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Mambefor Homestay

Mambefor Homestay Raja Ampat Indonesia

Location: Right on the water at Sawinggrai Village, Pulau Gam (see map)

Accommodation: Six rooms.

Owner: Pak Yesaya Mayor

Phone: +6281248762045, +6285254544254, +6285254544227 (SMS text message best)

Email: None


Mambefor is the Betew name for the Red Bird of Paradise. Pak Yesaya offers guided trips to see these birds gather at dawn every day to call from a hilltop tree not far from his homestay. He can also organise treks deeper into Gam's jungled interior if you're up for an intrepid exploration.

Mambefor Homestay is one of the few where you can see a wide range of Raja Ampat's marine life without even getting wet. Turtles, giant clams, phosphorescent night-time critters, reef sharks and schools of fish so colourful they make flocks of macaws look drab - you'll see them all from the jetty Mambefor is built on. The homestay has been built right on the edge of the reef's dropoff - you can sit and watch the tidal race swirling around the pilings while schools of tame fish churn the water, feasting on Pak Yesaya's regular handouts.

There's an awesome view across the strait to Pulau Mansuar and the more distant Pulau Batanta, where huge thunderheads grow each afternoon to catch the day's last light before setting the night time horizon aflicker with silent lightning.

Mambefor Homestay's rooms have tables and mirrors, and dining and bathroom facilities are shared. Mosquito nets are apparently not supplied, so it might be wise to bring one with you.

Accommodation Prices

Mambefor Homestay rates are IDR 500,000 per night per person, or IDR 700,000 per night per couple. These prices include 3 meals a day and unlimited coffee, tea and water. Transfers from Waisai can be arranged at IDR 600,000 per person one way. Book for 5 or 6 nights and transfers from Waisai are included. A stay of 7 nights or longer will include transfers both ways.

Mambefor Homestay location map

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