as the private bungalows, but with two bedrooms in each building. Bedrooms are equipped the same as the private bungalows.

The four room bungalow has a large common verandah with bench seating and four rooms with small tables and the same bedding as described above.

Another new building with a common verandah and five VIP rooms was under construction when we visited in June 2016. Each VIP room in the new building will be wood panelled, with ensuite bathrooms and toilets and ceiling fans. (Contact Prajas directly by one of the methods provided below if you want to enquire about these rooms.)

Meals at Prajas Homestay are served in a sand floored dining shelter which has beach and bay views. There are two long tables with bench seats provided. A new over water dining room was also under construction in June 2016 (see the gallery photos).

Toilet and bathroom facilities are shared by guests in the existing bungalows. There are two buildings. One has a bathroom and toilet in separate rooms, the other has two of each (four rooms total). The buildings are concrete floored with western style toilets and have real (cold water) showers.

In the shade in front of the bungalows, high backed bench chairs and table settings, a hammock and tables with bench seating provide more places to sit and relax.

Electricity is provided by generator and is available from sunset until around midnight. All bungalows have power outlets in their indoor living areas and/or bedrooms.

There’s a good mobile phone signal at Prajas Homestay, although it wouldn’t support an internet connection when we visited in June 2016. Salio is a five minute boat ride away if you want to purchase basic supplies. As elsewhere in Raja Ampat, please always take any inorganic rubbish you create away with you so as not to contribute to the rubbish problem in the islands.

English is spoken at Prajas Homestay.

Transport / Getting there

Transport from Waisai to Prajas is by speedboat capable of carrying up to nine passengers. The journey is long (about 4 hours one way), but you’ll see a lot of Raja Ampat. Especially since a different route is used for the return to Waisai.

Total cost is IDR 10,000,000 for the round trip (IDR 5,000,000 each way), with the total cost shared among passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


The winding waterways and towering limestone cliffs of West Waigeo make for some spectacular sightseeing by boat around the homestay. The nearby ‘hidden’ Aljui Bay is home to a pearl farm that can be visited and provides rarely seen vistas and snorkelling opportunities.

Naturally, day trips to the iconic Wayag group of islands can also be arranged.

There’s plenty of great snorkelling (bring your own gear) to be had around the homestay and the surrounding mangroves and jungle are rich with birdlife. The beach at Prajas is also great for families with children, as there are no strong currents and a sand bottom makes for easy and safe entry to the water.

Hitch a ride across the bay to Salio if you’d like to explore and experience some local cultural immersion. Salio is typical of villages that lie at a distance from the more populous Raja Ampat locations and well worth visiting.


  • Remote/isolated
  • Association member
  • Large groups OK
  • Western style toilet
  • Mangroves
  • Seagrass
  • Coral
  • English speaking
  • Calm beach
  • Good phone signal
  • IDR 360,000 to 450,000
  • Sandy Beach
  • Has own speedboat
  • Wayag trips
  • Has private bungalows

Prajas Homestay Location Map

Prajas Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Prajas Homestay

Prajas Homestay Contact Details

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Name Anwar Prajas
Phone +6285230540586

Prajas Homestay Reviews

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17 thoughts on “Prajas Homestay

  1. Hello,

    Is there anyone planning to go to Prajas between Saturday July 2nd and Friday July 8th?
    We will be 4 adults and a child (4 years), and we would be glad to share the boat.
    Our dates are flexible between July 2nd and 8th (arriving in Waisai on 2nd and must leave on saturday 9th for 10th flight)

    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    Hi, we are one couple planning to visit Prajas in late-April, would anyone else like to join us and share the boat ride cost?

  2. We stayed 2 nights in this home stay. I went for 3D/2N Wayag trip with Ranny – local guide. The trip was perfect. Everything was super good organized and Ranny is the best :) There was excellent food in home stay. Big selection – always more alternatives, different veggies, fishes, once we even ate lobster and there was traditional food as well!! Rooms and toilets/bathrooms were very clean. People were very friendly and helpful as well.

    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • Good - 3 starfish
    • (3/5 starfishes)

    I stayed at Prajas in September 2015, it was a great experience I would rate it 6/6, if it wasn’t because they wanted to trick us on the price and were asking for double. Just remember it’s 5,5 million to go and back and 6,5 for the whole day trip to wayag. If you want to check how we got there and all the images check my video at:

  3. Does anybody know if the excursion to Wayag Island is only offered from March till July? We would like to go in November. Is this possible?


    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • Very good - 4 starfish
    • (4/5 starfishes)

    4 OF US STAYED AT PRAJAS 3D/2N END APR 2015. OWNER RIO IS A JOVIAL YOUNG MAN WHO FETCHED US FM KORDIRIS’ ON GAM (ALSO ANOTHER NOTABLY GOOD HOMESTAY). ON THE WAY TO HIS HOMESTAY OPP. SALIO VILLAGE, he brought us snorkeling at one of the islands with beautiful hard and soft corals teeming with many variety of fish. What touched me was while we were snorkeling, he was busy diving and picking up rubbish and drift branches which landed on the corals which means he is playing his role to keep Raja Ampat as it is now for a long time to come. But then all visitors have the same responsibility not to throw or leave any rubbish in Raja Ampat. Food was fantastic, mainly fried or barbecued fish, vegetables, and one day we had “lobsters” for breakfast lunch and dinner!. Bungalows with toilets/bathrooms outside are superbly clean with fresh water. A lot of sandflies which we understand came with the tide could be rid off with insect repellant. From Prajas to Wayag is only 1.5 hours, so we had very ample time for climbing 2 peaks from different parts of Wayag for photo and video sessions. The view from the top of the 2 peaks was indescribable, and we managed to spot a shark and a turtle swimming in the lagoons below. Thank you Rio for your excellent hospitality.

  5. Anybody interested in sharing the ride from Waisai to Prajas homestay/Salio village on the 12th of April please contact me (male solo traveller). I plan to stay around there for 5-7 days and then return to somewhere close to Waisai. When there I want to arrange for a 2-3 days stay around Wayag and Sayang (should be possible to stay at the CI station on Sayang). Hopefully some turtles are hatching on the beach of Sayang!