Meot Trairam Homestay, Pulau Gam, Raja Ampat

Meot Trairam Homestay

Gam - Southern Gam

A small homestay on a big beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Don’t miss seeing Otto’s tamed group of giant bumphead wrasse nearby.

2 x Room in a bungalow Sleeps max. 2 persons / room
Single IDR 450,000 / person / night


Meot Trairam Homestay shares the same long stretch of white sand as Kordiris, Keruirim and Yendebabo Homestays, occupying a shady beachside setting at the eastern end of the bay near Yendebabo.

The two room bungalow has a double mattress with mattress covers, pillows and mosquito nets in each room. A shared verandah has a table and chairs for meals and a western style pedestal toilet and dip mandi bathroom are housed in a separate outbuilding.

There’s good phone reception at Meot Trairam and electricity is provided at night via generator.

Basic supplies are available in the villages of Friwen and Yenbeser, both of which are a 15 minute boat ride away.

Otto and his wife live on site, but don’t speak English, so bring a phrasebook if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia. Maria at Kordiris is available to assist if communication problems arise.

Transport / Getting there

Meot Trairam provides Waisai transfers via longboat capable of carrying up to 5 passengers with luggage. Waisai transfers cost IDR 500,000 each way and the cost can be shared among boat passengers.

Read more about Raja Ampat boat transport prices here.


Diving, snorkeling and jungle exploration

Diving trips are organised in conjunction with the nearby Kordiris Homestay.

Snorkelling at Meot Trairam (bring your own gear) is over seagrass and sand until you get a well away from the shore. Snorkelling trips to other great sites are available – see the table below.

The beach itself is sheltered from currents, great for children and provides the opportunity for long walks and visits to the homestays that share the stretch of sand with Meot Trairam. On nights with low tide, you can easily see the iconic Kalabia – Raja Ampat’s walking shark. Dugongs can also occasionally be seen grazing the seagrass beds, while the jungle behind the homestay is home to Red Birds of Paradise, giat kenari walnut tress, cuscus, squirrel-like tree rats, lizards, black king cockatoos and the huge nesting mounds of bush fowl.

At the rocky islet near Friwen from which Meot Trairam Homestay takes its name, Otto has tamed a school of large bumphead wrasse. On a sunset trip to the island you can feed the wrasse, see flocks of small birds gather in the trees to roost and wait for the island’s huge, night-foraging coconut crabs to emerge.

Meot Trairam snorkeling and tour prices

Prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and are per boat. The price can be shared among passengers and the boat can carry a maximum of six passengers. Bring your own snorkeling gear.

Sawandarek, Pasir Timbul sandbank, Yenbuba jetty and Cape Kri 2,300,000
Mios Kun and Friwenbonda (Friwen Wall) 1,100,000
Batu Lima, Friwen and Kandorwai 1,100,000
Batu Pensil (Kabui Bay) 2,000,000
Special whole Kabui Bay 2,300,000
Manta Point and Arborek 2,300,000
Piaynemo (Penemu/Fam) 8,000,000
Wayag 22,000,000


  • Association member
  • Western style toilet
  • Seagrass
  • Hiking available
  • Has email contact
  • IDR 450,000+
  • Calm beach
  • Diving available
  • Good phone signal
  • Sandy Beach
  • Wayag trips

Meot Trairam Homestay Location Map

Meot Trairam Homestay location shown above. Full page map for Meot Trairam Homestay

Meot Trairam Homestay Contact Details

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Name Otto Mayor
Phone +6281247071323

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